Resident Evil 6 Saw 380,000 Pre-Orders In Japan Prior To Release

By Ishaan . October 12, 2012 . 9:00am

Last week saw the release of Resident Evil 6 in Japan. The game sold 634,933 copies on the PlayStation 3 and another 41,652 copies on the Xbox 360, handily beating out sales of its predecessor, Resident Evil 5, by nearly double.


Sales tracker, Media Create, report that Resident Evil 6 had 380,000 pre-orders in Japan, which is the highest number of pre-orders for a Resident Evil game since April 2005.


Interestingly, the second-highest number of pre-orders for a Resident Evil game (again, since 2005) goes to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. That game had 118,000 pre-orders prior to its release, and sold 268,810 copies across PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in its first week.


Additionally, Media Create also shared an interesting piece of data for Resident Evil 5. That game, released in 2009, has reached 1.2 million copies sold in Japan across all versions.

  • Budgiecat

    This will be the first Resident Evil game I’m skipping

    • Cephrien

      ^ Your loss. It’s a great game.

      • landlock

         It really is a good game Leon and Ada’s parts were by far the best parts for me and had everything I wanted from a Resident Evil game. Along with a very nice setting something I thought was missing from RE5.

        Chris’ and Sherry’s campaign’s weren’t as good imo opinion but still enjoyable. The bad guys the Javos seemed like they belonged more in Ninja Gaiden then a Resident Evil game though.
        Having said that they had some pretty awesome transformations, they really reminded me of the wacky horror films that have been released in Japan over the last few years like Tokyo Gore Police.

    • badmoogle


    • Godman


    • It’s extremely bad. I just had to review this and seeing the series pedigree shamed by a game like this was just… insulting to the people buying it in mass. Very broken game by all accounts. I hope the next entry action oriented or not won’t be as half-baked, it had a ton of potential that was never lived up to.

      • Cephrien

        How is it broken? It doesn’t even have any bugs. Just because it isn’t what you want it to be, doesn’t mean it’s broken. ;P

        • I am sorry you see it that way. I don’t really have any expectations when I review a game. I was a butt-hurt fanboy when Resident Evil 4 came out (I was also very young) and horror was thrown out. That’s not how I look at RE6. The reason I say the game is broken is because I ran into multiple instances where the design didn’t fit what the developers were trying to do and I left with conflicting emotions. (Look above at my response to Shinji). With that said, there are bugs, I ran into invisible walls in the strangest of places. But nothing game-breaking.

          Critics really aren’t out to destroy or tarnish the reputation of games. Well, maybe some are. I don’t have the notoriety to command such attention and don’t wish to obtain it. I only seek to evaluate the product as objectively as I can. I can’t go into RE6 as a fan of the series, I have to go in as a professional. If I went in as a fan of the series I’d have wanted to slap a 9-10 on it and call it a day. 

          It’s kind of a burden more than you’d think. I used to think critics were out to crap on my favorite games (still do) when in reality their job sucks the enjoyment out of a game because you’re looking at it as if you have to evaluate it for not just fans but everyone in general. You have to hold it to certain expectations/mile stones/etc. and overall it kind of kills your experience. A good example of this is that I let my co-worker handle the review Dishonored. He came over to show it off as he was playing through it. It was his single most anticipated game saying: “If someone were to make a game and rip it straight out of my brain, it’d be this.” But the moment he turned it on? “Textures are ugly and pixelated up close. For some reason he walks at the same speed as he crouches. This is an issue, that is an issue, etc. etc. etc.”

      • Luna Kazemaru

        right sure buddy.

      • Shinji Kazuya

        Insulting are the hate reviews. I played all numbered Resident Evil. I’ve been playing Resident Evil 6 since monday: the game is long, has great graphics, great gameplay and great story.

        • I don’t mean to invalidate every purchase. Perhaps I should have worded it differently in retrospect. I am not a critic who demands everyone think the way I do the point of a videogame is to have fun with it. If that is what you have gotten out of it, you got your money’s worth.

          However, I have to look at the product as objectively as I can; my experience cannot be the same as everyone else but I found the fundamentals of the design to be counter-intuitive in most of the campaigns. For example, Leon’s campaign is obviously skewing toward horror and it does it’s suspense very well. However, I was handed bullets like Halloween candy to the point that much of my surroundings didn’t feel like a threat. On the other hand as Chris I was depleted of ammo frequently and the cover system felt unrefined. In essence I felt that each campaign was littered with promise but had no time to be refined. It felt shallow to me. It doesn’t have to to you. I am glad it doesn’t.

          The game had a lot of highs and sky-high production values, but it certainly felt haphazard and disjointed in my time with it. It reeked of unfinished.

          Sorry to have insulted any of you, I just do my job. Let me tell you, working your butt off to complete a game, with a notepad in lap writing down everything you experience/see/hear/notice about the design is a difficult task. But what’s more difficult is assigning the letter grade/number grade and hoping you don’t P-off everyone in sight. It’s bound to happen though.

          It’s not a disaster by any means, but as I said, considering the pedigree it’s an extremely bad game just by being unfinished. For instance, if a Mario Party comes out that isn’t riddled with crap mini-games, and it’s sort-good, it feels like a revolution. But every RE felt so tight and refined and I felt like this one just needed a little more time for the team to get a grip on it.

