Earth Defense Force 2025’s Giant Bug Blasting Mecha

By Spencer . December 14, 2012 . 2:48am


Earth Defense Force 2025 has vehicles, probably more vehicles than any other game in the series. Remember Battle Machine Velgata from Earth Defense Force 2017? The human forces have different versions of the bug killing machine. The standard type has a Gatling Gun and missile launcher. Close range combat Velgata has a flamethrower and shotgun. Velgata can also take to the skies using jets on its feet and back.


edf2025-v19 edf2025-v35 edf2025-v34 edf2025-v33 edf2025-v32 edf2025-v31 edf2025-v30 edf2025-v29 edf2025-v28 edf2025-v27 edf2025-v26 edf2025-v25 edf2025-v24 edf2025-v23  edf2025-v21 edf2025-v20 edf2025-v18


Sandlot made a bunch of other vehicles like tanks, motorbikes, mobile rocket launchers, helicopters, and APCs that can hold up to four passengers.One of the most interesting new units is the armored ambulance that transports ammunition and heals units.


edf2025-v5 edf2025-v1 edf2025-v17 edf2025-v16 edf2025-v15 edf2025-v14 edf2025-v13 edf2025-v12 edf2025-v11 edf2025-v10 edf2025-v9 edf2025-v8 edf2025-v7 edf2025-v6 edf2025-v4 edf2025-v3 edf2025-v2


Earth Defense Force 2025 is slated for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year.

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  • AaqibRawat

    looking amazing.
    i need to finish 2017 on inferno

    the mech looks sexy

  • I’d ride that beautiful mech.

  • Demeanor

    Looks BOSS… XD that huge gatling reminds me of Xenosaga’s AGWS

  • Testsubject909

    I know some people, for some obvious reasons, didn’t quite enjoy the vehicles…

    I argue, it’s the same as Persona 3 vanilla’s tactic system. You’re not making use of it right.

    The motorbike was mainly for quick drop in and drop out, the drop out being the more optional of the two as more often then not, you’d just use it to either evade, surround and flank a group of enemy, or similar to the chopper, use it to quickly survey an area before launching your one man assault. It’s not meant to last longer then a minute at most.

    The Tank is one of the two longer lasting vehicles and even then it’s mainly utilized to blast a hole in the swarm or as a powerful damage dealer against larger opponents as well as a shield against mortal damage, though against spiders, evacuate or fight in retreat as you normally would.

    The Chopper is a hard one to control and should be mainly utilized for aerial homing bombing. After the full volley is done and your missiles are empty, either go straight into the fray or use the machine gun against larger targets if any are present. The Chopper’s elevation and movement is tricky but once you got it down pat, you’re good to deal some damage from the air with great efficiency.

    The Giant Robot is, unsurprisingly, the one I’ve seen most complaints about. The main one being that it’s slow… Jump. Jump a lot. Jump and maintain air time. Once on the ground, activate ALL your attacks. Machine Gun simultaneous flamethrower simultaneous rocket launcher. It’s a slow on the ground, fair speed in the air, massive damage dealer but it’s not as durable as the Tank, in one part due to it’s low ground mobility, but good use of air time can maintain your giant mech for a fair long period of time. It’s also the optimal way of taking out nests from afar as due to the speed of elevation and descent it has, the stability of it enables you to snipe nests from afar in mid-air mid-jump with the rocket launcher and machine gun.

    Just remember. It turns slow, so you need that jump to plan your trajectory accordingly. Doing so maximizes the damage your giant mech can deal and makes it a great tool in combat, though one that will not last long against close range swarms.

    And if you see spiders… Jump high and do your best to avoid them while blasting them from afar. Spiders are death and if they’re too close, evacuation might be the safest route.


    MAN! I cannot WAIT to master these new vehicles! EDF! EDF! EDF!

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