PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Director On Leaks And What He Learned From Fans

By Spencer . November 19, 2012 . 1:35pm


News about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was leaked five months before Sony Computer Entertainment announced the game. More details like the character roster was revealed when fans dug through data in the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale demo. Do leaks affect a game’s launch? We spoke with Omar Kendall from SuperBot Entertainment about that topic, designing characters, and the game’s single player mode.


Do you feel all of the leaks hurt the game’s publicity or affected the game’s buzz?


Omar Kendall, Director: I do. I think they did. I understand why they occur. Our first leak started out in a focus test, you know. We were really interested in getting fan-feedback for this game, because we feel like fans are the ones that are going to show up day-one to go out and buy this thing.


I tend to think, maybe guys like me, who are just looking for a new fighting game, will show up, but what will really drive this game are the fans. If I like Sly Cooper. If I like Parappa the Rapper. This is their game. And so, we wanted their feedback. And we started talking about the game, we started conducting surveys, we started having playtests.


And it was really out of that conversation about the game with fans that information started leaking out. I understand the enthusiasm, but it did hurt the marketing plan for the game.


You still have a chance to surprise people with DLC.


Yeah, we’ve still got some surprises on the disc, honestly that people haven’t pried out of us just yet. [Laughs] So we look forward to the game coming out and people getting a chance to experience those surprises.




Which character is your favorite one to play as?

I have a lot of fun with Nariko right now. She was one of the last characters to go in—one of the last characters we revealed. We were at a point where we really understood the game and what worked and what was really fun, and she manifests a lot of those elements.
She’s got kind of “gambler” style, I like to call it, where she risks a lot and sometimes she loses, and sometimes she wins. And when she wins, she gets a lot out of those risky situations.


Which character was the hardest one to implement in the game?


I don’t know if there was any one character that was really difficult to get in the game. I think you can almost divide our roster into two camps. Kratos, Nariko, Raiden, Dante, Heihachi—these sort of action-oriented characters who do a lot of punching and kicking and sword-swinging already. What they do in their games lends them to our game well.


And you’ve got characters like Fat Princess, Parappa the Rapper, Cole or Radec who’ve never been in a fighting game like this, but at the same time, have a strong personality. And since I think a lot of the different actions in PlayStation All-Stars aren’t very traditional. We’re very creative in the ways different characters apply their personalities to the action.


It was almost like a fun opportunity, when you have a character like Fat Princess who’s never done anything in a game before, other than sit around and be carried, to create a whole combat style, to three wholly original supers that play into the essence of the character.  It can be really fun.
The biggest challenge when designing any character is meeting fan expectations. A character like Sly Cooper has been around for so long. Kratos has been in half-a-dozen games. How do you, out of half-a-dozen games, pull two-dozen moves, and say this is what’s going to represent Kratos as a character, and everyone who loves Kratos is going to play these two-dozen moves and say, “Yes! That’s the Kratos in my mind.”




It feels like Kratos has his moves from God of War III.


We used moves from every God of War almost. We used moves from the PSP versions, God of War III, II, I. That’s what we do when a character has such a wide variety of moves to choose from. We try to do a “greatest hits” version of the character.


I think Jak was another such character. He’s had such varying iterations. He’s gone through such drastic transformations over the course of the games he’s appeared in. You have to take that greatest hits approach so you can hit all the notes you need to hit for his various fans.


What do you think is going to keep players coming back to the game? In Marvel vs. Capcom 2 it was unlocking characters. Smash Brothers had trophies and Persona 4 Arena had a story mode. What’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s hook aside from playing it when friends come over?


We have a slate of single-player modes, and a lot of them are based on traditional fighting games. So like, arcade mode is very much like Marvel vs. Capcom. You select an individual character. You’ll learn a little bit about their background and what brings them to this crazy PlayStation All-Stars experience. You’ll go through a progression fighting different characters.


We have a rivalry system, which I don’t know if you’ve seen anything about, but each character has a fantasy match-up. Like, what if Ratchet met Jak? That system exists in our arcade mode for every character. You’ll have a cutscene and a fight between you and your rival. Then you’ll fight a boss character and there’s a resolution to our story. That exists for every character.


We’ve got this mode called Combat Trials, which I call “edutainment” where you learn about the combat systems if the game, and you’re going to learn a little bit about your character and how to use them, and you can have some fun with challenges and things like that. There are hundreds and hundreds of hours of gameplay  in Combat Trials. You could own the game for a year, and never go anywhere besides Combat Trials, and not see everything. And we’ve got a practice mode and tutorials and things like that, because there is a bit of a proper fighting game underpinning PlayStation All-Stars.


We’ve got a progression system that a lot of people haven’t had exposure to. And this is not just restricted to single-player, but if I like to do tournaments or play arcade mode, or just versus on the couch with my buddies, I’m constantly earning experience and unlocking stuff. You can earn costumes, intros, outros, taunts, theme music, icons, pieces of art, things you can adorn your character with.


