Mega Man Will Appear On Consoles And Portables, Say Capcom USA

By Ishaan . November 13, 2012 . 11:05am

The most recent Mega Man game—Mega Man Xover—isn’t quite what fans have been hoping for, but Capcom say that there will be more Mega Man games to look forward to on both consoles and portables in the future.


The November issue of Nintendo Power magazine features an interview with Capcom USA senior vice-president, Christian Svensson, where he is asked about the future of Mega Man. Fansite, Rockman Corner, has transcribed Svensson’s answer to the question. This is what he had to say:


I can say with certainty that you’ve not seen the last of the Blue Bomber on consoles and handhelds, and, with luck, we’ll be celebrating his 50th anniversary, including all of the games you’re going to enjoy over the next 25 years. That said, an issue we’ve had in the past has been talking about games and announcing them before we’re certain they’re going to come out, which unfortunately has lead to profound disappointment for many fans. So for now, I’m going to have to stay mum about any details.


Mega Man’s 25th anniversary is this year, and festivities in North America will kick off sometime in December. Both Capcom USA and Japan will be carrying out their own separate celebrations in honour of Mega Man’s 25th.


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  • Words are words.

    You can celebrate the anniversary of something long after it’s dead.

  • $36598391

    Awesome, i just hope some completely new games will come out
    the already released Megaman games are great but anything can get stale if it’s rereleased over and over

  • urbanscholar

    Mega Man Will Appear On Consoles And Portables, Say Capcom USA….in our dreams you mean

  • Andrew Austin

    I really hope they give the franchise to Ninja Theory.

    • Godmars


    • Z3

      I don’t even…..

    • FFmax


    • Grenalie

      “My name is Mega Man but you can call me Mega Man the robot master killer, has a nice ring to it don’t ya think?”

      • Godmars


  • KingGunblader

    So let’s see some Mega games then? And no, HD versions do NOT count.

  • KasuRuiza

    I’ll believe it when i see it. Doesn’t mean I’ll buy it capcom.

  • Godmars

    Oh Capcom…

  • KasuRuiza

    I would rather a good game, lol.

  • Shadowman

    I’ll believe it when it happen. 

  • Andrew Norris

    Megaman X7 HD confirmed?!?!?!?!?!

    • DesmaX


    • sd28

      oh god don’t give them ideas

    • FFmax

      Oh god no.


  • Brandonmkii

    I hate being a MM fan, because 90% of other MM fans are hateful, vile creatures.

    • Imagine how Tales fans must feel.


      • Brandonmkii

        They aren’t as bad, at least they get the occasional game to play. Zing!

      • Luna Kazemaru

         hahah you should see the live streams

      • SirTeffy

         This, SO MUCH THIS.

        *hides from the other Tales fans*

    • Godmars

       Wait, didn’t that 90% only turn up after the MML3 episode?

    •  The FF fanbase says hi!

      • Godmars

        FF13 said something rude.

        Actually FF Tactics Advance, Dirge of Cerberus and especially FFX-2 said it first, but we didn’t expect anything worse coming down the pike.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I dunno about FF being up there with MM. Let’s see when people stop holding a grudge for MML3. Bet Versus will be out by then lol.

        The FF fanbase is just the poor, ignored red-headed stepchild next to the likes of Tales.

        • I’d say Capcom fans in general are pissed and to a certain extent I can understand their rage, Megs haven’t been treated so nicely as of late, not sure if Capcom does on purpose but everytime since MML3 they tried to make justice on Megaman it only put salt on the wound and on most cases I think their rage it’s sort of justified.

          Although yeah, there were cases they raged about megs even for no apparent reason and on unrelated articles being Capcom related but I think it’s finally calming down, as I’ve been scrolling down I’ve didn’t saw any extreme whiny comment at all lol.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, they’ve certainly calmed some. It just feels like they take everything Capcom does way too personally though. What’s that, Zero’s in MVC3? Why not Mega Man!? They must be doing this on purpose to make us all hate them even more and lose our business!

