Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney Didn’t Do So Great

By Ishaan . December 8, 2012 . 2:00pm

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, Level 5 and Capcom’s crossover tale featuring characters from both series, hasn’t done well, either by Professor Layton standards or Ace Attorney standards.


As we reported earlier in the week, the game sold 128,856 copies in its first week on store shelves in Japan. Sales tracker, Media Create, add that this figure represented a mere 42.22% sell-through.


While the low sell-through figure by itself isn’t bad—games that have a habit of selling over long periods of time often showcase this trend—Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney’s first-week sales numbers were just plain low, even when compared to previous Layton and Ace Attorney games.


Here’s a rundown of how past titles (since 2006) in both series have performed in their respective first weeks, with sell-through figures provided where available in parentheses:


(2007) Professor Layton and the Curious Village – 136,736

(2007) Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box – 293,897

(2008) Professor Layton and the Unwound Future – 347,360 (51.45%)

(2009) Professor Layton and the Last Specter – 306,473 (86.75)

(2011) Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask – 119,591 (35.77%)


(2006) Ace Attorney: Justice for All – 23,503

(2007) Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations – 56,787

(2007) Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – 250,186

(2009) Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth – 171,940 (73.45%)

(2011) Ace Attorney Investigations 2 – 132,266


A few things to note:


1. If the sales figures for Ace Attorney: Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations appear incredibly low, it’s because the original Ace Attorney trilogy was released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan, and then later re-released for the Nintendo DS. Note the jump from Trials and Tribulations to Apollo Justice, which was the first original Ace Attorney title on Nintendo DS.


2. 2011’s Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask was a Nintendo 3DS launch game, selling to a very low userbase, which explains the relatively lower opening sales.


3. Even the lowest-selling Ace Attorney game, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, which was a spin-off, sold better than Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. Incidentally, the lower sales for Investigations 2 were suspected to be due to fewer TV commercials than its predecessor.


Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney will likely continue to sell for a while, but there’s no denying that the game could have seen far better opening sales. As to why it didn’t… we suspect that might be because the game was originally announced way back in 2010, and then went dark for about a year, until just recently before its release.


It’s possible that potential buyers simply lost interest during the downtime and turned their attention elsewhere. After all, there are a lot of other popular games on the market right now… such as this one, for instance.


Sales data provided by Media Create and

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  • ragingmerifes

    But it will be localized anyway. Which is kind of a turnoff, to me.

  • Jungo

    That’s… really kind of sad, honestly. This probably would’ve been a major splash had it come out a year ago. :/ Guess sometimes reality bites.

  • Wake

    I know a couple of people who love the Ace Attorney series but are pretty indifferent with the Layton games. The obvious assumption is to believe that this would attract both the AA and Layton fanbase. But there’s also this possibility that the merging of gameplay elements, despite being awesome in my opinion, might alienate said fanbase. Sadly, I think that’s what’s happening. Some of my friends don’t really want to go through the Layton puzzles just to get to the AA gameplay. Both are niche games and now I’m starting to wonder if this was a bad gamble for both franchises.

    • malek86

      At least Layton is not that niche. That said, I also believe the two audiences are kinda different and it must have affected sales quite a bit.

      • Reminds me of Ex Troopers, I gues this just proves it.

  • Ethan_Twain

    This is a tragedy! We know that crossover games rarely have a long sales tale, as they tend to target existing fans of the franchise and not an awful lot else. People who aren’t already familiar with one or both properties are not likely to want a mashup product of the two. So if front end sales are low, and the game is unlikely to have much of a tail…

    1. This undoubtedly deals a blow to hopes of localization.

    2. This is yet another Level 5 game releasing to market apathy. This is getting really bad for them, and it makes me wonder if we aren’t getting to the point where they’ll be unable to follow their usual mandate of creating all new IP, giving them awesome production values, and pushing for multimedia tie ins. Level 5 invests a lot in their games which is why they’re such high quality… but if those investments don’t bring returns (cough Time Travelers cough) then eventually something’s gotta give.

    • 1. This undoubtedly deals a blow to hopes of localization.

