Ragnarok Odyssey Demo Air Dashing To PSN On Tuesday

By Spencer . November 12, 2012 . 1:50am

imageIf you’re on the fence about Ragnarok Odyssey and its battles with giants you can try the game first. Xseed will release a Ragnarok Odyssey demo on PlayStation Network this Tuesday.


The demo sparked quite a bit of interest in Japan with over 100,000 downloads before Ragnarok Odyssey launched. Xseed released the game two weeks ago and you can read our impressions of air dashing while fighting the Orc King here.

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  • Crevox

    I still REALLY want to get this but lacking funds at the moment… demo will tie me over!

    • Peeka Chu

      It really is arguably the best Vita game out at the moment, if you’re into action/ rpgs or hunting games. Easily 100+ hours of play too, so it ticks the ‘value’ box quite nicely compared to most games as well.

  • Peeka Chu

    This is the first Vita game that really hooked me. I’m like a day away from a platinum and I’m already jonesing for more DLC!!! Or an Expac or a sequel! With Soul Sacrifice and God Eater 2 (hopefully) coming to Vita next year, I have to say that despite my concerns for the system, I am rapidly becoming a hunting genre fan. MH never did it for me for many reasons I won’t get into now, but these next-gen hunting titles have combined story and action in really neat ways with the genre. Particularly God Eater. That title was and still is quite awesome. (And yes, there was a story in RO, so long as you didn’t just do MP.)

    Can’t wait to see what comes next! And if Square would get off their arses and stop making iOS ports, I’d like a Western version of Lord of Apocalypse already. Its exceptionally fun, if entirely in Japanese and mostly incomprehensible to me for now (still learning).

  • So I heard that this game is almost impossible to finish if you choose to soloing through the game, is it true? I’m asking this because I’m not always be at place that have wifi location. And is there no npc that can follow us to a quest?

    • Peeka Chu

      That’s completely untrue. I’m not sure where that rumour perpetuated from, though it is floating around. In fact, every major (boss) fight in the game is easier to solo on account of not having to worry about someone else dying and lower HP/ ATT of the boss. The difficulty is lessened on solo quests. You get quests from two places, the HQ (solo) and the Tavern (multiplayer). Every tavern quest has a spike in HP and damage of the mobs or boss. Solo is easier in every way. For farming too, with a few exceptions. I do all of my farming solo and MP only for the “100 MP quests” trophy – or just to have fun in a group :)

      • I see, thanks. I actually afraid of buying this game if that rumor was true but if it’s not than I’m definitely going to but this game together with Persona 4 golden soon.

    • Elfyra

      No, I solo all the missions & extra missions. But some mission is quiet hard to solo. Some missions made me game over over 20 times

    • ZEROthefirst

      Impossible to finish by soloing that’s laughable. This game is fun and all but there is almost no challenge what so ever. In less than 10 hours I had completed the entire game by myself. To put it simply this game is a PSO/MH/GE knock-off but it plays like GE more than any of these titles, again sadly there’s little (I use little kindly) to no challenge and the online is the only thing that keeps the game going, and that is filled with horrible lag in some rooms and teammates that die every 2 mins causing you to fail every quest.

  • Herok♞

     Nice I have wanted to try this out because I have never played a full hunting game before and this will determine what I get after P4G with the other contender being Gravity Rush

    • This is less of a hunting game, and more of a hack and slash, it is super fun though, get both this and Gravity Rush, two great Vita games.

      • Herok♞

         I plan on getting both eventually.

        • Good… good *emperor voice*

  • Wow i almost bought this too, i’m glad i waited so i can check it out before i make a final decision. Thanks for the heads up!

  • natchu96

    I’m trying to figure out what timezone PSN actually runs off of on the US side . . .

    Then I know how long I have to actually wait. there’s usually half a day’s worth of discrepancy for me :(

    • I’d say EST, if not then PST.

    • Elvick


  • Robert Leonardi

     this game is pretty much the reason on why i bought a ps vita (pso2 and soul sacrifice being the other reason) and i’m glad i did, its loads of fun for me, though its kinda hard for me since my character is a nimble glass cannon XD

    • Assassin? They are frail, but powerful with the right cards.

      • Robert Leonardi

         yeah assassin, i’m not sure on what to put on him XD, the permanent card i have at him atm is the thief card XD

  • I wanna buy Odyssey myself, but I’ve got quite a few games backing up now. A New Beginning, Sticker Star, Persona 4 Golden, the Wii U… I’d just be better off waiting for Christmas at this point. :(

    • It is a lovely game, and it has online (which I have yet to try…). I don’t know what “A New Beginning” is, and have no interest in Sticker Star, though P4G ftw, and the Wii U… yah I am not getting one until next year (multiple reasons why).

  • Stalemeat

    I’m too late!  I took a risk and bought it two days ago, and I really like this game.  It’s good.

  • Barrit

    I really like this game more than I expected. The colorfulness and design of some of the monsters made me doubt it a little, but I’m glad I got this Day 1. It’s a really fun game and I haven’t had as bad of luck as some people here. Sometimes the lag can be bad, but thankfully my teammates haven’t been as terrible as some people here seem to run into.

  • Learii

    i love this game

  • Nyandroid

    Yes! This makes me really happy! I’ve been checking PSN almost everyday to see if they’d put up a demo yet or not. Now I’ll finally get to try it out! =^w^=~ And who knows, maybe I’ll get it and join the rest of you online!

  • Kefkiroth

    I played MH: Freedom Unite to try the hunting genre for a while and felt let down. Yeah, I eventually got much better at taking down monsters and have played for many hours, but I didn’t derive much satisfaction. Perhaps it was because I played solo the whole time, and didn’t have anyone else to play with.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I played the Japanese demo for RO, though. The controls seem  much more smooth and gameplay is noticeably more fast-paced and engaging. I’ll have to try the NA demo tomorrow, but I’ll probably end up picking it up anyways.

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