            They just get outta hand with some of the crap they come up with. I love Mega Man. One of the earliest franchises I played when I started gaming, and X3 and the BN games are some of my favorite of all time. I can sympathize with people being upset with Capcom for ignoring the character, but people act like Capcom’s got some kinda axe to grind, some personal grudge against each and every Mega Man fan. A lot of it feels like bandwagon to me. For example, if Legends had always been as popular as people make it out to be, we’d have had our sequel years ago on consoles…

            But that’s a whole other can of worms. You’re right though, it’s mostly Capcom fans in general. At this point, I wonder if the term fan is even accurate? lol

          • When Zero was announced man I was freakinglish hyped up! But it wasn’t Zero from the Zero series but goodie ol Zero from X so for me that was damn awesome! (Not that I dislike MMZ Zero but he had an appeareance in SvC Chaos so I was expecting old Zero lol)
            I sincerely didn’t undertood the rage about it at all, Megs had it’s time in both MvsC and MvsC2 so it was time something else for a change :S

            Yeah I think the bandwagon thing happened, strangely I was a bit mad for MML3 cancelation even though I’ve didn’t played MML before lol! But then I said naaay, I won’t go maverick on a game I’ve didn’t tested!

            Yeah, I think the term is mad horde of haters with DMC, Megs, Tekken and maybe RE fans taking the lead lol.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Not to mention, we even got Trigger in TvC. So, yea. Horde sounds about right lol.

      • Rogerrmark

        The problem with the FF fanbase is that there’s barely a FF fanbase at all.

        There are a lot of FFIV fans,there are a lot of VI fans,VII fans,VIII,IX fans, X or XII fans,and those fans,in most cases,appreciate one,two or even three games of the whole franchise.
        The rest just suck,changed too much,or are not worth for them.

        It’s rare to find somebody that likes most games of the franchise.

        • Well I actually love a good lot of them, I V VI VII CCVII VIII X XII 012.
          As for II IV and IX my love for them is incomplete for various reason in them but I still liked them, III bored me to the extreme, I hated AC and X-2 and I forget the existance of XI and XIV lol. And I’ve yet to play XIII.

          But yeah, even though they may not like all the games they still claim to be part of the FF fanbase so I’d say it’s one of the most comflictive fanbase ever, I mean even yesterday a discussion fest brewed up yesterday at OT about a guy’s comments diliking SE’s practice as of late excepting XIV.

          • Godmars

            Never really understood what people have against FF9. Saying such when the games seems cursed.

            Every time I’ve tried to play the game either my console broke, or some major RL crisis came up and I forgot about it.

          • Well I didn’t personally found IX bad and in fact I really loved the OST, the graphics were amazing, the characters are lovable and it’s a nostalgic fest for old fans but thats about it, I don’t find it perfect, I didn’t really liked the battle system, the card minigame was hella confusing, guess I got too used to Triple Triad but still I never got it right and in one part I got stuck because I had to play cards and win. I don’t like Kuja one bit but even though I disliked that anticlimatic Final Boss at the end and as one final detail there was nothing after credits sides than a blackjack game, I was pretty dissapointed by it.

            *Sigh* Anyway, I guess I can only say it’s not my cup of tea nor I think it was direted to the kind of fans like me who started on the PS1 era so overall I found it great but not godly awesome as claimed by many users on the internet and I don’t really take into consideration the “It sold so low in the past, this past gem is sooo under” argument to score this little one.

        • Godmars

           You mean there are fans for each console era, the SEN/SNES, the PS1 and PS2 with many who carried over, but with FF13 you couldn’t help but notice those who accepted a Square game regardless of quality, and those who’s BS meter went off.

          Its certainly happened with other games in the series but this was the worst instance.  

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Tales, Fire Emblem and Sonic fans said hello there.^_^

  • ronin4life

    once bitten twice shy?

    That’s what I’m hearing… even though they are the ones who bit themselves….

    • Godmars

       More like mauled, which is really hard to do to yourself, but of course they still managed.

  • KnightBlazer

    Not sure if want.

    • Budgiecat

      How bout a Robot Hunter Casshern, Space Ace, Cyborg 009, Battle Angel Alita or Tetsuwon Atom game then?

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Welp, if they’re telling the truth, we could say that Mega Man took a REALLY long break while his dumb copies took over to deal with the crappy games.

  • “Mega Man Remakes, Ports, And HD Versions Will Appear On Consoles And Portables, Say Capcom USA, But No New Games Except That Absurd Xover Thing, If You Can Call That A Game”

    It’s a little longer than the original, but I think it gets their intentions across. ;)

    • Let’s not put words in people’s mouths. 

  • Maybe a new Inti Creates MM game?  Been a while since they made one.

    • Darren MacPhail

      Definitely, the Zero and Zx series were excellent in my opinion.  

