Silent Hill 4, Warriors Orochi, And A Capcom Dating Sim Are Now PS2 Classics

By Spencer . October 21, 2012 . 11:55pm


Welcome back to Room 302, Henry Townshend’s apartment. That’s where Silent Hill 4: The Room takes place until you wander into a hole that appears in Henry’s bathroom that takes you to Silent Hill  Sony Computer Entertainment Japan put Silent Hill 4: The Room in their Game Archives collection. You can get it with a Japanese PlayStation Network account and by spending 1,200 yen ($15).


Did you know Capcom used to make otome games? They released Full House Kiss, a PlayStation 2 game based on the manga of the same name. Full House Kiss is just 800 yen ($10).


Sukusuku Inufuku (1,200 yen), Warriors Orochi (1,500 yen), and Sega Memorial Collection (800 yen) are also available on PlayStation Network.

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  • Learii

    i want to try Full House Kiss lol

  • That game was the beginning of SH’s demise. It was still fun but it was clearly the product of some troubled development processes, with lots of different ideas crammed together that simply didn’t work out too well or weren’t cleverly thought out until the end.

    It’s still much better than most of the SH games we’ve been getting now, for that matter. Silent Hill 0rigins was still nice, but the rest pretty much sucked imo :/

    • ThatBlackGuy

      If I remember correctly it wasn’t designed as a silent hill game at first but that was changed I think later in the development due to either team silent or konami wanting it to become a silent hill game. 

      •  I also heard so back in the day, which would explain the conflicting points of view and poorly executed ideas that definitely held this game down.

        Like *SPOILERS* Having Walter chase after you and your neighbour. Awesome idea that adds up to the tension, like Nemesis did in RE 3, but it’s not fair that the guy here carries a gun with him and that he has a fantastic aim, and it’s highly frustrating to actually protect the girl (for the best ending), look after your health and actually go where you’re supposed to with Walter always showing up and OHKO’ing you in seconds.

        This game had so much potential that was just wasted. A damn shame, I loved this series. But I’d still take this game over the most recent SH iterations, that I would…

  • Derek E Nay

    I remember alot of hate for SH4 when it came out so I never tired it. Only after years later I picked it up for cheap. The game was certainly not a bad game, just not as good as the other SH games.

     I like how they made you feel like the room is safe, only to screw it up later. Hell, I refused to go back there after a certain event.

  • konsama

    I never understood all the hate for The Room, it was a hell of a good game, and only tweaked the gameplay a bit while still keeping an awesome cast of characters and great writing. At difference of the latest ones which changed it terribly like Shattered Memories and the awful Vita one, this one kept in spirit actual horror and psychology other than “monsters for fanservice” and gimmicks. It was actually a great change from the stalled SH1-3 without almost changing the genre like from RE3 to 4.

    • Hidayat246

      RESIDENT EVIL 3 still the same gameplay with 1 & 2 but with better control & upgrade

      so i dont understand what u mean about RE 3 is different??????

      • konsama

        What part of from RE3 TO RE4 you didn’t understand.

  • rurin

    I thought the manga for Full House Kiss was based on the game?

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