Shinji Mikami’s Horror Game Coming In Late 2013, Has Resident Evil Remake Artist

By Spencer . November 5, 2012 . 12:33am

zwei_promoTango Gameworks opened a teaser site for Project Zwei, the upcoming video game from Shinji Mikami and Bethesda Softworks. Mikami is directing the project and the lead environmental CGI artist from Biohazard Rebirth (the Gamecube Resident Evil remake) will be making environments for Project Zwei.


Project Zwei will be the last title Mikami directs and it’s slated for release "in the later portion of 2013."


Here’s a look at some environmental artwork from the game.


zwei_promo_2 zwei_promo_1 zwei_promo_3 zwei_promo_4

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  • z_merquise

    Late 2013? As long it won’t directly compete with the ‘blockbuster’ games because in that time where those games were released.

    Looking forward to see what this game would be. Environments looked so detailed and scary already.

    • Domii

      Being that bethesda soft is also collaborating with this, makes it a blockbuster itself.

  • Bethesda… Hopefully, there won’t be a lot of bugs and glitches.

    • Bloodios

      Come now, only Bethesda Games Studios releases pay-to-play public β. This is Tango Gameworks’ (first) project, so let give them the benefit of the doubt.

      • I’m willing to. Some users have already said down the thread that Bethesda isn’t involved in the development.

  • Many thanks for the share, though this is my website and it is fan created (by myself). I’ll take that as a compliment however, haha. All of the info provided of course is 100% accurate and has been shared via Tango Gameworks.

    Drakos I wouldn’t worry much considering they are only publishing the game, not developing. Also, the late 2013 release date is tentative.

    • Oh, so they’re not developing? Okay.

    • Gigawings

      That’s good news. But I still feel weirded out that Bethesda want to publish this. I thought it will fell into Nambam or capcon hand.

  • I’m really looking forward this game. Shinji Mikami mentioned this will be a true horror survival and his last game as well.

  • Gigawings

    Oh wow, that looks promising. But Bethesda? I hope it will have less bugs on a gorilla’s hair.

  • If there’s one thing I learned it’s that it doesn’t matter who’s name they attach to it, when a western company is involved the game usually turns to crap (see: Shadows of the Damned, Lords of Shadow, every Silent Hill after 4, etc)

    • That’s quite an inconsiderate thing to say. It’s not like Japanese developers are inherently less prone to error.

      You may also want to keep in mind the site rule #6 here.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         All he does is cry about western companies lol.

    • Shadows of the dammed and lords of shadow were great games …

    • Domii

      Don’t be silly. Lords of shadow is a great game. The other two however were complete crap, although one of them only had a western publisher with Japanese devs (Shadows of the damned).

    •  Shadows of the Damned was amazing. Lords of Shadow wasn’t to my taste, but I still look at it as a good game.

      It IS possible to not like a game but know that it is a good game.

  • Chrystofax

    Sounds good, I do hope its not full of bugs though 

    • XiaomuArisu

       Bethesda is latin for “Lots of bugs”
      Its normaly like this:
      PC:Best version but filled with bugs
      Ps3:Game Over man Game Over
      But hey the ps3 exclusive games are awesomeXD

  • im interested to see what shinji’s newly found focus will manifest into

    • Same here. I’m fairly tired of pretending to like games such as Biohazard 6 as an overall experience when only portions of the game stand out. Having popped in Rebirth after playing through Biohazard 6 makes me all the more hungry for a true survival horror experience, from start to finish. Homage only goes so far and eventually feels more like a tease than fan service. I’m paying $60 not to be teased, but to literally enjoy the product entirely. In a market as such, I’m putting my faith in Mikami to freshen things up and remind me why I became a gamer back in the 90’s.

      P.S. awesome avatar. My favorite character and RPG of all time. ;)

      • Why thank you fellow tatsuya fan :) but yes indeed. the whole leon’s campaign is an homage to the older resident evils was just not sufficient to quench the survival horror thirst. i have long since moved passed resident evil, and found many indie titles that really surprised me like Lone Survivor(Oh Em Gee its brilliant).

        But you know, i have an insane amount of faith in mikami he has never once let me down. he has such a clear vision of what he wants to achieve. hell, Alladin was a master piece :). so heres hoping he brings survival horror back with a huge bang.

        ———->last paragraph = rant

        wish people would stop the bethesda bugs comments, bethesda is an amazing company. how people are worried and not hyped at the mikami and bethesda combo, is beyond me.

        ———–>End rant :)

  • Interesting. Something to look forward to.

  • Nitraion

    Hmm glitches and bugs aside.. okay i can load the game when that happen but i very very hate freeze i can’t tolerate it ~~ (i’m looking at you EA game)
    hope this game doesn’t bring any issue i hope….
    PS: yeah i missed survival horror game so much ^^ hope this turn to be great game

  • Curan_Altea

    I’m very interested in  this one. Only time will tell though. 

  • Namuro

    I love the environments in Biohazard: Rebirth, the details, the atmosphere, the lighting and so on just look amazing and truly represent the feel of survival horror, in my opinion. The dimly lit, narrow corridors… the small run down hut in the hazy fog… lightning flashing through the windows along with booming thunderclaps… everything just blends in so well, it’s like a work of art. 

    I still find Rebirth to be one of the most scary games that can creep me out just by exploring the places alone. The classic fixed camera works wonder, and I don’t think the over-the-shoulder camera would have had the same impact, which makes me wander what kind of camera angle will they use in Project Zwei… It’d be a really nice homage if they use the fixed one, but most likely not.

    Anyway, it’s really good to hear that the same team will be in charge here. Can’t wait to see some real in-game footages.

    • l777l

      I agree with you.

  • Göran Isacson

    Oooh, THAT’S exciting news. I loved the environments in Rebirth, and if this game can bring the same dimly lit glory to HD consoles consider my saliva glands well and truly activated.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    sounds Interesting

  • mikanko

    People are acting like Bethesda has much of anything to do with this game besides signing the checks.  This game is being made by Japanese developers in Tokyo Japan.  You can check out their gallery on their webpage, and do not be scared of the one white guy showing up in a picture surrounded by Asians. 

    Not that Western developers are inherently evil or anything, but I doubt they have much ado about anything here.  This is the game studio Shinji Mikami put together with his own people after leaving both Platninum games and Capcom. It is likely he has more free will to do what he wants now than before.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Woooo.^_^ New Survival Horror game.^_^

  • Keeping an eye on this one~


    Well that makes a single game to look forward to in 2013, and that is one better than 2012.

  • Natat

    Please don’t dissapoint me game, I’m really looking forward to this…

  • SirRichard

    Here’s hoping his last go at directing ends on a high note, and it’d be nice to get a big proper horror game going at least.

    2013’s shaping up to be quite a year.

  • Mokhtar Haidari

    That’s not an official blog. It’s fan-made.

  • I hope Bethesda gives this game a really good advertising campaign or something. I have complete faith in Mikami, and I want it to sell well :/.

    • l777l

      Bethesda being involved is what keeps my expectations low.

      • Yea, usually their involvement spells doom. Dishonored was fine however, as they did not fuck with Arkane, so here’s hoping they’re just supplying the cash and staying hands-off.

        • l777l


  • grevlinghore

    Now THIS is something I`ll keep an eye on!

  • l777l

    RE Remake is fairly beautiful. That’s not bad news.

  • awaiken

    Mikami can do no wrong. Will get

  • Budgiecat

    can’t wait for the real Resident Evil 6

  • eilegz

    if its like re4 i wouldnt mind…. 

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