Get Persona 4 Arena For Just $30

By Spencer . November 22, 2012 . 8:02pm

imageJust a heads up for all the Persona fans here – Persona 4 Arena is on sale at Amazon for $30. While this is a deep fighting game, you can button mash your way to the final battle if you just want to see what happens to the Investigation team.


The Eldar Scrolls V: Skyrim is $30 too and that massive Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set is $100. This bundle includes Street Fighter X Tekken, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition.

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  • SirTeffy

    *prays frantically they wind up making Persona Arena 2, with a continuation of the story and a cast from the FULL history of Persona*

    • Rohan Viajar

       I kinda want a continuation as well, but I wouldn’t want a new persona arena.

      (this is the first fighter I’ve been serious about. though I’ve played many)
      and I usually don’t like it when they change how the game’s little details on their system. (like with Blazblue) if they keep the system the way it is (maybe a balance changes would okay for me) then yeah. I say go for it.

    • mugendrive

      Want a continuation too but, for kicks and giggles they should call it Persona 3 Arena (P3A) and confuse the crap out of people by going backwards with the numeral naming. Sounds better than P4A-2 this aint final fantasy.  With the way the story was going it felt P3 heavy already anyways. Give us more P3 characters and a cameo Vincent with Kathrine/Cathrine as his persona.

    • DesmaX

      You didn’t finish the story, did you?

  • Samurai_Heart

    ….waits for the European outcry… ;), I’ve done my parts XD.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US, happy for them to enjoy these deals.
    I’d rather have some Persona 5 news though ;)

  • james2009001

    First they need to patch out the region lock

    • Herok♞

      Why did I know someone was going to do this? How about instead of complaining about the U.S. version be locked you can you use the same energy to tell Zen to get their stuff together because this was a Business move that they did. In other words Zen told Atlus to lock it so that could have their sales and Atlus agreed to lock it down in every region. so Zen is at fault in more then one way but instead of sending them very angry letters telling them about their dissatisfaction, people much rather complain about it in random places solving nothing and letting Zen off the hook since they don’t seem to care, but I can’t blame them since you guys don’t care enough to complain to them but, instead to fans who had nothing to do with the incident.

      • SirRichard

        “this was a Business move that they did. In other words Zen told Atlus to lock it so that could have their sales and Atlus agreed to lock it down in every region.”

        Wow, that is exactly not what happened. I’m not sure what dream-land it did happen in but I’d like to see it.

        It’s funny that you’re complaining about people “letting Zen off the hook” because you’re completely absolving Atlus in the same breath. Fun fact: Zen United had no say in the region lock, they’re an external publisher. It was a business decision made by Atlus alone to accommodate the near-simultaneous American and Japanese launches to keep Japanese players (or just Asian players in general really) from importing the cheaper US dual-audio version.

        You know how you can tell Zen had no say? Because Atlus allowed their American branch to translate the game during the console versions’ development and have a build made at the same time to get the US release as close as possible to the Japanese one. They did nothing about a European build, they didn’t offer Zen the same courtesy and judging by how it’s taking so long, Atlus couldn’t give a damn about the game now that Japan and America have it. Zen probably won’t even translate it into French/Spanish/German/etc, they’re struggling to get it out in one language as is.

        But no, it’s all Zen’s fault, right? They just get let off despite masterminding it all, which is why they’ve been getting slagged off and complained at since the first delay and are regarded as horribly incompetent in general (even before now, I remember arguing that this very delay could happen on this site once we heard they were the publisher!). Completely off the hook, those angels.

        So what if people complain here? Siliconera is not the entire internet, comments made here don’t reflect what the entire fanbase is doing and it’s completely stupid to act like it does. And yes, that’s exactly what you’re doing because you seem to believe people can only complain in one place and once it’s made it’s wasted and thus never brought to the company’s attention. I’m not exaggerating, this is what you said in that last chunk of lines. Do you see what’s wrong with that?

