Final Fantasy XIV’s Rebirth Delayed Development Of Other Square Enix Games

By Spencer . December 11, 2012 . 1:06pm

ff14The failure of Final Fantasy XIV had a huge effect on Square Enix and the damage wasn’t limited to the company’s bottom line. "The unsuccessful launch of FFXIV caused a negative chain of events in other areas across the businesses. One notable example is the significant delay in the development of new HD games titles in Japan. As a result, our major releases of HD game titles use IPs previously developed by Eidos Interactive, and are sold mainly in Europe and North America," said Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada.


That explains why the Japanese side has been so quiet recently. We heard about other projects in Square Enix Japan’s lineup like Catacombs, which is probably canceled now, and that Unreal action RPG Square Enix was hiring for.


Square Enix’s Japan division released Final Fantasy XIII-2, Dragon Quest X, Kingdom Hearts 3D, a PSP port of Final Fantasy III, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (developed by IndiesZero), Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D (developed by Tose), and Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (developed by Silicon Studio) this year.

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  • ragingmerifes

    Including Versus XIII.

    • Godmars

      If someone has to do their nails that game gets “delayed”.

      • ragingmerifes

        Well. That expalins why Nomura looks so fabulous sometimes.

        • Mavalex

          Gotta be fabulous before doing anything

      • Peeka Chu

        Gel nails are serious bizness. Especially if they’re getting those rhinestone decals on them.

      • Elvick

        Can’t delay something without a release date, window… or even whisper. :D

        Wait. :/

    • Neophoton

      I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Most likely very true.

    • Romangelo

      That game has been delayed from the beginning.

  • Peeka Chu

    I guess this is the excuse for no FF-Agito or Lord of Apocalypse. Sadly XIV has been stripped down to be a pretty WoW clone, so I don’t see it as money well spent.

    • FF-Agito is Type-0 now, and has been in Japan for a while now. LoA has also been in Japan for a while now. This article deals with Japan not North America. North America is just being stupid, and refuses to localize anything.

      • Peeka Chu

        I know those titles are available in Japan, that’s not the point. All resource allocation is funnelled through Japan HQ. I imagine semi or questionably profitable localizations would be the first things to get cut.

        • Localization is handled almost solely in the countries HQ. And even if it were funneled through JP that really has no barring on translating the game really. NA localization has been appalling due to their refusal to do anything.

        • Robert Leonardi

          i seriously don’t think you know on how the Video game market works, if what you said was the case, we would already have all of the tales, FF, Falcom (Ys and Trails of heroes) and many other jrpgs, but sadly reality isn’t that easy

    • Luna Kazemaru

      My IQ just dropped from this comment

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    He acts as though the audible groan at Sony’s E3 press conference when FFXIV was announced as an MMO wasn’t an indication of things to come.

    • It is Square Enix after all.

    • BigGuy

      Doesn’t sound like a groan to me.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        You mean, “Online?!? What the hell?!?” is a good thing? Everybody cheered at the FFXIV logo until the word “Online” appeared and a good half of the crowd had the same reaction as that guy.

    • neo_firenze

      People still grumble about FFXI too (“waaah it shouldn’t be a numbered entry”, “I hate MMOs”, etc.), but that ended up being the most profitable game ever in SE’s flagship series, and one of the very few MMOs from any company to see sustained worldwide success. And it’s STILL producing a solid revenue stream.

      So, no, the knee jerk E3 reaction of people who were also probably in the anti-FFXI boat really isn’t a good judge of things to come from a profit-seeking business perspective.

      The REAL issue is that the people who were interested in FFXIV got their hands on it and realized it was awful. Me included – long-time FFXI player who was totally ready for XIV. I even upgraded a PC for it. And it ended up being my biggest gaming disappointment EVER because of incredibly bad development decisions.

  • FFmax

    Why are they still trying to save this game? I doesn’t seem worth it if it’s dragging down the production of other games.

    • surakian

      It was worse for them to leave an unprofitable and badly made game on the market than not. XI remains to be SE’s most profitable game, bringing in pure income for them to fund the development of their other projects. They want to see XIV 2.0 have a similar level of success so they can continue to put out games.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Because 11 did well and the facr they have a player base willing to come back and looking forward to play again.