      • GreekGod88

        yeah too bad we never got a 3 game
        I will never forget that epic secret fight in the first game !

  • Darren MacPhail

    I would love to see Capcom hand off Mega Man to Way Forward, they seem to be one of the best 2-D developers and would do the blue bomber justice… Well I think so anyway.  

    • puchinri

      Mighty Switch Force definitely tells me that justice would be done. Patricia is like the Blue Cop Bomber almost. (In design, anyway. And job.)

  • Mr. Frumix

    Yeah Sven I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Just don’t make some 3D remake of an old game on Vita only for it to blunder.

  • AuraGuyChris

    At this point, everything the USA vice president says very rarely holds up…

    *Charges arm cannon*

    To which I ask, WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT?!

    • Superior Spider-Man

      Hold on!  This can be settled another way.
      (Hands AuraGuyChris Gutsman’s ability)

  • Rogerrmark

    Capcom doesn’t care. And you know it :x

  • Please be the ZX sequel, please be the ZX sequel, please be the ZX sequel, please be the ZX sequel, please be the ZX sequel.

    • Endy Operin

      If we’re talking about ZX, I don’t mind to see prequel, something like Rockman ZX Axess File.
      But more than anytning, I wish to see intermediate game between MMX and MMZ about Elf Wars.

      • LynxAmali

        No, no.

        ZX gets the anime staring the adventures of Aile, Vent and Giro. Maybe throw in some prequel material regarding how Priarie knew Giro. (Like say, from this:

        ZX Advent gets the sequel examining WHAT THE HELL WENT ON WITH THAT BONUS ENDING.

        At least, that’s how it should be, IMO.
        Alas, I’m never right.

        Also; X9 is always a good idea.

    •  Aye aye!

      Master Thomas and the Megamen! Model Z’s destiny! Prairie’s location! Many things unsolved!

  • puchinri

    I hope that he sincerely means it and that we will see more MegaMan/Rock Man titles in the future (on handheld and home consoles). They probably could be handling the announcements better though too . . . as well as planning.

  • OkamiKing

    Just get me my Protomen rendition Megaman game and were even.

  • sd28

    Mega Man Xover for all platforms confirmed that and a bunch of hd remasters of old games

  • Cloak

    Please don’t pursue the Xover series any further. Megaman on a phone just isn’t going to work in a way that fans will enjoy.

  • sd28

    i kinda want a star force 4 or an x9

  • Will Jay


    I doubt it, but hope is still hope.

  • Cephrien_Takusukai

    Megaman Zero remake for the Playstation Vita.

    — a guy can dream, right?

  • Superior Spider-Man

    Oh how I still hold hope for Mega Man Legends 3!!!

  • SirRichard

    I’m not sure entirely sure “3D Classics: Mega Man” counts as what we’re looking for, mate.

    Jokes aside, I’m hopeful and while he gets a lot of crap, Svensson definitely seems to care far more than most company execs, he doesn’t seem like the sort to outright say this sort of thing without reason.

    • Sven has delivered many times before. Okami, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney, PC support. People could afford to be a little more forgiving, I think. :)

      • Solomon_Kano

        For as much as people will overlook it to rage instead, I think his recent delivering on the Monster Hunter front is important to keep in mind here. The things Sven says don’t come true immediately, but they do come true. And, as MH3U showed, they sometimes come true in bigger ways than we expect.

    • I dunno actually, I’d probably enjoy 3D Classics versions of old Mega Man games– definitely would be better than what’s been going on right now.

  • That’s good to hear. Can’t say I would use Svensson as the one source of truth though.

  • Model_M

    Its pretty sad that there isnt a proper console presence for Megaman in this gen of consoles.

  • Just give us ZX3, I want to know what the hell happen to Praire.

    • I wanna know what’s up with Master Thomas and the four Megamen!

      Also, will Model Z return to Vent/Aile or will it fall to evil hands? They left many things on a cliffhanger!

    • Hau To

       ZX3? I rather want to play a game about Pandora and Prometheus. Their back story seems like it would be interesting.

  • Theofratus Joseph Lester

    Dear Capcom,

    Mega Man X9 is all I want, ‘nough said.

    T.J. (The Straight-Edge Old-School Retro Otaku Gamer)

  • thundergodCN


    • OatMatadoQuatro

      For good voice actors of course

  • chaicube

    My takeaway here is that
    A) There will be a Rockman game released in the next 25 years (hooray!)
    B) They can’t announce anything because chances are they’ll cancel it anyway and people get grumpy when they do that

  • Legends 3. Just give us Legends 3, PLEASE.

