Originally, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Was A Capture The Flag Game

By Spencer . October 29, 2012 . 6:21pm


Seeing Spike from Ape Escape hula hoop into Dante from DMC is the kind of wackiness you’ll see in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. However, Sony’s mascot fighting game was a capture the flag game two years ago.


"Eventually [SCEA] decided on a PlayStation All-Stars type game – a broad concept of let’s take all of these great PlayStation characters and PlayStation universes and bring them together into a single game. And then it became a question of what kind of game do we want to bring these characters in," said Omar Kendall, Lead Game Designer at SuperBot Entertainment, to Siliconera. I asked Kendall about SuperBot’s origins and what other game concepts they had in mind other than a fighting game.


"There were all sorts of little gameplay demos and prototypes. When I talk about the last version of the game before we settled on the current incarnation was this 4v4 capture the flag kind of game. It was a class based game where you had fast runners who were good at capturing the flag and taking the flag back to base. You had defensive dudes. We were taking PlayStation characters and using them like archetypes," Kendall answered.


PaRappa the Rapper was a fast runner in the unseen capture the flag game. Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal was a defender and Kratos from the God of War series was a mid-range attacker. This prototype was coming together, but development switched to a fighting game when the PlayStation All-Stars team wanted to focus on single screen gameplay.


"How do we get four dudes looking all looking at the same thing on the screen in the same room and a brawler style game is what was finally landed on. Once that was locked in in terms of hiring key personnel like myself, Paul Edwards, our lead combat designer, all of those people started coming in to specifically work on the four player brawler," Kendall continued.


Since PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is complete I asked Kendall if SuperBot is considering to release the capture the flag game, perhaps on PlayStation Network or some other medium.


"No, honestly. Two years ago right now that was the kind of game that was being worked on. So, it’s not that old," Kendall replied. "We really pivoted and started making a four player brawler about almost exactly two years ago. While I agree the capture the flag game is personally interesting and I’d love to develop that into something someday, who knows? We felt like the four player brawler, the time was right, the talent was right, and the opportunity was right to bring it out right now."


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  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Really? After all the games Square made with Sony, no Final Fantasy character in the game?

    • Well, Square has Dissidia which I could see being a reason not to include them.

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      DLC potentially? At least I hope so. :/
      I mean it doesn’t make sense because Jack Trenton even said himself that the “Michael” ad was pretty much a teaser for this game, LIGHTNING WAS IN THAT AD!!!

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        What?! Square is still going on with putting Lightning in every product possible? I expect the next Final Fantasy movie to be called “The Lightning Rises”, “Lightning Begins” or “Lightning & Robin”

        • Solomon_Kano

          Ha. Lightning Returns already fits the Batman mold, so it looks like Lightning & Robin is up next. I hope that one’s a co-op brawler.

          • OatMatadoQuatro

            No the next one is Lightning Forever. Jim Carrey will act as Hope, Nicole Kidman as Lightning and Val Kilmer as Snow. Maybe Tommy Lee Jones will be Caius.

      • Elvick

        If they do a lot of DLC characters, which I’m counting on. Then I hope they release a bundle later on with them all on there. Because I won’t be buying the game until that happens.

        too disappointed.

    • Domii

      Not only FF characters, no characters from their Japanese gaming division period. Sony missed a huge opportunity here to truly honor their PlayStation legacy. I hope they at least pump out some worthy DLC because the game is an absolute blast to play.   

      • Patapon, LocoRoco are present in stages. Ape Escape and PaRappa the Rapper are there (yes it is a Nana-Onsha game but it is by SCE before SCEJ existed).

        • Domii

          They could of had much much more. Just think how much classic PS characters we’ve seen over the years. Snake, Cloud, Team Ico characters, Crash, Dark Cloud characters, folklore, Onimusha, and the list goes on.

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’s the thing though. None of those are Sony IPs except for Team ICO’s characters and Dark Cloud. The majority of this roster is first party. Could there have been more characters if they reached to third-party? Certainly. But clearly their intent was to go for first-party, not just whatever series had been on the platform (except for the four promo characters).

            I’m not so disappointed that we didn’t see the likes of Crash and others as I am that the deepest they dug into Sony’s own for the roster was PaRappa and Sir Dan. I understand that the point was to get recognizable characters, but you’d think they’d have mixed it up some more. Why not throw in a Hot Shots golfer? Logan from Syphon Filter? A Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus? Kat from Gravity Rush? Apart from Patapon being represented in a stage, they completely ignored their portable franchises. Screw third-parties, why is the first-party representation so poor? SuperBot didn’t exactly do a good job brainstorming the roster.