At the same time, I’ve been playing Street Fighter IV since 2008 and the heart of any proper fighting game is its gameplay, and we think we have something special with our gameplay. We think a lot of fans are going to stick around just to get to the depth of  strategy of what our game is.


jak_cole_6 littlebigplanet_dreamscape-20120807-21.51


I still play Street Fighter IV, too. But, the PlayStation fans who are buying the game for Sly Cooper and Kratos might not get into the nitty-gritty of mastering an air-combo, and just want to see Kratos throwing Parappa the Rapper around. What’s going to keep them coming back?


I think we do have a host of unlocks. It’s hard to [say what they are]. We  don’t have a direct analogy to the Smash system, but when you see our goal system, our progression system, our vast array of unlocks, our Combo Trials mode, I think you’ll get an idea that there is a wealth of content that is there for that player. I still think the core fun, the sweet spot of our game, is people getting together for multiplayer. But, I understand that there are players who will want to do a deep dive on single-player content, and we’ve provided a lot of that.


What’s Superbot going to do after this?


I think we’ll see. PlayStation All-Stars doesn’t necessarily directly coincide to battle royale with four players. There are a variety of games we could potentially make to satisfy that “PlayStation All-Stars condition”. Like the capture the flag game I mentioned. It really just depends on what the fans are looking for and conversations with Sony, and how that shakes out. I’m really interested in seeing what fans are saying, and going from there.


What have you learned from fans so far, because you’ve done so many playtests. What have they influenced directly?


That’s a good question… I think [Laughs] My biggest takeaway from the relationship with fans is how insatiable they are. Fans are never satisfied. Maybe this is just a symptom of the Internet. Fans are never satisfied. And at times, it’s liberating or challenging. You can never please everyone.


You can take two paths as a creative. You can shut them off and go your own way, or you’re a maniac like me who reads every message, every forum post, every comment on an article, and is constantly motivated to try to satisfy as many people as possible. And this entire process over the last two years and relationship we’ve had with our fans has definitely convinced me never to stop trying.

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  • GreekShadow

    “Fans are never satisfied”
    Lol thats truth :S

    • bro

       well if they dont put in any playstation worthy characters and put little content in, superbot is asking for the hate. If they put crash, spyro, dart, cloud, tomba, you know the PLAYSTATION MASCOTS then there would be no hate and the game would be BAD ASS but they have 2 coles, the new dante, toro, nariko, slow as hell sir dan, and the list goes on and on

    • Elvick

      No it’s not. “All fans are never satisfied at the same time” is truth.

      I’m satisfied with a lot of things. Dissatisfied with other things, that other people could potentially be satisfied with.

      You can never please everyone, but you always please someone.

  • Brimfyre

    I wonder if at any point during development they were like, “Damn our mascot line up is really pathetic.”

    • Model_M

       Not as pathetic as your attempt to troll.

      • Brimfyre

        Is stating the truth trolling?  I mean I love Sony and everything, but other than the hardest of hard core fanboys, can anyone really look at that roster and say, “Damn those are some memorable characters!”

        • raitouniverse

          Yeah, not for nothing, but compared to Nintendo, it kinda looks weak. Like, straight out. But you have to understand that there are still fan favourites there, so it will still drive it forward. It’s not the pedigree of Nintendo, but I don’t think it needs to be. Nor did I think that they expected it to go that far.

          • sd28

            honestly i believe the third party characters are the weak link as most of the sony picks are allright except two coles that was just dumb 

        • sd28

          whilst I agree with this I also didn’t like the game play

          though I hope it gets a sequel for those that enjoy the game as it is by no means bad 

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          I agree with you on the third party characters, but most of the first party ones are very strong characters. Cole, Kratos, Drake, Sweet Tooth, Nariko. All characters I would immediately think of in a Playstation fighting game.

          Not to mention, there are a lot of us who don’t find the Nintendo characters very memorable at all. Yes, Mario and Luigi and Link and Zelda, but otherwise, I don’t know who any of those people are.

        • kupomogli

          For most of the cast, yes.  Like I said in a post above, the characters don’t have to be 20 years old to be favorites, point out Ike, Lucario, and the mostly unknown to most Nintendo fanboys prior to Brawl Kid Icarus.  Or why don’t I just mention Ness from the original Smash Bros, another character most people didn’t know of until that game, and just around the time it became impossible to get a reasonably priced Earthbound.

          There are characters I haven’t played their games on Playstation All Stars, say, Sly Cooper, but it’s a fighting game, so here’s how I look at it.  Who cares if I’m not a fan of God of War or I’ve never played Sly Cooper, the characters control completely different, they’re fun characters to use, just like in an original fighting game.

          When BlazBlue came out, I’m certain you didn’t know any of the characters.  It was an original IP, that’s why.  Does it make you not want to play as the characters because you don’t know of them?  I’m sure it didn’t.  It’d be stupid if you thought the same because you didn’t play a Sly Cooper game before.  If I didn’t play as any of the characters because I never played the game he was in, I’d have never played as Ike, who’s my favorite character on Brawl.

        • bro

          i know eh? the killzone guy and nariko lmaoo and alot of others, i swear superbot had a money chose the characters for this game

        • Model_M

          Claiming that your opinion is “the truth” doesn’t really help your case. You think the lineup is pathetic, some people don’t, which doesn’t make your opinion fact. But back to the lineup, I would only go as far to say that it isn’t the best roster assembled atm, and that’s due to the fact that its missing some more iconic PS character (Crash), but pathetic? seriously dude? Your pretty much calling every fan of every single IP represented in PSASBR pathetic.