    That’s all I have to say.


  • Raze

    X9 and more Megaman X games…
    I need it!!!!!

    •  No, X series should end , Capcom should fill the gap between X series and Zero Series . Elf war seem to be a best choice

      • Spirit Macardi

        I’d like a game to fill the gap between the original series and X. 9 and 10 failed to deliver on that.

      • ForteWily

         Ok, but I have been loving the ZX series for a long time and damn does ZXAdvent end on a hook. Before I see anything else, that needs to be finished.

  • MagiusNecros

    Anything but Star Force pls

    • LynxAmali

      I liked Star Force.

      Sure, the battle system canned a few things I liked from BN (PAs, tournaments, that kind of thing) but then again, I did primarily play SF for the story. That might be a little biased as I am an astronomy geek though.

      • MagiusNecros

         Star Force lacked Bass/Forte.exe therefore it was suck.  A card cameo as LifeAura is not an appearance. 

        • Kibbitz

          While I’m not a .EXE fan, it feels excessive to simply say a game sucks because it didn’t have Bass.

        • LynxAmali


          We had Rogue/ Burai who is essentially Bass Version Star Force.

          And besides,
          why would you have a Battle Network character in a game that bares nothing in relation to it, aside from one or two cameo subquests in the first game and Battle Card references.

          • MagiusNecros

             To be honest I just liked Battle Network a crapload more then Starforce.  And Bass/Forte is simply my favorite MM character in all forms.

    • Mr. Frumix

      Star Force has only just found its own footing in the third game before they put a bullet through its head. If anything, more Starforce is good.

  • Göran Isacson

    On the one hand, I sure would like more Megaman games, I sure would.

    On the other I’ve been burned too many times already, so I don’t know if believing or putting any stock in these statements is a good choice… at all.

  • I demand an X9 that doesn’t have Axl.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Ohhh, yes. That would be lovely. A new X game is all I want, really. Unless they’d like to give another .EXE console game a try…

    • LynxAmali

      I doubt he would be in an X9 considering the ending of X8 and all.

      He wasn’t X7-tier annoying in Command Mission or X8 though.
      Hell, I’d go as far to say he was LIKABLE in Command Mission.

      • Yes, considering the ending of X8, the chance of Axl being IN X9 is pretty much a given. In fact, I expect Axl to be the main villain of X9.

        Also, do remember the Command Mission apparently is set AFTER X8 ^_^

        • LynxAmali

           I could’ve sworn it was stated to have taken place in between X7 and X8 as Command Mission was released prior to X8 and had Axl being fully functional, compared to the end of X8.

  • Budgiecat

    As long as it isn’t Bad Box art Mega Man…

  • PABLO Rapetti Perez

    X9 and I die a happy man. Give me closure!

    • Spirit Macardi

      There already was closure: X8. Sigma got killed off for good in it.

      • Ty Arnold

         But they haven’t brought back Lumine for another eight games yet!

      •  Sigma will revive anyway because he can!

        Naw, I’d like to see something related to the Elf Wars or something.

      • LynxAmali

         There’s still the timespan in between X and Zero, unless you believe the series splits off.

        Even then, there’s still the crap involving Axl.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    A new MegaMan game? Which is the one that has everybody been waiting and I deleted from my memory to avoid feeling sadness? Something involving a guy with a supernatural origins… who used a blue armor to fight in dungeons… something involving the end of the world due to a programm located in some sort of moon… 


  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    A Mega Man collection for the 3DS and the PSVita would be amazing.

  • Mar Mar

    I want a Megaman game with U-GEN remixes. If you don’t know U-GEN, go to youtube!

  • I’d personally want a ZX3 game solving the cliffhangers going on in ZXA.

    Or else I’d like a Starforce 4 game, I know SF3 pretty much set the curtains down to the series but it’d be nice to see Duo returning to earth and pass judgement on the new generation and the numbered title just fits right in parallel with the EXE series. That or else a new Megaman game with the EXE/SF feel because I really like the casual guy becoming a hero sort of plot going through usual life problems and living on a peaceful society.

    As for classic Megs and X… well it’d be nice for old times sake although I wouldn’t be as thrilled cause the villain would turn out to be *gasp* Dr Wily/Sigma!
    Although if in X9 they throw something related to the end of the Maverick Wars and the start of the Elf era damn I’d like to play that!