            As a side-note on Onimusha, I’m sure you were just trhowing out random examples, but even Capcom can’t really do anything with those characters. If I recall correctly they ran into some issue since each game’s protagonist is based on an actor’s likeness (that’s the reason Dawn of Dreams’ Soki wasn’t based on any actor in particular).

          • Domii

            Wow I didn’t know that about Onimusha. My point was that weather it’s first or third party, Sony could have dug much deeper than this. That we can agree on for sure.

          • Elvick

            Sony owns the Folklore IP as well.

            They picked poorly from their own vast roster. And they picked poorly from 3rd parties as well, that devolved into a cross promotional thing for MULTIPLATFORM games.

            smh… with how much RPGs have done for PlayStation… there’s not even a single character from an RPG in this game. That’s ridiculous, the PSone, PS2 and PSP had amazing RPGs to pick from. Nothing. At all.

            Superbot doesn’t know crap about PlayStation, or there would at least be one.

  • Klaus00

    It would be awesome if it ended up to be a Capture The Flag game. Imagine it be Max Anarchy with the cast & stages of PSABR but then always in a CTF Setting.. would be kinda cool 

    • In a way that is what PlayStation Move Heroes was, albeit very limited to the amount of characters.

  • Domii

    I must say I’m really shocked at how much fun I been having with the beta. Initially I was put off by the current roster because of how dull it is considering all the beloved faces that we’ve seen in PlayStation history. They didn’t even put Snake or Cloud on the roster. I’m also surprise that kratos is not the most overuse character in the beta, Radec is because of his long range savvy. Anyways, I really like the beta so far and I might pick this up.  

    • Solomon_Kano

      The characters are really the only thing that’s still putting me off of the game. The beta has definitely been enjoyable though, so I think I’ll end up buying it. I’ve actually found it more fun to play on Vita than on my PS3 though. Oh well, cross-play means I’ll have choices.

      Is Radec really that used? He’s the only character I really use, but I usually find myself using him against one other person at the most. Half the time I end up playing against 3 Kratos players.

      • Domii

        Well I personally use Kratos and Radec. But normally in the matches I played, Radec is defitnety overuse. Come to think of it, it’s no wonder I always go after the players that are using him. They end up spamming that long range sniper shot that beats the crap out of everyone. lol

        • Solomon_Kano

          That sniper shot is so great lol. I liked Sweet Tooth more at first, but Radec has the perfect balance of range and close-up attacks to get him that range. I certainly have to give them a hand for making him as fun to use as he is.

  • kupomogli

    People complain about the size of the roster, but it’s 16 first party characters and four third party characters only in the game because of advertisement.  I think it’s a big number. 

    I think they should have made it exclusively first party to begin with though, because if they couldn’t get an absolute third party line up, especially when none of them are characters people want, they should have waited until third party developers were more inclined to actually be interested in having their characters in the game.  It’s a new IP and to developers/publishers, it could make their franchises look back if it’s not so great(which based on the betas, it’s a great game.)

    But seriously.  20 characters is a lot for a new IP.  If they put in all the characters that everyone wants to see, there’d be
    no reason to make a sequel because they’d already have “all the
    characters everyone wants to see.”  Aside from Rival Schools, there is no new IP that I can think of that’s started with more tha 20 characters.  King of Fighters doesn’t count since it’s mostly a compilation of fighters from their other games. 

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I still think of it as 15 first party characters, since Cole and Evil Cole take up two slots.

    • Elvick

      I think it’s a sad number due to questionable characters. Big Daddy? Really… TWO Coles? Radec? Radec is not memorable to me as a PS character. There’s not a single RPG character in the entire damn game. And RPGs were a huge part of the PSone, PSP and PS2. :/ Having only 2 female characters bothers me too.

      Even the “makes sense” 3rd party characters are ruined by just being advertisements of their current *MULTIPLATFORM* release. Not an actual reflection on their history with PlayStation. Just a way to advertising a new multiplatform title.

      I wouldn’t have a problem with “just 20” if I actually could agree on all 20 characters being a good fit in the game and actually honoring PlayStation. I don’t. So that 20 is lame.

      20 in general, isn’t a bad number. I was happy with Blazblue’s initial roster, because they were all so unique and awesome and there were way less than 20 in that game.

      I just don’t think the 20 in this game are necessarily worthy. So taking the full roster at face value, I find little value in the characters.

  • Asura

    The beta made me want to stay away from this game with a ten foot pole.

    • lanmanna


      • Nemesis_Dawn

        My biggest complaint about the BETA (not about the game, those are different complaints) was that there were so many times where I would lose track of which character was mine. Everything’s so ridiculously zoomed out, it makes it hard to keep track. I wish there was a 1 vs 1 mode in the BETA, because that might have swayed me a bit more. 

