Wait A Second, Atlus Is Teasing Another Devil Survivor 2 Project

By Spencer . December 7, 2012 . 2:11am

So, there’s a Devil Survivor 2 anime coming in April 2013 with the Persona 4 The Animation director tied to the project. Square Enix’s G Fantasy magazine will have a comic based on the series in January too.


And, apparently Index has *another* Devil Survivor 2 announcement. The Devil Survivor 2 homepage teases there will be is a new Devil Survivor 2 project which will be announced in a few days.




Since Atlus made an enhanced version of Devil Survivor for Nintendo 3DS, could this be a teaser for an "overclocked" version of Devil Survivor 2?

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  • Ooh Bee

    It better not be an overclocked version. I’d rather have a mobile card battle game. Anyone agree?


  • Alex Sargeant

    Uwa, I don’t think I could handle another go at Devil Survivor 2. Those boss battles are utter brutality.

    • ErhmagerdWerds

      Seriously I’m still grinding on the first one to beat the final boss :/

  • FX102A

    On the one hand, this is cool. On the other hand, Ghostlight has delayed the release of this in Europe until next year so by then if this is an Overclocked 3DS Version, they’ll probably scrub that and delay it even further for this version.

  • Laith Rem

    DeSu2 Overclocked? Yes, please! I am itching for more DeSu2.

  • Hmm….. will it be DeSu 2-2 (lol), DeSu 2 Updated Rereleased or something else….. Let’s wait n see.


    For those who wonder abt the art on the left hand side, its a promo image for the manga acc to this:
    ………….Wait a sec, I thought there ady a manga for DeSu 2?? Why another one?? (The art does look better than the another DeSu 2 manga though…)

  • Marcelo Gouvea

    I just hope this Overclocked version gets localized… *still bitter about Soul Hackers*

    With Mary Elizabeth McGlynn voicing Makoto.

    And *two* new days.

    • Interface23

      Who says we wont get Soul Hackers?

      • LightZero

        No one. Some people are just not patient and think Atlus owes them a quick release. It seems be the new thing for kids nowadays.

        • Marcelo Gouvea

          It’s not that I expect a quick *release*… just an announcement. I don’t need even a release date. Just a “yes, there is a chance this will be localized” would suffice. But ever since it was released, there hasn’t been a word about it…

          Ok, maybe I’m a *little* impatient, but…but….

          • Zeik56

            Atlus USA is not one to jump the gun when it comes to announcements. (Outside of a few times when leaks forced their hand.)

            They’ll announce it when they’re good and ready. Probably around February, after they’ve finished up with EO4 and had some time to make some progress on the localization.

  • Tales_of_Master

    I would kill for another DeSu 2 game, be it an enhanced version, or a possible spin-off. Atlus have been pumping out a lot of games in the last two years, which makes me as an old Atlus fan extremely happy. Hopefully, an announcement on Soul Hackers will follow after reveling this new project.

  • komiko12

    Voice Acting!
    More Fumi!

    • With 3D B**bs

      • komiko12

        that pops out?

        • and shaking your 3DS a little can make it bounce

          • MrTyrant

            Take all my money Atlus!

          • Lol bet you sad little men loved Catherine :>

          • drproton

            And you didn’t? I would have to question your taste.

  • I name this new project Jungo.

    It’s the easiest name for me to remember.

    • Jungo

      Someone call?

      • You idiot! I was talking about the cat. I knew this was a bad idea.

        • Connor

          I love everything so much right now

  • D-Rev

    Have DeSU1 protag as Ultimate boss

    • The Naoya Ending version.

  • Be social with devil survivor 2…. on GREE

  • Junko Enoshima

    A 3DS remake would be nice :)

  • MrTyrant

    Mmmh I would love to try a enhanced but they should add more content than the overlocked did. I hope to see more dialogues too.

  • Go2hell66

    oops wrong article

  • Arizato

    So this could basically mean that the version EU gets next year is obsolete by then?

    Great… Just great! The only thing the prevented me from importing Devil Survivor 1 was the Overclocked Version. Now I can’t buy Overclocked and Devil Survivor 2 at the same time since there will be no use playing DS2 if there is going to be an Overclocked version of that game too.

  • pho_Enix

    Since we haven’t gotten the Devil Survivor games here in the UK yet, it would be pretty awesome if this was another OverClocked version and we were able to get both Overclocked games instead.

  • DawnWolf

    Please. I haven’t played Devil Survivor 2 yet just because I was so spoiled by the originals overclocked version. If this comes out day one purchase for me

  • Ninten

    DS2 is like 1,5 years old (counting the JAP release). Why would they remake it?

    • LightZero

      My thoughts exactly. This game isn’t even old plus you can play the DS version on the 3DS. I can somewhat understand the first game. They wanted to test the 3DS market first.

  • Alexander Aubert

    yes…. please keep milking SMT series, i want them to be remake so bad

  • Shadowman

    Great Scott.

