Devil Survivor 2 Getting Anime Adaptation In April

By Spencer . December 7, 2012 . 12:07am

imageIndex Corporation is spinning off another one of their games into a video game series. Instead of picking Persona 3, they’re going with Devil Survivor 2. Devil Survivor 2 The Animation has Seiji Kishi who worked on Persona 4 The Animation as the director and Makoto Ueze is handling the adaptation.


Originally told on the Nintendo DS, Devil Survivor 2 follows a group of high school students heading home from cram school when they get a SMS message with a video showing their deaths. Daichi, Io, and Hibiki Kuze (that’s the protagonist’s name in the anime version) survive using a demon summoning app. Meanwhile, invaders from outer space known as the Septentrion appear over Tokyo and a mysterious group known as the JPs is rather well equipped for the threat…




Players can choose which faction to side with in Devil Survivor 2, so I’m interested to see which story route the anime goes with.


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  • HawthorneKitty

    Welp, time to finish the game!

  • landlock

    Oh nice! While I haven’t played Devil Survivor 1 or 2 I’m up for an anime.

    I’m gonna assume it isn’t really related to Devil Survivor 1 then storywise?

    • Crok425

      Nope, not related at all, not even the slightest.

    • Yup. The two game is totally unrelated. But there are references here and there.

      • JustThisOne

        I’ll be looking forward to little cameos and easter eggs in the anime though. :>

  • Hell Yes!

  • kuroneko0509


  • Dammit, I would have liked to have seen the original adapted. Anyways, this is cool news.

  • Raze

    I hope they will take Anguished One Route…And Make 2 or 3 OVA for True End…

    • We will see if they have the time to squeeze the true end in the TV ver lol.

  • ChromeOrihara

    “Index Corporation is spinning off another one of their games into a video game series.” Don’t you mean an anime series? Jokes aside,this is great news and I hope you don’t mind me correcting your mistake,

  • Rudy Soto

    God Damnit. If this is a marketing campaign to persuade me to go into my local game store and grab a copy before it airs…
    It’s working just fine…

  • Ooh Bee

    YES! I can’t wait for the scene where the guys peek at the girls, Airi talks about her chest, MC asks everyone to dance, and where Makoto and Otome fall right on his face and um… yeah! The whole time I played this game(twice btw) I thought it would make a hilarious anime. THIS IS AWESOME.

  • Crok425

    Finally something not Persona related… aside that this game has the Fate System which is kind of like Social Links… sigh… in any case, it’s good to see demons instead of Personas for once. I really wish they did an anime of Nocturne.

    • raymk

      Persona or demons what the flip are you talking about? Also whats wrong with the social links, don’t tell me your one of those enlist that just dislikes persona just cause its not like nocturne.

      • Sheep

        It’s just Persona is kinda far from what you would consider “pure SMT” and this is more along the lines of that in some ways also (DEMONS FUCK YEAH)
        People fighting with demons > People fighting with Personas
        Purely imo, I have bias towards Nocturne admittedly(favorite game of all time) but Persona(1-4 collectively) is still a good series

      • Mod Balushi

        Demons, Personas same thing really

      • Crok425

        Demons are from the Shin Megami Tensei series, Personas are from the Persona series, while both have the same designs by Kaneko those are still sifferent things, demons try to kill just they want to, while Personas just follow the command of the user.
        Don’t misunderstand. I love Persona, yes I’ll admit that Nocturne is my favorite game but still, I’m one of those people that think that Persona gets a lot of attention, but whatever. I like Social Links BTW is a great system in P3 and P4. Next time try asking to a person why does he/she thinks that way instead of accusing me of something.

        • raymk

          Why can’t people just be a fan of both that’s all i’m asking for. I’m a bigger fan of the older games like SMT1 and SMT2 on nes/snes but even I still like the persona games. I’m apologize if I somehow angered you though as it wasn’t my intent.

          • Crok425

            I’m a fan of both of course, I just don’t like that much of the attention Persona is getting, but don’t worry, that kind of bother passes with time in my case, I also like the classic games, the avatar I have is from Kazuya, the MC of SMT.
            It’s okay as long as we understand we don’t have malicious intent towards each other. Anyway, back on subject, I’m very excited for this anime, and now… I’m gonna wait for the rant of the new name… that always happens.