      I wouldn’t say that! :)

      Also, while blaming Level 5 here is definitely the easy way out, we also need to keep in mind that Capcom’s Shu Takumi was basically the creative lead on this project. It’s hard to say who is to be blamed, but I do think we can agree that the game being announced two years prior, going dark for the next year, then being released all of a sudden, didn’t help.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Oh no, I didn’t mean that at all. I mean, as long as the product is good then whether it sells or not comes down to marketing, right? Either way, I’m not so interested in assigning blame as I am worried about Level 5’s capacity to continue to make these huge AAA new IPs they love to do.

        This… is a good product, right? Have you tried it?

        • Ah, okay! I misunderstood your point. Yeah, marketing is something Level 5 could’ve taken a few pointers on this year. Even Girls RPG was a disaster from a marketing standpoint.

          I haven’t tried it personally, but Spencer has and he liked it. But I think the general consensus among people who have played it is that the Layton portions feel more boring than the Ace Attorney sections, just because of the way the two individual series are.

  • malek86

    Think the recent announcement of AA5 might have also caused AA fans to get this game out of their radars to focus on the upcoming, canon sequel?

    I also think clashing targets played a large part in this. Just because I like puzzles, doesn’t mean that I must like courtrooms and visual novels too. And viceversa. They may have overestimated the two fanbases’ overlap. Also fans in general seem not to care much about crossovers.

    By the way, is this yet another Level 5 game getting overshipped? That sure seems to happen a lot lately. Do they need better marketing (to get higher sales) or better market research (to have a more precise idea of how many copies they can sell)?

    Maybe they need both.

    • I don’t think AA fans will likely miss Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. I’m actually assuming that these people are the ones who bought PLvsAA,

      I can only assume that the game was announced last 2010 and was nowhere in the news for a whole year. What are Capcom and Level-5 thinking? I know they have other high profile games to take care of. But I guess they should have made the PLvsAA visible in the news always.

      • I agree completely, I reckon AA Fans brought it so we could play as Phoenix in a courtroom again, lol! And yes, it wasn’t in the news for so long I assumed it was cancelled. -.-

      • Sebastian Lothian

        I had assumed that it was released last year since it was announced in 2010 and hadn’t heard anything about it for so long.

    • kylehyde

      Both definitely.

  • Did better than Miracle Mask though. Level-5 just isn’t hitting it off there. Looks like Layton’s franchise fatigue is taking Ace Attorney with it in this case.

  • Adi Gondo Hartono

    Don’t forget that this game is facing a very strong opposition, which is Super Robot Wars OG2. This is often overlooked, but that game is incredibly huge in Japan & it’s highly anticipated since it has been delayed for a few times already before it’s eventual release.

    • s07195

      2nd Super Robot Wars OG, actually. OG2 came out a LOOONG time ago. :)

      • Adi Gondo Hartono
        • Triplicity

          Yeah, s07195 is technically right here. I know it’s confusing but as it happens:

          Super Robot Wars Original Generation 1 (GBA)
          Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 (GBA) (sequel to OG1)
          Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2) (remake of previous two)
          Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden (PS2) (sequel to OGs)
          2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation (PS3) (sequel to OGG)

  • Rocket D

    This is saddening news to me because I really look forward to getting a chance to play this game. With the collab being with Capcom (and their past of holding back even from Ace Attorney Investigations 2 due to fear of losing money from overall profit) it makes me feel like US/UK may not get to see this title unless Level-5 handles localization like many predict.

    As for why this game didn’t sell well it’s first week release I think it could be a lot of things. As the article mentions Animal Crossing seems to be the rage and steam rolling over any other 3DS title right now even with it’s shortage of physical copies. It could even be the division of fans due to gameplay mechanics. In Ace Attorney the investigation does require interaction and thought but it’s not full of puzzles in a literal sense. While Professor Layton fans would relish in that but may not like the court system and so on. I don’t know but it I have a bad feeling this won’t be localized if sales don’t pick up for the holidays (hopefully it will…)

    • @ec55913b805571b07a329c4e9683f16a:disqus @malek86:disqus This is certainly a possibility. Layton and Ace Attorney likely do have some amount of overlap, but the two series play very differently from one another. Personally speaking, I’m not that keen on the Layton-like adventure portions of the game either, and am much more interested in the medieval take on Ace Attorney’s trials system.

      This does bring up an interesting question though. Would a hypothetical crossover between Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney Investigations be any more viable? Both of those are part of the same design philosophy, and they’re far better suited to each other.

