Hands On Picotto Knights And The Japan Only Famitsu Side Quest

By Spencer . October 4, 2012 . 8:36pm


Game Arts’ third PlayStation Vita title is an online enabled beat ’em called Picotto Knights. You create a knight armed with a sword or maybe a chakram and mash the attack button to defeat enemies. It’s kind of like Castle Crashers with more character customization because there are dozens of character skins to collect.


Even when you play single player Picotto Knights gives you three allies. These mercenary knights are actually created by other players and the computer takes control of them in solo mode. Picotto Knights also has online multiplayer and a matchmaking system, but I played Picotto Knights before the servers officially launched. So, my dinosaur-like knight was accompanied by knights created by three Game Arts employees.




I played through one of the game’s easy missions and crushed every monster in my path using my knight’s basic attack. You also have skills you can use by pressing the R button and one of the face buttons. Your knight learns command skills and passive skills as your character grow. Each level ends with a boss fight, but one mission only takes about five minutes to play.




I decided to take on a harder mission, one that will be exclusive to Japan. Picotto Knights has collaborative missions and weapons with gaming maazines Dengeki and Famitsu. I took the Famitsu one, which had much stronger enemies. I defeated a few enemies, but a few clonks on the head defeated my rod wielding knight. I used a potion, one of the in-game items you can purchase through a microtransaction, to resurrect my character instantly and got back into battle. The rod gives knights ranged attacks and spells that let you shoot fireballs.


Picotto Knights is simple and simply fun to play as a five minute diversion. Gungho Online Entertainment America will release Picotto Knights in North America early next year, but you can play it now if you have a Japanese PSN account and spare Vita memory card.

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  • I can’t wait for next year to get this game and PSO2!

  • Is it just me or does this game look very smooth that you don’t see jaggies? But the best part is .. it is coming outside Asia!

    These guys are really supporting the Vita with more than one game!

    Kudos to Gungho!

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      It’s not just you, it looks wonderful. Very smooth, very impressive, I wish Ragnarok Odyssey had a more simplistic art style so it wouldn’t have the issue of blurry textures. Same developer, different art style, and the F2P game looks better than the premium one. I’m still getting Ragnarok Odyssey early(if there’s a demo and it doesn’t turn me off from the game, like Zero Escape’s demo did), but this title clearly looks better.

      I do wonder if they’re bullshots, but that only really seems to be an issue on the 3DS. You can technically see jaggies on the diagonal polygons, like in the “Have at you” image, so they certainly didn’t use more anti-aliasing than the system can handle. It does make me more excited for the next Playstation handheld in seven or so years, that thing really won’t have any jaggies with a 1080p screen. Heh, either way I’m totally fine with my Vita for now, I’ve never been more satisfied by any other game system I’ve ever owned. It’s such a glorious device.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    This reminds me way more of Sega’s… ach, what was it called again…  Spiral Knights, that’s it. It was more of an MMO, but it was free-to-play with microtransactions. The art style of Picotto Knights is actually so similar to Spiral Knights’ that I thought they were in the very same series, they even both have the word Knights in their titles. It’s so strange, but any chance I have to play a title like Spiral Knights on my Vita is a chance I’ll jump on top of and pet viciously. I can’t wait.

  • HassanJamal

    Im getting Dragonica vibe from this :D

  • neetyneety

    Some people have been comparing this to Castle Crashers (which I LOVE) so I’m veeerryyy excited. Couple that with the fact that the game looks mighty pretty for a F2P game and I can’t wait for next year!

  • Code

    Really looking forward to checking it out owo; Love the art style, and it might just be my pick outta all the F2P releases coming to Vita to invest some quality time into >w<;;

  • Solomon_Kano

    Like Castle Crashers? And free? Ohoho! I’ll be all over this.

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