Monster Hunter 4 Screenshots Featuring Great Jaggi, Kechawacha And Angry Tigrex

By Ishaan . October 27, 2012 . 4:30pm

Capcom have updated the Monster Hunter 4 website with screenshots of more monsters, and an update to the underground cave area as well. Below, you can find screenshots of the Great Jaggi, Kechawacha, and Tigrex (who looks angry as ever).


Great Jaggi:




Cave screens:

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  • JonathanisPrimus

    Oh, there’s definitely jaggies alright.

    • Hinataharem

      Mine eyes have laid visage on what act you have committed right there. 

    • Samurai_Heart

      If it bothers you so much stay with 3 Ultimate forever, or wait a year or two for the inevitable 4 ultimate. If you were a fan it shouldn’t bother you that much.

      • “If you were a fan”…nothing to do with each other but cool~

    • There were a lot of jaggies in the screen shots for Kid Icarus, but it ended up looking much better on screen.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    That is one unlucky Hunter indeed.^_^ After escaping the weakest monster Jaggi there, he end up meeting Tigrex lol.

  • Peace Legacy

    What the heck is wrong with the ground in pic 12?

    • PreyMantis

      What the heck is wrong with it?

  • neo_firenze

    Those textures look… kinda atrocious.  I like the 3DS, but I can’t help but feel that it would have been better to see MH4 on Vita, PS3, 360, or WiiU.  3DS hardware seems to be holding the potential of this game back.

    • PreyMantis

      I guess you haven’t figured it out. Screenshots and videos of 3DS games never justifies the actual games’ visuals. The 3DS is one of those cases where you must personally experience the games to actually understand them.

      • neo_firenze

         Actually, I’m quite familiar with 3DS screenshots and I do understand how they approximate the actual game in motion.  I really like my 3DS too, this is not system bashing.  But for such a major 3DS title, I’m surprised at how bad the textures look.  That’s one area where pictures usually aren’t radically out of whack with in-person.  Like puchinri says, this looks noticeably worse than MH3G! 

        I’m still interested in the game, but man… those ground textures look positively awful.  Something that might be excusable in a lower budget/lower profile game, but not a game that’s as big a deal as MH4.

        • $29082171

           It is true, unless the game has AA like Resident Evil Revelations, the games will look noticeably worse in screenshots than playing it on the actual system. Look up Tri G screenshots and compare it to the actual footage.

      • kupomogli

        Screenshots are an accurate visual representation of…. visuals. 

        This looks like a very far cry from the “actual gameplay footage” we were shown when Monster Hunter 4 was first announced. 

        I quote “actual gameplay footage” because we know that video being actual gameplay footage is complete bs.

        Here’s a video of actual gameplay footage though. Capcom being Capcom. If you’ve never played a PSP Monster Hunter game and saw edited video of this 3DS game and the PSP games, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. You’d think it was all the same game.

        • mark zeus lee

          like the 3ds demo for EX troopers and screenshots for it. When I saw its screenshot and videos for 3DS ver it’s butt ugly to me but when I played the actual demo it is way more stunning than what to expect.

    • puchinri

      What I don’t get is why MH3G looks better than MH4. 0u0;

      • This might be because there’s a lot more geometry in MH4 than there is in 3G. The landforms have more interesting shapes and there’s little nooks and crevices everywhere, and the terrain is uneven. I think they sacrificed texture resolution to make the actual world design more interesting. 

        It also possibly has to do with the monsters having more animations now and the devteam trying to cut down on loadtimes between areas. 

        • puchinri

           Ahh, okay. I was noticing that a little in the screens and compared to the footage and stuff for 3G, but I haven’t had a closer look.

          I don’t mind the exchange really, because I love having more depth to the world, even if it means it’s not as pretty. (I do love Opoona, so yeah.)
          Less loadtimes is lovely as well~.

        • malek86

          There is also, I think, another factor to consider.

          As we keep going forward in the years, the 3DS’s dated hardware will start feeling more and more noticeable. Sure, when it was revealed we were all gasping at Resident Evil. But that was in May 2010, back when there was no Vita and the most powerful iPhone was the 3GS.

