Why Is Dragon Quest X An MMORPG?

By Ishaan . December 12, 2012 . 10:40am

Dragon Quest IX was a single player game that, at last count, has sold well over 4 million copies in Japan. Dragon Quest X is an MMORPG that has only sold close to 600,000 copies so far. Understandably, some have questioned Square Enix’s decision to make the latest game an online-only multiplayer game.


The answer to why Square made Dragon Quest X an MMO is simple. Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix’s last successful MMO, has earned the company nearly 40 billion yen ($484.7 million) in its ten years of operation. That’s about 4 billion yen ($48.4 million) in revenue per year from a single game.


“People said a lot of things about FFXI when it came out in 2002,” Square Enix president, Yoichi Wada, recalls. “At a time when game consoles were still at their peak, we needed to exceed 2 million units to be considered a success in the [Final Fantasy] series.”


However, Square Enix’s initial shipment of Final Fantasy XI was a mere 120,000 copies. Ten years later, though, Final Fantasy XI is the most profitable game in the entire series, owing to its monthly subscription fee.


“While the early stages were used to recover costs, this title eventually contributed greatly to the overall revenue scheme in the latter half of its lifespan, and proved that MMORPG has a sustainable capacity over a long duration,” Wada said during a Square Enix financial results briefing.


The same, Wada added, will hold true for Dragon Quest X. The game’s initial development costs were recorded this year, so next year is when Square Enix expect to see a surge in revenue from Dragon Quest X subscriptions, as well as from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


As previously reported, Dragon Quest X has over 400,000 paying subscribers as of October, a feat which it achieved in just two months. In comparison, it took Final Fantasy XI 18 months to reach 400,000 subscribers.


Dragon Quest X is currently only available for the Wii, but will also be available for the Wii U starting in Spring 2013. Meanwhile, Square Enix are continuing to publish single-player Dragon Quest games as well, as evidenced by the Nintendo 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII.

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  • Göran Isacson

    Ah, so it is a monthly subscription game. For some reason I thought I read or heard somewhere that it had moved away from that model… but yes. Money, dear boy. Mad money. Does anyone know how much it cost to develop and RE-develop FFXVI, and when they’ll start making back money on THAT project?

    • kupomogli


    • Next year is when Wada says they’ll start to see revenue flow in from FFXIV, but he didn’t mention anything about when they would be able to consider the FFXIV project itself a profitable one. Probably in a year or so, if subscriptions go well.

  • Godmars

    Exploitation of brand popularity. Anyone saying different is lying.

    If it had been single-player it might not have made Square as much, but more than likely have sold more.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Does it really matter honestly.

      • Budgiecat

        Ask the failure of FF XIV

        • Luna Kazemaru

          then go look back at FF11 oh right that was good.

          • Godmars

            Same should have been told to FF14’s original director :p

      • Godmars

        Honestly it should.

        More people should be looking at quality instead of brand names. Reason why FF14 was released in its original form.

        • Wouldn’t that be down to the consumer’s lack of research into a product?

          The thing is, no-one is forced into buying a game (or product) due to brand popularity. It’s up to the consumer if they want to purchase because of that reason or another, but don’t blame companies for using all that they have to push a game out and improve its chance of success.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          people expect quality from 14 since 11 was a big hit it turned out not to be that great it wasn’t about brand name so you might want to stop assuming everyone is as shallow as you in your reasoning for everything.

          • Godmars


            Square may have been shallow – irrational even – when they first released FF14 in the form that they first did, and at the reported costs, but if people who bought it had been shallow they wouldn’t have raised the stink that they did.

            Guess I didn’t express myself well there. Sorry about that.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Lord have mercy….

    • That’s his point. They fully understand it would “sell more”, The point is that those higher sales wouldn’t translate to higher profits.

      I don’t see what the problem is here, or why it’s “exploitation”. Every company in the world uses their brands in a multitude of different ways. People need to stop making these childish remarks and understand that this is a business.

      • Godmars

        Thing is the “business” is suppose to be about entertainment and I’ve been feeling less and less entertained.

        Its exploitation because you’re buying a game based on history of expectation. Getting something that’s going to have a shallow story and depend more on interact with other people.

        • And why is wanting interaction with other people a bad thing? Gaming has always been a social hobby at its core. Yes, it can provide solitary escapism, but that’s not what the most popular videogames have ever been about.