        Yeah, you like Atlus. I’d assume that everyone here likes them to some degree. But you shouldn’t be so willing to completey absolve them of any blame in this entire affair because you like them, they’re far more at fault than any other. No, Zen is not blameless, but you want to pass the buck to them entirely when they had no say in the matter, because if they did then this entire thing wouldn’t be happening. Atlus have proven time and again that the world consists of America and Japan to them, the rest of it be damned to the point where they can’t bother themselves to form a publishing deal and need to be fought to get their stuff past the US. It’s disgraceful in this day and age where XSEED and NISA can manage simultaneous or even Europe-before-America releases with little issue.

        That people liked your comment and support your asinine version of events disgusts me. I expected better of you lot.

        • Elvick

          Atlus Japan’s choice. Atlus USA had no say in it either. Yet they get the brunt of the hate, because that’s where English speakers go to complain about Japan’s choice.

          Really, they should have just not launched the game the same day in NA and Japan to avoid needing to use region lock all together.

          I’m sure people would have rather waited and got the game region free. And Europe, they have a right to complain given how long it’s taking to release the game there.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            People turn to Atlus USA with their complaints beacuse Atlus USA represents Atlus in North America. Infact, due to the lack of any other non-Japanese subsidiary, it can be said that Atlus USA are the de facto representatives of Atlus outside of Japan in general.

            Even if Atlus USA had no say in the matter, they are still the best people to turn to, beacuse they are in the best position to relay the complaints of non-Japanese customers to the home company in Tokyo.

          • Elvick

            Duh. That’s why I said, “the English speakers”. It implies “who else would they complain to?”

            That doesn’t mean it’s Atlus USA’s fault though. Yet, people continue to attack them directly. Not Atlus Japan, but USA. And they don’t buy Atlus USA’s releases in protest to Atlus Japan’s decision, as if it will teach those evil Atlus USA execs.

          • SirRichard

            I only refer to Atlus USA specifically, referring to the Japanese end whenever I say “Atlus”. My problem’s with them, mate, not with their American branch.

            Though arguably I could have one with that branch too, what with XSEED and NISA operating in Europe these days. They’re hardly worse off than the former.

        • Herok♞

           I understand you point but its been months since this first started, I am not saying Atlus is free of blame but at this point in time it seems to me that Zen could be doing more, then again none of us here were there for the business meetings and truly know whats going on. You admit Zen has a bad track record all ready and they have been pretty vague when they released what little info they have, for all I know it could be all on Atlus but on that same token it could be all Zen. Zen said some things had to be changed for Europe which is what is causing the problems, can you please tell me what those changes are because I can’t of anything that would cause delays this long, since they outright said it isn’t being translated to other langauges and I truly want to know I am not being sarcastic when I ask that. I know both are at fault but I think it is more on Zen because they aren’t saying anything and I think if they were extremely blunt in telling people what was happening, they would deserve more trust.

          • Jisgsaw

            Yes, we would all love to know what has to be changed. But there is absolutely no response when we ask this…

            And yes, Zen did said something: they didn’t get a european build for the game from Atlus. So there is absolutely no way they can publish it right now. so yeah, kinda Atlus/Arc Systems fault here… (but Zen has a very poor client management, I give you that).

          • SirRichard

            Except you basically did say Atlus was free of blame because you pinned it all on Zen in your original post. Hell in your responses to Jigsaw you’re still pushing that stupid idea that the region lock is Zen’s fault; you do know how this works, right? If Zen did oppose the decision, Atlus could simply ignore them because they’re an external publisher. If they pressed the issue, Atlus could refuse them the publishing rights. How does this make the lock Zen’s fault?