          The 3DS is after all this generation’s DS. Back in 2004 I was also pretty wowed at the idea of playing Super Mario 64 on a portable screen, but in 2007 I was already saying “boy, these graphics kinda suck”. The PSP (and PSV) get less of that because they were far more advanced for the time of their release.

          Even if you only try to make a comparison between 3DS games, it will become harder and harder to just ignore the entirety of the mobile market out there. As time goes on, we’ll feel more and more hard-pressed not to think of it in the back of our minds, and that will probably influence our judgment a bit.

          And this is probably taking place faster than on the DS, because today smartphones get hardware updates much more often, and mobile games are much more prominent and covered by the media than before.

      • malek86

        I still think it’s because of heavy mipmapping, that makes ground textures look like crap. Maybe they should have just dropped it – honestly, shimmering wouldn’t be that big a problem on a small screen with low res textures. And it’s still arguably better than blurring. I don’t know what they were thinking exactly. That would be an interesting question to make if I could meet the developers.

        In other news, it’s worth pointing out that MH4 also has online to think of, whereas MH3G is local only and can probably get away with more. Also, more detailed models and larger world areas.

        What I do hope is that what I see on the screenshots is just compression artifacts, and the game isn’t actually gonna have dithering, because that would suck. But I don’t think I’ve seen a 3DS game with dithering yet, so I’m hopeful.

  • konsama

    Really i hope those textures for backgrounds won’t end in the final game, i love the smoothness with which it runs now and the monsters and hunter look as good as ever, but really couldn’t they get better textures for the maps?

  • No matter the reasons, these screens look awful! Now I play MHFU on my Vita and it looks lovely. Nintendo payed a lot of money to Capcom for this exclusive in hope that it will have the same impact as MHFU but….

  • Peeka Chu

    The only thing more painful than the graphics is the fact that I need to buy one of those friggn’ gumby circle pads to have proper camera control. 

    Do notice how the 3D feature of the 3DS is all but ignored by Nintendo – and everyone else – these days. I really can’t help but see the 3DS as a poorly planned stopgap device.  I have an original, not an XL and it feels like a model that is another two or three iterations away from being refined into a worthwhile console. It feels like Nintendo weren’t quite ready to directly compete with smartphones and tablets, so they put out this instead. Same could be said about the Vita in a lot of aspects.

    Oh, and with a 200 Mhz processor and 128 MB of shared RAM, I’m not really sure what people were expecting as far as textures or geometry go. MH4 is about as good as we’ll see semi-open world 3DS graphics get on this hardware. My phone has 720p resolution, 1 gig of RAM and a 1.2 Mhz dual core processor – I bought it off contract for $100. So the tech is available, and cheap, and I consistently shake my head at how Nintendo went with such low, low spec parts in this day and age. 3DS would have been better served with mid range mobile parts. And yes, the DS was pretty primitive tech, but it also pre-dated iOS and Android gaming, which has only really been relevant for the last two years or so. Thus the effect of this new market remains to be fully seen on dedicated portable gaming, though from what indicators have surfaced, it is pretty impactful without massive compromises (40% price cut to stimulate demand).

    Personally, I think Nintendo’s long-time strategy (Gamecube aside) of underpowered tech + gimmick will catch up with them, as the market is now flush with comparable devices – phones, tablets – that have more bells, whistles and tech than any other their products. And a better means of content delivery in almost all cases. 

    Not a Nintendo bashing comment, but next handheld gen, and probably well into this one they need more than a gimmick or their business will suffer. Well, it is slowing now and under expectations, even according to the big N themselves. And yes, 20 million + 3DSes, I know, and I’m sure Christmas will be decent.  But I’d like to see what longevity there is to the device after a 40% price cut and into 2013. 

    I would have liked to see each manufacturer just do a properly branded phone or tablet with physical controls. Each of the new portable consoles feels lacking in regard to what they actually achieve. They can do *some* of the things your smart devices do, but *none* of them particularly well.  It makes a consumer really consider if they need to bring that device with them at all. I think that a 6-7 inch tablet with awesome controls, apps and content delivery would have been a winner. As it is, each of these consoles are suffering from Western development focus (well, the Vita is ok in this sense, but how long will that last if AC and CoD tank) and traction in general.

    /End ramble.