          Nobody is being forced to buy this game. Everyone knows the difference between it and DQIX. The people that are buying and subscribing are doing so because they genuinely value that experience and interaction with other players.

          Again, I feel these kinds of comments are incredibly childish as they amount to nothing more than: “I don’t like this, so nobody else should like it either.”

          • Godmars

            Kind of a contradiction to your comment when we’re talking about an entry into a series which sold far less than the one before it. True it made the company offering it more money than the earlier game, but fewer people still bought it.

            The people who opted not to buy that particular title were very much the majority of the direct market, but the structure of the business model is such that they could be ignored. Can continually be ignored by future installments in fact.

          • You don’t even make sense now, so I’m going to stop talking. Continuous revenue > sales figures. If you can’t understand this simple concept, I’m not sure what to say.

          • Godmars

            DQ9 sold 4 million
            DQ10 sold 600k

            Square made more money on DQ10 because of its subscription model.
            By a purely business standpoint Square has more reason to continue the subscription model despite that smaller audience.

            By your comments you seem to be arguing in favor of both Square and a majority of gamers, and yet by presented numbers you’re only half right.

          • No, Square has equal reason to continue both business models, as they have clearly demonstrated that they are doing. Again, I don’t see why this is difficult for to understand.

          • Godmars

            But the point is that they aren’t. Whether its DQ as an MMO or other titles with DLC, Square and other companies have set things up so that they can continue to make money on a game, SP or MP, after they’ve sold it.

            And Square by the example of DQ10 have hit a point where they can exclude portions of the DQ fanbase, the majority of that fanbase, and make more money doing it. Or are you going to tell me they’ve announced this for the EU and US?

          • Please. Please, I beg of you, stop posting, before you kill any more of my brain cells. Your points make no sense, you swerve from one debate into another while drawing no parallels between them. Just… stop posting if you have nothing of genuine value to say.

          • Godmars

            Okay, seriously, as mod if I’m not making any valid points, just repeating myself, shouldn’t you either be threatening or just dropped the ban hammer?

            Or even to an even less extreme and mutual benefit not replied?

            I mean I freely admit as someone who hasn’t gotten anything out of a consumer relationship with Square I’ve lost this argument long ago, probably even before FF13, but that’s not going to stop me from complaining about it. Much less question or respond to people trying to defend them.

          • No, the problem is that you are not making any sense whatsoever. Look, it’s simple.

            Dragon Quest X = MMO.
            Dragon Quest VII = Traditional DQ game.

            One is not being sacrificed for the other. They are doing both. If you think that including DLC in a game somehow makes it “MMO-like” then I’m afraid that’s a very warped perception of things, as most games on the market these days have DLC, and will continue to, for the foreseeable future.

            I’m replying to you out of basic courtesy and respect, but I almost feel like you’re insulting my intelligence by not even attempting to make any valid arguments.

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    I hate how they make games from a main series online…
    I don’t care if they want to make online game, but why from the main series…
    Would it be so hard to make some kind of spinoff for online.
    They could have just called this game dragon quest online and leave the main series only for single players…

    • ringwaldhaze

      What difference would that make, though?

      • Luna Kazemaru

        None at all really.

      • Benjamin Shaw

        Only difference I see is that if someone wants to go and play in maybe…I dunno…20 more years. There’s a possibility Final Fantasy XI or XIV or Dragon Quest X may just be…gone. That may prove to be a problem if they get shut down. If they don’t, though, there really is no difference.

        • Honestly, knowing Square-Enix, they’ll probably just get around to rereleasing them on newer hardware.

          Maybe some day they’ll do a offline single-player version of FFXI, or maybe some day we’ll just have a version of FFXI for iOS/Android.

          • tokotamer

            IIRC, there’s been talk of bringing XI to Vita.

    • tokotamer

      I feel like a broken record now, I’ve said this so many times. Does it matter if it’s numbered? Yeah, if you choose not to play it leaves a “gap”. So what? Numbering the games protects the consumer’s investments in that game. That’s a GOOD thing!

      Take FFXIV for example. After it failed, had it been called anything but XIV Square Enix would have simply shoved it under the rug and pretended it never happened. But they couldn’t. Why? Because they numbered it; it’s not a spin-off it’s a main series Final Fantasy title and is instantly part of the franchise’s legacy. People who would have likely otherwise been burned are now getting a fantastic re-release to enjoy. If it was called FF Online [insert subtitle] it would have been trashed for sure.