    • Yerld_CK

      They really want a successor to FFXI. Additionally, they’re embarrassed about the impact of XIV (a main installment as opposed to a spin-off) on the Final Fantasy brand, so there’s a lot of desire to salvage the game.

      • komiko12

        Final Fantasy is Square Enix’ pride.

        They won’t let a poor game ruin the streak wherein each main installment game enjoyed various levels of success.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Perhaps it is time for these companies in JPN to switch leadership of their companies game business like Sony, as this seems to have been a very costly mistake on account of whoever is in charge at Square Enix, just the same it has been for Nintendo and their leaders causing precipitously declining monies. Seems like banking it all on rebirth could make or break Square Enix, hopefully their manga business doesnt suffer.

    • Tsuna. Stop talking. Please. I fear for my sanity.

      • Wait, that’s Tsuna? I may not have been here that often, but I didn’t recognized him by the post.

        • Spider-Man

          I had no idea either. NOW I know. And knowing is half the battle.

      • Hinataharem

        Tsuna returns from the dark realm

      • Göran Isacson

        And only now do you realize his dark plan. The posts will continue, until our sanity… does not!

  • Draparde

    Well i hope it works out for them in the end. i’ll be supporting it

    (both because the idea of fessing up to your mistakes and fixing them is something that should be done more often, and the new management direction of being more in contact with the fans is also great)

    though wouldn’t them admitting this before it’s release grab the attention of the angry mob ? that is, unless it’s not delaying them anymore?…

  • riceisnice

    Call me delusional, but I’m still holding onto that string of positive attitude. C’mon Square, you can do it!

  • Budgiecat

    Wada became the president of Square-Enix upon initial employment in just under 6 months

  • Toxik Berry

    that explain why nobody has said anything about XII versus and XHD. Its good they are trying to save the game but gambling other games with most likely bigger fandom for it… i guess someone in square does not have priorities right. Just saying

  • eilegz

    port or remade Type-0 for vita and release it to america…. = PROFIT

    meanwhile we want FF XIII-3 and XIII versus

    • Spider-Man

      We? Nah, you guys can keep XIII-3. I’m just waiting for Type-0 and Versus XIII.

      • Unlimax
      • almostautumn

        You said it, brother

      • SiliconNooB

        SE can keep XIII-3 for all I care… I just want Bravely Default.

  • saxophone15

    Well this was pretty much expected. Not complaining though as I am looking forward to FFXIV 2.0. As guess the good thing for those who are waiting for the single player games is that they should be coming out a little faster after FFXIV is released again.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Ummm….stop prioritizing XIV? Seriously, I know these MMORPGs are huge money makers due to subscriptions, but if it isn’t compelling and people aren’t buying, you’re wasting millions of dollars on a failed product.

    • Robert Leonardi

      its their choice on what to do with the game and you don’t have any say for it (and considering on XI’s success, why won’t they ?), and i don’t think they want to leave the game as it is, so instead of leaving it as one of the indicators of a failed product like many other game companies do, might as well re-work on it and bring back the fans. Besides, there’s no way anyone will know on 2.0 will do in the future before actually playing it

      oh and before i forget,
      (fun fact: there are more than one teams in Square Enix, and each are responsible for different games)

  • DCBlackbird

    i warned you square! but you didnt listen! now we’re all gonna die! but seriously square you guys are taking a risky move i mean if all this sells, awesome sauce otherwise….

  • NOOOOO! Not Unreal Action RPG (Working Title)! It’s their most interesting new IP they have so far!

    Also, I think this article is affecting most people’s brain cells, judging by some of the comments here (it might include mine, as well). Maybe you should put a disclaimer about this at the bottom of the article, to avoid lawsuits, Spencer.

    EDIT: Oh yeah. And that picture screams “THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE AND SHINY THINGS!!!” in Cruise Control.

  • Göran Isacson

    I presume they mean that so many resources such as money and workers have been funneled into this project, that they had to cannibalize other projects in order to make ends meet? Because that’s the only reason I can think of for why this game should have caused delays for other games, when Square Enix have several teams working on several different games simultaneously.

  • Brion Valkerion

    WHAT GAMES, yourr effing browser based games, your count down clocks for your browser based games, your shitty final fantasy spin offs or your shitty dragon quest spin offs or your shitty kingdom hearts spin offs…


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