      • LightZero

        I don’t like social links that much either. The npcs doesn’t say anything of interest. It’s usually nonsense that I couldn’t careless about. You also have to kiss their ass in those links. You can’t even be sarcastic or call them a loser in order to progress it. I like Persona. I prefer the P1/P2 style over the social sims stuff. It was a good concept but I hope it doesn’t return in P5.

        • raymk

          I’m a fan of the p1 p2 style as well but those styles aren’t different than your average rpg. The social links added something new to the series. It doesn’t have to return to p5 nope not at all I’d rather see something new. The problem is that some people are biased and can’t see the good in anything because of change. Not liking the social links is find, not liking them just cause they’re in the game is another.

          • Crok425

            That’s true, I actually like the Social Links, but the thing I don’t like about them is that I have to follow a schedule which is annoying and so I have to follow a guide which I did in P3 and I’m doing in P4 (not Golden). I hope that P5 has that awesome dark themes that P2 had, I loved those games.

          • Zeik56

            There’s your mistake. Following a guide to do S. Links is a terrible idea. It makes the whole thing feel like a chore. The experience is much much better when you just do it naturally and do the ones you want when you want to.

            I followed a guide once in FES to max them all out and it sucked a lot of the fun out of the game. I told myself I would never do it again.

          • Crok425

            I actually follow a guide after my first playthrough so I can feel that the character is me… which totally tells that I’m awefull at schedules.

          • LightZero

            I see some good in it. Like I said it’s a good concept but it was heavily flawed. Some were entertaining but the vast majority of them talk about stuff I couldn’t careless about. Devil Survivor 2 did a better job with it. Although I felt the story was weaker than the first Devil Survivor.

        • Zeik56

          Social Links are an evolution of the negotiation system that happens to fit much better in the Persona series. It’s ironic you complain about having to kiss their ass, since that’s exactly what you have to do with the negotiation system, except to a greater degree, since demons will get pissed off if you say anything they don’t like. With S. Links you can actually say pretty much anything you want, you just won’t level it up as fast. (I remember I hated the Emperor S. Link guy in P3, so I just made sure to have an Emperor Persona with me and then called him an ass whenever possible.)

          S. Links are a good fit for the series and should stay, they just need to make the interactions more meaningful. Make it so the subplots actually tie into the main story somehow, even if it’s not directly.

          • Crok425

            I don’t remember well, but the Social Links aren’t the negotiation system in P3 and P4, I think it was something else…. dammit, I can’t remember.

          • Raze

            Shuffle Time?

          • Zeik56

            P3 and P4 had the shuffle time thing for getting new random Persona’s, but that wasn’t really the replacement for the negotiation system. (Just part of it.)

            The negotiation system and S. Links share the same basic concept, which is communicating directly with other characters (or demons) to increase your battle potential. SMT focuses on forming contracts with the demons that inhabit the world to help you fight, but Persona is more about the people than the monsters, so the idea of forming and nurturing relationships with others to make better Persona’s is much more fitting than the whole talking to demons to get cards thing. Honestly, negotiations were pretty poorly handled in the Persona games compared to other games in the franchise anyway.

          • Herok♞

            I don’t really social links because it seems to me like literally everyone is a walking problem and not a normal human being if there was someone who had no problems I would enjoy the system more . Personally I love negotiation because it was you doing stupid things to make demons happy which is always a good time especially since they were unpredictable.

          • LightZero

            That’s true but demon negotiation was optional. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like the demon negotiation that much either but it didn’t have much impact on the story’s pacing.

    • Nocturne is my favorite mainline game but an anime of it would suck. DDS or Raidou could work well as an anime but Nocturne is not nearly story heavy enough to work as an anime

    • I just finished Nocturne and no that anime would suck in all kinds of ways. The game is great but you can’t put the atmosphere of the game with scarce story telling into an anime format(well I doubt it at least).

      • Sheep

        Perhaps, I still would be psyched to see an OVA of some sort for the True Demon Ending route. That’s the thing I would most look forward to see , but it’s hard to describe why.

        • An OVA for the outcome of the TDE would be cool, I want to know what happened afterwards!