      • Federico Astica

        And if they would’ve trashed FF Online we would be playing FF XIII Versus by now.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          No 13: LR would be out right now don’t know what you talking about.

        • Wait what

          No, we wouldn’t. Completely different teams. I wish people would stop saying that the XIII Lightning Saga games and XIV are what’s delaying Versus XIII. That’s solely on that team, which has been busy doing nothing but Kingdom Hearts spin-offs.

          • Unknown

            Nope,thanks to the failure of FFXIV they had to take developers from other teams especially that of the Versus team to help and fix the game. There were rumors that most of the company working to help fix the game. If we didn’t have FF XIV then yeah Versus XIII could have been here.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            lol yeah because you can clearly jump threw loops of fucking time and can tell what would or wouldn’t happen.

          • Oni123

            Sooo by this “logic” instead of having one awesome game we now have 2? It’s a win win as far as i’m concerned =)

        • Nope. Think for a second, one team does not delay the other. If one team is not competent enough to finish and see a release date decided internally- that is their fault. Stop trying to put the blame on other teams who can bring out stuff. They’re not going to waste man power or let it go to waste and wait. That’s not how a business runs.

          • Wake

            We probably wouldn’t be playing Versus today, but then there’s this…


            It’s hard to say what games were really affected but there’s a slight truth to what he said.

          • There always is, yeah. But we have to take into account that development for Versus possibly isn’t sugar and rainbows (lol) There has to be issues with it personally, too and they can’t just wait if that’s the case you know?

            Not trying to be mean or anything- I want it too, but there can be many factors as you say. It sucks.

      • ErhmagerdWerds

        Game titles hold a lot more sway than people realize. Castlevania and DmC have proven that with the flack they got for being different/reboot games while still holding a title related to their core IP. Sometimes it draws people to a game they wouldn’t normally play, other times it chases off people who don’t want it to be included as part of their IP fandom.

  • Budgiecat

    I really would like Wada to step down. I do not agree with his business decisions at all. Hire back Sakaguchi and his Mistwalker team

    • Considering Sakaguchi has developed four games that bombed in a row, I think that’s a terrible idea.

      • Really? How?

      • Wake

        In the case of LO & TLS, I always assumed that it “bombed” due to timing and the console they were released in. It doesn’t take away that they were great games though, especially LO. I never did understand why people crucify it for being a traditional/throwback JRPG.

        • Neither game is critically acclaimed the way Sakaguchi’s older titles were. Also, neither game was “limited” in the sense that Microsoft backed one and Nintendo backed the other.

          TLS, yes, may have been limited because it came out too late in the Wii’s lifecycle to really sell good numbers, but Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and ASH were all spectacular bombs.

          • Pockystix

            I consider three things with the poor sales of MWs games.

            1. They really chose the worst systems to be on, not for quality, or lack of trying, but for audiences. The 360 was just not a great place to put RPGs on, and the Wii was dying long before they threw tLS on it.
            2. Sakaguchi is just one man without his team. Square Enix and the FF-Dev team were really good at making great games (mostly) and getting folks pumped for buying them. Sakaguchi has access to none of that now, and needs to make a strong IP in order to achieve sales.
            3. Everything else is coming out around the same time. Let’s face it, Sakaguchi’s name alone will not grab the attention of the common gamer, especially when every outlet is telling them to buy the next THIS and THAT game.

            That being said, I didn’t really like any of the MW games. Sure, they are alright titles, but the feeling I get from each title is that it needs something more. The man really needs his team, or to be back on the team. . . however you see it lol

          • Wake

            Yes, exactly.

            It was definitely was the wrong console for the game. People tend to forget that during this time, Microsoft was trying to woo the JRPG crowd. They haven’t fully realized yet that there was this distinct shift towards western games within that generation.

          • Matthew Sychantha

            Not critically acclaimed? I mean, they just claimed it one of the 10 best games of 2012 in time magazine. And that’s across all consoles. And it didn’t come in at like, 10, it came in at a solid 7. If that’s not critically acclaimed I’m not QUITE sure what is…

      • Alfy Masamune

        Sakaguchi’s last 4 games have been better than all of SE recent rpgs by far.The Final Fantasy series is ruined thanks to FFXIII, FFXIII-2 and FFXIV…..Wada is a disease and needs to be removed.

        • “Better” or not doesn’t matter. The point is those games have been failures in that Sakaguchi has been unable to demonstrate that he’s capable of breaking out and catering to the mass market. This isn’t about quality, it’s about Square Enix’s financial state.

