Wii Mini Announced For Canada; Costs $100

By Ishaan . November 27, 2012 . 7:30am

Nintendo have officially revealed the Wii Mini, a smaller version of the Wii, which will—at least for now—be released exclusively in  Canada during the holiday season. The Wii Mini will come with a red Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controller, sensor bar, power adapter, and composite cable. Here’s what it looks like:



Wii Mini will be available for $100 in Canada and doesn’t include Gamecube backward compatibility or the ability to connect to the Internet. The system will hit Canada on December 7th.

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  • Oh~ So it’s like the “PSP Street”.

    • Even this one looks better than that…

  • Oni-G

    Wow, seems that it would be logically better to get and stick with the original Wii in general. No backwards capability, and no internet connection? Seems like a huge waste of money and productivity.

    • This is one of those things of if I had the time, money and energy to see if you could GET this thing on the Internet. Like it’s staring me in the face as some sort of challenge.

      Sometimes that the peeve of being a computer tech – you just want to make the budget stuff better. Like putting an engine of a Ferrari in a Pinto somehow.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    The console looks pretty kawaii sugoi desu.

    I wish the colour schema could make it over to other platforms.

  • Robert Leonardi

    soo the wiini is the wiiconomical version of wii ?

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Wow this is kinda pointless. They must be using Canada as a testing ground to see reception.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    ……. The model is actually much better than the classic Wii one lol. 100 bucks is kinda too expensive for me here considering i am still saving money for Wii U. Well, when the machine price drop, maybe i will buy this just for the sake of having the console.^_^

  • Zonic505

    Man, that’s such a weird design. It’s not bad, per say, but if you covered the “Wii” logo & asked me what that was a remodel of, I would have never guessed the Wii.

    & while no online sucks (which means no downloading Virtual Console games), I can see how people that just want the physical games or more of a casual player could use it. Plus $100 isn’t too bad. I recall Nintendo released the 2nd model of the SNES very close/not long after the N64’s release.

  • $39420547

    i like the design but i don’t understand the target audience

  • I don’t get it Nintendo. I mean I know you guys made a lot of money recently, but is this really the right decision to make?

  • Locklear93

    “Wii Mini will be available for $100 in Canada and doesn’t include
    Gamecube backward compatibility or the ability to connect to the

    …didn’t Nintendo just recently say backwards compatibility is very important? Also, compat aside, no network functionality basically just makes it seem defective by design.

    • Early at the start of a generation, when people aren’t ready to move on from their existing library yet.

      • Locklear93

        A valid distinction, thanks. The complete lack of network functionality remains the bigger issue, though, I think. The Wii’s not so huge that I suspect people need a tinier version, or so expensive that I can believe the discount is worth being cut off from the store (though it IS admittedly less of a draw on the Wii than other platforms), or online play.

        I’m sure there are people for whom the removed features are non-issues, and they might as well just save a few bucks… but I’m equally sure it’s a pretty small number, as small as the price difference is to get a fully functional Wii.

        • As you said, it probably does just come down to the lower price and lower manufacturing cost for consumers/Nintendo.

          I mean, the original Wii isn’t being phased out (yet, anyway), so this probably really is just for the price-conscious consumer who will only ever use it for a couple of different games and then never again.

          The PS2 sold primarily to the same audience after the 2007 period, too, I think. Also, YouTube did just become available on the Wii, so I think that’s another sign that they aren’t quite ready to phase the current model out yet.

          • Tai

            Funny that this new version won’t be able to use the new Youtube channel, though.

  • OctopusCrime

    The Internet:
    Pokes fun at Wii for being for “little kids and seniors”

    Somehow doesn’t understand when Nintendo releases a remodel made for little kids and seniors.


  • benhofb

    Kinda silly considering how I could go to gamestop and get a fully working used Wii for $70. Hmmm. Why Nintendo? WHY?

  • malek86

    I also don’t see the need for a unit that lacks both internet and backwards compatibility for just $30 less. Granted, backwards compatibility won’t be an issue, and I guess online neither… but the price difference is just not that much. At this point of the Wii’s life, I doubt anyone who didn’t want one for $130 is going to splurge on one for $100 (and with less features to boot). It also looks like it could have no bundled games? Is this the first time a Wii SKU comes without any games?

    They could bank on the smaller form factor, but the big power supply won’t help (maybe it would have been cooler if they had integrated the PSU instead of making the unit itself so much smaller). Also frankly the Wii was already kinda small – just as with the price, I doubt there was anybody who didn’t buy a Wii because it was too big.

    I think this will probably have a – relatively speaking of course – similar amount of success as the GB Micro.