            Yeah, Zen have a bad track record and are infuriatingly vague as to what changes have to be made (presumably bug-fixes on the European build, hell probably just getting the European build to exist in the first place), but remember that Zen are just a publisher; they need Atlus and Arc System Works to actually make the build for them. Yeah, Zen aren’t saying anything, but have we heard a peep from Atlus or Arc about it? Of course not, because neither of them care. It goes back to Atlus’ largest problem; their world is Japan and America and everyone else be damned, you’re seeing it in action. Arc System Works are off planning thirty revisions of BB Chrono Phantasma, and given that they’re the developers of Arena they’re not free from blame here either, actually, but Atlus are the larger problem here.

            Doing nothing to get a European version of Persona 4 Arena out the door despite having a willing publisher and close contact with the developer, having the American branch of one of their fellow developers pick up their slack on the European version of Persona 4 Golden and doing nothing to get their games out beyond America; they simply don’t care. You’ll hear the likes of Ghostlight talking highly of them but then also mentioning that they had to go to Atlus for each and every game, Atlus never goes to a Euro publisher interested in their stuff. I’m willing to bet we’ll never see Etrian Odyssey IV, just as we didn’t see the others past the first game. We never saw Strange Journey either, and we won’t be seeing the Devil Survivors until 2013, and only then because Ghostlight went to them.

            So no, I find it extremely hard to believe that it’s all on Zen or more of it is on Zen when they’re working with one of the most shiftless and workshy companies in regards to publishing their work beyond America and Japan. NIS America probably won’t translate P4G into any other languages for Europe, and they still have to wait months to release the game too, and they’re a publisher who’s been rather tight in getting simultaneous releases together (despite sometimes slipping behind a week for America, somehow) so I find it hard to believe that delay’s on their head solely as well.

            Zen came into existence as a means of publishing Arc System Works’ titles in Europe once they realised they were having issues getting their stuff there, which means that they too have close contact with Arena’s actual developers. And they had gotten releasing Blazblue down to a science as of Extend this year (same day release), which shows they don’t have problems co-ordinating their work (or that Arc is very willing to hold off until all regions are ready for release at the same time).

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Zen isn’t at fault, at least as far as the region lock is concerned (the European release is a different matter). It was Atlus’ own decision to region lock the game in order to prevent Japanese gamers from reverse importing the cheaper US version (which had Japanese audio and text included and was coming out shortly after the Japanese version). Atlus USA admitted as much in their newsletter to the media.

        Zen can be blamed for a lot of things, but in this particular case, Atlus is the guilty party.

        • Herok♞

           actually Zen did have a say in this, of course they aren’t going to say everything in a newsletter, granted I am not saying it is all on zen but if they would have opposed the lock it wouldn’t be there but of course they wanted it as well to ensure they got profits knowing it was going to take longer to release in Europe.

          • Jisgsaw

            Wait, do you realy believe that if Zen, European published (part of the world that doesn’t exist for Atlus), had told Atlus so, they would have removed the region lock, that saves them huge sells in Japan (whereas european sells will either way be quite low) ?
            If Zen would have said that, Atlus would just have chosen another european publisher if they did want to remove the region lock (which anyway isn’t the case)…

      • Jisgsaw

        You should REALLY (really really) not speak about something you know nothing about.

        YES, Zen gets yelled a lot at (really a lot).
        But no, it was in no way their decision to region lock the game. Christ, do you really believe Zen could make Atlus do anything? They can’t even get an european build out of them…

        So yeah, as much as I love their game, Atlus are just plain bad when it comes to PAL regions. Meaning that if we are lucky enough to get their game, it is always with a minimum of 6 months delay (if we’re lucky). And in plain english in most of the cases, so it’s basically strictly them same game you play 6 months / one year before us. And this happens for all their games, not only the ones published by Zen.

        But at this point I really don’t understand Atlus at all, I mean they’re just loosing sales pointlessly…

        • Herok♞

           I never said it was fully on Zen, nor do they have power over Atlus but as business partners you collectively make decisions beneficial to everyone involved. Region locking was one of the things they would have had to discuss, because it ensures everyone makes a profit, Zen knows that it would lose pretty much all its profit for this if the game was region free, which is clearly shown through these comments. so basically what I am saying is it is both atlus and zen are at fault but you could go through them to fix the problem.

