A Final Fantasy Music Collection For Blu-ray And Record Players

By Spencer . November 22, 2012 . 3:38am

Square Enix is looking at the past and future music players with the Final Fantasy Orchestra Album. This collection has 23 songs from the Final Fantasy series on Blu-ray and a 12 inch record. MP3 files are also included on the disc, so you can listen to the album on the go.


Battle Medley, Eyes on Me from Final Fantasy VIII, Golbez and the Battle with the Four Fiends from Final Fantasy IV, and Opera from Final Fantasy VI are confirmed to be in the collection. Jpop artist Crystal Kay will sing the Final Fantasy VIII theme song instead of Faye Wong who was the original singer for the PsOne game.


Final Fantasy Orchestra Album will be available on December 26 for 5,250 yen ($63) on Blu-ray and 7,800 yen ($94) for the Blu-ray/record combo.

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  • baha

    Could they please stop it already with all the concerts and music collections and MAKE GAMES!?

    • Enma_Kozato

      No, because those concerts are actually really beautiful live.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Can’t anyone understand that this music collection brings money for company and company had different department handling each division?

      The music department had nothing to do with making game unless they are requested by the game division. Rather than just sitting down doing nothing, isn’t coming out with such beautiful music is more productive?

    • What, you live under a rock? KH 3D? Bravely Default? LR:FFXIII? KH 1.5 HD Remix? FFXHD? XIV: Realm Reborn? Versus? (Hard to believe though)

      Plus these concerts are beautiful, if that’s not good enough for you then dear baha, screw you.

      Yours truly.

      • baha

        Spin-off, genuinely good title, goddamn spin-off that nobody really wants, remake, remake, remake, the cake is a lie. That’s what I call a good line-up.

        Also, I never said I don’t like the concerts, I just want them to get their priorities straight. If they would put all the budget for the concerts into the development Versus for example it might actually happen, just sayin’

        Also no reason to use words :/

        • I like how you’re hating on games you’ve probably didn’t even played and didn’t got released yet, as for myself Im looking foward for these titles.
          Sides, what else do they want them to do? Only thing left is XV and TWEWY 2 of which I think the latter will be on the works once the iOs apps get them some money to fund the project.

          • baha

            as half of them are remakes I did play them, thank you. And the XIII-series won’t get better regardless of how many sequels are released or not, they should just let it rest and make FFXV. 

            And I want them to make new games, they have to take more risks like they did with radiata story, chrono trigger and sword of mana once

          • Jesse Thompson

             Sadly they’re probably too afraid to take any more risks these days.  I honestly haven’t enjoyed a Final Fantasy game since FFX probably, I guess you could count FFXI as that’s technically FF.  Square’s kinda…lost me really.  My loyalties lie with Atlus, NISA, and Xseed in this decade.  Still love the FF music though!  Nobuo daiiiiiisuki!!!  Nothing like meeting the man in person also. :3  But yeah, sorry Square, unless you get with Tri-Ace and release a Valkyrie Profile 3, you’ve lost me babe.

          • Robert Leonardi

            it seems you have no idea on how things work in this world, making games cost MONEY, and if they failed in sales like XIV did, THEY WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE TO FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY. And with the current world economy being shite, taking risks isn’t really a good thing

            so why have these remakes, ports, concerts and music cds ? so that they could get more cash to make more games

          • Only FFX and KH 1.5 are remakes (Which by they way they’ll have gameplay updates + bonuses), the rest are “spin-offs” that you’re just hating for no reason. How can you know it can’t get better? Have you tested LR:FFXIII? I thought so. Does XIII games prints money? Yes it does. Is XIV getting better? The comments section on Realm Reborn’s ending says heck yes, therefore SE is just doing it right.

            Just because they are not releasing games of your taste (And yeah, games, remakes or spin-offs still enter the category of games) that doesn’t mean SE is just sitting there doing nothing and plus Uematsu playing songs doesn’t delay any project going on at the moment so if you just don’t like it them just let it pass and expect RPGs more of your kind somewhere else. And also it’s not long since Bravely Default was released and you’re already asking for a new game? Man, you’re impatient.

            PD: Words? Hey, Im being as mild as I can considering the nature of your post dude/dudette, you’d be amazed how relevant is the proper usage of caps-lock and overuse of exclamation and question marks.

        • Robert Leonardi

          opinion, opinion, opinion, opinion, and even more opinions

          you… do know that there are more than one teams working in square enix right…

          “budget for concerts” but they do get revenue from them, their concerts are fully booked most of the time and their tickets cost 50 bucks and up.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      What? I understand your logic, but the developing teams for video games are definitely NOT involved in the music side of things for a company (programmers and desginers?). It’s always good to see music from video games keep coming. I want to keep hearing more arranges of video game songs. I know Falcom won’t disappoint (they probably have more music albums than games though LOL, but they are in a different from Square anyways).
      Final Fantasy undoubtedly has a soft spot in my heart even if I haven’t played all of them. You might even hear an arranged song you disliked and end up liking it

    • Robert Leonardi

       what ever you’re smoking, please do share

    • RablaAndrews

      Right, because releasing some music is going to delay all the games they’re working on.

    • Levin_Scorpius

      Square Enix’s composers and musicians are not their developers, directors, programmers, writers, or graphic artists, so they don’t really have that large of an effect in the process of making games.

      In all honesty, SE could easily branch out and make their own record company, considering all of the quality music they continuously produce.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Crystal Kay? Is she good?

    • Aoshi00

      Crystal Kay’s very young and talented, fluent in Jpn and Eng like Utada Hikaru.  She sang one of the Nodame ending songs.  I was never really a fan of Faye Wong’s anyway :(…



      Beautiful orchestra FF music.. It’s nice to see the composer and conductor speak the same language of music :)  Love Uematsu, such a humble man.. wish I look good with a mustache like him or the Gooch lol..

  •  VI’s opera + VIII’s Eyes on Me + more FF remixes? OH HELL YES! WANT!

  • Angelusdemonus

    Crystal Kay will sing the Final Fantasy VIII theme song instead of Susan Calloway* :(.

  • Arizato

    It doesn’t matter, “Eyes on me” is horrible no matter who sings it! God, save me!

    • Robert Leonardi

      you need to get your ears checked =|

      then again, its different between people because of preferences, those who likes heavy metal or dubstep or rock may not like “eyes on me”

      • Arizato

        I listen to almost everything, even cheesy love songs. But this is waaaay, waaaaaaay too cheesy!

        • Robert Leonardi

           ah that part, yeah it does sound too cheesy at times, but its pretty much the shortest summary i’ve ever heard for Laguna’s story XD

  • Spirit Macardi

    I originally misread “Crystal Kay” as “Crystal King” XD

    Now THAT would make for an awesome rendition!

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      That will create a SHOCCKKKK!!! lol.

  • Oni123

    Dude’s a legend! I hope they add some of these to the distant worlds concerts =)

  • nb

    I’m happy to see FF1&2 tunes here. FF1-6 need more love and need to be (re)orchestrated.

  • AzuNo17

    As someone who bought the Distant Worlds: Returning Home DVD/CD Pack. I’ll be saving up for this. This is the closest I can get to meeting Uematsu :/ I really want to go to these concerts one of these days, but this’ll suffice.

    • Robert Leonardi

       going off topic here but does that one have Answers by susan calloway ?

  • Excellent.  This’ll be the first set of game music I get on vinyl

  • I saw you smiling at me . Was it Real or just my fantasy …. :) I LOVE YOU NOBUO .. no homo

  • i rather have Uematsu, Amano, Skaguchi, Matsuno, and Ito back together as one team and make new game than this

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