    Then again, if they are only doing it to save money on production and get lower prices from retailers on shelf space (I can see this thing’s box being much smaller than the Wii’s), I guess it makes sense.

    … I still say it looks like a casket though.

  • ZEROthefirst

    “Doesn’t include Gamecube backwards compatibility or the ability to connect to the internet”… I get some people want to save some money, but I’d much rather spend what is it $140 for a regular black or white Wii? Only a $40 difference and I can play Gamecube games and play online.

  • eilegz

    looks like the old family, not bad i wonder if you can use USB ethernet port so it can have internet

  • Godman

    Oh come on I was planning on getting this really I was. My little bro is getting the Wiiu so I thought it’d be cool to get a Wii of my own. I could take the lost of Gamecube BC, but no internet pretty much killed it for me. To much of a step backwards for me :'(

  • If it had online i would’ve bought it but without it, homebrew becomes a pain. I’ll just finally get an all black Wii.

  • KingGunblader

    This is NOT going to help the Wii / Wii-U confusion amongst the general consumer. Way to go, Ninty.

    • Elvick

      Didn’t think about that, but you’re kind of right.

      Although, Nintendo has been doing good with the focus on “ALL NEW” “ONLY ON WII *U*” in their commercials. They totally tanked that with the 3DS when it came out.

      I still don’t understand what they were thinking with their naming schemes. It’s a huge marketing fail. Naming is part of the game, and they did it wrong twice in a row. >_>

  • Everything about this baffles me.

  • ooh wii mini (looks at 2 mistakes), ah no

  • I live in Canada, my house has two Wii’s and the second one only cost $120…

    So why on earth would anyone be willing to pay $100 for this? It is a ridiculous offer and probably Nintendo’s worst idea I’ve seen. A slim Wii at $100 would be great for those interested, as long as it had the backwards compatibility and wifi features that the main Wii has. What is Nintendo thinking here?

    • malek86

      Nah, their worst idea was the Gameboy Micro, which had less features and lower audio quality then the GBA SP, while actually costing more. Its only appeal was the portability, but the SP was already portable enough so there was little point.

      • Fair enough. Granted I didn’t really follow the Micro much (actually I thought it died two months after release) and only knew about it due to Nintendo Power…

      • Tom_Phoenix

        On the other hand, though, it did have a backlit screen as standard, whereas only the AGS-101 model of the SP had a backlit screen (people tend to forget that the first SP model only had a frontlit one). Plus, the lower audio quality was more than compensated by the fact that it had a standard headphone jack, unlike the SP which required a special accessory to do the same thing.

        That said, however, there is no denying that the Micro had too many handicaps (lack of backwards compatibility, smaller screen, incompatible with standard GBA accessories etc.) for the price Nintendo was selling it for.

  • FFmax

    So let me get this straight. No backwards compatibility or internet connection? Wtf Nintendo?

  • Sucks that it is not BC, but it looks sexy. I want to play lots of GC games I missed on, so I guess I’ll hunt a used Wii with BC. They’re selling for 50eur in GAME, and it seems lots of people are selling them in and preparing for the Wii U around here, so…it’s a good time as any to catch up on some GC and Wii vydia :D

  • Herok♞

    Sadly people who don’t know games systems will still buy this like crazy.

  • Some poor kid in Canada is getting one of these instead of the Wii U they wanted for Christmas. You can bet on that.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Pointless ;/ however, I actually MIGHT *not likely* want one because I like the small design.That and I hate carrying my wii to my families houses and stuff .so I can take this little square with me…. ITS CUTE !!

  • Guest

    The Wii is mini enough.

  • yoUNg_grOUp568

    The Wii is mini enough

  • Göran Isacson

    Welp. Way to put the spotlight on the new device Nintendo.

  • Tails the Foxhound

    Man, I just bought a Wii U and even still have my old Wii and I would have bought this awesome looking machine (’cause I’m a sucker for bright colored electronics and retro designs). If only it had internet. Guess I’ll try to find one next year on clearance.

  • Elvick

    That red wiimote and nunchuk, I love them. I wish the gold Skyward Sword one, and the Nintendo Club matching Nunchuk would have been ALL gold like that is all red.

    ): If only I didn’t have 4 wiimotes, I’d totally try to pick up those beautiful things. Still need a black nunchuk to match my black wiimote plus, and to earn points for the NC gold nunchuk…

    Oh, and sidenote, I love that you just rounded it up. I hate headlines with “$99.99” *eye roll*

    As for the console itself, I think it’s ugly and no online is just… bleh. Not that the system was made for me. I just hope they really make it clear that it’s lacking wifi on the box.

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