    • Z3

      It’s painful to admit that infinity blade looks better than this game

      • Peace Legacy

        Infinity blade is a game with pre-baked character animation, 2 character models on screen at a time (max have been 4, but no gameplay), static environment (non-moving grass and tree), no mean of character control except during gameplay (where almost the entire screen is covered by the 2 characters, which means not much environment have to be rendered during that time).
        A better example for iOS mobile’s graphic capabilities would be Dead Trigger.

        …still, it isn’t exactly a secret that the iOS devices got better graphic than the 3DS, considering how they don’t have to render the game in 3D, and the newest iPhone’s power is approximately on par with the Vita (according to Digital Foundry)

        Nothing painful about it

        • Syn

          Thank you Peace Legacy!!!!! That is one thing I have been trying to get across to people, just one more point to add, infinity blade does not even support real time shadows(I own the game, I know what am talking about, check for yourself and see if the characters cast any shadows on the environments(which the above MonHun does even with its rather meh graphics)) , coupled with the extremely limited gameplay, and many of the features stated above, infinity blade is just not something that can be considered as a proper comparison due to its many limitations. 

          • Peace Legacy

            Yes, regardless my comment, I am actually a fan of Infinity Blade and have finished both Infinity Blade 1 and 2 (unlocked most of the contents), so that’s why I am aware of the graphical trickery of the series
            Occasionally, there are character shadows here and there in some certain scenes (I doubt those shadows are dynamic), but most of the time, there is none, like you said
            Still, it is still a dang amazing looking game though (and all amazing looking game rely smoke and mirror to a certain extent anyway)

      • And Infinity Blade also looks better than every single Vita game on the market. You can’t compare the iPhone, a multipurpose device owned by millions of people and given yearly updates, to traditional game devices. 

        I fully understand where you’re coming from on the differences in graphics capabilities, but game consoles are bound by the limitations of the market. For better or worse, these limits are also the reason that the 3DS has third-party support.

    • Peace Legacy

      This is Siliconera, not Eurogamer
      Stay relevant to the article’s main topic please. This post would be more fitting in the open discussion thread

      Oh well, might as well indulge you for your admirable typing effort:

      “I bought it off contract…”

      Exactly the reason why your phone was cheap

      “Personally, I think Nintendo’s long-time strategy (Gamecube aside) of
      underpowered tech + gimmick will catch up with them, as the market is
      now flush with comparable devices – phones, tablets – that have more
      bells, whistles and tech than any other their products.”

      Bells, whistles and tech doesn’t sell a device, see: Vita

      “But I’d like to see what longevity there is to the device after a 40% price cut and into 2013.”

      The 3DS is kinda slowing down right now due to the lack of new titles, but once some major first party (3DS Legends of Zelda, Pokemon, Smash Bros, etc. anyone?) and other major third party titles are announced… well… we will see for ourselves how “slow” it will become

      Also, once the ‘Inevitable’ serious revision of the 3DS is released (not just an upsized revision)… things will certainly get… fun

      • Peeka Chu

        This is a blog for video games and their discussion – particularly Japanese ones. I don’t see how reflections on tech in an article where many people are disparaging graphical output comparative to the tech that is being used to render such content is irrelevant at all, except for you choosing to see it that way.

        A few points:
        – I referenced the Vita, at several points in my discussion as being in similar straits to the 3DS. Thank you for reiterating and reinforcing this, I suppose. 
        – Bells and whistles don’t sell Vitas, yes, I mentioned this myself.  Thank you again for forming an argument based on concurrence.  iPads and smartphones however, DO sell based on bells, whistles and streamlined content delivery systems. Pay attention please.
        – Careful attention is key, so I’ll try this again since you apparently missed something. My high specced phone cost $100. OFF contract, meaning I bought it OUTRIGHT and carried it over to my current plan without extending the service contract. Buying an iPhone or similar device for $99, locks you into a service plan of 3 years to subsidize the cost of the device.  That is called buying a phone ON CONTRACT.  I’m completely unclear as to what your counter point is regarding this or why you even brought it up as an issue of contention.
        – All signs point to 3DS/ portable traction slowing, but ok, whatever you need to tell yourself. Nintendo and Sony each slashed their forecasts because they expected a sales explosion to occur, right?

