Cyberpunk 2077 By “The Witcher” Developer Is A Sandbox Cyberpunk RPG

By Ishaan . October 18, 2012 . 3:30pm

As reported earlier this year, The Witcher developer, CD Projekt Red, are working on a new cyberpunk role-playing game, based on an old pen-and-paper RPG, Cyberpunk, developed by Mike Pondsmith. The final title of the videogame adaptation be Cyberpunk 2077.


As indicated by the title, Cyberpunk 2077 will take place in the year 2077. Keeping with the standard cyberpunk theme, the world of 2077 is a place where technology has become both a salvation and a curse upon humanity.


The story of Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in the metropolis of Night City and its surrounding areas, and CD Projekt Red promise a mature, non-linear plot, mentioning the game’s sandbox nature and gameplay mechanics inspired by the Cyberpunk 2020 pen-and-paper system, which they say they are fine-tuning to meet the requirements of a modern RPG.


CD Projekt Red say that they began thinking of a sci-fi RPG while working on The Witcher 2, and use ideas that didn’t make it into that game.


“We were still committed to create a game for mature audiences that dealt with important, thought-provoking matters,” they say on Cyberpunk 2077’s development blog. “We would put in place exactly what we’ve learned while creating The Witcher 2 with just one difference—the game would be set in the future. No elves, no dwarves and no magic.”


“Rest assured that we are working very closely with Mike Pondsmith to ensure that the unique feel of the original, paper game is preserved intact,” CD Projekt Red write in another blog post. “Of course we may need to change some things, add new elements or even drop the ones that simply do not work in  a video game (‘Geology’ skill anyone?).”


A release date and platforms have not been announced for Cyberpunk 2077 just yet, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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  • Interesting news. I’m excited to see some in-game footage for this game and see what take on the Sandbox RPG CD Projekt Red has. 


    Seriously, this is a setting my body is reggie for. 

    • Kevin Lor

      This has nothing to do with the post but which anime/game is that character (your avatar picture) from?

      • “Let’s Fish! Hooked on!” for the Vita ^^

  • Colour me interested! I can’t wait to hear/see more info on this.

  • amagidyne

    Hope this has character creation and customization. I’m not the biggest fan of CDPR, but I’m up for anything that lets me play a razorgirl.

  • Mostly just happy that it’s not another fantasy rpg…

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’m very, VERY interested in this. Cyberpunk in a sandbox? I always love seeing new settings in sandbox games beyond the usual modern-day metropolis, even better if this sandbox is also an RPG. Like The Witcher before it, I hope this makes it to consoles down the line.

    • malek86

      On that same genre, I want to try and pick up Omikron one of these days. I have the means to play it (ie. an old PC with Windows 98), but I’m waiting for a cheaper copy to pop up.

      • Solomon_Kano

        The Quantic Dream game? That did sound rather interesting. Unless you’re looking to get it new, you can get it pretty cheap on eBay.

  • MrTyrant

    “Cyberpunk sandbox RPG made by CD projekt”


  • One of my favorite aesthetics for a game. This is going to be something to really look forward to.

  • Mildra

    I realize I sound like a broken record by asking it to NOT be shooter-centric, but the reason I do so is because of how insanely tempting it is to do so for a game like this.

    That said, I’m not 100% behind the sandbox part, but we’ll see.

  • Ronald Bixler

    1st image: *music note* She’s the blade, and your just paperrrrr. You’re afraid cause’ she’s getting closerrrrr *music note*

    2nd image: Hey guy, technology has evolved since the 70’s, why hasn’t your fashion sense?!
    – Also, in the future I shall invest my money in stocks for hair gel and sunglasses.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      Isn’t it about 20 years too late to be making fun of the Eighties sensibility?

    • amagidyne

      All you need is a pair of mirrorshades.

  • vormeob

    what an inspired name

    •  it’s the name of the original pen & paper system, which is over 20 years old.

  • Maybe I’m just old school but anything with guns is not an RPG in my book. I’ll give it a try though, The Witcher 2 was really well done.

    • Hock Seng

       What’s the issue with guns? They’re better than swords in every way

  • l777l

    … hopefully it will be very different to Fallout 3 and Co.

    • Gawdzila


      Sandboxes aren’t my favorite format if only because I haven’t seen an open-world game with a decent story or characters since the end of the Baldur’s Gate trilogy.  All the recent popular ones — FO3, Skyrim, Oblivion, etc — they are all storyless, emotionless, soulless automatons.  Playing them is like having sex with a RealDoll; sure the scenery is okay and they have all the bits in the right places, but it just ends up being tedious and unfulfilling, and you sure as hell don’t want to cuddle with it afterwards.

      Considering how CDPR handled The Witcher and especially The Witcher 2, though, I have confidence that this game will be awesome.

  • Göran Isacson

    I am intrigued over a game like the Witcher but with Cyberpunk themes. If this can basically be Shadowrun for the SNES but with all the updates that one can expect (and perhaps something that goes even beyond that) for the next generation this will be a MOST delicious treat to savor…

  • UnderstandingIndustry

    this is gonna be fucking awesome. can feel it in me bones.

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