          • Juan Baker

            So uuuhh…How have they been doing without him? Yeeaah…You want to talk about failures but you dont want to acknowledge the circumstances of his titles that earlier in the generation SE THEMSELVES faced.

            That space simulator game? Infinite Undiscovery? That Unreal Engine Game? There was another one but I cant remember the name of that FAILURE either. And keep in mind that all these cement bombs were due to the same circumstances Mist Walker was in.

            Microsoft backed them? Yes. Right into a wall, and put S.E. in place where they had to scramble to get some games sold before they hit the red.

            Ask Namco about them Xbox exclusives lol.

          • Namco would be more than happy to tell you that Tales of Vesperia and the other games that Microsoft secured exclusivity on allowed them to get their internal teams familiarized with HD development early on before the PS3 was even out in the market.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          everytime i see comments like this I can’t help but laugh my ass off but then again we need to come up with bullshit to try and make our comments fact right?

        • No, lol.

        • Monsley

          I really don’t understand this attitude. A whole series is ruined in your eyes because you didn’t like three games?
          Hell, my favourite TV show probably has a couple of episodes I don’t particularly like, but that sure doesn’t prevent me from liking all the other episodes!

          • Lima99

            The original post was a tad overreacting, but I think it does definitely taint the reputation of the series as whole. FF13 sold really well, and people have strong opinions about it. Yet ff13-2 sold extremely poorly, specially in Japan where you would think it would sell just as good as ff13.

            It’s clear they want to fix the image of “Final Fantasy” before they release VS13 or anything else.

            FF14 was an epic disaster, and they have acknowledged it themselves. But they are working really hard in order for it to be something they are proud of, and I believe that once they do that they will go back to teasing VS13 and possibly 15.

          • Herok♞

            The way I view FF13-2 is it was never intended to sale as much as 13 because it was a sequel and generally those sell less.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          While I may want Sakaguchi back, you are exaggerating AND, at the same time, forgetting the outcry against XII.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        They bombed mostly due to being on the wrong system. You can deny it all you want, but console JRPG fans are on PS3 this gen. Even people like me who bought a 360 early and did actually buy Lost Odyssey now look at the system as the place for them. And the less said about the Wii, the better. You could put the greatest JRPG in history on it and it would flop, due to it not being where the target audience is. As good as Last Story was or wasn’t, it was a tree falling in the woods, that no one was there to hear make a sound.

        If Mistwalker worked with Sony and they made a big deal of him “returning home,” so to speak, it would be a financial success.

        • malek86

          Honestly. Even if Lost Odyssey had been on PS3, it would have sold similarly, if not a bit less (if anything because probably Sony wouldn’t have supported it as much as Microsoft for the western release). Last Story, too.

          How many non-FF JRPGs on the PS3 have actually been greatly successful in Japan this gen? I can only think Tales, and that one is a well-known IP. Pretty much everything else has been under 200k. Maybe even under 150k.

          I really doubt LO and TLS would have done much better if they were on the PS3. They looked like they were too old-school to make an impact.

        • Matthew Sychantha

          Gotta disagree with you there. I mean, we can argue symantics all day, but the fact is that ever since FF jumped to playstation, it’s been more about flash than great games. It’s the same reason dragon quest VII didn’t sell on the PS1 when DQ9 sold in droves on the DS. It even outsold DQ VIII which had some pretty impressive graphics. It’s the reason 13 is such an enormous disappointment compared to even The Last Story in terms of game play.

          The facts here are that the Wii got a lot of great JRPGs, and even if some of them weren’t released in America, it’s because they knew that the right audiences would be there to justify playing them. The fact is that JRPG games were plain out better in the 16 bit era, and as a result of the retro trend at nintendo, it was in their best interests to make some for the crowd that had been pining for it since the SNES.

          And as a result some of the best JRPGs of the generation were on the wii.

    • Wake

      I love this idea just for the chance that Final Fantasy would go back to a more traditional world. I want to see something similar to FFXI in terms of setting, more medieval fantasy and less science-fictiony. A more traditional Sakaguchi FF world.

    • Suzaku

      While I’ve never been the biggest fan of Yoichi Wada, let’s not forget that the reason Sakaguchi is gone is because he nearly bankrupted Squaresoft with The Spirits Within, which was the first project he’d actually directed since Final Fantasy V.