      • Crok425

        That’s probably true. Well, the game had a Drama CD and a light novel, so I just assumed that an anime would work.

        • Adam Primaeros

          If it makes you feel better, I personally think it could work as an OVA movie. Just because it didn’t have tons of talky cutscenes doesn’t mean there isn’t a story (a gigantic war of various ideologies vying for the right to have their rule).

    • Junko Enoshima

      Well, why can’t you be a fan of Persona AND SMT? I rate them at the same exceedingly awesome level. ;)

      • Same here. I have my favorites within both sets, but I love them both a lot.

  • *insert Evangelion reference*

    Hibiki Kuze,,,,,,, I still think Hiro Kageyama (manga) is better lol. Design wise, the characters looks quite OK. At least its not YQ OVA lol.

    And I bet tht Akira Ishida will voice AO.


    • Eilanzer

      Damn i want to “vote up” multiple times o/

      • IshimaruKaito

        LOL so do i!!!

      • Ty Arnold

        I would want to upvote multiple times, but then he had to mention Airi.

        Now I’m conflicted.

  • Koji Kabuto

    Wow, I have no words to describe this.

  • Go2hell66

    hope its better than the p4 one

    • I don’t see any problem with P4Anime….. Heck it follow the game pretty close…..

      • Go2hell66

        which is kind of boring if you ask me

        • AkuLord3

          well yeah it was called persona 4: THE ANIMATION and last time i check Adaptions are suppose to be or close to its source material. I won’t say it wasn’t flaw but i guess you didn’t find P4’s story good enough if you found it boring (think of it as replaying the game). It did do its own little thing during battles and certain stuff

          • Go2hell66

            don’t really have a problem with the p4 story(although not as good as P3 imo), just that if you’ve already played the game there’s almost no incentive whatsoever to watch the anime. llike you said its like playing the game all over again. i don’t want that,i really don’t think we need adaptions like that

          • Isaac Newton

            If they don’t ff. the story then that is not an adaptation
            Do you know what your talking about….?
            Just give an example sir just an example…..

            Cuz if you say that P4A is boring cuz it’s an adaptation then DS2:A will also bore you cuz that will be an adaptation

            Edit: Sorry If I give you a Stupid comment cuz the way you explain it just give me a stupid logic (Adaptation = Boring)

          • Muffum

            A FAITHFUL adaptation is boring, but there’s a difference between a faithful adaptation and a good one. A faithful one will adapt everything it can from the source; a good one will take what it feasibly can from the source and roll with it.

            P4A was faithful, but not good, because it tried to jam everything about P4 it could into its story. As a result, it tried to do too much at once and everything was rushed, especially the characters, who ended up caricatures of themselves.

          • And why would you want the studio to ruin the source game plot by making a new story? After all, its suppose to pull new fans to the game.
            I think we might have different opinion on “adaptation” lol. Though they did make several changes to the story…

        • Richard N

          I’m with you brother, I don’t see people who weren’t into Persona beforehand really getting drawn into the series thanks to the anime. It was fun seeing certain parts animated, but the whole thing just felt like a mediocre anime if I took a step back.

  • O_O! This is the best news today so far! I really can’t wait for the anime to come out as I love the series. This is perfect because I now have a time frame of when I should finish the game by =P

  • Tales_of_Master

    They got Io’s boob size right….that’s defiantly promising :D Really glad they decided to go with something other than Persona this time. It’s gonna be interesting to see people drawing parallels between DeSu 2 and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hopefully we’ll see more Anime adaptations from Atlus in the future.

  • Course it’s not P3 aren’t they getting a movie anyways?

    • Crok425

      It means that they decided to make an anime of Devil Survivor 2 instead of Persona 3. Like, at the beginning they decided to make a P3 anime but they saw DeSu2 and changed their minds.

  • IkouKuhn

    My guess is the anime will take the neutral faction (Daichi) route…
    because there’s a ‘true’ ending from that route.

  • ryne11

    Will breasts still defy physics?

  • I never noticed that his hood had bunny’s ear!