          • Jisgsaw

            Ok, first, once again, Zen has absolutely no say on region lock or not. That was all Atlus’ idea, and as somoene already stated, for Atlus, World = North America + Japan, period. 
            Sales in Europe will be so low that it won’t really bother Atlus if it is region lock or not, this was made only to save the japanese sales (as stated by Atlus itself, if you doubt me).

            And yes, people complain a lot to Zen, for instance on the official “Persona Europe” facebook page (hold by Zen). Go take a look, you will see what really bitching is (and how stupid), and how soft the comments here are.
            And if you check their post explaining the delay (which could be hard, considering Zen has fun flooding its FB page with useless things, and even spoilers…), you will see that the main one at fault is either Atlus or Arc System, who STILL, FOUR MONTH after the release, still haven’t given Zen an european build…

      • Ladius

        As the others have said in the posts below, it’s hardly Zen’s fault that Atlus decided to region lock the game and apparently still hasn’t provided them the European build they will have to submit to Sony and Microsoft (Zen isn’t a developer, the coding part is on Atlus). If anything, it’s just another sign of Atlus USA’s almost complete lack of interest for its European fans.

        Also, people have been complaining non-stop to Zen regarding this situation, but that shouldn’t mean forgetting it’s Atlus who caused this in the first place.

  • Covnam

    Got one, thanks!

  • Luna Kazemaru

    It was 15 bucks at our walmart because the screw’d up on what they wher marking for black friday

  • Akuosa

    *long (european) sigh*

  • Bloodios

    Grabbing both Persona 4: Arena and Dead or Alive 5 for the full price of one game. My holiday break is all set (#´ー´)旦

  • SuperSailorV

    Is this really a sale price? It’s the same price at Gamestop, too.

    • Bloodios

      When I look at other places, the game is currently on sale for $39.99 at Best Buy, $49.96 at Walmart, and $52.00 at Newegg, so at that price ($29.99), the game must be on sale. It just so happens that Gamestop and Amazon offer better deal than their competitors.

  • While I’m not one to UNLEASH THE FURY on the fact that the game’s not in Europe yet, I’m glad that more Americans will buy the game as it will show Atlus that region-locking was a bad idea despite it being a business tactic. ‘Murica, hope you enjoy more Persona and look out for me online once Europes in the fray.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Eh. I’d like to go for this, but I still haven’t played 4. And I’m not buying P4G until I beat P3P so… I’ll probably be playing this once Chrono Phatasma is out. And I won’t be playing that until I get and finish Extend so…

    No wonder I never get much out of my fighters online.

  • Go2hell66

    when this comes out in europe it should be free

    • They should add some mighty awesome stuff for compensation as well, just saying~

    • Good one!

  • Is this the power of the Black Friday?

    • venomryu

      no i say this at gamestop wendsday for 30 $

  • Virevolte

    Feel so great to be European… -_-

  • XiaomuArisu

    You play P4A, I play the waiting gameXD

  • Oh look P4A for $30.00! People must be happy… oh wait. *Watches comment section overflow with complaints and feelings of entitlement*

    I think i’ll just stop coming to smt/persona related articles on this site.

    • Jisgsaw

      Care to explain to me why european should be happy about this ?
      I mean, we can’t even play it…

      On the contrary, it’s just frustrating, you can buy it now for cheaper that what we will have to pay in six month when it FINALLY comes out (well, I’m actually taking a guess here, it may not even be out in six month…) for us… the exact same game…

    • Ladius

      Yeah, I guess in your eyes European gamers should be ecstatic about an American deal regarding an highly anticipated game they are unable to play months after its release because its publisher decides to make it the first and only region locked game in the whole PS3 lineup.

      There’s sure a good dose of entitlement in today’s gaming scene, but misusing that word in order to belittle every issue people have with situations like this isn’t a particularly good way to have a decent debate, especially when American gamers have had the same issues with some previously PAL exclusives like Xenoblade and The Last Story.

