More About Monster Hunter 4’s Monsters Like The Fire Breathing Yian Kut-Ku

By Spencer . October 10, 2012 . 5:02pm

imageFamitsu has details about four monsters from Monster Hunter 4. We’ll start with Nelskura, a spider monster that lives in a cave. This tricky monster hangs from the ceiling or clings to a web. Nelskura attacks with its sickle shaped claws, crushing players with its gigantic pincers, and shooting web that stops hunters from moving. After Nelskura traps you with webbing it rushes forward for an attack.


Tetsukabura is a huge amphibian that uses its jaw like a shovel. Tetsukabura’s digs up rocks using its jaw to attack by either crushing them to hit hunters with flying debris or throwing rocks directly at players. This monster also spits green mucus and has a bite attack.


Gypceros from Monster Hunter Frontier Online spits poisonous venom at hunters and can emit a ring of light from its crest that makes hunters faint. Yian Kut-Ku (pictured) returns from earlier Monster Hunter games with a fire breathing attack. Yian Kut-Ku can also damage hunters with rapid pecking and has a new ability to prey on smaller monsters to restore HP.


Monster Hunter 4 has a new field called the Underground Cave which is said to have a 3D structure unlike other fields in the series. The cave has gigantic rocks and light pours through on patches of vegetation which gives the Underground Cave a whimsical feeling. While most of the Underground Cave is an indoor area, there is an outdoor part where you can look up at the sky and see a myriad of creatures flying in the skies.


Monster Hunter 4 is slated for release in spring 2013.

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  • There sure are a lot of new monsters that use slime recently…!
    Brachydios has green exploding plasma, Kechawacha shoots snot, and now Tetsukabura and Nelskura also use mucus and sticky spiderweb?

  • Peace Legacy

    I was DEVASTATED when Kutku and Kirin didn’t make it to the third gen monster hunter
    Glad to see Kutku is at least back in the game
    Kutku is just one of those classic iconic monster that teaches all long time player how to do their first real hunt. It is too iconic to be replaced.
    Kirin on the other hand… well, the armor is certainly iconic in the doujin field

    • Kirin armor has officially been replace by Barrioth armor…at least going by doujin/fan-art trends.

      • Peace Legacy

        that’s because the current gen doesn’t have Kirin armor, and doujin have to stay up to date with the current generation, so yeah
        But rest assure, nothing, and absolutely nothing, can replace our beloved iconic classic Kirin hunter waifu

    • Code

      I was surprised when Kut-ku didn’t after all these years it became kind of old-hat / 3 ; Although the one that did surprise and hurt the most for me oddly enough was the carapaceon-family; seriously I miss fighting those crabs, they were the most fun T 3 T;;

  • Areuto

    Interesting but I think before We think of getting this we need to at least show capcom how much we love MH franchise by buying MH3U so they know we care!

  • Seems interesting… and I am hoping for a localization within a reasonable time frame.

  • ronin4life

    3D structure!!??
    does that mean what I think it does?? OoO//

    All around awesome. Can’t wait for this.

  • Code

    Actually Gypceros was also in the original Monster Hunter along with Kut-ku before Monster Hunter Frontier u w u;; The new Frog monster though is a welcome addition, BUT THAT SPIDER IS NOT ◎ ロ ◎;

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmm more monster actually uses projectile attack now.^_^ This actually makes me Bow user to be quite unsecure lol.

  • Gypceros is actually from the original PS2 Monster Hunter though

  • Happy Gamer

    Yian Kut Ku: Every First time Monster Hunter’s make it or break it enemy.
    They either quit saying this game blows, or the moment 
    u beat him, ahhh the adrenaline and rush and keep going

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