  • Romangelo

    I hope FFXIV will get better soon.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    even if its a MMO Main DQ games still sell like Hot cakes

  • Tiael

    And Yuji Hori has wanted to do a DQ MMO since before DQVII released, that’s another reason.

  • Ladius

    The issue here is that FF11 was released ten years ago, before WoW and in a completely different environment compared to today’s MMORPG trends.

    Looking at the current MMO landscape, I can’t help but doubt they will ever be able to get anywhere near that level of success, when competitors like SWToR are forced to go f2p, Guild Wars 2 is hailed as the next best thing exactly because it isn’t subscription based and WoW itself is losing accounts and has seen a decrease in sales with its last expansion, not to mention minor titles that are in life support months after their release..

    I hope FF14 can be profitable for them and can support their future efforts, but I fear they’re simply chasing a mirage here, and will end up sorely disappointed after devoting to this project and to its relaunch huge amounts of resources and manpower they could have employed in other projects.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      you do know SWToR fails for other reasons other then having a sub fee right. and Guild wars 2 is anything but great people rode on that hype train then when it came out alot of people ended up dropping it (I myself) the WvWvW was fun but then they ended up screwing that up. Sub fee MMO’s have a place because I know people who would never touch F2P MMo’s because in all honestly in most of them you would be ‘limited’ or spend more then you do in a sub fee mmo.

      • Ladius

        I never said anything about those games’ quality, nor I’m interested to go into anedoctal evidence since everyone could twist things based on that (I mean, I haven’t touched a MMORPG in five years and currently none of my friends are playing one, but that doesn’t mean anything for the market at large). It isn’t a matter of personal preferences, since I think both subscriptions and f2p can have good traits in different contexts.

        What I’m trying to address is how the subscription based MMORPG model has been a failure for lots of developers in the post-WoW age, and how even some of the strongest publishersdevelopers out there (like EA and Bioware) have been unable to make it profitable for more than a few months, compared to some ex-subscription MMOs that are surviving thanks to f2p and Guild Wars’ profitability even without subscription (its preorders already paid development costs, apparently).

        If you want some other examples, please consider Aion (now f2p), Tera (merging servers due to a decreasing number of players, probably considering f2p), Secret World (f2p since today), and others.

        Again, I hope FF14 is a success and can help support SE’s efforts, but continuing to mention FF11’s example to justify massive expenses to launch and relaunch 14, while ignoring the differences between the MMORPG market of 2002 and that of today, seems like a really risky thing to do.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          calm down not knocking you I get what you are saying but I’m saying its really other factors into why most MMO’s with sub fees die off to fast post-WoW most of it being alot of the MMO’s that you are listed always end up being labeled ‘the wow killer’ which leaves them to have way to much high exceptions for them. Its not that the model fails for them its that that when they come out they expect to kill wow or try to be to much like it.

          I’m hopping for 14 to be an success aswell seeing as how 11 was a hit I want this one to kick off to but I do agree that they really shouldn’t ignore the market for MMO’s today nor put all their chips on the game.

          • Ladius

            Well, I understand your point and I agree that diversity can definitely help a MMO (Eve Online being the best example), but I also think it’s normal that a new IP should aim at competing with the market leader (in terms of success, since the games I listed had fairly different gameplay and art direction compared to WoW): we have tons of videogame genres when a huge IP is surrounded by lots of minor (or downright niche) franchises that are still profitable and successful in their own right.

            The issue regarding subscription based MMORPGs is that said market leader seems in an unamovable (albeit slightly declining) prominence, when each and every new IP in the last year is either a failure, swiftly downgraded or changed to f2p to ensure at least a bit of profitability.

            I’m not saying that WoW poisoned the well, even if things could be indeed read that way, but that, in a market where sub-based MMORPGs have been widely unsuccessful, trying to build a company’s future upon one of them because of a 2002 success story can lead to huge disappointments.

    • If anything, I think Dragon Quest X demonstrates that you don’t necessarily need to have 10 million subscribers or go free-to-play. There’s a happy space in between, where even having 300-500k subscribers paying you money every month is a very profitable business model.

      SotOR was a badly planned and badly managed disaster on all fronts. Every publisher trying to ape WoW-like revenue is deluding themselves at this point. Ironically, at least from a sales/revenue perspective, I think Square Enix understand MMOs better than many western publishers do.

      • Ladius

        I think the key difference between DQ10 and most other sub MMORPGs, aside from it being currently a Wii-Japan only affair, is the daily free hours system.