      • malek86

        It’s the opposite for me – I like the puzzle system of Layton, which I also enjoyed in Puzzle Agent, while I don’t care much for the trial system of Ace Attorney-like games (except for Murder Dog, but that game is a weird parody/satire of the concept rather than actually being based on it).

        Also like you said above, it’s possible that not too many of the people who cared for Layton on the DS, have bothered getting a 3DS. And we have seen that Oni Brain Training sales weren’t very hot, so that probably means some of the “brain generation” sales have been lost.

        As a final note, even for all its production values, Layton is still pretty much a puzzles collection. Isn’t that one of the most affected genres from the smartphone and free/cheap apps boom?

        • Well, Layton has also been expanding into other media like animated movies and whatnot. It’s hard to pin down just how much of Layton’s appeal in Japan specifically comes from puzzles and how much comes from the characters.

          • malek86

            In this particular case, yes – and we know japanese have a bigger tendency to latch onto the universe for any given product. Although for the portion of buyers who cares less about that stuff, it might have been a factor.

            I’m more worried about Europe, where I think the games are more popular for their Brain Training-like qualities than any storyline or character. Even putting aside this game, the brand in general might have more trouble being popular this gen around.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Well yeah, of course. The basic mechanic of reading testimony and pointing out factual inconsistencies is identical between those two. I’m not even sure that’s crossover territory really – if they had announced that Ace Attorney 5 would tell it’s story from multiple points of view and had you using each characters play style (Psyche Locks with Phoenix, Investigating with Edgeworth, using the magic bracelet with Apollo) I wouldn’t have batted an eyebrow. Indeed, that’s a direction I’ve been wishing the franchise would take for some time now.

      • Rocket D

        I think if Capcom did do a gameplay crossover with Investigations and the original AA gameplay it could be beneficial. It’s hard to tell though since Investigations didn’t sell well enough for the sequel to release out of Japan so I can’t say…I know I’d like that a lot. Finding contradictions before the court room scenes sound like a lot of fun. It could add to the trial part of the game or take it away though (since revealing who did it is part of the court room play after case 2 in the games). Guess it depends how they make it work if it ever happened.

        Still, it’s hard to say if crossing those game mechanics would make a better game or not since it depends the market for the most part based on sales with PLvsGS…I just really hope this game still makes it out of Japan…

  • Julian Esteban Soria

    im sorry, this really piss me off, how could this happening?! goddamit….. calm down, maybe if they translate it and export it to America and Europe the sales can be more

  • Yeah, we can kiss any chance of this coming Stateside goodbye.

    Ever notice how when games don’t come Stateside, excuses tend to fall into one of two categories: “the game didn’t sell well in Japan, so it wouldn’t sell well overseas,” or “the game did great in Japan, but it wouldn’t sell well overseas”?

    In other words, the American market is either EXACTLY like the Japanese market or NOTHING like the Japanese market, depending on how lazy they’re feeling and how flimsy the case for denying us a localization. :P

    • “the game didn’t sell well in Japan, so it wouldn’t sell well overseas,”

      I have honestly never seen this used as a reason for something not being localized, so I never understand why people keep saying low sales in Japan means that the game in question won’t be brought over.

      • Zeik56

        The optimistic side of me wants to believe that this would actually increase the chance of a localization, because they would be more inclined to try and make up for their losses in other markets.

        But I’m also pessimistic enough to think that because the game already had iffy prospects for being brought over that they’ll just decide to cut their losses and move on to the next project.

        Hopefully it’s the former and not the latter.

        • But the game never had iffy prospects for being brought over. Of all the games that are pending localization, this is the one I would be least worried about. There are three competent publishers capable of bringing it over, and both series in the crossover are well-known in the west.

          • malek86

            I do have to wonder how much the game could sell in the west. I have a feeling the two fanbases in the USA overlap more than in Japan (although the overlapping is probably relatively small overall, as AA numbers aren’t all that high).

            Europe is more worrying, I guess, since Layton here relies more on family success rather than a fanbase, and we don’t really know how much AA sells. So it might suffer the same woes as Japan.

            I have a feeling Nintendo knows the 3DS doesn’t have the same selling power to families as the DS did, which could be why they are willing to give away for free Professor Layton in that promotion – to start spreading the brand on the new, presumably less welcoming platform.

          • Yeah, Europe will definitely be the biggest challenge for this game. NOE were the ones that convinced Level 5 to make puzzles the focus of the box art, instead of characters. That’s what caused the Layton games to take off in Europe. That audience may not feel as strongly about this.

