Muramasa: The Demon Blade’s New PlayStation Vita Scenarios Will Have Voiceovers

By Spencer . October 8, 2012 . 3:31am

imageMarvelous AQL and Vanillaware are bringing Muramasa: The Demon Blade to PlayStation Vita. On top of prettier graphics, the Vita version will have four short scenarios available as downloadable content.


The four new storylines will have four protagonists and retailer HMV reports these new characters will have voice acting too.


Muramasa: The Demon Blade is slated for release on March 28 in Japan.

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  • Aoshi00

    So the extra content is DLC only :(?  I thought it would be the extra for this re-release..  I pre-ordered it and still have some Jpn yen in my wallet though, hopefully not expensive..  Come to think of it, the Vita face btns are a little small, hope they could hold playing this intensive action game..

  • XiaomuArisu

    Loved the game!
    If I had a vita I would buy it again.
    BTW if this gets a US/EU release would it get a better translation?

  • Herok♞

    It scares me that they share as DLC because the new content was announced with the game, if it costs money and the base product is the same as the wii version it would save time and money just to get that version now. If its free however I can live with that since it just means time restraints not greed kept the stuff off the cartridge.

    • Aoshi00

      Very true, I thought this would be like Malicious Vita, or Vesperia PS3 w/ more contents than the console ver..  If the DLC scenarios cost extra, and the re-release is the same as the Wii ver, people might as well play the original on a big TV screen, even though not HD.. If the new scenarios do cost extra, I can’t imagine them being very cheap, and 4 of them too, I pre-ordered thinking there would be new stuff..

      • To be honest, the ToV PS3 never made me, a ToV 360 owner, happy at all. :( Namco-Bandai is NOTORIOUS for throwing away their good will with non-Sony players by making content ONLY available for Sony consoles.  A port to another console with minor additions is a good way to not anger your fanbase on the original console, who would probably support your future games.  So thus everyone gets roughly the same game in all fairness.

        • malek86

          Companies usually do that in order to give multi-console owners an incentive to buy the game twice, rather than simply keeping their original copy (if there’s too little extra content) or waiting for DLCs (if they are announced for the other console too).

          Doesn’t make it any less annoying, but it’s understandable, especially in Japan where simultaneous multiplatform releases are much rarer than in the west due to the market conditions.

          • One of my biggest gripes with that model is that screws over single-console owners who outnumber multi-console owners.  Even though it happens a lot, why should we encourage companies to screw over the single-console owners just to please multi-console owners who number less?  I know that oftentimes, console makers, e.g. Sony, require all ports to have additional content; however, I think a company would be smart to at least reassure fans  of the original game that their faith that a game released in the future would be complete even if there were ports in the future.  In this case, in particular, the benefits are the ability to play the game on the go and the opportunity to spend more on additional DLC if the player so wishes, so technically Vita players already have some advantages over the players of the original Wii version.

          • malek86

            Frankly I don’t think it’s a big problem. Muramasa came out three years ago. I don’t think any company could be expected to upgrade their previous versions with extra content so much later. The advantage is that you played the game a lot sooner.

            Now if this were like the Joe Danger 2 situation, you would have a point. But for this game, there isn’t much to complain about.

        • Aoshi00

          I hear ya.  I thought if PS3 ver got extra contents, say Vesperia, it would be great if the extra contents were sold as DLCs for the original 360 owners as well, so people don’t have to double dip, and like you said some might not own both consoles..  but like malek said, the original owners alrdy got to play the game sooner.. sometimes it’s a bit annoying a port w/ extra contents happens so soon though like several months.

          Actually now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I should keep my import pre-order, because DLC on the Vita is region locked *.*, unless you have another memory card and play it on your Jpn account..  so it really sucks because I can’t even enjoy these DLCs even if they’re free.. argh…

          • Yeah, I hear you would need 2 memory cards if you are using different region PSN accounts.  You would HAVE to play Muramasa on a JPN account.  You could get the DLC if it were free, but you would most likely need to use JPN PSN currency cards in order to purchase the DLC in any case.

