How Style Savvy: Trendsetters Is Like An RPG

By Ishaan . October 22, 2012 . 12:20pm

Style Savvy: Trendsetters on the Nintendo 3DS is developed in collaboration by four separate companies—Nintendo (the publisher); Syn Sophia (the developer); and Drumcan Inc. (a fashion show producer) and Atom Inc. (whose founder was previously at Drumcan), both of which served as fashion consultants.


Style Savvy: Trendsetters is a game where you run a fashion boutique. The game has several fictional clothing brands, and the player’s job is to manage their shop, stock up on the necessary kinds of items, and help put together outfits for customers that visit your store. You also put outfits together for models to wear at fashion shows.


The goal of Trendsetters, the developers say in an Iwata Asks interview, is to allow knowledge gleaned from the game to extend into real life—ie; to allow the player to learn about clothes, and apply this knowledge to their day-to-day lives. To help accommodate this goal, the one major addition made to Trendsetters over its predecessor, the original Style Savvy, is a more flexible system for putting together “a look”.


In the original Style Savvy, the system for matching clothing items was relatively simple and predictable. Once you spent some time with the game, you would have little trouble figuring out what clothes to match together for an outfit that would make your customers fork over their cash. This was the result of technological limitations, which make it difficult to account for a more “human” and personal touch, which is what fashion really revolves around.


To help avoid this problem in Trendsetters, and make the game feel more human and unpredictable, Syn Sophia created a lengthy and complex flowchart for the new game that determines how items match up, and also included a system that allows for one item in the look to be “off” or edgy. The hope is that Trendsetters will feel less predictable, allow the player to experiment and understand how clothes work in real life, and to get them to take notice of things they wouldn’t have before.


Different people enjoy Style Savvy: Trendsetters for different reasons, however, and this is another of the game’s goals. For example, Nintendo producer, Hitoshi Yamagami, sees it as a role-playing game where the customers are the enemy, and your “attacks” involve putting together outfits and recommendations that drain them of the most money, and bring you the most profit. Yamagami, being the managerial type, plays the game from the perspective of a sales person, and focuses on profit and efficiency.


On the other hand, Hiromasa Tsujii of Atom Inc., who works in fashion, uses the game to drum up conversation with his daughter, who he sometimes goes shopping with. Drumcan’s Koji Tamura adds that men could use it in a similar way to understand how clothes work, and help their girlfriends pick out things to wear while shopping, too.


“I think this game is an extension of real life since it’s based on fashion, a real life substance,” explains Nintendo’s Yurie Hattori. “And when you play the game for a while and then return to your everyday life, the real world is like an extension of the game. When you see people in the streets, you’ll be like, ‘That outfit is a bit iffy.’”

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  • Göran Isacson

    A game taht turns otaku into fashionistas. As strange as it sounds, I think I kind of admire what they’ve created here. If the game manages to work in all the different ways the Nintendo people want it work in, I for one will be very impressed.

    • puchinri

      Haha, that’s a good point. Although, I suppose it would be fashion otakus that are most interested in the game rather than the general gaming otaku~?

  • Krystal

    This game is AWESOME. I started playing it last night and it’s much more in depth than the first one. It worked out some kinks making everything easier and simple. The clothing improved greatly and so did many other areas of the game. A++++!

  • Muffinheadicus

    I bought this game. Paid $40
    Worth every single penny.
    Awesome game.
    Im a MALE.
    I know little or nothing about fashion. But, i found this game to be the most fun i have had on my 3DS Xl so far.
    The excellent use of 3D and so much content in this game.

    I got the game hoping that it would teach me a thing or two about fashion. And, it is doing exactly that.
    The game shows you how to coordinate an entire ‘look’ when you dress up. I learned more in 2 hours playing this game than all 20+ years of reading GQ Magazine.

    Thank You Nintendo!

  • Doctor Nebula

    I played this so much on my DS.
    There’s just something magical that happens when your customer has that perfect outfit.

  • PersonaSpace

    I’ve been playing this all day since I’ve downloaded it. So may improvements over the original! And yes, I’m also a male fan of the series.

  • Rolling Guy

    Dammit. So much good games coming out. My money’s drained already…

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Have been keep playing the demo here and man i am hooked lol. Everytime when i see a first rank in contest, it makes me happy here.

    Even though, feminime category still trolls me to no one here.T_T

  • puchinri

     Hehe, it’s fun and interesting to understand what everyone’s mentality was. Even though I think that’s a bad mentality to have when it comes to sales and fashion especially, but Yamagami has such a fun way of looking at it, it doesn’t sound too bad.

    It’s great that they have Drumcan and Atom to turn to and reference as well, because their mentalities certainly fit more with what I would want to see reflected in the game.

    I’m still sad that I’ve yet to get my hands on the first game, but I’ve enjoyed the Trendsetters demo thoroughly and can’t wait for the game. ♥

  • DrPik

     Found some 3D screenshots of Style Savvy at

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