          • malek86

            Mh, perhaps this doesn’t mean all that much (although I know we shouldn’t underestimate the value of box art marketing), but in Europe, Miracle Mask is the first game where Layton seems to feature a tad bit more prominently on the cover. That said, it might be just to emphasize the 3D idea, but I can’t say for sure.

            The tagline also seems to focus on the story more than the puzzles aspect – although that had seemingly started with the Last Specter already (but since Last Specter came out here when the DS was starting to dawn, I have to wonder if perhaps they hadn’t already caught note that sales were starting to dwindle a bit).

          • Oh, that’s interesting. I didn’t know that. Maybe NOE themselves thought it was time to start moving away a little from focusing entirely on the puzzles and also start including Layton on the cover as a sort of familiar “brand” for people to latch onto?

          • I agree, I reckon they will bring this over to the West, definitely .

      • Blood of Bahamut, for one.

  • dark zios

    This sucks, the game is much better than investigations 1 or 2, i hope it will get localized, im pretty sure the sales out of japan will be better.

  • Both Miracle Mask and Professor Layton vc Ace Attorney are for a newer gaming platform.
    Even if the 3DS sales have been great so far, I do believe the console is not yet that disseminated on the populace to make sales comparations to games that came out for the NDS 6 years after it’s release.

    • malek86

      While that might be it, Animal Crossing has shown that a lower console base doesn’t mean much if your product appeals to that userbase.

      Therefore we have to at least consider the possibility that PL vs. AA didn’t do well for its own problems rather than because of the platform (or at least, only indirectly because of it – ie. the product appeals to the new platform’s owners less than the old one’s).

      • I see you point. But I wonder, isn’t Animal Crossing’s fanbase also bigger, making it’s high sales actually expected?

        On another note, PL vs. AA may have its own problems, but I wanted to play it anyway.
        Hope it does still come to the ocident…

        • malek86

          It partly does – after all AC had sold 6 million copies on the DS. However, the rate at which the 3DS game has been selling has shattered even Nintendo’s expectations. Meaning it managed to hit all the right buttons with the new audience (the social elements have most probably helped) and probably the old one too.

  • doggydogworld

    Looking at the sudden drop between Last Specter and Miracle Mask, it probably has to do with the fact that it’s on a whole different console than previous games.

    • A very, very valid point. A large portion of the “Brain Age audience” that Layton was targeted at has not bought a 3DS yet.

    • Possible. But oh man, I hate to say this but perhaps the audience isn’t in the 3ds anymore. :(

    • Andrew Chen

      Repped. Would need to look at a more detailed breakdown of console platform. 3DS has been selling well in Japan but as Ishaan pointed out the expanded audience probably has not fully carried over.

  • Don’t stay in Japan Don’t stay in Japan Don’t stay in Japan Don’t stay in Japan

    • its getting localized ! Yay for Level 5!

      • And it plays like a Layton puzzle game so I dont even have to buy Miracle Mask until I can afford it in 2 years :DDDDDD and have space for it in my 3DS case XD

  • kylehyde

    Ouch, certainly is not so good, but it could be worse. Anyway, it didn’t help that it faced animal crossing and super robot wars, also that it took a long time from anouncement to the release and the hype get lowered. Definitely this has not been the year of level-5, but I hope that the hings get better for them on the next year.

  • OverlordZetta

    If it had been on the DS, it would be sold out all over the country and there would be panic in the streets.
    Japan, and the whole world frankly, are all still getting used to the two new consoles.

    • LinkofCourage

      Japan is still getting used to the almost two year old handheld that had been selling over 150k for the past few weeks?

      • Elvick

        Doesn’t mean Ace Attorney and Professor Layton buyers have upgraded to the 3DS yet though.

        • LinkofCourage

          They don’t have much of a reason to considering there’s only game from one of those series are available for it. Japan in general is doing just fine with the 3DS.

          • Elvick

            that was my point…

  • Aoshi00

    Despite being a huge fan of both series and having played all the Layton and Ace Attorney/Investigations games up to this point, I am really not that interested in this crossover from the beginning, so I’m not sure if other fans of both series think the same.. from what I heard, the AA fans like the courtroom battles but thought the Layton puzzles were slow, so the pacing is not good.. and there’s the horrible Phoenix voice from the live action movie. Some might think it’s no big deal, but almost all Jpn gamers think that’s a big con and totally wrong casting, something as important as the main char’s voice standing out like a sore thumb (a big turn off for me for not getting this), it’s just puzzling why they made such a casting decision.. Luke and Layton have regular voices..