          • Aoshi00

            I still got about 2000 yen left.. If they were free, which I doubt they are (would’ve been included in the game alrdy), then you just need to d/l off of Jpn PSN. But you would need a 2nd memory card and reset the Vita every time which is a tedious process.. also I don’t want to earn trophies on my Jpn acct… so the extra scenarios being DLC, even if free, is still very inconvenient for importers, not to mention hogging up precious space..

  • Asura

    I won’t get a Vita, but damn do I want this horrifically. Horrifically to the level where I’m pondering killing somebody with a Vita to steal it…

  • ick, non-post-production DLC

  • Alexander Aubert

    if the DLC is cost more, i’m borrowing my friend muramasa’s on wii

  • $3587643

    All paid DLC is inherently immoral and beyond justification. DLC being prepared before the game is even released, doubly so.

    • I think the most immoral DLC is an ending DLC, how could they ask us to pay more to see the ending of a game

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Not Disc Locked Content?^_^

      • not sure if there such thing as a ending DLC.

    • MrRobbyM

      We don’t know if this will be paid DLC yet, which is most like is, but I do agree with you. There are very few justifications but for the most part, I do agree.

    • tridus

       Yep, we certainly don’t want niche game makers to be able to turn a profit and stay in business or anything!

      • Aoshi00

        Price is the last thing that gets me (if I think they’re worth it), enjoyed all the FF13-2 DLCs, Asura’s Wrath too, so you know my stance on DLCs.  I wouldn’t mind importing this just for the added trophies.  But Vita DLCs are region locked, even if they’re free here, which I doubt. 

        So to be able to enjoy the new scenarios, in addition to importing a copy, you need to buy Jpn PSN yen cards which aren’t cheap at all, a 1000-yen card cost about $20 (I have around 2000 yen left, which is enough if each is like 500 yen), d/l the DLCs which take precious space on the Vita memory card (mine’s 16Gb).  Even then you still can’t earn the trophies on your main account, and only able to access them w/ your Jpn acct on a 2nd Vita memory card (and resetting your system).  It’s the inconvenience of it all. 

        If these extra scenarios are included like Vesperia PS3 or Malicious Vita, then all you do is just to import the games. 

        Are they making money?  They’re alrdy doing it w/ this re-release.  The extra scenarios should be included as incentives for many who have played and owned the Wii ver to double dip.

        Now they are Vita DLCs, free or not, I’m not sure if I should import it. I own both the Jpn & US Wii ver, loved the game, so to buy the game for a 3rd time, I was expecting the added scenarios and didn’t expect they would be DLCs at all, let alone paid ones..

    • Yeah, stuff like Shivering Isles and WoW expansions, boy, those should be free forever, because they don’t cost a single dime to make!

      A lot of DLC has to be paid because it *costs money to make.*  Very few games can offer DLC for free as a courteous “thanks for buying this!” because that entails they’ve sold enough to cover original costs, development of new assets, publishing/hosting fees in assorted marketplaces like PSN, Steam and XBLA, *patch update* fees for certain publishers to make the games compatible with the DLC in the first place, marketing costs, etc. … and still turn a profit.  Yeah, how immoral, staying in business and trying to get some money from the used game market (that generally shafts them) while they’re at it.

      That all said, I’ll agree that in this instance it feels like a bit of a tease. We heard there’d be new scenarios, and already owning the Wii version I’ll admit that if included I’d have been sold on this, but as is they’ve lost me. I’m not paying extra for new scenarios, because frankly I just *don’t like Muramasa’s story that much in the first place* and didn’t enjoy the game enough to warrant keeping it in my pocket either. It’s a dumb move, I think, that’s going to lose them a lot of repeat sales, so they’re basically banking on a small hardware install base’s segment of people who haven’t played the original.  Good luck there.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    So the extra scenario must be payed there? Man talk about bad news here.T_T

  • epy

    You would think they would offer these scenarios for free as an incentive to buy the Vita version. They’re free to make new DLC scenarios after that (as much as I dislike DLC as a whole) but right now it’s like they’re telling people “Hey, get the Vita version! You get to pay extra for new scenarios.” Bad move Marvelous.