      • Asura

         Because it is one of the least fun and amusing party fighters I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing.

        • lanmanna

          You really elaborated on that one.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Not really feeling the BETA, but I am not into Smash Brothers, myself. I would have preferred it be a 1 on 1 2.5D fighting game with graphics similar to the recent Mortal Kombat game, personally.

    And count me as someone who very much dislikes the current roster, especially the third party characters. The only two that I can understand being there are Raiden and Heihachi and even then, there are better representatives from their respective franchises. 

    • lanmanna

      Who would you want in the game then?

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Characters that actually mean something to the Playstation brand. Cloud, original Dante, Sephiroth, Ico, Wander, characters from Legend of Dragoon, characters from Yakuza, from Valkyria Chronicles, Naked Snake, Kazuya. There’s no reason for a Big Daddy to be in the game, there’s no reason for Neo-Dante, there’s no reason for two versions of Cole. Why ideally, I’d like to see some NISA characters or whatever, I understand why that may be unrealistic, but the characters I mentioned above all would make sense.

        I’m happy to see Nariko, I’m happy to see Sweet Tooth, I’m happy to see a bunch of the characters, but there are some glaring mistakes there.

        Not to mention, the rival battles are all wrong. They’re based on who created the characters, not who would be interesting to see as rivals. How can anyone think Nariko vs. Neo-Dante and Kratos (both Ninja Theory) vs. Sweet Tooth (both David Jaffe) make more sense or are more interesting than Nariko vs. Kratos and Neo-Dante vs. Sweet Tooth?

  • HassanJamal

    I cant wait to buy the full game! Before i played the beta, i was kinda doubtful if i wanted the game but after playing as one of my favorite PS icons, Sly FTW, I really want this game now :D I now really want to try out Big Daddy, the Coles, and maybe Toro!

  • Göran Isacson

    That’s interesting- at one point this game wasn’t going to go the Smash Bros-route, but do it’s own thing. Now I almost wonder if I wouldn’t have preferred it to do that, if only to see a unique experiment.

    However, I understand why they did it. Something new and experimental with so many well-known characters? They would have been chewed out for NOT making it a mascot fighter, because that’s what people are familiar with.

  • Let’s be real for just a second here and realize that this is nearly plagiarism. If you can admit that they basically copied and pasted SSB’s blueprint and still couldn’t replicate their enjoyment, then you can play this game without being a complete tool. I own all the systems, and I hate how they copy off each other to no end. Innovate and create something new for f*ck’s sake, that is why Nintendo rules the roost kids. They do their own thing and the other companies copy off them and try to “one up” them. That is the straight up truth from the eyes of an unbiased man who only wants gaming to evolve for the better. I’m more than happy to get down on some PS3 when they go about making games the right way. Bring on Ni no Kuni! :D

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Get off your fanboy horse, kid. You act like this is the first game to use another game’s formula and then alter it. There’d only be about 5 games if that didn’t happen on a regular basis.

    • Edward

       So is every first person shooter, 2d fighter, and 3D fighter. This game plays nothing like smash. It’s clear you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • …but then they decided it won’t sell and simply stolen rival’s game, late for 13 years with the idea though, lol

  • Drew San

    I don’t understand why some people believe that this game is a “clone” of SSB. Sure, it’s a borrowed style of play in some aspects. But from what I understand, SSB characters have nowhere near the amount of moves each character has here, etc. SSB is more of a party style brawler where it’s extremely easy for anyone to pick up & play. Whereas All-Stars, combo chains aren’t as limited, which opens up more for those of us accustomed to combo-style fighting games. I’m sure all of us who’ve played the beta can see, that more experienced people will likely have a bit of an advantage in combat, for the simple fact that there wasn’t (no idea in the final game) a ‘receive high damage input, then hard hit off-screen’ style.
    SSBM is my fav of the series which I still have. But if anyone knows of & played Battle Stadium D.O.N on PS2 or either of the Jump games on portable, I’m sure you’d agree it feels more along those lines than SSB. If only people understand that there are more 4 player brawlers than just SSB. New fighting games (& in most cases, sequels) evolve from borrowed aspects from previous games of the genre & have a different take to it. Yes, usually not entirely new, but still different in their own right. That’s the point of ‘genre’. Otherwise, every FPS is a COD clone, every 2D multi-player brawler is an SSB clone, every 2D-3D fighter is a Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat/Tekken clone, etc. in their minds.

    But in any case, we know the game isn’t perfect, lol (at least on the beta-in my opinion Radec & Kratos especially), & character choice is one of the most debateable topics. I wonder how everything will turn out.

    • Drew San

      Btw, I didn’t mean to add that attached pic, a noob move. lol

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