    I can’t say for other fans, but I don’t mind crossovers for fighters, if it’s stories mixed together, like the Clamp anime stuff, I never cared for them.. I prefer each game to stay in their own universe.. again, this is just personal opinion, but I really think the 2 art styles just don’t mix at all, so not appealing to me, in terms of audio and visual..

    And after Investigations 2 which was quite good, and Apollo which I didn’t really like, my heart was set on 5 alrdy.. and this spin-off is just filler stuff, which won’t expand the canon storylines for each series..

    • Andrew Boyce

      You’re implying that it will have th same voice actor in America
      Let’s face it, that’s just unlikely. And you’re saying Phoenix Wright wasn’t slow? That’s a visual novel game too. You need to remember that.

      • Aoshi00

        I’m not implying anything, the US ver of Ace Attorney never had a voice except the “Objection” and “Hold it” parts. I’m not even sure if it’s the same Eng. VA playing him on MvC Ultimate. For Japan, Naruhodo/Phoenix has always had the same voice actor, in the games, fully-voiced trailers, drama CDs, and other promotional videos over the years except in this cross-over game which used the live action actor for Phoenix, which feels inconsistent, plus that actor is far from a good voice actor.

        No, just saying the pacing of a Layton “puzzle” game and the Ace Attorney visual novel/point & click adventure is different, and many Jpn fans seem to think the 2 genres don’t seem to mesh too well, at least in this particular case. You’re not saying Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright are the same kind of games right? Some could be stuck in a Prof Layton puzzle for 30 mins w/o a guide. Yes, I think Layton is slower than AA. I’m just saying when I want to play Phoenix, I want Gyakuten Saiban 5, rather than a spin-off. Personally I don’t think the 2 art styles even complement each other. The jarring pacing and gameplay styles are how most of the Jpn gamers feel.

        I’m just saying I won’t import this, nor am I excited about a localized version. I still have Devil’s Flute and Miracle Mask to finish, and looking forward to Gyakuten 5, but I’m not very interested in this cross-over. One of the reasons I imported a 3DS was for Layton 5, and now Gyakuten 5. I’m just giving my opinion of why I’m not interested in this, despite being a huge fan of both series.

  • Look at the bright side, 2nd Super Robot Taisen Original Generation for the PS3 sold over 200k. Perhaps we’ll eventually get that game localized :).

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      That is probably one of the most impossible dream.T_T I mean, if they can sell 500k last time and don’t come here, we can not even hope that they will come here with mere 200k.

      • Yeah, but this is an Original Generation game, so it’s still a possibility compared to all the other SRW games who are basically licensing hells.

        • MrTyrant

          Very low posibility, this is the fourth game and we need to understand the story. We can if we play the GBA version but there are some new scenes that were added in the ps2 remake and also the OG2nd took some things that only did happened in the anime. Those new scenes in the anime are canon in the ps3 game.

          • LynxAmali

            Uh.. No, no they aren’t.
            The anime have always, and will always, have a separate canon then the games. What they did do, however, was reverse-import aspects from The Inspectors into the game (Azuki, Exbein, etc.)

            If you mean Egret however, he’s stated to be alive in Gaiden.

          • MrTyrant

            Lee is alive for example, the inspector dude died in the OG2 but not in the anime (except if they put some bullshit like revive him) and Soulgain having a golden arm.

          • LynxAmali

            Lee’s death was retconned in OGs. Mekibos was never killed (he survived in Classic too,and went on to become an ambassador as he does in 2nd OG) and Soulgain’s arm was referenced as an upgrade in OGs but never fully implemented due to time.

          • I may remember that people have said the PS3 game contains a library or some sort that tells us about the events before the current story. Makes sense as not all PS3s can play PS2 games and it’s accessible for new comers, the Mecha fanatics who probably missed out on the PS2 games.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      By the standards of major SRW titles, 200k is nothing to write home about.

      • MrTyrant

        It this for an OG game in ps3 and not portable. Normally other SRW sell better because they have Gundam and other well know animes and besides some of them were in portable or ps2 which was veeery popular.