        I’m not going to try and have a reasonable discussion regarding clear market trends and dangers to portable devices with someone who seems to sway more toward the illogical end of the spectrum. Let’s just see where things are in 2013 and leave it at that. Have a good weekend.

        • Peace Legacy

          Yeah, you are right, I misread the contract part, sorry

          Well anyhow:
          “This is a blog for video games and their discussion”
          -Doesn’t mean you can discuss X topic on Y article as long as it is related to gaming. There is the open-thread on this blog for this kind of discussion

          “I don’t see how reflections on tech in an article where many people are disparaging graphical output comparative to the tech that is being used to render such content is irrelevant at all”
          -But what most people questioning is “why does the graphic looks bad comparing to MH3, which is also 3DS title (and Isshan already provided a perfectly logical answer without console-bashing in the comment below)”, and not about “why Nintendo and the 3ds sucks, the portable console is dying, and smartphones are winning”.

          -You reference the Vita only twice, and the majority of your criticisms about the 3DS can’t really apply for the Vita regardless of the statement “Same could be said about the Vita in a lot of aspects.”
          No, most of the stuffs you criticize about 3DS, would not exactly fit the Vita at all. The Vita is a high budget machine with admirable spec, form and design, great pricing (still expensive). The content delivery of Vita is also excellent as you can get loads of games on the PS Store, or physical, with a wide range of pricing (for last gen titles to this gen titles). Saying “weren’t quite ready to directly compete with smartphones and tablets, so they put out this instead” also wouldn’t work for the Vita (or the 3DS) for that matter, since Sony and Nintendo is making game consoles, not mobile phones

          “All signs point to 3DS/ portable traction slowing”
          I already state why it is ONLY temporarily slowing down, so I think you are the one guilty of what you state as “argument based on concurrence”

          “with someone who seems to sway more toward the illogical end of the spectrum”
          So many people try to declare themselves the winner and end an argument with this kind of technique… it is not even funny

        • M’iau M’iaut

          As the other poster has noted, if you wish to continue such off-topic threads (our rules do note this), or start them in the future — please make use of the OT/message board.

  • Areuto

    it has online who’s gonna complain!?

  • personablaze

    This looks…Meh I’d buy it if I was bored..But after playing God eater brust..I dont care about moster hunter anymore..I’ll still buy this though.

  • Jonattas F.

    I think the colors are just too bright and hot and saturated and kitsch… 

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Graphics are garbage and I doubt it’s because they are screenshots. That said, it’s Monster Hunter, why’d fans of the monster hunting simulation care if the game has state of the art graphics? It’s all about gameplay and if the gameplay is there (and I’ve no doubts it will since Capcom isn’t -that- retarded) then the game is good~.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      While the graphics would not be as good as other game, i think the graphics actually contribute a lot for the problem just as how Kid Icarus end up.

  • hitosura

    why cant they make another monster hunter on the vita? atleast make it multiplatform, not Nintendo exclusive. It makes no sense as it was on playstation 2 and the psp than out of no where only on nintendo. its pretty dumb

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Not dumb. Just pure business decision. Just like how some game is exclusive for Vita, this game is exclusive for 3DS.

      And in Siliconera, if i am not mistaken we are not allowed to ask for release on other system.(To avoid fanwars.)

      • hitosura

        Yeah its not like the exclusive games were on other systems before. monster hunter was always on sony stuff than now its not at all. I’m just sad is all. because i loved monster hunter but i don’t have the Nintendo systems to play the other games on :(. *sigh* Capcom you never cease to disappoint me

        And whoops i didnt know that i shall stop than.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Monster Hunter Tri was Wii exclusive though and it also come outside of Japan and sell the most.

          And if you love MH, buying a system for that game should not be a problem isn’t it? After all you will have more choice and games to play in the future.

          Well, anyway i am going stop here.

    • Peace Legacy

      What is this, breaking-Siliconera’s-rules-day?