    • Aoshi00

      One more problem just came to mind, the DLC is region locked *.*.. unless you use another memory card and play it on your Jpn acct, you can’t even play it even if it’s free… 

  • i get why people dont like the DLC concept here, but i honestly want to support Vanillaware, and buy them all.
    the wii game did not sell well, so hopefully this time the game can get the sales it deserves. 

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I think the main problem here is some gamer don’t have their Vita(Like me here.T_T)and actually have played the one on Wii. But if they include the scenario there for Vita, maybe some of the previous owner would feel that buying this game will be great.

      • To be honest, the main game would be a warranted purchase as it was, Vita owners should be more than happy with it.  I never liked when new content was shoehorned into a new version on another platform in an effort to provide more “value” while throwing away the goodwill with the players on the original platform.  In this case, both Wii and Vita owners will be playing the exact same game, so the experience will be the proper, original one.  The only things Wii owners would miss out on is the paid DLC.

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t mind most DLCs, like RE5 or FF13-2, love them and don’t mind paying.. but I just assumed the extra scenarios are included like the Malicious Vita port.. 

      Like I said, worse comes to worse, I have some Jpn yen on my Jpn PSN account, but the thing is DLC is region locked.  I prefer playing all the games and get the trophies on my US account.. If you import Muramasa Vita, you would need to play it w/ your Jpn acct on a different memory card in order to access the DLC scenarios (even if they’re free).  So that’s a huge inconvenience too *.*;…

      Would be nice if this is a PS3 port where DLC is region-free as well..

      Also, not sure how big these DLC scenarios are, don’t want to fill up my Vita memory card.. I bought all the Asura’s Wrath story-related DLC and they took up an addt’l 5Gb :(…

  • I rather have the new stuff already on the main purchase but I suppose if they are cheap it isn’t that big a deal.

    • I’m glad the extra content is separate away from the main game to be fair to us supporters of the original game.  It would’ve been nice to have the separate chapters as selectable in the main game by default, but it seems the game is already being sold for a smaller cost to begin with.

      • Yea, every enhanced-port should have the extra content as DLC….no.

        • I don’t believe I was advocating that?  It’s not great that the content in the DLC wasn’t already included with the game itself, but that blow is slightly lessened due to the fact the game is being sold at a lower price than normal.

      • I don’t think it is any different than the people buying the Wii game nowadays when it is a fraction of the 50$ original price.  Considering since 2009 unlike some games that get ported right away (Rhythm Thief).

        As an original supporter, I would of felt more convenient to have everything there from the start instead of buying what I had in the first place then pay extra for what I didn’t have before.

  • $30632660

    I never buy games with DLC Day 1.I wait till a price drop and buy all the good dlc that would make the game equal up to 50 bucks, because I’m never paying 60 bucks for any game, period.

    • Hoshi星

       It’s a Vita game. I’m pretty sure it’ll cost around 39.99 here in America. And we also don’t know the prices of those extra chapter yet.

      • $30632660

        I know, I was just speaking for consoles.For handhelds, I don’t really have to worry about DLC as much.

  • fenix7

    Hopes this comes to the U.S! I never got the chance to play this cayse I don’t have a wii

  • Lunir Malheur

    Omg… This is so wrong ): It’s like when Little King’s Story move to the Vita because it has DLC. Those are amazing games and I think developers should focus on the handled capacity and not in the “we can sell DLC here” ): Hope Vita users enjoy the main game cos’ it’s fantastic :3

  • Göran Isacson

    … So the new guys are just DLC? Aw man. I guess I can see why that is, if it cost them extra money to develop the scenarios and hire voice actors and all, but  I guess I was just sort of hoping it would be included in the price for the main game.

  • Go2hell66

    well i’m just happy were getting more muramasa

    but it doesn’t feel right that all the new content is DLC

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