        I think Alpha 3 sold like 600K in the first week, kind of what Xillia did this generation but in that case, Alpha 3 was the final part of the saga and have a loooot of franchine inside even Virtual on.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          Except this is a decline even when you consider it is an OG game. By comparison, OGs sold about 330k in its first week.

          Furthermore, niche games aren’t influenced by the size of the installed base to any significant degree. This applies to SRW as well; Impact and Advance, for example, were some of the best selling titles in the series, yet were released very early in the life of their respective platforms. Also, F and F Final were huge successes at the time, yet were released on the Sega Saturn (which always had a very small installed base even in Japan).

          Having said that, however, I guess it is possible that the SRW audience was influenced by the market shift to portables and that there are more SRW fans on handhelds than there are on home consoles now.

          Also, since you mentioned Alpha 3, it’s worth pointing out that while it’s sales were great, they were still a decline compared to the original Alpha (which remains the peak of SRW’s commercial success with roughly 700k copies sold).

          • Still, besides sales, 2nd SRW OG for the PS3 is no licensing hell compared to most of the SRW games. It can theoretically be localized if only based on whether it’s a mega crossover or not. Still, I wonder what must be done to or can be done to convince Atlus, Namco Bandai or someone else to localize that game.

          • MrTyrant

            “I guess it is possible that the SRW audience was influenced by the market shift to portables and that there are more SRW fans on handhelds than there are on home consoles now.”

            This was precisely my point, also I think the sales are great since is hard for a ps3 game to be on the top (obviously tales and others don’t count) more if it’s a mecha game which i see they are in decline nowedays.

            Other thing that I think is like Layton here. OG 2nd also suffered from being postpone everytime, it was supposed to be realesed a year ago or more if i remember correctly but the director changed the realese date lots of times and I think the people lost interest on waiting so much. IMO.

          • So.. bye-bye OG 2nd? It at least lacks all the various IPs, is a game on a less-pirateable console — and beside being a Mecha game, it’s also a game that can attract anime fans, Sci-Fi fans and/or people who love RPGs and/or SRPGs.

  • MrJechgo

    So much for an English version…

  • $29082171

    Level-5 games nearly always sell low, unfortunately not even a crossover could save them from this trend of theirs.

    • Elvick

      Um, Professor Layton has sold well. Better than Ace Attorney. So I don’t know what you’re point is there.

      It’s not like it was Professor Layton x Monster Hunter or x Dragon Quest and then didn’t manage to sell. Since your statement comes off as, “even a crossover with Ace Attorney couldn’t save a Level-5 game!” Which is ridiculous since it’s sold more than Ace Attorney.

      It was paired with a series that’s sold less. If anything, we should be pointing out how Level-5 games tend to sell better outside of Japan so they should release it worldwide and see what happens.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Level-5’s biggest problem, it seems, is that they overship the hell out of their games lately.

  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    I wasn’t excited for this crossover eithertthough it was extremely hyped. However, I know this sounds bad but, I hope the trend continues. I feel like these franchises simply don’t change and they keep coming over and over and over again. I feel like those devs should step out there comfort zone and try something different. I feel like all Nintendo main 2nd party devs do that. Why can’t they step out and try something else. I know this was a first step in doing that but it still 2 big names instead of a different direction, a different ip. I respect all old and recognized franchises but I’m sick of the same thing. I could understand for the sake of a story but I feel the resources used to make this game could of made something even greater. They were working together, and I know something bigger than this could of happened.

    • The question here is: Do visible changes matter that much for visual novels that sell mainly on their written content? Especially when mechanics and interfaces are primarily there to provide the basic interactions between the player (or in this case, reader) and the text to begin with.

      And since you brought up about “stepping out of the comfort zone and trying something different”: That’s precisely what Gyakuten Saiban series is! It’s something Shu Takumi brainstormed as part of a 1-year new employee initiative program of sorts, despite several of his colleagues saying a visual novel involving law and trials couldn’t possibly sell. And then he used the ideas again in Ghost Trick as well, so I would say Takumi has the “try something different” part covered, even after establishing a series of his own.

      I recommend reading more about it in details here; the article was posted yesterday, so it’s still pretty fresh.

      Roughly the same could be said about Professor Layton, although in its case, there’s a noticeably stronger lean on interaction. Because not only is it a storybook, it’s also a puzzle book, meaning there are a lot of thought and effort involved in creating solid, error-proof puzzles and programming different ways to solve each of them.