      • MrRobbyM

        Trolling or not, I gotta agree with @google-025f76a5277dc51a24d5173b0afda7a5:disqus . Imo, the line up is kinda meh. I’m really only semi excited for the game because of Dante, Raiden and the recently announced Kat.

        • Godmars

           Wouldn’t call it pathetic exactly. Many characters, like Kratos, simply just don’t fit the style of a “family” SSB game.

          • MrRobbyM

            I don’t think the game is a “family” game necessarily. Not as much as a mainstream friendly game.

            If you ask me, the characters and stages don’t mesh well at all with each other which is a big turn-off for me.

          • Neophoton

             Have to agree. The lack of chemistry between the characters and stages never mixed all that well to me, so it didn’t give me any feeling of wanting to play the game. I only did a few rounds on the public beta before going back to whatever game I was playing beforehand and feeling as though I was missing nothing.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            I agree. I will say until my dying day that this should have been a more traditional 2.5D fighter, with graphics more akin to the Mortal Kombat reboot than anything. While Nintendo’s games tend to be more family-friendly and thus it’s more acceptable to have them in a Smash-style game, Sony’s characters tend to be aimed more at adults, so a more adult-style fighter should have happened.

        • kupomogli

          Are you getting the game MrRobbyM?  I’ll play you in it if you are.

          • MrRobbyM

            Please, Robby will do.

            I don’t have any plans on getting it soon unless someone surprises me with an xmas gift. Maybe sometime early next year if the price drops considerably. I’ll let you know :)

    • Albert

      Someone should slap the f**ck out of your mom.

      • Not only is this post incredibly disheartening to see (banned, btw), it also says a lot about the people that clicked “Like” on it. 

        • MrRobbyM

          Thank you for saying what we were all thinking.

        • Christopher Nunes

          Should there be a “dislike” button then? Just curious…

          PS: Off topic, but I’m getting an error signing in on my Facebook account to post here. Is there a reason I can’t log in on my FB account from here to post here?

          • Ah, so about that. There’s something going on with our Disqus/Facebook implementation and we haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing it yet. If you want to sign into Disqus from FB, go to another site that uses it, sign in over there, and then come back to Siliconera. 

            Also, for your first question: The “flag” is effectively a downvote. If enough people flag a comment, it gets moderated automatically. :)

            As long as you stay logged in, it’ll work fine. If you log out and need to log back in, you’ll need to do it on another site again. We’re trying to figure out what happened, but it’s taking a while, especially since we also have to keep updating the site with news.

    • bro

       yea i know eh?

    • LaserVision

      It’s more of a reflection of the fact that the Xbox and Playstation came into into their own at a time when mascot characters just aren’t popular or necessary anymore.

  • GreekShadow

    Come on -.- you can’t compare the boring Nitendo characters with Playstation characters.Are you kidding me?The lineup is “pathetic”?Mario & Luigi vs Sackboy & Sly.Who wins?Nevermind i guess it is your opinion but i love this lineup, i actually grew up with PS characters,others grew up with Nitendo characters so i don’t know :S

    • sd28

      ………………… not sure if serious

    • Herok♞

      I grew up with both Nintendo and Sony, and have to give the advantage to Smash Bros since it has a larger roster. Mario is meh, Luigi is awesome,  Sackboy sucks, and Sly is exceptional if I went through the entirety of both Brawl and All-Stars lists like this I would easily find more likable Nintendo characters for two reasons I would find more likable characters in Brawl then there are general characters in All-Stars and Brawl didn’t have to wait until after launch to get all the characters.

      • Fango

         The first SSB on N64 did not have very many characters (only 12!) either. Not fair to compare the roster of Playstation allstar to a game that has had 3 iterations to build upon.

        • Herok♞

          Actually it is completely fair since they are both games based on the history of their companies, if sony was a brand new company the comparisons would be unfair but it is their 3rd generation and they overlooked alot of key players when making the game like no rpg characters like Cloud, Lightning, or Squall. This game is how they choose to represent modern Sony, and Brawl represented Nintendo all those years ago, I don’t think sony is going to dig deep because I don’t think they would find anyone else notewort who isn’t in the game or won’t be in the game.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yes, they’re both based on the entire history of their companies but surely you don’t think Nintendo only had 12 characters in their history to fit into the first Smash Bros. game, right? They didn’t get everybody on the first pass and neither did SuperBot. It’s simply not an accurate comparison to look at the latest Smash Bros. against the very first go at such a team up for another company. It doesn’t matter what gen they’re in, no fighting game ever starts out with the largest roster. You’re comparing some 20-odd characters to Brawl’s near 40.

            Moreover, Ninty owns every single iconic character we’ve seen in the Smash series apart from the few third-party characters in Brawl. Heck, how many iconic characters are there in Nintendo’s history that they don’t own? Not many. Sony’s history is mostly noted for the characters they didn’t own rather than the ones they did. It’s not that SuperBot overlooked Cloud or Lightning — I mean, who the hell could overlook the hero of one of the most acclaimed and well-beloved PS1 games and the only FF main we’ve seen this gen? That doesn’t sound right. It’s not a matter of who SuperBot wants, it’s who SuperBot can get. Having fudging PaRappa the Rapper shows that they looked to the PS1 era, but what other iconic PS1 characters does Sony own? None. Spyro and Crash were arguably their biggest PS1 characters (I mean, Crash was their mascot for goodness’ sake) but they don’t own them. They got a good swipe of their PS2 icons for so small a roster, with the exception of new Dante being there over old Dante (most likely on part of Capcom setting that condition).

