Could "Fighters Of Capcom" Be A Capcom Mashup Fighting Game?

By Spencer . November 20, 2012 . 12:26am

capcomtmWe’ve seen Capcom characters clash with the Marvel universe, Tasunoko legends, and SNK’s best. Other than Capcom Fighting Jam, Capcom characters don’t spend much time with each other.


Maybe Capcom is making one? Rockman Corner discovered a Fighters of Capcom trademark registered by, of course, Capcom. The filing is a bit different from other Capcom trademarks since it’s registered for use with computer game software and the classification for online services. Another possibility is this trademark will be used for a localized version of Capcom All Stars, a crossover card battling game designed for GREE.

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  • mikanko

    It sounds similar to the channel they created a couple months back called “Capcomfighters” separate from their Unity stream.  Not that I’d know why they’d need to file a trademark for anything dealing with online streaming. 

  • miyamoto

    Sega: Fighter’s Megamix 2 pls

  • pretty sure it’s the GREE thing

  • Klaus00

    Yeah I’m not getting my hopes up for this , nice try though Capcom/

  • Göran Isacson

    My heart may hope for a big internal Capcom fighter, but my mind is telling me that it’s unlikely they’re trying that when the next big thing they SHOULD be hyping for is Darkstalkers 4, AND they have, as you say, a card game which seems to be a big darn crossover thing as well. Maybe they’re just aiming to convert it to iOS and Android?

  • Luis Camargo

    Capcom presents Capcom software in Capcom vs Capcom developed by Capcom and published by Capcom.

    Or DLC vs Capcom.

  • Zonic505

    While I’m gonna keep my expectations in check & go with “Capcom All-Stars’ localized name”, seem weird they’d change the name for the US. Really wouldn’t mind a crossover fighting game of just Capcom characters.

  • Fighters of Capcom somehow doesn’t sound right – like they registered it just to have it, rather than have a specific use for it. My money’s on Capcom All Stars – which, incientally, would be great if it was another fighter.

    Been a little disappointed with Capcom’s fighter output recently, they need to reignite my interest.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Capcom president: We realized the bad boxart MegaMan is not loved by everybody. That’s why we’ll put in the one that everybody loves:

  • I have a feeling this is going to be a social game.

    • Budgiecat

      That’s a pretty safe bet these days unfortunately..

    • raymk

      I can bet it’ll be that as well.

    • Junko Enoshima

      Maybe like Persona 3 or something.

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    If it’s a phone card game, I’m not buying it. 

  • Just Tim

    Yet another sign they’re doing it wrong; Capcom might as well make a new All-Stars game with a same gameplay for ALL characters, with the storyline that the winner will become the new mascot of Capcom.

  • Badr Alomair

    My guess is this is just the sort of meta name for another downloadable collection of old fighting games (ala MVC Origins or DS Resurrection). But the pretty generic name means that it’ll probably be a random collection of old fighting games that don’t have any “thematic” link between them.

  • Hinataharem

    And this game still won’t have Megaman

    • Lester Paredes

      Thanks for jinxing it! /:(

  • Sammy Garner

    Capcom needs a new concept. Take a poll from the fans and add the FIGHTERS we want from the CAPCOM UNIVERSE and make a KILLER FIGHTING GAME out of it. I cud use another RIVAL SCHOOLS character in a FIGHTING GAME.

  • Lester Paredes

    I’d play a Capcom mash-up fighter. Sure, Fighting Jam was a bit lame, but I got to play as those awesome Warzards characters. As a card-battle game, I’ll have to pass. The only card battle game that kept my interest was Metal Gear Ac!d, and sometimes i think i was the only one to enjoy that. Here’s hoping this one is much better.

  • Yuriangels

    …Don’t… know if happy or scared (>_>)

  • In any case I hope jin is on the rooster !!

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