Fate/Extra CCC’s New Master Is An Internet Addict And Who Is Lancer?

By Spencer . November 7, 2012 . 4:00pm


Famitsu has more details about Fate/Extra CCC, a new RPG from Imageepoch and Marvelous AQL. This game takes place in 2032 just like Fate/Extra, but has a different world setting due to a computer error. Jineko is a net addict and somehow she’s qualified to be a Master. Like the other protagonists in Fate/Extra CCC, Jinkeo is caught up in some kind of accident.



Karna follows Jineko and protects her. As Jineko’s servant, Karna attacks enemies with flames in battle and has an overwhelmingly powerful presence.



Fate/Extra CCC has a new Sakura Labyrinth. This area has European style buildings and cherry blossom trees together. Famitsu hints that Rin Tohsaka may be waiting deep inside the maze.



Lancer is a mysterious servant who is waiting at the bottom of the Sakura Labyrinth. Is she connected to Rin too?

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  • XD Finally a master modeled after me! =P

    Seriously I love her design though =^_^=

    • Luna Kazemaru

       you must be so proud

    • >Implying AzureNova have big chest is a moe glasses girl. :P

  • gangrelion

    I think this master name is jinako

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Considering she’s supposedly from Fate/Apocrypha I think she’ll likely be an optional fight depending on your choice like “Berserker” in Fate/EXTRA.

    Also, considering it’s Japan, I doubt she’d be a love interest anyway. Too bad, too, since beside her being cute it would really say something to make a character like her a love interest. Maybe the otaku-hating, hikikomori-bashing crowd would shut up finally, if only for a second.

  • Nerd girls in animes always have this “specific” kind of moe around them, I like it~
    On the other hand this one also has a divine spirit that probably wouldn’t mind killing anyone who approaches her, lol.

    • Maaayyybeee if Jinako doesn’t mind dating two guys.. xD

      Yup, nerd girls in anime = moe moe kyun. As lond as it not fujoshi type tht is shipping ppl 24/7….
      Example: Suguha, Akiho, Saori Bajeena and Kuroneko.

  • evilmoogle

    There ya go, more info of the smexy lancer.

    Maybe next time they will add shakespeare.

    • Göran Isacson

      Having read up on what that Shakespeare is capable of, I must admit he would be a very interesting character to play against, or perhaps even play AS. And since this Fate/Apocrypha seems to be out of commission, having it’s characters appear in these sidestory games is aaallright with me.

  • Her name is Jinako.

    Also, the mysterious Lancer got her horns redesigned.

    • Christopher Nunes

      I thought so! The horns looked much different from the first picture I’ve saw her with when they first released details about the game.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Can we get a translation of what she’s saying? She’s as cute as a button!

    *Caster glares*

    Um… b-but you’re still the most adorable girl of them all Caster! ^^;

    Anyway the game is shaping up quite nicely, but isn’t the mysterious devil Lancer have a similar personality to Luvia who is Rin’s rvial? And doesn’t Rin have the same Servant from the first Fate/Extra game? I mean Leo has Gawain still and the Protagonist has the original three Servants plus Gilgamesh to the mix so I expected this mysterious Lancer girl to belong to the Black Magus Sakura look alike.

    Only time will time. Just a few more months until the game is released!

  • Göran Isacson

    Now that I’ve read up a little on him, my curiosity is piqued. I have never heard of the legend of Karna before, and I don’t know if this is just because I’m generally ignorant of hindu lore or if they really dug deep to find a relatively unknown legend to base a character around. Like, Gilgamesh is someone even I’ve heard of, but Karna? Most other Servants are people I’m at least vaguely familiar with, but this one came right out of left-field. Dude’s also seriously pale-looking for an Indian, but I guess that’s what one should be expecting from a series that turned Gilgamesh blond and straight-haired and Arthur into a girl… historical accuracy sometimes gives way for what the author thinks is cool/hot, even if it makes a historian cry.

  • Nickie

    So when can we hear that your gonna announce you will be localizing this as well Aksys? 

  • natchu96

    That last image can’t be too far into the game, since 128 is a pretty low critical hit by any standard.