            I spent my entire childhood with a N64 and an SNES, but if you honestly don’t think Sony would be able to pull up anymore noteworthy characters… well, I dunno what to tell you. Not first-party, heavens no, but we all knew that would be the case. Nintendo has always been defined by their own characters, Sony didn’t really come into their own until this gen with a handful of characters they could lay claim to on PS2 (all of who are in this game already).

            It’s going to take time for SuperBot to get the ok for all the characters we could’ve/should’ve had since they have to prove the worth of such a thing to the other IP owners. Nintendo simply had their pick. You’re looking at a farmer and a grocery store shopper and asking why one has more veggies. All things take iteration before they’re at their best.

          • Herok♞

            Fair enough but I wouldn’t have minded waiting longer if it meant being able to use more Iconic third party characters, but in the case of first they still did drop the ball with the characters they own, like they could have used the main characters from Ico, SotC, or Wild Arms and Kat had to wait for DLC, or they could have used mutiple characters from serious’ they are already using like it is strange to me to have Good/Evil Cole when they could use any other sly, ape escape , or twisted metal character to pad the roster. So basically the farmer forgot to use the different varations on veggies they grew and still had ripe.

          • KingRuff

            This is a very single-minded response. So you are saying that instead of comparing this to the latest iteration of smash bros.(which imo makes way more sense) We should compare it to Smash Bros 64. In that case, we should all run around saying “Hey everybody PSASBR is better than SB64 it must be a great game!”

            There are many games that are better in their first iteration than other games that have had five or six! Just because a game is in its first iteration doesn’t mean we can’t compare it to games that are out now. If game developers thought like you we would never get new IPs. “Oh you know Nintendo already made a party game we should just give up cause ours can’t be better than theirs.” You see how that sounds when you put what you just said into words?

            Comparing this game to Brawl is the only comparison that makes sense. You wouldn’t compare Halo 4 to Call of Duty 1, nor would you compare the new Sonic kart game to Super Mario Kart. I’m not saying you can’t defend this game, but don’t try to handicap it with dumb arguments like “you can’t compare this to brawl, therefore you must compare it to melee or smash 64”.

            I also grew up with SNES, N64, and PS1 and from there I bought every console both Nintendo and Sony released. I’ve always thought that both systems had great games and characters. Not everything they make is perfect, but I enjoyed a majority of it. Sony has as great a chance as Nintendo to make a game like this successful so stop trying to treat them like they can’t handle it and we should baby them for it.

          • Fango

             Well said. However, no logic is ever going to get through to a nintendo fanboy.

          • Solomon_Kano

            @Cyberninja776:disqus I wouldn’t have minded waiting either but, dealing with the likes of Squenix and Activision, it probably would’ve been an indefinite wait were they to do so. So I’ll take this as a stop-gap and hopefully, like Smash Bros., the roster will just keep going onward and upward. I agree that SuperBot hasn’t made the best of what was available to them though. I don’t think anyone could logically say otherwise. Hardly any SCEJ reps, no Syphon Filter, not even a stage referencing WipeOut, etc.

          • Solomon_Kano

            @KingRuff:disqus Your “Hey everybody PSASBR is better than SB64 it must be a great game” thing tells me you’re reading something else in what I’m saying. Herok got where I was going. I’m not saying anything about this game’s quality. Couldn’t care whether it’s better than Smash Bros. or not. I’m not talking about the game as a whole, I’m talking about the roster.

            I’m not defending anything, but as a fighting game fan it’s simply in poor context to compare the roster of a long-running fighter to another’s first entry. Skullgirls came out last year with only 10 characters (after DLC, it comes with 8 from the go), so I should compare to the 39 of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition? Even BlazBlue started with just 12 characters and grew with each entry. I’m not talking about any aspect of this game outside of how many fighters it contains. I’m talking within the context of fighting games. Your analogy of comparing Halo 4 to the original COD might work how you intended if we were having a different discussion, but there’s a specific reason as to why my analogy applies to these fighting games.

            You’re talking about “babying” and “handicapping” Sony when I’m doing no such thing. This isn’t some console war BS. I’m talking about a long-known pitfall of every first game in a fighting series, not the game’s quality. Not making excuses as to why it can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t be as good as Smash Bros. I don’t care about that. I’ve got no problem discussing stuff, but please read my comment if you intend to respond instead of putting words in my mouth.

          • Solomon_Kano

            @Cyberninja776:disqus Yea, I could’ve seen Atlus lending them a Persona character. To me though, the biggest missing link on the level of Atlus was that there was nobody from Disgaea. Laharl was damn-near the face of niche gaming on PS2 and Disgaea is still a well-loved series, so that was a bit surprising. I find it really interesting that we didn’t see any Dark Cloud representation since it was my understanding that Sony owns that IP. Same thing with Level-5’s Rogue Galaxy. At the least, they published both of those so it looks that way. I mean, they own Wild ARMs though they don’t own the devs behind it and that’s the only comparable IP in their history.

