Ragnarok Odyssey Director On Designing Monsters And Making It "Exhilarating"

By Spencer . October 19, 2012 . 5:15pm


Game Arts took the world setting from Ragnarok Online and transformed it into a hunting game. When I played Ragnarok Odyssey it immediately felt different from Monster Hunter, it was had action elements and most of the fighting took place in the air. When we spoke to director Kazuhiro Irie we talked about creating Ragnarok Odyssey’s monsters and how the team fine tuned the controls.


When I played Ragnarok Odyssey, the controls and tempo reminded me more of an action game than a hunting genre title. Was this part of your plan and can you tell us how you designed the controls so they felt responsive?


Kazuhiro Irie, Director: If you’re asking if the game tempo and the controls were set from the start of the project, then the answer is “no.” Since the original Ragnarok Online is an RPG, we considered all our options for providing an RPG-like experience to the users. One of the key words we concentrated on from the start of the project was “exhilarating,” so as we refined the game design it eventually became a speedy battle system where you fight against giants in the air.


As for the controls, we wanted to make it so the feel of control would be the same on the ground as it is in the air. We incorporated controls such as timing button input for combos, holding down buttons and having movement lock after using a powerful attack, which might make people feel like the controls are overall more responsive. We also used the touchscreen capability to give players more options without interrupting the action.




Which monster was the toughest to make? Which one is your favorite to fight?


Taking everything into account, Hrungnir took the longest to balance. Hrungnir is the tallest of all the giant bosses, and we used him as a guinea pig for lots of aerial combat tests. We sought to answer questions like, how many vertical steps should it take? How should vertical step work? What ascension speed would be best? What falling speed would feel most natural? How about diving speed? How should he handle players circling around the lower half of his body? What’s the best camera position for capturing the action? etc. By asking these questions and running tests on Hrungnir to find the best answers, we were better able to balance and fine-tune our massive boss battles.


As for which boss I enjoyed fighting most, I’d have to say Grendel.




Ragnarok Odyssey supports ad hoc and infrastructure play. How difficult was it to add online play to the game?


Well, as you may know, we didn’t actually have online capabilities in the game at launch in Japan, so I can definitely say it was a difficult addition. But we knew how important online capability was for a hunting game, so after extensive testing, we were finally able to offer it to players through a free patch. Now, as long as you’ve got reliable internet, I think you’ll be able to play and enjoy multiplayer matches very easily!


What’s new for the North American version?


All the free add-on content patches from the Japanese version that were released post-launch will be included in the North American version at launch. So for those of you who buy this overseas version, you’ll be able to enjoy all the updated content Japan received right out of the box!

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  • kupomogli

    Only 11 more days.  Maybe longer since it’s being shipped to me, but shouldn’t be more than two days.

    • it’s a great game that focuses on skill than leveling, some of the boses requires you to play with friends because it’s super hard. Already Finished it, your’e gonna enjoy it.

  • looks fun, but I kind of wish there was a spellsword class

  • Domii

    Really looking to pick this up with my soon to be Vita.

    • xavier axol

      don’t forget to pick it up with the assassin’s creed 3:liberation bundle!, ’cause i won’t forget either!.

      • Domii

        I’m looking to pick one up for blackfriday or cybermonday. We’ll see.

        • xavier axol

          how much cheaper do you think it will be? and if you find out can you also let me know? i might get two(my nephew want one) and i will get some money after i sell my old one.

          • Domii

            There should be some great Vita deals for Blackfriday and cybermonday. But if there aren’t, I’m still gonna pick one up for this and P4Golden.

          • xavier axol

            i usually go to amazon or new egg for such deals, though i don’t think i will wait that long (and lately i feel that amazon isn’t giving awesome deals in the gaming department as it used to). i will at least get the bundle and odyssey since they come out the same day, but will buy borderlands 2 and asssassin’s creed 3 on blackfriday (they always give big discounts for those triple-A titles like those). i’m also looking forward to p4Golden (i got both the physical and download version,’cause it’s that good!. and well it looks gorgeous on the vita), next year is gonna be just as awesome with ninokuni and tales of xillia (i just wish i could play those with the vita on the go as well, having to play them at home with ps3 and then when i’m busy (i would transfer it to the vita) would make my life so much easier.

      • Hey, I’m getting that bundle AND the collectors edition of Ragnarok Odyssey!  Seems like the perfect game to own as a first game for Vita.

        • xavier axol

          lucky you!! i’m dying of envy! cause i’m only getting assissn creed bundle (thad white vita looks hot!!) and the download version of odyssey. i need more money so seriously want to sell my old vita (which is in perfect condition may i add), but mercenary edition is migthy awesome!. xseed did out done themselves this time, but what about the persona 4 golden collector edition (freaking awesome right!!?)

  • I’m very happy that my local store have Mercenary Edition up for pre-order.
    Already pre-ordered eventhough I won’t be able to play it until Chinese New Year.

  • ZEROthefirst

    Look my Vita! It’s been a while, but there’s finally another game for you to play without having to import. Now I will have 4 games instead of 2 imports and Gravity Rush lol

    • xavier axol

      great choice my friend, gravity rush it’s amazing. there’s also dokuro (it’s from they same guys that did ragnarok odyssey), streetfightersxtekken (it has everything the console didn’t had), and of course assassin’s creed 3 liberation (i just can’t shut up about this title!). oh if you are looking for a brain teaser, then don’t look any futher! smart as seems amazing (and they been working with this title for a while) look for the trailer.

  • Learii

    there any MVPs? like lord of death or dark lord etc.?

    • i do recall seeing a dark lord and a baphomet, but i may be wrong, so don’t note me on this

  • Lester Paredes

    Whoo! I can’t wait to play!

  • Alex Cattaneo

    Cant wait!

  • IshimaruKaito

    10 more days!!!!

  • Great game, definitely a  “must have” for the Vita

  • This game is really tempting me to get a Vita.  I’ll have to think about this. >_<

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