    • Detrimont

      thats cos we never saw him with the hood up til now, and the sprites arnet that clear in game

    • komiko12

      Actually, if you go with Yamato’s route, you will see a picture of him with the bunny hood up :D

      • I didn’t even beat the game once XD

        • komiko12

          It’s definitely hard to finish the game the first time around but the new game plus would make your next playthroughs much easier. :D

  • Must say, ATLUS is both on a roll and been making a mark into the fans’ heart recently. Keep up the great work~!

  • MCoelho
  • AkuLord3

    Kinda sad that the first one isn’t getting it but…i enjoyed the heck of DeSu2 so i’m hyped. Aw yeah seeing Airi beat up a “Certain” Demon God~

    • komiko12

      Trumpeter scene would be also great :D

  • komiko12

    They chose a good game to animate :D
    I hope the animation would be very good – something similar to Durarara!

    I am so looking forward to the scenes that would finally showcase the funny character of the MC.

    And I would get to see Fumi!!!
    Seriously she is one of the most funniest and the most interesting character in the game.

  • ryne11

    They better make the Protag funny

  • Göran Isacson

    My lord, the bunny hood! That’s how they’re gonna fit ALL of the characters and events in, they will give the main character super speed! Also, Accelerator, what are youuu doing here?

  • Junko Enoshima

    This is awesome, but what about that Persona 2 anime that was given with copies of Eternal Punishment? ;)

    • LightZero

      Indeed unfortunately the majority couldn’t careless about the Persona 2 duology. It’s P3 this or P4 that.

      • Junko Enoshima

        I can’t agree with you more :O

    • Herok♞

      personally I just want EP psp in english.

  • MrTyrant

    Mmmh I don’t know, the whole point in the game was being you (player) the main character and try every decision or possibility. That’s what i enjoyed more in the story.

    • But hey, you get 20+ min of voiced animated cutscene every week!

      • MrTyrant

        If it were for that I’d love every adaptation but I don’t.

  • Shadowman

    Is that a Rabbit ear hoodie? But still pretty excited for this anime.

  • natchu96

    How many episodes could they possibly get out of this?!?

  • neetyneety

    I hope they show the protag’s silly side, just like in P4 the Animation. :D

  • Super hyped for this. I love Index Corporation. Sucks Europe is still waiting for this game, so I hope I do get to play this before the anime starts to avoid possible spoilers.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips


  • Shane Guidaboni

    “Hello, Shining One.”

    • AuraGuyChris

      “Quit DOING that!”

  • Darkrise
  • benhofb

    Ermahgerd… I just got a nosebleed… I… need this…

  • Haku


  • SetzerGabbiani

    NEVER saw this coming, but it’s good to still have surprises in this day and age of the interwebz. I love this game very much, and I like how much better the story was vs. the original. They probably went with an anime for the second game for that very reason. Very nice!

  • kylehyde

    I loved all the character from DS 2 so this is really good news for me.

  • Is the character design done by the same person who did the character for the Yozakura Quartet ? (I’m not talking about the manga artist,I’m talking about the anime chara designer.)

  • Yvonne Tsang

    Bet they’ll go the Daichi route.

    • MrTyrant

      Or anguished one? nah I think they’d go for Daichi.

  • LightZero

    I’m looking forward to seeing Kuze have Otome “cowgirl” him and Makato sit on his face. That’s one of the few times I envied a MC lol.

  • Well, this isn’t my dream of having Brain’s Base animate the first Devil Survivor, but it is a step in the right direction. :]

    • alixraen

      Yeah, having the first one would have been cool.

  • ThatBlackGuy


  • Hinataharem

    Why did they choose this one over the first? Is it because of popularity like P4?

  • alixraen

    I haven’t got around to playing DS2 yet, I would have liked to see maybe a DS1 adaptation first.

  • raymk

    Either way i’m loving this, I wonder if they will fit all the characters in the game.

  • InfernoCommander


  • Maia Kasoya

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Follow Anguished one path.^_^ That is surely one of my favorite path in this title.^_^

  • Adam Primaeros

    I’m looking forward to accurate mythological hijinks (aiming Shiva-beams using another god, a knee-slapper!) and an Evangelion-knockoff is a more comfortable sell to me than a visunovel’d-Jojo-knockoff. *dodges fruits*

  • why u no make ds1 anime first??
    the story is much more interesting

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