            I agree that there are pros and cons to each though, which is why I think SuperBot has the right idea by making the DLC characters free to download for the first two weeks they’re available. If they do that for all future DLC then there’s no need to make a new retail package (not for a while, at least) and people who don’t even own the game yet can still get the DLC. I don’t plan on getting the game until after Kat is available, but I’ll still be able to get the DLC without paying and use it once I do get the game. I think that’s a really fair way to go about it. Two weeks is a big window. Then they can release a new retail package once they aren’t making anymore DLC for people who perhaps don’t have the kind of connection that lets them access stuff like that. So while I expect Sony to stick with DLC alone, I hope they release a new disc down the line too like they did for Gran Turismo 5 (which is the only game they’ve done that for this gen, actually).

          • Fango

            This is responce to KingRuff, not herok.

            I wasn’t refering about your comparision about the game itself. I was talking about the JUST the roster. Herok complained that Playsation Allstar had a weak roster, yet you fully neglected to acknowledge that this is their FIRST game and that even SSB1 had less.

            You can’t compare the ROSTER of a 1st gen game to a game that has had THREE games to build on.

          • KingRuff

            I get what you are saying, but the reason smash bros had the roster sizes it did was because of hardware limitations. PS3 can handle way more characters than a N64 cartridge. The roster size has nothing to do with it being a first game, its because these characters were all they were able to get the rights to use.

          • Herok♞

             I just have to ask when you say Nintendo fanboy are you referring to me or KingRuff? I am not really a fanboy for either since I have always had both Sony and Nintendo consoles for that Gen except gamecube. Never once did I say this game sucks, I fully intend to get it since it is cross-buy and I would get the Vita copy with the PS3 version. All I am saying is I feel the roster is weak in comparison into Smash Bros Brawl which I use since at this point in time no one would likely pick up the original when they could get brawl.

            @Solomon_Kano:disqus  In the case of the 3rd parties I think Atlus would let them use someone from Persona and maybe Level 5 would let them use a Dark Cloud character and maybe throw them on PS2 classics later to sweeten the deal. Lastly do you think they are just going to add dlc or do a new version when they get more characters? I personally feel both have there own merits like DLC allows you to pick and choose who you want but makes it unfair if you don’t have everyone when it comes to online or Disc where everyone will be on equal playing field but then you get people mad they have to buy a whole new disc(I think this could be solved for older players by giving them a patch that makes the changes and add everyone for a small fee).  

    • MrRobbyM

      I’m kind of taken aback by this comment.

    • kupomogli

      I grew up with Nintendo characters but I like Sony characters more.  Fanboys exclusive to Nintendo think that because some Sony characters haven’t been around for 20 years they’re not good characters. 

      Ike and Lucario, the two fan favorites from Super Smash Bros Brawl are fairly new.  Ike was first in Fire  Emblem Path of Radiance.  Lucario was from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.  It’s pretty hypocritical to say that since Sony’s franchises don’t range as far back as most of Nintendo’s that they’re crappy characters.  Ike was my favorite character in Brawl.

      Kid Icarus is another fan favorite, but this one is an old character that most of us Nintendo fans didn’t care about because he was in two games that weren’t any good, and most Nintendo fanboys right now never even knew about until Brawl.  He was so popular that he even got a new game, a new game that didn’t sell very well at all.  Yet these same fanboys bash well known Sony characters that aren’t as renowned as Mario.  What’s the difference when these same fans didn’t even know who Kid Icarus was?  Nintendo fanboys are as hypocrite as they come. 

      For those of you who purchase Playstation All Stars, I might see you online.  Those of you who are getting Super Smash Bros U, and all you Nintendo fanboys who I know are getting it, I might see you guys online as well.

      • Herok♞

         Pit not Kid Icarus

      • …a new game that didn’t sell very well at all.

        I would love to see these sales figures. Please educate us further on the subject.

        • kupomogli

          Nintendo announced how they thought the game was doing better than they expected, but that was its first week.  It still hasn’t hit a million sales, but they’ve mentioned poor sales of Metroid the Other M and that was after the games sales already broke a million.

          Just an assumption that the sales aren’t reaching overall expectations.

          It’s not too much longer until Kid Icarus has been out for a year.

          • Nintendo also said that they view Kid Icarus as a game that will sell alongside the 3DS in the years to come. It isn’t expected to hit one million in under  a year. And Metroid: Other M’s sales are nowhere close to 1 million. 

            I don’t know where you’re pulling this info from. Stop spreading misinformation if you don’t have actual sources to back it up. This constant anti-Nintendo bickering of yours is getting extremely tiring. It’s very childish and no one cares to be reminded how they supposedly ran over your dog every three posts.

            The “fanboy” nonsense you keep going on about is ridiculous, too. Not everyone that is disinterested in PS All-Stars is a fanboy. A large number of people have commented that the game doesn’t seem to come together as well as they’d hoped. It has nothing to do with fanboyism. You need to stop lashing out at everyone and everything.

