New Game In Mugen Souls Series In The Works

By Spencer . November 20, 2012 . 11:15pm

imageIn Japan, Mugen Souls has a longer title, Overwhelming Game Mugen Souls. Famitsu spoke to Kenta Sugano who said a new title in the "Overwhelming" series is under development.


Sugano also worked on Spectral Souls, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and The Record of Agarest War titles. The game will be announced soon, Sugano said perhaps hinting that it will be in the next issue of Famitsu.

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  • SolidusSnake

    lol, I guess people actually bought it. Never underestimate the power of loli bathing!

    • Actually, its never underestimate no other rpg’s that aren’t western rpg’s coming out nowadays.  I have a lot of gripes with Mugen Souls, the biggest one being me wondering why every game Idea Factory and Compile Heart bring out all have crappy movement from their characters when walking around and the maps feel really out of place as if somebody built an illusion using another, older, game engine and are forcing you to wander it if you want to play the game.

      If I had access to better games, more tales of games, more games like dragon quest for consoles, star oceans that don’t mimic the last piece of crap in the series, and please more games like Resonance of Fate and the Last Odyssey, the world would be a friendlier place for us jrpg fanatics.

      Sadly, we don’t see anything like those anymore due to the ridiculously high price of game development on consoles nowadays.

      I got my fingers crossed that the Wii U’s lack of power will allow developers to create games for cheaper and be willing to take a chance on the old games that used to sell just fine, just not millions of copies fine.

      So no, it isn’t entirely loli bathing, though it may be for some, but for me and a lot of other people its a drought of anything else to play on our consoles.  I have been getting into ds games recently, but those game, almost all of them, don’t really feel like a console experience.  Most are dumbed down, or are so simple, that it feels like a waste of time to play them.

      So, no, it isn’t entirely loli bathing scenes.  Its just this question……  “What else is there to play that is a jrpg when you are a person who loves a lot of jrpg’s and don’t want to miss out on possibly the next big thing?”  The main reason I play games like Mugen Souls, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and so on is because none of the games take themselves seriously.  If they did, I would condemn them as crappy games because a serious game needs a much better engine than those games provide, though I havent finished Hyperdimenion Neptunia part 2 yet, or even gotten more than 8 hours in.  Will remedy that sometime in the future.

      • SolidusSnake

        Played Last Story and Xenosaga yet? Supposedly those are the latest big thing in console JRPGs, though I don’t have a Wii so I can’t comment.

        I gave up on consoles for JRPGs awhile back and stick to handhelds for that business for the most part. Though, I’m not such a fanatic for the genre to play inferior games just because they are JRPGs. I’ll hold out for Shin Megami Tensei IV, personally. 

        • Well, the games themselves aren’t exactly inferior for the price. They don’t charge a full $60 for those games, and the times they do, you get a collectors edition.

          And yeah, I bought a wii for 3 games, Arc Rise Fantasia, whose voice acting was so horrible, I couldn’t complete the game because I couldn’t stand it, and I wasn’t gonna play the game with the movie segments muted, Xenoblade, and last story. Thing is, those games have come and gone, and far as I know, the next big thing will be Tales of Xillia, whenever it comes out.

          For games like Mugen Souls and the others from the companies that released it, they are funny. Though I guess to get into their games you have to like anime too, which I do. I loved the story in Hyperdimension Neptunia part 1, but yeah, the gameplay sucked, but the story was just so funny, it kept me interested in the game all the way to the end. I have no problems recommending Record of Agarest War 1 and 2 to people, but I recommend they avoid Zero, unless they just plain loved the combat in part 1.

          I have my fingers crossed that the WiiU will be the next super nintendo. I am giving it a year to see how it goes before I get one, as even though I hope, I have no faith in Nintendo at the moment.

          And just so you know how much of a fanatic I am….I have around 200 ps1 and ps2 games. I have all but maybe 4 rpg’s on both systems in my collections, and strategy rpg’s and action rpg’s. I have all the currently releasted ps3 and xbox 360 rpg’s as well. I am working on the ds at the moment, up to around 16 games for it I think. I am a collector, and my chosen hobby is rpg collecting. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, I need some bad habit =)

          • SolidusSnake

            *looks at bookshelves full of games, then at glass of whisky*

            Oh hell, I drink and collect games. Now I feel bad about my life!

            Seriously though, I may be lucky (?) in being so omnivorous when it comes to games. I’m really enjoying P4A at the moment, and judging from the demos MGR and DmC are both gonna be real special.

            I also have quite a few JRPGs in my collection, but sadly many of them are unfinished. I still need to finish Disgaea 4, and having such a game in my backlog kinda renders the Mugen Souls of the world obsolete, y’know what I’m saying? Honestly I wish I had more free time to explore games like this, but work takes a lot out of me. But I’ll also hope that the Wii U will have a winning library. So far, the only interesting software announced seems to be Bayonetta 2, but maybe Nintendo will deliver in the end. Only time will tell!

