The Disgaea Team Made Neat Dungeons For The God And Fate Revolution Paradox

By Spencer . October 3, 2012 . 5:05pm


The Disgaea team is working on their next game called The God and Fate Revolution Paradox. It’s like a blend of Disgaea and the PSP roguelike Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger Vs. Darkdeath Evilman.


Renya, the game’s protagonist, will face some tricky dungeons. Check out this neat 3D dungeon where you walk around on all sides and a giant boss battle.


godfate7 godfate8 godfate9 godfate10


The God and Fate Revolution Paradox has new enemies like a bomb that self destructs and zombies. Lots of zombies.


godfate3 godfate4 godfate5 godfate6


Just like Disgaea you can lift and throw characters on the battlefield and like Z.H.P. you can customize characters with different accessories.


godfate15 godfate16 godfate28 godfate29


The equipment you’re wearing changes the attacks and skills your characters have.


godfate25 godfate26


The God and Fate Revolution Paradox takes place in the Copy World. The "Fate Revolution Circuit" that controls the real world was copied to create the Copy World, which are essentially dungeons. In the Copy World, there are enemies that stand in one’s way and block the path to a person’s fate. By defeating these monsters in the Copy World you can destroy unreasonable fates and bring a target person towards their desired fate. The heart of the game’s story is about a boy named Renya who wants to make people’s dreams come true.


The God and Fate Revolution Paradox is in development for PlayStation 3.


godfate11 godfate12 godfate13 godfate14 godfate17 godfate18 godfate19 godfate20 godfate21 godfate22 godfate23 godfate24 godfate27 godfate30 godfate31 godfate32 godfate33 godfate34 godfate35 godfate1 godfate2

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  • I’m interested in this game. I hope they add in something new or Innovative. 

    I love Nippon Ichi with all my Heart, but they need to add in some new Innovations to their games. 

    •  …they usually do…especially with spin offs

    • Zeik56

      Disgaea is really the only game where they seem to play it safe and often suffers from iteration and “sameness”. They take a lot more risks with their spin-off games, which is why I’m often more excited for those than more Disgaea. 
      It’s a little early to say one way or another on this one, but the fact that it’s not just more Disgaea leaves me optimistic.

  • I still am looking forward to this Game nonetheless

  • Lightthrower

    HD sprites from Disgaea 4? Check. RPG/roguelike elements? Check. NIS crazyness? Check.

    DO WANT!

  • looking good. NISA, pls.

  • Dare I say… DARE I SAY… this looks even more fun than Disgaea! I love disgaea Disgaea 4-esque art combined with an upgraded version of Z.H.P’s combat.

  • Learii

    is look pretty and colorful  =D

  • $24431191

    This game is looking really good but how does the whole level reset work? I’ve never played ZHP but I’ve been a fan of Disgaea and NIS ever since the first Disgaea was released. Is there any progression at all? Do you get stronger weapons or learn new attacks or anything? Or does everything reset once you leave a dungeon?

    • pgover

      In Z.H.P. the main character would level up as he went through the
      dungeon. At the end his level would reset to one but all the levels he
      earned would get added to a “Total Level Count”. As you get more levels added to the count, you get bonuses added to your Base Stats.

    • Pang Chee Jie

      Here are ZHP’s basics
      1. You kill enemies in dungeons to gain experience.
      2. When you exit a dungeon, be it intentional or through death, your level goes back to one. You lose your entire inventory if you die.
      3. Your base level goes back to one but your total level will increase, giving your base stats a boost.
      4. There is a stamina meter and any action you perform besides picking stuff up will deplete your stamina. Your health will also gradually regenerate as you lose stamina.
      5. To replenish your stamina, you can eat food, medicine, and edible equipments. Leveling up also fully replenishes your stamina. 
      6. Equipments normally have skills attached to them which means that you can only use that skill when you have that piece of equipment equipped. The protagonist also has a few skills of his own.
      7. All equipments have a certain amount of durability and they need to be repaired regularly or you can just switch equipments.
      8. You can surgically implant equipment into your body and you will obtain stat boosts depending on the type of equipment you implanted.

  • DesmaX

    “The heart of the game’s story is about a boy named Renya who wants to make people’s dreams come true.”

    He look way too bored to be wanting something like that.

    I’ll be picking this up when it comes to the west, nonetheless. This just look fantastic

  • pgover

    The more I see of this game, the more I want it. It’s looking amazing. I can’t wait to see some gameplay videos for it, I’m really eager to see it in motion.

  • HpR

    From what I can tell it still has a heavy Disgaea flavor, which isn’t bad. It looks like a new story and characters will give the developers a chance to experiment with things they’re afraid might alienate Disgaea fans.

  • Sooo many screenshots!! YA-HA

  • Alex Cattaneo

    plz release it on dics in the west NISA and not download only.

  • MrRobbyM

    This looks really fun. I’m excited :)

  • Ronald Bixler

    If I am not mistaken, those green caped kobolds are taken directly from ZHP.

  • Mazdian

    Looks interesting… but I can’t help but get distracted by Renya’s eyebrows. Tiniest and most inconsequential thing to nitpick over, but I can’t help it… T_T 

  • This game looks so amazing. Graphically its above and beyond almost anything else that I’ve seen (save for Toki Towa and the newest Atelier game). I really hope NIS brings this over here, I’d preorder it in a heartbeat. 

    • Go2hell66


      •  You never played Disgaea 4?… probably the best 2D sprite based game on the current gen console… Muramasa is close but the resolution is MUCH lower.

        • I have yet to pick up Disgaea 4. It’s on my list of ‘must pick up by the end of October’ games. So no, I have not yet really seen the sprite work for it yet. I don’t doubt that it’s amazing though. It is from NIS after all. 

  • Xerain

    So in other words the Copy World is just like Bizarro Earth in ZHP.
    I wouldn’t call this a blend of Disgaea and ZHP so much as a ZHP sequel that is thematically closer to Disgaea.

  • Lester Paredes

    Really? For PS3? I looked at the screen shots and was all: AWESOME! Another VITA  RPG, just like the awesome Z.H.P.! And then I got to the last paragraph, and bitter disappointment. 

  • This game is looking sensational!

  • Many weren’t sold on the “generic” artwork but with all the recent news and screenshots of the gameplay, I think many are now warming to this game.

    The dungeons are looking amazing! Shame it wasn’t announced for the Vita, but tapping into the established PS3 user base will make sure the game sales closer to the their expectations and increases the chances of a localization.   

    EDIT: I’m really interested in that cube dungeon especially.

  • ._.    …..  il just put my money on the table, let me know when you want them NISA.

  • Göran Isacson

    Interesting. The concept sounds so sincere and heartfelt that it’s difficult to picture the Disgaea brand of humor in this game… but perhaps we will be surprised. He may want to make peoples dreams come true, but that won’t necessarily mean he’s not “Disgaeaprotagonist-level crazy”.

  • Alright NISA. My wallet is ready for this. You know what to do.

  • Lele Mett

    Looks wonderful…I’m am a little confused on the characters though…I don’t see to many males besides the main and I love my male characters like Fenrich and Almaz and Adell…

  • Barrylocke89

    I notice that this game seems to have some version of Z.H.P.’s modification system, which further shows it being a spiritual successor to ZHP. If I had a PS3, I’d be pretty hyped. All of y’all PS3 owners better represent in my stead.

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