        • sevensword15

          Well he’s kinda right according to vgchartz, Kid Icarus uprising didn’t even hit a million copies although it was close at 900k, it deserved more in my opinion. But i know someone is going to say that site is not reliable so take it with a grain of salt.
          On an unrelated note, this is my first time on this site since ive been looking for a site similar to andriasang since it closed down, i like the site and all the news but i kinda don’t like the community here with all the hating for just a simple interview, or the moderator here for acting like a tough guy asking for sales numbers and such in an arrogant way when since he probably knows about the game industry more than us he can find it himself. I’m probably just use to andrisang’s Anoop who always commented with class and courtesy. But other than that the site is great.

          • TiredOfMyOldUsername

            vgchartz is rarely right and even if they were, i’m pretty sure 900K is quite good.
            I don’t know what was the developement cost of Kid Icarus, but at 900K copies sold, let say Nintendo get 20$ from each copies sold that would make 18M profit for them, i really doubt Kid icarus developement cost was over 18M.

          • If they say 900k its probably a lot lower if were going by VGchartz estimates.(once they said a psp game sold better in the west then its Jap counterpart, yep thats really believeable)

    • KingRuff


  • Carlos Escalante

    I think Superbot did a good job for their first attempt. While the lineup is certainly missing a lot from the PS1 and PS2 era, I can sense their passion and commitment to the fans. I hope they release a good amount of DLC. If this game could have the likes of Robbit, Tomba, Crash, Cloud, Chun Li and Wander it would be great. Maybe release a season pass?

    I legitimate critique I do have against the game is the art direction. It is missing a bit of spit and polish to make the game look really tight.

  • Ben Sylvia

    I’ll be glad when tomorrow gets here so we can finally know wtf this “progression system” is.

    That’s going to be what makes this a buy or rent for me.

    • kupomogli

      You win battles you get experience with each character no matter what mode you’re in.  You unlock different stuff to outfit your character with, intros(your characters intro to battle) outros(your win/loss.)  You have a card thing similar to Call of Duty, where you unlock backgrounds that you can switch the card to, characters from Playstation franchises that you can put as the picture on your card, and titles that you can also add to your card. 

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Looks rather cheesy…..Plus the fact that ALOT of badass characters have been omitted in favor of more “family friendly” fellows has really swayed me to passing on this….

    • margherita mastropaolo

      what heshe said

    • Elvick

       Such as?

  • margherita mastropaolo

    Yeah, we’ve still got some surprises on the disc, honestly that people haven’t pried out of us just yet. [Laughs] So we look forward to the game coming out and people getting a chance to experience those surprises.
    Read more at 

    wtf so they are so smug to the point they even tell us to our face
    i’m glad i passed on this

  • kroufonz

    I’ve been long time playstation fans since PSX, yet my interest toward this game is very low:(

    maybe because my PS1/2 and PSP memory are heavily dominated by JRPG and japanese game in general. this game roster is just to western dominated for me (especially with only 3 jpn 1st party franchise on disc and no 1st & 3rd party jrpg rep)

    playstation are famous with their JRPG and part of they long time history as a JRPG console. I am fully aware  this is western developed and have been lowering my expectation to maybe only one first party rpg rep will be in the game. and yet there is none.

    they have so much first party rpg can’t even bother include one of them on disc. 7 wild arms game 5 popolocrois, lots of arc the lad, 3 legaia, 2 oreshika (which will have vita sequel), 3 wkc,3 patapon, 5  yusha series, demon soul, folklore, 2 alundra, 2 dark cloud, okage, jewel kingdom summoner,coded soul, rezel cross, legend of the dragoon etc.

    ugh they shouldn’t talking big about “celebration of playstation history”

    still toro manage to keep me interested, and with kat dlc i think i may get this when the price drop or if there is some kind of ultimate version, and gonna wait and see what additional character the delayed japanese release would get first before buying.

    • margherita mastropaolo

      yeah those who wanna buy this would do better to import

  • Akimitsu

    People still comparing the characters to Smash Brothers have to understand that Nintendo’s characters are iconic and they were around for a good 10-12 years before Sony even came out with the first Playstation. That means people had a long time to grow with those characters, and they are very near and dear to them. Sony doesn’t have a character that has really been on all of their systems (Sweet Tooth is the only one that comes to mind).

    Spike, Sir Daniel, Parappa and Heihachi are the only others that were on the original Playstation. 8 of the characters made their debut on the PS3, while the rest began their life on the PS2. I would loved to have seen some other characters in the game, like someone from the Wild Arms series, or even Dart or someone from Legend of Dragoon. Of course, there is DLC, so you never know who else is going to be added to the game.

    • kroufonz

      Toro also debuted on the original playstation :)

      and it’s a damn shame they ignored a long runing series like Wild Arms:(

      • ForteWily

        That is true, but Toro is also a very unique case since he was pretty much unheard of till recently in the US (being Sony’s Japan mascot for the Playstaton brand, it is a story that is oddly similar to Marth, Roy and Ike of Fire Emblem)

  • ZEROthefirst

    I grew up on Nintendo and Sony (mostly Sony, I only had an SNES for about a year and my next Nintendo system was the Gamecube, about 3 years after it’s release) and even I have to admit that most of Sony’s character designs are pretty… meh.