  • That kind of sucks… :( Hopefully it will still come over like all the other PL games, and most of the AA games.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This is once again Level-5 big problem i see. They seem love to overestimate market again and again.

    They should really research the market here first before releasing all their game.

    For this game not doing really great, i think the simple reason maybe is the genre overlap. Layton is a puzzle game where you will need to stop and think what is the solution for the puzzle meanwhile Phoenix section is VN and court battle section which can be faster compared to Layton section.

    This aspect i think scares some of the PW fans as well Layton fans. Hope here that this still sell in long term and increase the chances of us getting the game.^_^

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    Dear god, I hope this doesn’t spell doom for a US/Europe/etc. release…

  • lordroto

    It’s not like it bombed, it barely sold less than the last AA game and sold barely more than the last Layton game. Not that big of a deal lol

  • jomkingal

    nice picture. haha! he is troubled. :3

  • Sakurazaki

    I’m a bit surprised that there is such a division between the PW and PL games.

    I thoroughly enjoy both games and have friends that are the same.

  • isotrex

    Don’t worry, by the time it gets out from Japan, all will be well.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    You are bridging 2 different types of games together….which can create confusion and cause others to wait for word of mouth to actually get a game.

    Not to mention, I actually forgot this was coming out now as a result of the lull between the original announcement.

    In my opinion, this was not proper the way it was handled. If it would have had an international release as well (not reason why not since the system is region locked) then we would not even be having this conversation as most of us would be too busy playing the game.

  • Its obvious why it happened – all the delays and the wait for the game. And I think someone else made a good point, I love the Ace Attorney games, but don’t like the Puzzle type games of Professor Layton. Even then, I’ll buy this game just to play as Phoenix Wright again…

  • MrTyrant

    It’s just the first week, don’t know why they would complain that much.

  • Shakeel

    If my 3DS was Region-free i’d so import this game. I bought my 3DS just for phoenix wright and professor layton :'(

  • Chris Lane

    Well the majority of the fans of this series may not even have 3ds yet correct? I mean theres only been 1 layton game released for 3ds and I believe this is technically the first ace attorney game released for the 3ds as well. So perhaps the majority of the fanbase just doesnt have the hardware for this game yet? Either way I pray we still get it out west, I’ve been yearning for this game.

  • Julien_N

    I had no idea the game was out. O_o
    They hyped it a century ago but until now we had little to no news about it. I guess a few Japanese gamers felt the same, but I wouldn’t worry about the localizations.

  • Göran Isacson

    My heart weeps heavy tears of woe, and I just hope these sales don’t reflect the actual quality of the game. Because a crossing of such charming and charismatic main characters just HAVE to happen AND be good. I don’t know if my heart could take something half-hearted in this case.

  • Göran Isacson

    My heart weeps heavy tears of woe, and I just hope these sales don’t reflect the actual quality of the game. Because a crossing of such charming and charismatic main characters just HAVE to happen AND be good. I don’t know if my heart could take something half-hearted in this case.

  • yea.. i was kinda confused too.. i just figured the amalgamation of 2 super franchises would sell a shit load of copies..

  • AokiShizuku

    I think the game should have made two different stories, one for Layton and the other for Phoenix. That way, if one person preferred Layton’s puzzles, they could have those without having to go through Phoenix’s trials or vice versa. That way, they could have shown the story from the perspectives of Layton or Phoenix but that’s just my idea.

    I’ve never tried a Layton game before but I do think this is a good game to see whether I’ll like it or not. The main thing that appealed to me was the setting and Phoenix Wright being a part of this game.

    As for sales, they will most likely pick up but I thought both games were pretty niche in Japan? So I don’t think it should come as a surprise but as other people have said, it’s clash of interests. As both series are different in both genre and style, I doubt there are many fans out there that are huge fans of both series as most people favor only one character/genre.

  • It is getting localized! Thanks Laer for telling me!

    It says:
    Thankfully Hino seemed much happier to discuss the studio’s incoming
    releases – Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Professor Layton vs
    Ace Attorney – due for release on PS3 and 3DS next year respectively.

  • Budgiecat

    Thanks Japan thanks….

  • It’s really sad. I’m playing it right now and it’s really wonderful. Another victim of Nintendo’s domination on its own systems…

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