      • eilegz

          this its the game of the year, cant understand this review, how can this game be a dissaster

        RE has been an action based series for years now? we shouldn’t mix up
        preferences with professional critiques. Seems to me that most of the
        critics (Kotaku’s, gamespot, destructoid among others) decided to put
        their nostalgia glasses on and trash RE6 because it’s not survival
        horror…completely forgetting the existence of the critically acclaimed
        RE4 and the well liked RE5. That’s not how you judge a sequel that has
        improved upon what RE4 and RE5 offered, evolving on the modern action
        series….which also has its audience too. A lot of RE fans like what
        the series has become. Sure, RE6 isn’t perfect, but calling it bad on
        the basis that it’s not survival horror?

        So you’re telling me that the majority of people didn’t like RE4 and
        RE5? You’re telling me that most hardcore RE fans think both games are
        terrible? The acclaim and scores both installments got sure didn’t
        relfect that. If most people truly didn’t like both games, it would’ve
        caused a split as RE6. It just so happens that most of the so-called
        critics who reviewed RE6 decided to be nostalgic and completely forget
        that RE4 and 5 existed. As you know RE4 is critically acclaimed and a
        damn good game, even in this day. Of course Capcom is going to listen to
        RE4 fans and players as it was revolutionary and a necessary evolution
        to the series. Imagine if RE remained survival horror with the same
        aspects of the classics to this very day, you would see countless fans
        grow tired and stale.

        There is a HUGE difference between preference and objective
        evaluation. I also acknowledged that some (emphasis on some) fans don’t
        like the action RE titles. I’ll even say that they’re a minority
        considering the good reviews and sales RE4 and 5 achieved. As I said,
        it’s fine if you don’t like the action RE games. You don’t speak for the
        ENTIRE RE fanbase. The “we” you’re talking about only refers to part of
        the fanbase. As I said, it’s fine if you prefer the PS1 style of play
        over action RE games. That’s called a PREFERENCE. But going about
        calling RE4, 5 and 6 BAD games just because they’re not survival horror
        titles is unfair and biased…that’s not how you OBJECTIVELY REVIEW AND
        LOOK AT GAMES. This is exactly like comparing The Legend of Zelda NES to
        Skyward Sword directly. No frame of reference and not fair as the eras
        are different and the series evolved through the years with a different
        style of play.

        A lot of RE fans accepted RE4 as is and moved on with the action
        focus. You would be living under a rock if you didn’t expect RE6 to be
        action and follow what RE4 and 5 set. The ‘we’ you’re referring to is
        not the majority. But I advise you guys to wise up and give it a chance
        instead of listening to these 30 year old critics who have their
        nostalgia glasses on and think we’re living in the late 90s. For some
        reason, some people just forgot that RE left pure survival horror since
        RE3 many years ago and evolved to what it is now. Capcom has evolved RE.
        The remaining fans who have put RE1 & 2 on a pedestal should evolve
        too and accept RE6 for what it is; an dramatic horror title. Evaluate
        and review it as such.

        Does borderlands 2 a better rpg than xenoblade, final fantasy or
        others? NOPE its boderlands 2 a better FPS than call of duty halo and
        other? NOPE. But guess what its one of the best game of this year next
        to resident evil 6

        RE it wont be the best action or survival horror game but its fun,
        have decent campaign, improve everything over re4 and re5, giving a low
        score and some negative criticism its just unfair….

        • Seeing as you haven’t read my review and I am not most critics I don’t know how you conjured up 6 paragraphs. Kudos for insinuating on and on that I didn’t review it but rather jumped the gun and judged it on it’s series lineage of being grounded in horror (I did not). 

          I expected RE6 to be an action game, I judged it as such. I expect the next to be as well. I have no beef with the action oriented focus.

          I never said it wasn’t fun at all. I said the franchise was shamed due to this being a half-baked product. As in, unfinished. As in, the team needed more time instead of rushing this to market for the holiday season. When you play it it’s more than apparent that it is by far one of the most ambitious in the series; on the other hand, at times it crumbles under that ambition. Everything is deserving of criticism. Heck, your criticism of my criticisms are valid.

    • Syltique

      Honestly, I think most people reviewing it had no clue how to play the game.  Control wise, it’s closer to Vanquish than RE5.  The game is actually pretty great once you learn how to play.  I can’t imagine going back to the controls in 4 or 5 now.

  • malek86

    Wow, considering most games in Japan tend to have short legs, seeing RE5 eventually go from 400.000 copies to more than one million is quite impressive. I wonder how much RE6 can sell in the long run… I think reviews will hurt it a bit.

    • Something to note is that “all versions” includes things like the budget versions of the game etc. But yes, very impressive nonetheless. Resident Evil is one of the few remaining franchises in Japan that still sells very well on consoles.

  • Good job RE6 =)

  • Nasser Al-Ojayan

    maybe the rise in sales is because they said it would have real zombies in it?

    I would be really interested if they had a questionnaire asking people their reason for getting the game.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Or they could have well you know liked what they saw.

  • Wake

    This has been one of the most polarizing games to ever come out. 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Great news for Capcom.^_^ I really like both Leon and Ada path there and the game is much longer compared to the other game which makes the purchase worth my money there.^_^

  • I haven’t played this, but those demos didn’t sell me on it, that’s for sure.
    I’ll still check out RE:RC when the opportunities arises, though. 

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