      It makes no sense because you are assuming Capcom function as a habitual, loyalty-based developer.
      I can’t even recount how many time Isshan had to dealt with this sort of posts (poor guy, probably lost his sanity by now)

      The reasons why it is on the PS2 and PSP:
      -MH launched on the PS2 (why not? the console was doing well)
      -MH was then made for the PSP (MH was still not successful yet, and it need a sequel on new next-gen console, but next-gen home console, at the time, would be too expensive for an IP that wasn’t doing exactly well, so portable was the choice. At the time, the DS was the most successful handheld, but it doesn’t have the power to handle MH gameplay, so the only choice was for PSP

      …but, it seems like you forgot the fact that Monster Hunter 3rd gen was first available for WII (then PSP, and HD port to PS3), and also the fact that monster hunter is also available for Microsoft computer, (and iOS devices, but let’s not speak about it).

      MH4 is on the 3DS, and not the vita, is because the 3DS is finally powerful enough to handle MH gameplay, as well as the fact that the 3DS is doing way way way better than the Vita (in a factor of approx x10).

      If they were to make MH4 for the Vita as well as the 3DS, it would cost them a lot more money (since they can’t simply port all the inferior graphic assets of the 3DS to the Vita), and since chances are, the majority of Japanese gaming demographic would’ve owned a 3DS already (whereas the Vita is a different story), what is the point of spending more money to appeal to the small Vita userbase and risk for a loss, whereas they can use that sorts of money to make even more money from the existing healthy 3DS-userbase?

      *Apology for the bad English in this post, it is nearly 4:00AM over here*

      • hitosura

        I don’t really know any of the siliconera rules as i hardly ever post on here. So apologies for that

        But i guess you are right. Capcom is all about business and doesn’t care about there fans at all. Which i find very disappointing. but apparently that not very important to them at all.

        and i know that the Wii had monster hunter tri. it just didnt appeal to me with them taking out weapon styles among other things making seem worst than the psp ones.

        and as much as its true they should atleast try to please all there fans with the chance to boost sales. look at aksys(publisher) and chunsoft(developer) of Zero escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. its multiplatform for both Vita and 3Ds which im surprised of because the first game of 999 came out for ds only but aksys didnt care they still released it for vita which is the version i am going to get. and aksys does that because they care about there fans instead of focusing on a single group just for profit(which i understand because its a business) i just think Capcom should care about there fans/customers or whatever you want to call them. instead of looking at them like they are numbers.

        Oh well like i said im just sad because i cant play the monster hunter titles because i am not going to buy a console for one game.

        and i apologize for my horrible grammar because as i usually never try, Unless i am doing school work or other formal stuff. Also again apologies for i have broken the Siliconera rules some more.

        • “Capcom is all about business and doesn’t care about there fans at all. “

          But they do care about fans. That’s why MH4 has online play and why MH3U has online play and is being ported to a home console for the west. However, they care about fans of their own games, not fans of Sony. That’s the distinction here. 

          Sony fans are not necessarily Monster Hunter fans and vice-versa. The vast majority of people are fans of games and will follow those games wherever they go. The “fanboy” segment is actually rather small. It’s just very loud.

          Anyhow, enough of this silly argument, please. If you only like Monster Hunter as a Sony-platform game, I’m afraid you’ll have to air those grievances on some other site.

  • And in the end we’ll eventually buy the game despite the many complaints.


      lol i’m not gonna buy 3ds to play monhan 4

  • Gonna pay off that 3DS on layaway… waiting for this game!!

    Yes. Sadly, I am broke.

  • You’d figure after all the years of bullshots and screenshots making good games look like shit, especially portables, people would be over screenshots looking like crap. Games usually look better in motion and in real life, on the system they’re meant to be played on. These screens do look bad, but if you’ve seen the MH4 TGS trailer on Youtube with the correct aspect ration and all that it looks really damn good. It will look even better on an actual 3DS.

    Anyways, the cave has a nice looking atmosphere to it. Looking forward to playing this in 2014.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I hate Tigrex >:|

  • Rei

    Out of all the Monster Hunter which one is actually the best in gameplay and graphics?

    • Up until now, Tri. As of March 2013, MH3 Ultimate.


    yuck.. it’s so bad -_-

    WII’s monhan tri- has better graphics 


    i definitely say it’s better than PSP’s version..

    but not enough for current gen -_-

  • canarinta

    Ah, yes. Those are quite the great jaggi indeed. Also the polygoni, and the texturi.

    I’m eyeing the 3DS myself, but it’s just not the right platform for Monhun. It’s holding it back.

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