A Pimped Out Truck Is Delivering A Bunch Of PsOne Imports On Tuesday

By Spencer . December 3, 2012 . 12:26am

Whoa, there are a bunch of PsOne imports coming to a PlayStation 3 and PSP near you. MonkeyPaw (presumably?) picked up an odd bunch of games like Finger Flashing, which is kind of like rock-paper-scissor meets a shoot ’em up. Art Camion Sugorokuden is a truck racing game where you drive pimped out trucks called "dekotora" (that’s Japanese for decorated truck). Zanac X Zanac is a compilation for Zanac games from Compile. I’m pretty surprised to see Lup Salad on the list since Dimple Entertainment went bankrupt in 2010… looks like someone new owns the IP and perhaps the rights to Pinky Street.


Here’s a look at the games coming to the PsOne Classics section on Tuesday.


Art Camion Sugorokuden

01 02

Update: The video shown earlier in this post was actually Art Camion Geijutsuden. Art Camion Sugorokuden is a sugoroku style board game where players roll dice and move a decorative truck on a board. Siliconera apologizes for any confusion between these two very different titles.


Finger Flashing


Lup Salad


Makeruna Makendo 2


Vehicle Cavalier

 v1 v2c

Here’s a link to some gameplay footage via Nico Nico (the computerized voiceover isn’t part of the game).


Zanac X Zanac

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  • Romangelo

    Rockman 5 is missing!

  • landlock

    Some really weird stuff there I’ll give Zanac X Zanac ago. Maybe Vehicle Cavalier depends what it looks like.

    Looking at GameFAQS all these games were released on PSN in Japan by GungHo. They done loads and loads of games from now defunct companies.

  • Göran Isacson

    That… was REALLY zany. The truck racing game seems kinda unneccesarily difficult, what with how the camera is always panning around and being so useless you have to look at the auto-map in order to know when to turn and why… although the Makendo fighting game seems zany enough to make up for lack of technically compelling gameplay. I do wonder what the heck the license is supposed to be though…

    • landlock

      The first one was released in the USA as Kendo Rage on the Snes.


      • Göran Isacson

        Ha ha oh localization, sometimes you produce some pretty hilarious things. Sad, but also hilarious.

  • Razlo

    PlayStation Blogcast said it was Gung-Ho bringing these out here.

    • N M

      Agreed. GungHo brought these games out on the Japanese PSN store, so these are going to be their first releases in NA.

  • Mister_Nep

    I remember playing Loop Salad on the PSP. It’s a cute puzzle game that gets really tough and complex by the end. Looks like it’s the same game. I might pick it up if the puzzles actually differ.

  • Cool choices, probably Lup Salad and Zanac first and see how Makeruna Makendo 2 and Vehicle Cavalier is.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Ahh…. the time when Japan still produce many silly but fun game to play.T_T
    I am really old nowadays.T_T

    • I yearn for those days as well. Now I know how hippies feel about the music of the 60s ;~;

  • neo_firenze

    Wow! Zanac X Zanac is clearly the highlight for shooter fans. The import disc is quite expensive and hard to find. Contains a few remixed versions of the NES Zanac, but the centerpiece is the updated Zanac Neo. It’s still decidedly old-school in how it plays (this isn’t a Cave-style bullet hell shooter), but it’s a really good update. One of the best shooters on the PSX if you ask me.

    Also a piece of genre history, as the last ever release by Compile (MUSHA, Aleste, Blazing Lazers, etc.)

  • ddh819

    definitely getting zanac x zanac

  • Vehicle Cavalier… It’s no Tech Romancer, but hey… I’m curious. Can’t find a darn video on Youtube, unfortunately.

  • Pimped trucks AND enka? This game is living my dream~

    I remember back in those days of seeing those trucks around. I guess it’s not as popular now?
    Sodom from the Street Fighter Alpha had one! I think a character from Fatal Fury drove one, too.

  • drexxia

    funny how psone has very good bunch of strong japanese exclusives but ‘murica gets only the mediocre-to-worst games in the “imports” section.
    better get a japanese account, psn cards are easily bought on ebay with instant delivery

  • Rolling Guy

    I thought it was Dekotora Densetsu…

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