  • neetyneety

    Aw man, I knew it…. I shouldn’t have played DS2 on the DS after all. Or I’ll just go ahead and play it anyway for some new endings and voice acting. HELL YES FOR THE VOICE ACTING

  • An overclocked version? But Ghostlight just got the rights to release the vanilla version of the game in Europe…wouldn’t that screw it up for them?

    I’ll get any version of this game I can get, it’s SMT after all, but still…

  • I haven’t played my vanilla copy yet… well looks like one of those double dip scenarios where one version is just for looks.

  • benhofb

    Oh maaan! Another desu game makes me all fuzzy on the insides! I played Desu1 and 2, but not overclocked yet. Once I get my paws on a 3DS, that’ll be my first step… To think that they’d remake desu2… oooooh man. They should do what they do with the persona remakes and add another fate link (*cough social link cough*).

  • kylehyde

    if is DS 2 overclocked, I’m ok, cause this game deserves to be played by all. But if is DS2-2 (which I don’t think that could happen) I will be more than happy.

  • Damn, this day is off to an awesome start! =^_^=


  • Yvonne Tsang

    Probably just an Overclocked version.

  • haha I’d actually laugh if it ends up being an overclocked one, since I finally asked for the game for Christmas…!

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    my quess is that sony managed a deal, and the version 1.5 is coming to PSV, and is using aniplex to make an anime for promotion.

  • Tianyu Wei

    It’s gonna be DeSu: Overclocked for Vita. Enhanced port… what else could this be?

    • LightZero

      lol it won’t be on the Vita especially when it flopping horribly. So forget it. It will likely be on the 3DS just like the prequel. Although it would make more sense to port it on a system that can’t play the game.

      • Tianyu Wei

        I wouldn’t take Vita out of the equation. As somebody else mentioned if it’s the same Persona 4 team doing the animation, it’s most likely going to have Aniplex involved, which is Sony’s animation studio…

        I mean Muramasa, and Senran kagura also decided to get in on the Vita scene, I don’t see why Index wouldn’t? Especially after the Persona 4: Golden release. This would be a nice follow-up.

        • OlimacFTW

          Acording to ANN, the animation will be made by another studio. I think it´s called “Bridge”.

  • LightZero

    Honestly I rather it not be Devil Survivor 2 Overclocked. This is way too early plus it screw those of us who actually bought the original game over. I have no problem with an old game receiving an enhanced port. However, I don’t really like it when a relatively new game receive one. I rather they focus on Devil Survivor 3 for the 3DS instead of another Overclocked.

    • Isn’t that technically what they did with the original Overclocked though?

      • LightZero

        Yeah but it made sense. I didn’t like it either (although I loved Overclocked more than the Vanilla version). The original Overclocked was used to test the 3DS market. Just like P4G was used to test the Vita’s.

  • Julien_N

    I doubt it will be an Overclocked version of the game.
    For starters, DeSu 2 wasn’t released that long ago.
    The additions to the first DeSu (Compendium, multiple save files, 8th day, the new Tales of-like NG+ system) are also already in DeSu 2 save for the voice acting.
    My hypothesis would be something like one of those ANNOYING social mobile games, or the release of bonus material. (Another artbook or additionnal soundtracks or something like this)
    Of course, if I were wrong and it the teaser were for an OC version, I don’t want to imagine how screwed us PAL players will be, as the DS version isn’t even here yet…But Atlus doesn’t really care for PAL regions so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    All in all, I am still glad that there is an interest in the sub-series, it deserves it.

    • On the site it implies it is a game so either social/mobile (bleh) >_> or an OC version.

  • I’d be immensely pleased to have an Overclocked version of DS2. I have yet to play it as I’m still working through the first Overclocked, but I absolutely love the game and would be more than willing to spend money on another one. This possibility and the anime announcement have made my day today. Great news.

  • If it’s Overclocked, I’ll be like… but the original version still has to come to Europe -_-‘ …

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    DeSu 2 overclocked.^_^ Anguished one here i come.^_^
    I hope if these one is really overclocked means that we can hope for DeSu 3 in the upcoming future.^_^

  • Spirit Macardi

    I’m all for an Overclocked port. I actually skipped out on getting DS2 since I figured this exact situation would happen XD

    If this is indeed the case, I’m going to hope for a US release complete with voice acting like the original. Atlus really outdid themselves with that one, and I suspect that they had some fun with it since I noticed what seemed to be a few clever actor allusions x3

  • This is why I didn’t pick up the original, that said I didn’t really enjoy the original (besides the narraitive, that goes for all SMT games actually) but I would likely bite on DeSu 2: O because I’m an idiot. The same way I complaing about Bravely Default but I’d likely buy that too.

  • Grenalie

    It’ll be funny if it’s an Overclocked version, and even funnier if we get the Overclocked version before Soul Hackers or Eternal Punishment Portable.

  • Blur Will

    Devil Survivor 2-2

  • O no not the teasing… I don’t know how many more Atlus teases I can take ( ;~~;)

  • Ty Arnold

    Devil Survivor Arena.

    A fighting game featuring characters from DS1 and DS2. Naoya vs. Yamato, Ronaldo vs. Keisuke, Jungo vs. Gin.

    A man can dream, can’t he?

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