        In DQ10, you can buy the game and play it two hours per day without having to pay any subscription, and I think that would cover lots of players while still ensuring both free and paying customers can enjoy the game.

        Taking this into consideration, I think DQ10 is more of an hybrid business model between Guild Wars 2’s “buy to play” and the traditional subscription fare rather than something in line with FF11 or with FF14. To elaborate further, though, we would need more data regarding DQ10’s subscription attach ratio.

    • The MMO landscape doesn’t really matter because of domestic sales in Japan, where Western titles really aren’t very popular or even widely available.

      For example, there is no Japanese version of World of Warcraft.

      Final Fantasy XI remains the most popular MMORPG in Japan, in large part due to brand recognition. DQX and FFXIV will ultimately do well for the same reason.

      Also, Re:WoW’s sales/subscribers, their subscrition numbers actually rebounded with the release of the latest expansion and are, for now, stable above 10 million. Mists of Pandaria’s sales are lower than Cataclysm, but when you factor in player attitudes I actually think it sold really well, probably better than expected. Cataclysm was highly anticpated but not particularily popular with players, leading to subscriber drops. Mists of Pandaria didn’t have nearly as much anticipation going in, but sold well, and has generally been received extremely well by players.

  • LunarKnite

    The real question is if DQX will be localized worldwide.

  • Lima99

    I don’t know what’s everybody’s issue with 11. The game was “Final Fantasy” worthy, the story over each expansion was good and it delivered a true “Final Fantasy” experience.

    The 11 that is out right now, is nowhere near the 11 that was several years ago though.

    I understand fans of the series not wanting to play an MMO and therefore arguing about it being a numbered title. But then what about the decided to play it because they are fans of the series?

    I mean let’s be honest, had FF11 been simply “Final Fantasy: Online” it wouldn’t had carried as much expectation and desire as it did. You can see it in the FF14 reveal trailer, people were both yearning for FF14 and when it was revealed online, many were dissapointed.

    So yea, of course they are gonna milk the series.

  • FFmax

    God, it’s like a war broke out in the comments section.

    • Lucky I caught yours first then, I just won’t bother.

  • Nitraion

    Man no wonder SE nowdays just make more either mobile game or MMO game…. no wonder they ditch FFXIII Versus that is single player game…O_o
    I wouldn’t not surprised if there is Kingdom hearts 3 online now…

  • kupomogli

    This is just about as close as you’re going to get to someone from a video game company telling you, the fans, that they don’t care about you. It’s all about the almighty dollar. That’s what they’re pretty much saying. People should have less allegiance to these companies, any of them, and buy a game because the game itself.

    Every company is an Activision, Capcom, or EA. Just saying.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      400,000 fans would choose to differ, Kupo, and there are more than a few folks here who continue to enjoy XI, which is now nearing 10 years old.

      A lot of folks bought DQX and FFXI for the game. I’d suspect many of those would say someone at Squeenix indeed cares about them; they wouldn’t still be playing otherwise.

  • Kandou Erik

    BRING IT OVER HERE! Paid subscription — captive audience with Wii U exclusive MMORPG = money, money, money

  • I always heard about the Dragon Quest series, but I only played Dragon Quest VIII. Not going to lie, that game was the one that made me want to research the series as a whole. Although, I do remember that once I got into RPGs, I did want to try Dragon Quest VII on the PS1. Sadly, after Dragon Quest decided to declare its loyalty to Nintendo handhelds and consoles, I just don’t keep up with the franchise.

    Now, on to the issue at hand. I feel that when it comes to games in a series and a main numbered title becomes online, developers should make the MMO aspect of it optional, like for side quests or something. Most MMORPGs aren’t really known for stories, but if FPS games can have single player campaigns and separate online campaigns, I don’t see why RPGs can’t do the same.

  • powerlessbump

    Hey SE fans. You’re welcome.

  • KingRuff

    Wow, half of you don’t even know what you are talking about, and the other half can’t even figure out who they are talking to. People who should be agreeing are arguing, and people with drastically opposing opinions are not. This comment section is more confusing then anything else.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      because this post is any better lol.

  • DemonRoach

    So basically they are releasing a game that really isn’t a game just get get $. Sad state, and that is why SE is a money losing company.

  • funkzillabot

    I never played FF11. I didn’t even acknowledge it. Didn’t buy FF14 either. I mean, if I wanted to play an MMO (and I don’t) I would simply play World of WarCraft. Duh.

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