    I’m a Sony fanboy so don’t think I’m trying to jump on the whole Nintendo is the best, but the character line up for this game as well as the gameplay just aren’t doing anything for me. I want to say I’ll get this if I find a used copy around $40 or less but again this game’s just not interesting me at all so not sure if I’ll ever get it.

    • I’d wait till we see more DLC for this game before we comment on the roster.

      Right now it is meh, so I wanna see if they can change it around with some DLC.

      • kroufonz

         yeah and hopefully the delay of japanese version are have something to do with adding more SCEJ character:P

  • Gawsq

    Where is Neptune!

    • Göran Isacson

      Ha ha oh man, who wrote this/where was it found? I’d like to see if there are more funnies where this came from.

  • bro

    dont forget that you dissapointed fans by not putting any playstation allstar in the game, halfa assing everything in the game. Very little amount of content. horrible character choices, horrible dlc character choices, screwing up characters, broken gameplay. I think i got everything

    • Elvick

      So who do you consider an All-Star for PlayStation then?

    • Luna Kazemaru

       *looks at name*

      Yeah not even going to try.

    • XiaomuArisu

       Kratos,Jak,Ratchet,Sly,Cole,Heihachi,Big Daddy,Raiden,Dante,Nariko,Sackboy,Parapa the Rapper,etc.


      KAT(for free!) nuff said

      Not liking the game is one thing complaining that the roster sucks because your favorite character isnt there is just stupid.

      • KingRuff

         You forgot Evil Cole! How could you?!

  • Demerest Armstrong

    I’ve just read all the comments and I’m 50/50. Yes, Smash Bros rules b/c they were well…the first to do it. And yes, this line-up isn’t “all-star” material but he WANTS the characters we want too guys and gals. It’s the stupid IP holders (people who have the rights to the characters) for Crash, Cloud, Lightening, Sora, Tomb Raider, etc that won’t agree with him. Overall the game isn’t bad. 

    Honestly, if Super Bot got everyone they wanted to get for this game…a lot of these comments wouldn’t be here. :)

    • Fango

       Yup, a lot of people seem to be quite ignorant in the logistics of acquiring rights to use these characters. It is largely out of Superbot’s hands.

      • KingRuff

         This still raises the question of what IP holder wouldn’t want the publicity? I mean think of Smash Bros and Marth/Roy. Nobody even knew what a Fire Emblem was until they got publicity. Now it has a solid fanbase with more titles actually heading this way. You would think it a good business strategy to show people how cool your character is in this game so they want to see more of where they came from.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Activision, easily. And they’re the hold up on two of the biggest Playstation characters.

          Spyro is unusable unless SuperBot wants another “we wanted this character, but we wanted that version!” deal like they got with Dante. The Spyro seen in Skylanders and most of the Spyro games this and last gen is nigh unrecognizable as the one people wanted to see represented. That means SuperBot throws in a Skylanders promo and tells us we got Spyro or they don’t use him at all. Not being fond of the inclusion of new Dante, a lot of people following this game wouldn’t be happy with the Skylanders Spyro. 

          Crash is a similar deal, if not worse, since he hasn’t had a game since 2010 (or ’08 if you’re not counting that mobile game). Do you give us a Crash based on the version Activision drove into the ground or do you go for the classic version? Does Activision let you use the classic version? They don’t have a new Crash game to promote, but it’s no more beneficial for them to let old Crash be used.

          While easy promo sounds like reason enough to let some of these characters be used, there could be any number of reasons these publishers haven’t agreed to lease their IP. Logical or no, we’ll never know.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      And i am not one of them lol. The only thing i wanted is the IP’s that Sony had.

      Like Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, Genji, Tomba, etc. I don’t even need any of those third party first as Sony main IP actually is huge enough to supplement the first game.

  • Ultimaniacx4

    It only seems like fans are never happy because the vast majority of people that are okay with something won’t hit the forums and comment boxes announcing it. 

    When someone doesn’t like something they feel like they got gypped out of an opportunity and they won’t stop complaining until they get their way. 

    If/when they get their way and finally shut up then someone else who was okay with how things were before feels cheated and then they start complaining.  I feel really sorry for the devs since they can’t just shut out the consumer voice completely because for every 100 pointless complaints there’s probably 1 or 2 great suggestions that can actually improve something. 

    I’m not happy with some of the decisions they made with this game, but not so unhappy that I won’t still get it come release.

  • JoJo_649

    LOL, “Cole wasn’t in a fighting game before”
    And why is he speaking about the fan feedback?, he clearly never cared about it (Donte, Heihachi, Raiden, Big Daddy Seriosuly?!!).
    still getting the game, but he speaks a lot of bullshit.

    • Elvick

      He said, “a fighting game like this”. 

      • JoJo_649

        He also mentions Radec, Fat Princess and Parappa the Rapper alongside Cole, so…

        • Elvick

          Your point? You were wrong. Deal.

          • KingRuff

            You wanna try to bring that up what about the people he did say? Kratos, Nariko, Raiden, Dante, and Heihachi. Not a single one has been in a game like this. So your point? You were wrong. Deal.

          • Elvick

            Um, I corrected a misquote. Whatever argument he wants to slap onto my correction is irrelevant to me correcting him.

