Ragnarok Odyssey Arrives In North America On October 30

By Spencer . October 10, 2012 . 12:40pm


Xseed set October 30 as the release date for Ragnarok Odyssey in North America. This PlayStation Vita title is an online hunting game with a action game elements. Ragnarok Odyssey will cost $39.99 in stores or on the PlayStation Store. Xseed also put together a $49.99 Mercenary Edition, a deluxe package with a 96 page art book/color guide, soundtrack CD with 32 songs, and a pack of 10 monster cards.


Ragnarok Odyssey has also been announced for Europe with Gungho Online Entertainment America as the publisher, but a specific release date for PAL territories has not been set.


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  • Cool

  • Awesome news for NA!

    I hope that Europe get the Mercenary edition, too!

    •  Just a fyi but it’s not really a preorder bonus, just a separate edition.

  • ZEROthefirst

    Hopefully by the 30th I’ll have enough money so I can get this without cancelling my pre-order for Killzone Trilogy. I’m mostly getting that trilogy for the the first game in HD and get the full DLC for KZ2+3 but if there’s not enough money for both then my money automatically goes to Ragnarok here!

  • What but why….but why? 

    ZOE HD
    Okami HD
    ACIII and
    ACIII Liberations (Vita)

    That is a very risky move. Especially with the lack of press I’ve seen the english version get.

    • Aren’t those all just HD ports, though? Ragnarok Odyssey is no port — it’s an original Vita game. And original games trump ports, in my mind. ;)

      • ACIII isen’t a port.

        and neither is liberation.

        • My mistake! For some reason, I assumed the acronym stood for “Ace Combat 3” and was like, “oh, I didn’t know they were releasing that on Vita. What an odd choice!”

          Never occurred to me until now just how many games share the “AC” acronym (Armored Core 3?). ;)

          I think I need to get more sleep! Heheheheheh…

    • drproton

      Xseed doesn’t do large retail releases, and they can rely on the long tail of digital sales.  It’s not much of a risk. 

      In fact, for their market, it’s probably more important to get out before P4G than to worry about AC3.

      • Yeah I know they don’t do large retail releases but that’s the BIG reason why this might not be a good date.  It’s going to fly over many heads when Sony does their Blog update post because of the other titles being listed up there.

    • To be fair, if you wanted the game anyways you probably were waiting to hear some news about release anyways.  It’s a niche game.  There’s no risks involved with such a thing past that, all things considered.

      Now if we were talking AAA title vs. another then I’d agree with that standpoint.

    • The crossover for people who want this game but instead would only buy those games is probably very small…

      If you know about this game and want it, you want it for a specific reason which none of those other games has anything to do with.

  • First ACIII and ACIII Liberations (Vita).

    and know this…

    Whats with all thes games being released on my birthday.

  • Ryan Chiu

    Wasn’t this game originally supposed to be released on the 16th? Damn delays…

    • Hatsuu

      It’s never been delayed. Originally Summer was anticipated, but things moved towards Fall. However, there’s never been an official release date before today! All dates you’ve seen before on Gamestop or Amazon are placeholder dates they created so they can allow pre-orders. 

  • landlock

    I’m importing this as the European release sounds like it’s going to be digital only and who knows when. 

  • RaikageV

    I hope it gets released in Europe this year, too.

  • 30th… Darn I liked GS’s date better… Oh well. Gives me more time to focus on Pokemon and less on VLR which is not so good.

  • Peeka Chu

    Joy.  And yet tears.  This month the Vita is hammering the ol’ wallet.  Dokuro, SH, Ragnarok O, Little King Vita.   I’m sure I’m forgetting one.  That’s close to $200 worth of software on one platform alone.  Sheesh.  

    • Nyandroid

      Maybe Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward? It comes out this month as well. =^w^=~ 

      • Peeka Chu

        Yup, that’s the game. 

  • lorelai4cuties

    vita has alot of games this month ..i just bought lil king vita ..i cant wait for this game and assassin creed :]

  • Tom_Phoenix

    The good dead go to Gimli?


    <_< …Em….I think I'll be morally grey, thanks.

  • Had this on preorder forever, glad it’s finally shipping…

  • Fango

    graphics are bad

    • sherimae1324

      get out of here oni-chan… youre putting this section in a bad mood… -_-

    • Hinataharem

      MH P3rd Wiki is bad

  • Aisioux

    I’ve already started camping out in front of Gamestop. I’m making sure this lands on my Vita on the due date. Till then. Xcom Enemy Unknown. Here I come!

  • Dexward

    Just when I was planning to play AC:3 and Liberation.

  • I’m buying a Vita just for this game.

    I’m bad with money. :(

  • Hinataharem

    October is an awful month for me (in a good way)

  • I really hope XSEED knows what they’re doing, because they’re launching this game beside the big boys.

  • Already finished this game in english, im using the Asian Localized Version. It’s like Godeater meets Monsterhunter.

    •  Without a storyline rite?

      • Better Storyline than Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star, still I choose monster hunter over this game.

  • Damn, Xillia 2 comes out 2 days after this. Not sure if I’ll be picking this up. besides, I already played the hell out of the Japanese version.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Damn, October. Tough choices coming up. RO, which I’ve wanted since I got my Vita or AC3L which looks equally incredible? ZOE HD which… do I need to say anything for it, really? or Okami HD which means I can finally play Okami after missing it on PS2? Choicesss.

  • Go2hell66

     wow a whole $40 not even $35,
    oh well i guess that means i’ll have to keep myself busy with pokemon.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Same day as Zone of the Enders HD Collection, which I also reserved, so I’ll be getting this game and ZoE. Finally got to see an official release date for it and I’m looking forward to getting this game for my VITA! ^_^

  • My Vita certainly isn’t going to be starved for games any time soon. :D

    I do hope that we get the Mercenary Edition as well, but I’m very grateful that it’s getting a release at all! I played the Japanese demo and enjoyed it.

  • Ryan Chiu

    I wonder what the monster cards are supposed to be for… just collectibles, or can they transfer into the game through a code?

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