Hold On To Your Cowboy Hats, Dead Or Alive 5 Sells Over 500,000 Units

By Spencer . October 29, 2012 . 12:00pm


Tecmo Koei reported sales numbers for Dead or Alive 5 in their latest financial briefing. The fighting game sold 580,000 units worldwide and contributed to the consumer game division’s 869 million ($10.9 million) operating profit.


Samurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd for Nintendo 3DS, Warriors Orochi 3 Special for PSP, and Nobunaga’s Ambition: Tendou with Power Up Kit for PlayStation Vita were also released in Japan. Tecmo Koei developed games Pokemon Conquest and One Piece: Pirate Warriors were released in the West. The publisher also said downloadable content sales and retail reorders have been favorable.

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  •  Good to hear, it’s a fun game.  Now make some better costumes dlc…

  • raymk

    They are going for a million units sold overall so thats good to hear that they got this far already.  Hopefully the holiday nets them some more sales.

  • See what happens if you release a fighting game on a console that 2 players can play on? (not handhelds)

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Wow thats awesome. Very excellent job. I honestly didn’t expect it to even break 100,000 despite loving it.

    • raymk

      It broke almost 100k in japan alone the first week.

  • ivanchu77

    woah, not bad.

    Hopefully this means that we won´t have to wait 7 years again to get the sequel

  • Koji Kabuto

    Very good news, now the should tone down the requirements to get the special swimsuits.

    • ALfromHELLSING

      I was only interested in one for Christie, since she’s one of my main and good for me it was easiest to get.

  • Tales_of_Master

    Who said boobs don’t sell anymore :D I’m not a fan of the series myself, but good for the people who likes the series, more DOA is coming your way.

  • Romangelo

    DOA5 is not about boobs only anymore, it has very good gameplay. for fighting fans who didn’t play it yet… I strongly recommend you to try it.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      I hope boobs are still there

    • David García Abril

       That’s the sad thing.

      DOA fighting games were NEVER about boobs only in the first place.

      Actually, DOA4 had an even better gameplay than DOA5 does.

      DOA5 is still damn good, mind you, and the characters are more balanced than ever. But the interaction with the environments has been severely toned down from previous games.


    Awesome. Go to the top DOA5. My favorite fighting game ever. Addictive gameplay, jaw-dropping character models, gorgeous graphics. Not to mention amazing collector’s edition.
    Team NINJA you better be working on Xtreme 3 & new portable DOA game, something like Dimensions but w/4 points hold system now.


    In all honesty, it’s a fun game, I’m glad it sold well. But there’s no denying that sex sells. That and brand name.

    • Josh Gordon

      Is 500k a proffit. people always make out to me like 4mill isnt even a proffit. whats a good proffit and bad 1 because i have no idea

      • I think it really depends on how much money went into making the game and publishing it and whatnot. I really don’t think 4mil is “bad” by any means, but again, it really depends.

      • You shouldn’t mix profit with sales. The target for the number of sales will vary between the different games within a company and those among the various companies, so it is hard to say without official announcement.

      • $7573679

        Operating profit is basically the profits before financial (investors cut) and tax costs.

        If you make a positive operating profit, and this profit couldn’t have been gotten high (at higher rates) elsewhere, with the capital you input, then you win.

        Considering our financial difficult times, and that growth is poor, then just making it to the break even point should be a relief for many, where survival will garantee future competitive advantage as you don’t face difficulties of entry. (As in not losing any money.)

        For further understanding, try looking at the financial records of some other companies:


        Now, the operating profit here is far beyond that of stated for DoA5, but Blizzard get much of their (almost cost free) income from subscriptions, through their lasting competitive advantage product of WoW. And most importantly their development costs is definently far beyond that of DoA5.

        If we use this study to predict the costs:

        Then it would be between 18-28 millions.

        a 10,9 operating profit on 28 million makes it an returns of 138,9% (38,9% net) if developmentime is 1 year. However, considering this is unlikely, and that the last DoA came out 6 years ago, let’s say this is over a 5 year periode. In addition we say that the costs as well came at the start, making the calculus simplified as I won’t bother to go all financial degree on you.

        Now this would give a Root 5(38,9/28) = 1,068 returns.

        In conclution:
        Unless my assumptions are way off, this game gives a yearly returns of 6,8%.

        Considering the average stock marked gave returns of 2,6% in 2011 and the last five years has had an average of 2,3%, I’d say this is quite good numbers. The risk free alternative of the banks would be close to 0%, and in some countries you even pay to deposite.

        And this is prob. not included the income of precent dlcs, and most certainly not of the expected chirstmas boost and income of future dlcs. So the result will prob. be even better.

  • Good news!

  • $733987

    I’m gonna buy a copy soon, so add 1 to that number. =p

  • KyoyaHibari

    Sweeet! DoA5 is easily one of the best fighters I’ve ever played and I recommend everyone give it a try, it blows TTT2 out of the water!

  • popo123

    Hmm maybe they meant shipped on both consoles. Cause according to Famitsu and Media Create, it hasn’t even reached 90k sold in Japan as of today. And is selling very poorly in the US and Europe. But it has reached more than 100k sold on it’s ps3 version.

  • Demeanor

    DOA5 for the Win!!! My first DoA, and an incredibly fun game. I own both DoA and TTT2, and they are both amazing titles I’d recommend far and wide, they have vastly different approaches: one is more realistic, fast, accessible and shiny, the other is more fantasy-rich, deep, choke-full of quality content and with eccentric, unique and awesome fighting styles.
    I’m overjoyed for this fighting genre revival, it’s a very fun and deep vein of gaming that could still evolve a lot. The modern quality titles have sparked a passion in me I didn’t even know was there :P  starting with Arcana Heart 3.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Glad to hear it. Honestly, I love the game myself, best DOA yet. The fighting system is so fun to pick up and also enjoyment for viewers as well. Awesome looking girls is just a plus. 

  • Gigawings

    DoA. A series that give us BOTH gameplay and fanservice. Good to hear about their great sales. Too bad my money will go mostly to Ni No Kuni and Xilia (and FFXIV….. if it turn out good).

  • wahyudil

    20 dolar profit a piece … hmmmm

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