            Nice try though.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      It’s cute you think Omar has a choice on third party character selection. I’m sure he wanted Crash Bandicoot, Solid Snake, Lara Croft, and more instead of what third parties handed him.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Hnnng…Where’s Tomba!? He better be DLC.

  • Shogunreaper

    Eh.. After playing the beta i can honestly say i really wish they just went and copied SSB’s system of points (with knocking off stages)

    The whole super system was annoying and frustrating to me.

  • Masengan

    Pre ordered, can’t wait to go buy it in a few hours. The beta pretty much solidified my purchase.

  • HassanJamal

    its finally coming out! XD I’ve been watching that PSASBR attract trailer daily till the game came out :D Looks like i wont need to watch that epic trailer anymore….maybe 

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    [Insert comment about how it is ripping off Smash Bros (badly at that) and how you won’t be buying it because ermahgurd Sony try harder.]

  • anthony apduhan

    Enough talk of Smash Bros. rip-off blah blah blah talk. All I want is Crash Bandicoot and Spyro (at least Crash) that’s it! I’m feeling the MVC3 no Megaman disease again! At least he’ll be a Christmas or New Year DLC. Hmph! I wonder what Activision is up to. I’m going to unleash my inner Murakumo if Crash wasn’t there…

    • Exactly my thought. This is gonna be the “no such character” all over again, just like MvC3. But to be fair to Superbot, Crapcom owned the effing characters everyone wanted (Megaman, Gene, Commando, and so on) and Superbot had to deal with numerous studios just to get what they got and most of the chracters we want come from dead franchises and defunt / uninterested companies. Lets just hope they work their way into that and spew out our wishes in DLC packages. ps: megaman is gonna be DLC on MvC3? I don’t think so, dude.

      • anthony apduhan

        Not not Megaman in MVC3 DLC. The DLC I was talking about is Crash and Spyro ohhh I hope they are Christmas or New Year DLC.

  • Göran Isacson

    I wonder how it hurt the marketing plan, really… on the one hand I guess that I’m not an expert in marketing and psychology, but I don’t really see what the big damage here is, these days it kinda feels like everyone reveals their rosters right from the get-go instead of slowly reveal character after character. Don’t see no big differences either way.

    Also, I was surprised to see him like Nariko so much. I found her far too slow to be of much use during the games I played, because everyone else played fast characters with distance attacks that could easily fill up the power meter and blow me away with supermoves. Anyone else who’s managed to get good use out of her?

  • Nice interview – although I’m REALLY struggling to get excited by this. Apart from a handful of characters like Parappa, I don’t think the cast has enough charisma to keep me hooked like Smash did… something about this game just feels kinda cynical…

    • I think you may be mistakenly thinking PS All Stars plays like Smash Brothers. It doesn’t. It plays like a fighting game. You don’t need charismatic characters for a fighting game. You need characters with a balanced and glossy set of moves. To that extent I would argue that Kratos or Nariko are much better fitted for PS All Stars than Parappa or Sackboy are.

  • Lester Paredes

    I think the leaks drastically hurt the game. There’d be more enthusiasm if it weren’t leaked so badly. People would have been like: AWESOME! (Insert character name) is in this game! Instead, people were just: That’s all? While I will readily admit, I wasn’t all that interested in it from the beginning, the more I learned about it, the more interested I got. Now, I have the game, I just have yet to play it. What am I waiting for? Well, I work nights, and my Tuesday morning didn’t start until 5pm. So, I wasn’t able to pick up the game until 8:30pm, and on the way to work, where I am now. But, I’ll definitely pop it in my PS3 and download it into my Vita when I get home!

  • JasonRoseEh

    You released 19 characters and you think the fans are never satisfied? How about you try to satisfy them first with a roster befitting on an entire brand.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Soooo…is he supposed to listen to the fans? If so, where are all these characters that fans wanted to see?

  • I hope so hard that what he learned is to not delve into religious stuff with his story. If they have to have kratos then they don’t have to have his evil story. I was beyond excited about this game and adored the beta but when they had that story stuff in I just could not support it. If they learned from this and put a generic story then I’m getting it day one son!

  • sonicgamer4

    spyro, Tomba, crash(maybe another from the same game cortex or tiny or coco), arc the lad, FF character: prolly cloud, Klonoa, X, honestly maybe even sora from kh, kratos, heihachi, spike, sir daniel, jak, ratchet, kos-mos, kratos, drake, maybe a “tales of” character, snake(raiden is acceptable), kat(totally original enough to be in it), yakuza: Kazuma Kiryu, cole, ico, guy from shadow of colossus.

    This is somewhere along the lines of what i would expect from a playstation all stars type of game o.o…..yea some of them are in there but i just mean all together. Like digging into the playstation history and pulling up the all stars of playstation and mixing some old stars with new ones D=

    that aside i think the game is pretty decent it just needs a few gameplay changes and options to be really good. If they are actually able to find a way to change the tone of the game in a way that makes the characters mesh better it could be a great game.

  • akiko_sakuraba

    If only the game a wider variety of characters, you know, characters people KNOW, then I would feel like buying it. I’m not interested in playing as action hero/villain Kratos, a sack boy, and a fat lady.

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