      • This is a European only website?
        I’m astonished that you managed to put all those words in my mouth without an utterance of the implications you gathered from it. Wouldn’t this qualify as complaining about western publishers? So Americans get it for cheap, big deal. How does this effect you? Maybe when the Euro release comes along it will be marked down? Maybe it won’t. If you are not happy with a company’s practice, don’t support them. Move on with your life. It isn’t worth the breath, the anger or the precious, fleeting moments of your life we call time, which you and I will never get back. Let it go, be happy for others, you will be happier yourself.

        EDIT: Now I can truly see why articles such as the Wii U’s region lock was closed for comments. Even though this had nothing to do with the Euro version it somehow turned into that… ohhh internet.

        •  EDIT EDIT: Please don’t try to pigeon hole me into the group that was operation rainfall. I was ambivilous to whether or not it was released here. And don’t assume I’m picking on Euro gamers… American gamers are far worse in this area, but just simply because there are more of us.

        • Jisgsaw

          Is this a US only website ?

          No, so I really don’t see why you are so surprise to see people complain about this disaster of a pal release for this game. Especially when you see it gets marked down, which is usually meaning the publisher wants more sales.
          (big tip: releasing in the rest of the world could help)

          • Not the point I was making.
            You obviously just grab whatever you want to hear and run full speed with it. Find whatever the source of your insecurities are and take care of that. I’m done trying to reason with the unreasonable.

          • Jisgsaw

            I grab what you write.
            Here you complained that people complain that the game isn’t out in Europe yet. Which is quite normal, Siliconera being a worlwide website, and this news reminding us once again that the PAL release is a deasaster.

            (so yes, this comes also as response to your post, because it’s hard to forget a game you wanted to play so much, but can’t just because of the ONE AND ONLY region lock on PS3, especially when you have news like this. And as I already stated, price drops means the game is slowly dying, which is a really bad thing for an online gamefighter… Concerning the price, imagine that you had to pay 50% more for your car than your neighbour, and only getting it 1 year later. Nice right ?)

        • Ladius

          Siliconera isn’t an US-only website, too, and it’s only natural that European customers aren’t happy when companies decides to treat their market as an afterthought. In this instance, seeing Persona 4 Arena marked down in the US while Europe still hasn’t a release date (and can’t even resort to importing thanks to the region lock) is what sparked those reactions.

          You can ignore those complaints if you aren’t interested, but this “it doesn’t affect me, so why don’t you just shut up and move on” attitude isn’t helpful in the slightest and doesn’t contribute anything to the debate about this situation.

          Also, before writing about people wasting their “fleeting moments” talking about a game they want to play and the issues surrounding its PAL release, consider that you’re wasting your own time by attacking them, which is possibly even less productive.


  • Richard N

    Man these comments are crazier than DmC’s!

    In other news, I just bought this game for 39 bucks last week. Kinda regret it, but the game is so freaking sick that I’m fine with paying 10 extra dollars.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Nothing can’t be crazier than DmC: there they complain about a game that has yet to be released and already despise it. Here they are bothered because they love this game but Europeans can’t play it even though it was already released months ago in North America.

  • Tony

    How about we just get Persona 4 Arena first: from Europe. 

  • Maia Kasoya

    I just wanna say, the European jokes stopped being funny, or were never funny to begin with.

    • But honestly it is a serious concern.

    • Jisgsaw

      It was never meant to be funny.

      Eventhough I’m starting to think that guys at Atlus find it funny to make their fans rage and wait forever for their games ~
      (well, as long as they’re not from the “Atlus world” (=Japan + NA))

  • elppakcuf

    region lock, gamer’s eternal nemesis and final boss!
    30$? i’m sooo excited to see the pricetag of 90$ here in russia when (if) game will come out in EU.. yeah, games are expensive here, everything is actually

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