Square Enix Rewards Fans That Buy Dragon Quest VII Directly With Special Sword

By Spencer . November 15, 2012 . 4:00pm

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Reserve Dragon Quest VII and you can get some special gear. Lawson & HMV are offering a cutesy Slime Shield that boosts defense power by 17 points. Tsutaya is offering a Slime Wand that ups your attack power by 28 points.


The best bonus comes from Square Enix themselves. If you pre-order Dragon Quest VII from the Square Enix e-store you’ll get the Falcon Sword. While this weapon only bumps attack power up 22 points, the Falcon Sword strikes monsters twice in one turn. That’s a huge incentive to buy Dragon Quest VII directly from Square Enix instead of another retailer.




Dragon Quest VII comes out on February 7, 2013 in Japan.


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  • Ayaka

    Wouldn’t that be… sort of reaching a broken-gameplay experience?

    I mean, it’s good for players who are able to keep the sword and use it in the right moment, but abusing of such a weapon from the beginning… oh dear.  That said, I’m a bit concerned about this weapon being promoted and maybe cutted from the game, as to keep it like a promo-item… hope not.

    If they think about something like a sword-stylus in bundle (Roto no Tsurugi maybe? Or the metal slime cool freakin’ sword), that’s another pair of hands.

    • Ryos

      I don’t think it’s all that big of a deal.  Because of the low attack power, Falcon weapons have always been better in conjunction with high stats to offset the low attack (and by that point the game’s broken anyway with class masteries).  Having said that, I am like other posters in that I don’t care for preorder incentives like this, though at least they’re for minor equipment that can (hopefully still) be gotten normally later anyway.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Falcon blade  would make the game to easy lol

  • Godmars

    Hate things like this. Not only do they technically ruin the game it comes off as both ensuring and exploiting the fanbase. Not buying the game for the game, the content within it, but rather the brand name.

  • SuperSailorV

    You’d think SE would get it after all the MMOs they’ve put out, right?

    If anything, I think the Falcon Sword may make for a good starter weapon. I’ve always eventually found something that outweighed Falcon Blade in all the other DQs I’ve played…

    • you have obviously never used it to do 4-tension powered Falcon Slashes in IX

      granted, you should use the uber version lol

    • Godmars

       They’ve learned that MMOs keep giving them money whereas SP titles are only a one-time deal.

  • Nitraion

    Really hate something like this…. especially on RPG…. it’s like ruin the game….==”

    • Eilanzer

      nah…this items mean almost nothing to the status in the game…If i can remember…22+atk is nothing in the game /o/

      • Nitraion

        Well i’m not mean that…
        i mean well i kind like to collect all weapon… well seeing they seperate it as a “special” now we can’t get it unless you buy special, i really hate special weapon bonus generally

  • Falcon Sword isn’t the broken ass weapon in VII that it is in VIII and IX. Regular attacks mean almost nothing once you hit Dharma, and none of the skills actually worth using late game incorporate the Falcon Slash effect, such as sword dance, quad hits, and the ultimate attacks as most of them dont even use a weapon.

  • $30632660

    Why do they feel the need to do stuff like this? It’s freaking Dragon Quest, the game that Japan buys Day 1 all the time.

    That would be like Nintendo having a powerup as a preorder bonus in a Mario Game.

    Sad day in the Gaming Industry.

    • Budgiecat

      I guess they were set back with the not so amazing sales numbers of Dragon Quest X for Wii…

    • I think you’re missing the point of the article. It’s not the pre-order bonus, but the discrepancies between the bonuses and how the Falcon Sword, compared to the Slime Wand and Slime Shield, is a more attractive. Basically, Square Enix is driving fans to buy DQVII from their own store and that makes sense since they would cut the retailer margins out of those sales. It’s an interesting business move.

  • Barrylocke89

    The Slime Wand is kind of cute, but the Slime Shield (at least in the picture) looks like someone slapped a Slime sticker on top of the Hero model. It’s a bit tacky.

    As for the Falcon Sword, I’m sure it’ll really help people who need it in the early game, but if DQ7 is like how DQ6 was, eventually you’ll have awesome skills (roundhouse? thin air? hustle dance?!) that don’t cost MP and are better to use than the Falcon weapons.

  • ErhmagerdWerds

    I don’t think their intent is to use the in-game items to sell the game to people but to attract them to buy them at certain retailers, or from Squeenix themselves. DQ is a Day-1 in Japan for most but where they choose to buy it is what they’re giving the incentive for. I’m not sure how it cheapens the game b/c if you’re afraid the sword will overpower you and take away the challenge just uh, dont get it from Squeenix, or you know, not use it.

    • We never said in-game items are being using to sell the game at launch, the article is about the discrepancies between the bonuses and how the Falcon Sword, compared to the Slime Wand and Slime Shield, is a more attractive bonus. Basically, Square Enix is driving fans to buy DQVII from their own store and that makes sense since they would cut the retailer margins out of those sales. 

  • Scirm

    Mannn,this game looks so beautiful! All I need now is a romance in this ;p I think romances are making game more exciting :) – Skyward Sword, The Witcher 2, Fragile Dreams.

  • Dat Falcon sword…I need it.

  • Riseabovethesky

    I got to finish DQ8 someday even if I did not like the combats very much. It is weird because I am usually a big fan of turn-based RPG. Must have been the perspective I could not get use to…

  • geonjaha

    Starting the game with powerful weapons – decreasing the enjoyment of actually improving your equipment for the start of the game and making the fights easier. This is the kind of pre-order bonus’ that shouldn’t exist or be enticing to anyone.

  • ragingmerifes

    You know what would be great as a pre-order extra? An action-figure, a book, an alternate cover or even a hat, but NOT something that can make the game easier, or even something that will change the game!
    JRPGs aren’t shooters, where you just collect stuff to show to your buddies on a ranking. You collect stuff because the game needs to be vast and fulfilling, and if a part of the buyers get an incomplete part of the game, or even an easier game, they will be unhappy.
    Geez, Square.

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    Okay, but i’m not japanese right now. When are we going to get the f**kin’ game???

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