    Oh yeah, a Maverick Hunter X2 would be neat! The first MHX game was really well remade and retold with anime cutscenes and stuff, making it pretty darn good!

    Although with this I’ll try to keep my expectations in check, maybe we’ll get collections for the time being, which I guess it’d be okay.

  • Setsuna ♥

    I’m not going to expect anything … good especially after Megamans recent treatment. I’ll wait for a news update in the future until then MM is dead … Thank Capcom :v

    • Kris

      I dunno. Sven says a lot of stuff, but he’s never been a liar. If Capcom wanted Mega Man dead, they wouldn’t keep talking about him in every interview they do. We just need to be patient.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Considering this news come from Sven himself, i am a bit assure here.^_^ I mean while all the things he mention never comes out immediatly, it does happen. Mon Hun, Phoenix Wright and Okami already proven that he is not lying lol.

    So i am more or less more positive on megaman coming out in the future.

    To Capcom, there are many things they can actually tries to do for the game there. Megaman 11?, Megaman X9?(Not that i really like this idea though.T_T) Megaman Zero (Elf Wars era.), Megaman ZX3? is some of the choice they can take to continue megaman series.
    They can even try making Megaman Battle and Chase 2 to increase the awareness for Megaman franchise too after all the first one is damn fun to play and if they are able to improve that one, it will be a great game.^_^

    Anyway, be positive guys. At least Sven are the one who response to us about Megaman. Not a certain Capcom employees in Europe.

  • >I can say with certainty that you’ve not seen the last of the Blue Bomber on consoles and handhelds, and, with luck, we’ll be celebrating his 50th anniversary,
    >with luck, we’ll be celebrating his 50th anniversary
    >with luck

    …am I the only one seeing issues here?

  • Ridho Siregar

    I want Mega Man Legends 3. >:(
    And for that too happen, I think they have to remake the first and second Legends games to reintroduce the series to younger generations.

    It’s like starting the series all over again, only this time the audiences are both the old and new players, and the game we’ll play is more modern and more acceptable by the new players.

    Legends games in the past were already good games, it only had annoying control issues and people were so close-minded to accept a 3D Mega Man game back then. Now Capcom have the technology to fix it and make it better gameplay-wise, and people are also more open-minded now, it might work. so when the time comes for Legends 3, Capcom will have more people to give the money they want badly.

    And by “starting all over” I’m saying REMAKE, not REBOOT, Capcom. Look what Nintendo did with Ocarina of Time, NamcoBandai with Tales of Innocence and Hearts, or SE with FFIII, IV, and Dragon Quest VII now.

    • Robert M. Fenner

       ocarina of time and tales of innocence aren’t exactly remakes so much as tweaked re-releases.

      • Elvick

        I look at them as “enhanced ports” personally.

  • Robert M. Fenner

    Mega Man Soccer 2

    • Theofratus Joseph Lester

       I’d buy it!  :D

  • AaqibRawat

    Mega man x collection 1 -3 normal graphics or hd 

    maybe 4-6 they are alright i guess…..Mega man 1-7 collection or 2D hd ports please.and how about you chuck mega man x in MVc 3 please for good measure :Pgo on capcom throw us a bone ^^

    • LynxAmali

       There already was both an Anniversary Collection for Classic and X (included X1 through 6.)

      • AaqibRawat

        i know but i want it on my xbox 360 or ps3 !

  • J

    For the strangest reason, I sense Capcom is lying. I can’t quite put my finger on why though…

  • VeroC11

    I’m sure we will only see remakes and ports in an attempt to milk the few Rockman fans that don’t hate capcom already.
    They made it perfectly clear that they ”don’t need” to release MML3 and don’t care about the fanbase either.

    • Elvick

       Pretty much what I was going to say. They’ll just release ports, half arsed remakes, and anything that requires very little effort and “little risk”.

      I think at most we’ll get some more Mega Man classics on PSN/XBLA/Wii U (whatever that store is called). If we get anything new at all.

  • james todd

    pls ZX 3 because i like the game but i hate cliffhangers that just end the series

  • Hidayat246

    sadly in 25th anniversary, no new megaman game coming out, capcom!!

  • Elvick

    You know, I would love some handheld collections. 3DS and Vita…

    But that would be neat. I have Zero on DS, and DASH on PSP. Would love X and the rest on Vita and/or 3DS.

    In before iOS ports. At most PSN/XBLA ports like all the Sega Classics.

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