Sony Hosting DmC Devil May Cry Demo Sessions In Tokyo

By Spencer . October 11, 2012 . 11:06pm

dmc1Capcom has had a lot of help from Microsoft Japan with their game launches. Microsoft hosted events like the Capcom X Microsoft showcase which featured Dragon’s Dogma and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Sony is helping Capcom promote DmC Devil May Cry and their Play.Community group is inviting gamers in Japan a chance to play the game first. Attendees can try two missions from DmC that were shown at Tokyo Game Show on November 4.


People that show up will get swag – DmC t-shirts, a DmC bag, and PlayCommu screen cleaner for showing up. The catch is you have to be lucky enough to get an invitation. If you’re in Tokyo you can register here.

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  • Curan_Altea

    Well like Resident Evil, DMC will always be a Sony title for me. Not that I have anything against people who play on Microsoft. It seems Microsoft gets most of the promotions for multi platform games.

    • Bentan

      sony is lethargic towards promotions mostly this gen, except for AAA 1st party titles

      • Godmars

         Yeah, I think that live goat sacrifice thing for GOW3, then the cathedral issue for Resistance one,  made them a bit gun-shy.

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      Yeah Devil May Cry, not the western knock off going for the god of war market.

      This is called audacity on Sony’s part. Not only have they completely neglected Japanese gamers this gen, they are rubbing the most atrocious case of westernization in their face ! Sony has failed to “protect” DMC, final fantasy, demon’s souls, monster hunter etc 

      Sony, what are you doing ? Sony, STAHP

      • Luna Kazemaru


      • M’iau M’iaut
        I’m quite sure you’ve read this by now, but now it’s a warning for the never ending western bashing.

        How exactly is Sony supposed to ‘protect’ IPs that aren’t even theirs unless they participate in the ‘paying off’ that garners MS and Nintendo such scorn? And I don’t think Sony has neglected their home audience either; it has just moved to the handhelds to an extent our ‘western minds’ can’t fathom. Then again when they take care of that market, all they receive are our broadsides for continuing to support the ‘dead’ PSP and poking their nose in the evil digital and social space.

        • Gaara D.Dragon

          Don’t patronize me sweetheart. At no point did I “bash” anything western.

          It’s a fact that this is the most radical case of westernization.

          It is a fact that Capcom is sorely driven by sales with DmC as they admitted very early on (sales in the GOW territory)

          It is a fact that Capcom and NT have been dying to persuade people that their game “feels” like the original DMC (thus the “knock off”).

          It is a fact that originally Sony never had enough faith in Demon’s Souls to even bring it out of Japan.

          It is a fact that almost no titles moved to the new Sony handheld (unlike the 3DS)

          It is a fact that Sony have opted to pay for half a dozen of exclusive shooters for the PS3 and Black Ops for the Vita .

          Sony is shooting itself in the foot, they have the Japanese audience totally ignored and you are concerned about a game that has already failed once since at first capcom was talking about a reboot with 5 mil sales and now their recent (highly optimistic) expectations for DmC is 2 mil. Fact.

  • Bentan

    i’m sure white hair-ed man-bra dante will be dlc or unlockable, rest assured all ye white hair lovers

    • John Diamond

       mate. it’s gone beyond the whole ‘white hair’ issue. It’s now more of a gameplay issue, aesthetics issue (not the white hair, character design) and storyline issue. barely anyone gives a crap ONLY about the white hair

      • IshimaruKaito

        most ppl focus on one issue and make that the ONLY reason they will not get a game.

        • Bentan

          yup a lot of hypocrites are in denial because of white hair and metrosexual designs of dmc3 which ironicly when it first came out was treated with as much scorn as this dante

  • Godmars

    Yeah, what is the overall reaction from JP gamers in regards to the new Dante? He has gone from being a Western character as envisioned by a Japanese dev, to a Western character designed by a Westerner.

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      actually Dante looked a little like Leon S Kennedy, since Devil May Cry was originally meant to be a Resident Evil. but i don’t think he was meant to be Western at all.

      • Godmars

         Still, its a vision of western culture through an outside perspective. Most if not all of RE has taken place in the U.S.

        • Gaara D.Dragon

          No, he was not a vision of western culture, just western facial features. 

          Dante was based on a western model in regards to his looks but not to his character.

  • ZBaksh386

    lets hope we get some video soon.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Considering that this version of Dante actually shows up in PS all stars there, it is not suprising here.^_^

  • Valtiel Ikari

    hmmm… for the info I manege, the new Dante is really not that liked in Japan, not at all, guess they will try to let them play for them self so they can try the game mechanics, to see if that can win them over, for me, I’m just gona keep my distance from this game to rental, or play at a friends house if one of them gets the game.

  • Rick R

    Well, looks like we’ll finally see some PS3 footage. Let’s hope it’s comparable to the 360 version which has always been on display. If it’s not I’m not buying. 

  • eilegz

    well seems that sony want to push this very hard and many in siliconera and some other think that this new DmC its better than the old one, i have to wait until this game get released but so far what i see i dont like it.

    oh well i dont want to think about conspiracy but after looking the reviews and many media site i have to think that most of it its so soft when they need to review western developed games…. And every single japanese AAA title seems to be broken, flawed, linear, buggy and completely unplayable (like re6 review)

    I will predict that this game its gonna be very critical acclaimed and will win so many good score.

    • Valtiel Ikari

      The sarcasm in that article is over NINE BILLION THOUSAND!!!!

      • eilegz

        until they put re6 and capcom capacity on develop games rolleyes 

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