          •  I agree, to be honest, I am going through a phase of wanting to play upbeat, colorful games at the moment.  I still havent touched the Last Story, or the Witcher 2, because I just needed a break from that kind of rpg, that may be one reason I am able to get into the games like Mugen Souls.  I think I may start up the Last Story sometime in the next few weeks, been a couple of months before I used the Wii.

            And yeah, the only game I care about on the WiiU is Bayonetta 2.  I enjoyed part 1 a good deal.  Why I don’t have any inclination to purchase a WiiU for a long while.

            Anyway, good talking to you, have a good night, morning, or whatever =p

        • Elvick

           Ni no Kuni.

        • Manny Being Manny

          I couldn’t get into Xenoblade and didn’t play Last Story. For me, I like JRPGs for what they are… I don’t want them to try to totally reinvent themselves into something they aren’t, which is my issue with Xenoblade. I’m not interested in giant open worlds without any direction or tons of meaningless fetch quests. I want fun turn based battles with a linear path and story focused. So to me, a game like Mugen Souls gave me more enjoyment than Xenoblade.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Or you know people like the games? Oh hell worlds first I know lol keep it up guys.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        There are plenty of games you could be playing besides Compile Heart games. Even when you only count localized ones. I seriously doubt you’ve played “every” JRPG this gen that you have to resort to this stuff. Thats not an excuse. You don’t eat out of the trash when you’re hungry. You find something delicious to eat.

    • DesmaX

      Well, Neptunia sold enough to justify 3 games in the series.
      No wonder people would buy this too.

      (I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive)

  • Draparde

    thats good, i did enjoy the game~ it was rather addicting 

  • Jezzy

    The first game was underwhelming…

    • Alfy Masamune

       more like utter garbage.

  • ivanchu77

    That means that the first game sold well ,right?

    it´s not by any means a perfect game, but i´m having a great time with it so I´m happy that they are making a sequel

    The first neptunia game was considered crap but after the sequel (mk2) there´s tons of people that love the franchise now, i hope the same thing happens with mugen souls

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The first game is bad just like how Neptunia one do.

    Hoped that the second one will be able become better just like how Neptunia does. This games does have potential like the “Moe control” lol.

    • Ladius

      I have to disagree, I found Mugen Souls far better than the first Neptunia in terms of depth, systems, customization, variety and even graphics (Neptunia Mk2 is better than both in that regard, though). It’s still a low budget game geared toward a niche audience, but it’s far more polished than Idea Factory and Compile Heart’s first HD games.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Well, i feel Neptunia is better as i loves the story and many of the so called “cameo” on the story which is the main reason i don’t had any problem wit Neptunia. Not to mention i am kinda fans for turn based genre too.^_^

        While for Mugen Souls… i don’t really know here. While i like the ideas, i feel it is not as fun as Neptunia just like how the first Agarest goes with me.^_^

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Compile Heart games continue to somehow sell. Whatever, as long as they don’t screw up Neptune somehow I don’t care what garbage they push out.

    • Elvick

      Plenty call Neptunia garbage too. So…

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Well as much as I loved the first game, it is garbage. The second one is pretty bad too, but was definitely more enjoyable. V looks to be the first actually well designed one.

        • DesmaX

          Did you play the Japanese Demo?

    • Ladius

      Personally, I think it’s a bit strange to call Mugen Souls garbage while praising Neptunia, considering MS is a far better game than the first Neptunia in many regards (note that I never hated on that game either, since I appreciated its humor while recognizing its problems on other fronts).

      Since you like Neptunia, you could probably appreciate what Mugen Souls has to offer, too, both in terms of humor (even if MS is more in line with Disgaea’s parodies than Neptunia’s, moe aside) and gameplay.

  • DesmaX

    And I think the Main Character in the sequel will be obsessed with promises

  • Mar Mar

    Mugen Souls is good but the only downsides were on the technical side.

    Field design is awkward. Animation needs more touching .. I dl’d Neptune demo from JP store … wow the animation is very good. The loading times during attacks is annoying .. I think it’s similar to Agarest 2. Must have something to do with the engine used. And .. the biggest one is the frame rates.

    But moe kills, peon ball and blast off is what I liked!

  • Learii

    i can’t wait to see how this game look like i love compelie heart games

  • Ladius

    Glad to hear Mugen Souls did well for them, the game was really funny and had lots of nice ideas in terms of systems and customization, not to mention some hilarious characters and events.

    I hope they can improve the camera, reduce loading times and bring the overall presentation to the level of Neptunia Mk2 and Victory, while adding more variety in terms of explorable areas.

  • Barrit

    Oh man, I’m sure the trailers will be awesome, but I wonder how much would be censored if it came to the US.

  • I’m beginning to feel like Western sales don’t mean a thing for/against these games.

  • Glad to see that the series is doing well and getting a sequel ^_^

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