    Also, Karna.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Sexy Hikkikomori?….. with a Lancer??? This is not going to bode well for her.T_T (Finallll Dead Lancer!!!!)

  • Helepythia

    My thoughts on her: Oh that’s interesting, does she have those notebook satchels—or what ever you call…..HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE HUGE. Why has no one commented on those??

  • Nyandroid

    *looks at protagonists face* Aww, she looks cute!!
    *notices protagonists chest* … =___=;;;

    • Xerain

       That’s not the protagonist. It’s a new Rival. Most of the other characters are your rivals.

    • Is tht “A-cup angst” I saw in your last sentence?? :P

      • Nyandroid

        My own flatness has nothing to do with it! I swear! ~>w>;
        But seriously, not the size so much as how they’ve got the strap of her bag nestled between the girls to purposefully draw attention.

  • SprintsMcGee


  • Flash Fire Blast

    Karna? In my CCC? Oh shit.
    The undoubtedly strongest lancer with an EX Noble Phantasm that can achieve “Anti-God” performance…
    Gil’s got some competition.

    • Syn

      But Gil is the undoubtedly strongest “Servant”(when he is serious that is), so competition, not so much, but as a choice, very much so(he does have an epic design, weapon and phantasm set)………you know what, you are right, Gil does have some competition.

      • Flash Fire Blast

        Karna’s Noble Phantasms:
        A golden armor with the power of the sun. Extreme defensive and sturdy.
        A projectile-type NP, presumably shooting his lance. Cannot miss, like Gae Bolg, but cannot be used on stronger foes than himself.
        Another projectile-type NP, same as the previous one, but much stronger and is imbued with heat; power equivalent to a nuclear blast. “Anti-country.”
        The final, strongest NP in Karna’s arsenal: adds the power of his golden armor to his lance, then fires it. “Anti-god” performance, one shot only.

        My god, I can’t wait to fight him with Gil.

  • AkuLord3

    Pretty cool that they added in Karna (sorta did Vlad in a way) be cool if they revived the Fate/Apocrypha or something similar cuz most of the characters on it were pretty cool

    • Berialos

      It is, it’s being rewritten as a novel using the same characters. Sadly we only know a few details as of now.

    • So far T-M have release the 1st chapter of Apocrypha. If you type fate apocrypha act 1 in GG you can find its translated.

  • Can we romance Jinako? There something about nerd girl tht makes them moe…. And no, I am not referring to her “assets”… Hmm…Jinako seems to have some interesting dialogue here….Plz translate it some1 >.< 

    Since they added Karna, can we have other Apocrypha cameo too ^.^ Or heck, just throw Iskander in.

    Another piece of official art.

    Yup, Pink-Lancer have some slight modification on her horn. She's Rin new servant?? Well….that gives me a little reassurance… I really hope she have better luck than our poster boy(s) for E RANK LUCK… Wait, I thought Pink-Lancer is Sakura lookalike aka Sakurider new servant?

    • Kibbitz

      Probably should leave it to someone more capable than me, but I’ll give it a go.
      “I see… with the collapse of Western Occultism in the 1970s, and the spread of Overcount 1999… it’s like an Oil Shock, isn’t it.”

      The kanji 値崩 however is apparently used for ‘price collapse’ instead of just 崩 for collapse, so I’m not sure what’s going on here.

    • Morricane

      I wish there were more megane-ko with not so friggin HUGE glasses in anime. Smaller ones are much more attractive, like in reality. :)

  • sherimae1324

    karna is here from fate apocrypha? the cancelled game?

    then i also want “Jack the Ripper” ^_^

  • I hope they include more heroes from Apocrypha. Oh and Jineko, you’re looking great!

  • XiaomuArisu

    So is there a chance we get jack the ripper?Or that girly looking man?

    • I think you have to wait for the LN but who knows ^.^;

  • Kelohmello

    Uhh… Her name is Jinako, not Jineko. You’ve spelled the name wrong multiple times in the article.

  • That girl looks just like my Girlfriend IRL :3… I want this game *O*

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