Reserve Fire Emblem: Awakening And Get An Art Book As A Bonus

By Spencer . December 20, 2012 . 1:33pm

MKG_FEA_ArtBookNintendo of America is giving Fire Emblem fans a character art book as bonus if they reserve Fire Emblem: Awakening at GameStop. We should see some of No More Heroes artist Yusuke Kozaki’s work in the art book since he is the character artist for Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Fire Emblem: Awakening is slated for release on February 4, 2013.

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  • lunier

    Only gamestop?

  • Hyli

    ohh yes please
    Happy birthday to me

  • pimpalicious

    Ugh, not ordering from Gamestop so I’ll miss out on this one.

  • Zal_Yagun

    Guess im getting an small art book and a fancy game that comes with it

  • GaiunxWolfenX

    gamestop again… well i can’t buy from them so i’ll wait

  • kuroneko0509

    Instant pre-order….

  • Brimfyre

    I was surprised to see Famitsu said the only thing bad about this game was the character designs. I think they look fantastic.

    • AkuLord3

      really? that’s lame cuz like you i also really liked it

      • I love the character design too, it’s subjective, really.

    • MrTyrant

      You are my friend. I personally think the old design are pretty but the fans overeact so much. I don’t mind this change in the art design because the design are still pretty.

      I hated the DS ones though D:

    • AnimusVox

      Wait…what? I love Kozaki’s work. Ah Famitsu you wound my soul.

    • MrJechgo

      The designs are different, but they’re awesome ^_^

    • raymk

      Famitsu of all reviewers said that? LOL.

  • Arcm

    Well, I’m sold. : )

  • AkuLord3

    Was already going pre-order it but i was wondering if i was going get something for doing it…and i will~ sweet

  • phangtom

    I wonder if NoE will follow suit. I want that artbook :3

  • Awesomeness. Lol so sweet.

  • How big is it?

  • Chim_era

    Uhm personally I like the old art better. It’s not that this art isn’t pretty but I find it a little emotionless. But that’s just me. Overall the art for awaking does look better dan that for Shadow Dragon. I really hated the sprites for that game.
    I really longed for Lynn en Hector then. :)

    PS. Am I the only one who thinks our “Hero King of legends” looks like a girl? :3

  • Lightthrower

    Gamestop? Awwwww, why not Amazon?

    • Ryos

      Probably because GameStop likes throwing money at companies to keep exclusives to them. Amazon doesn’t even sell the console directly so I tend to think they aren’t on the best of terms with Nintendo.

      • Pyrotek85

        I did hear they had some issues with Nintendo actually, not exactly sure what though.

      • Actually, it’s not that. Part of the reason GameStop receive exclusives is because less and less stores are willing to stock the kind of games that GameStop is. Amazon is obviously a solution, but publishers still very much want to have a presence in a physical space, where someone can see a game on a shelf and buy it on a whim.

        A lot of other stores may not be as keen to stock an anime RPG like Fire Emblem, but GameStop are more willing, since they’re a dedicated store. This is why they get a lot of the pre-order incentives.

        • And thats why I have a power up rewards card with them even though all that goes on sale is pre order stuff

    • AnimusVox

      Yeah I’d much prefer going through Amazon. It sucks being the little guys that work in the privately owned game stores like me, we dont get any awesome preorders like this.

      • Chris Marshall

        I kind of want the artbook to be availablefor the AMazon preorder too…just cause I have a 30 dollar gift card that I was going to use on the game..until they said you had to preorder through Gamestop in order to get the art book. The thing is that is the artbook even worth spending the extra (for me) money? It better not have just the same images we’vebeenseeing floating around on the internet already. I mean sure it can’t be up to par with the Knight of Iris artbook but still I don’t want no cheap bookplastered together withcommon images.

        • raymk

          Of course its going to be that, the artbooks always have all the images online when the game hits japan first.

  • pho_Enix

    Any news on a similar bundle in Europe?

  • David GarcĂ­a Abril

    I hope they don’t show the spoiler on the cover with this one…

  • Muffum

    Nintendo of America seems to have a love affair with Gamestop. It doesn’t personally affect me too much, since I primarily get games from there, but still.

    • Aoshi00

      yeah, I don’t mind getting games from Gamestop either, usually I just buy from Amazon to save sales tax or Newegg to take advantage of their pre-order discounts.. But recently I’ve gone to Best Buy for most of the pre-orders since they get cray good deals…

      I ordered pre-ordered Anarchy Reigns for Bayonetta, guess I would get this from GS as well.. also the Xenoblade mini-artbook was pretty great.

      Actually I just traded in my Amazon Kindle Fire and a couple of 3DS games (good riddance Power of Illusion!) for pretty good values to get the Black Wii U, so they aren’t so bad.. they’re pretty competitive now w/ a Best Buy right next to them in my area lol..

  • AnimusVox

    I know we’re not going to get the awesome 3DS but I’d be content with an artbook, Kozaki is an awesome artist. Can’t say I’m ok with it being Gamestop only but whatevs.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    I don’t care about that ****, i demand the same Special Edition Japan had.

    Just kidding, i want both. *.*

  • TimeMaster

    Great, I just preordered the game at Gamestop yesterday. Looks like I’m getting this art book and the Knights of Iris book too.

  • psycho_bandaid

    hopefully its available through the online store because I am nowhere near a gamestop and wont be by january.

  • What about Europe? Do we get something?

  • Ethan_Twain

    What does a person even DO with a video game art book? It’s a pre-order bonus that’s never really held any value for me. I got my first one with Xenoblade chronicles, and I flipped through it once or twice… but I’m not really sure what the point is.

    I’ll definitely get the game, it looks like everything I like in Fire Emblem distilled. But I may not pre-order. Fire Emblem games have never been ones to really impress with the sights you see or graphical achievement after all. What’s an art book gonna have? A bunch of character poses?

    • Suicunesol

      You look at the pretty art, duh.

      Actually, it depends on the person. For me, what I really look for in artbooks are preliminary sketches and informative captions that shed light on the creation process of the characters and their designs. For instance, I fawn over alternate designs of characters as opposed to their finalized designs. And captions offer a lot of juicy details to read, like what the artist was thinking when he drew so-and-so. This is part of the reason why I shy away from Japanese artbooks. I can’t read the captions. :(

      Also, you may not know this, but Fire Emblem has traditionally been known to have full-body artwork for every single character in the game. When a game has 30+ recruitable characters, that’s a lot of artwork to fawn over.

      That said, I REALLY doubt this “artbook” is going to be anything spectacular. It’s probably the size of a game manual with only 10-15 pages of promotional artwork we’ve already seen. Not optimistic.

      A real Fire Emblem: Awakening artbook will probably be released exclusively in Japan for $50-$60.

      EDIT: Lol, forgot that Japan already has one:

      • Barrylocke89

        What this guy said. I remember casually flipping through the Megaman X artbook at my local bookstore and there was a lot of interesting random info and tidbits in there. If I were actually a Megaman X fan, I’d be pretty tempted to buy it.

    • ErhmagerdWerds

      An artbook is one of the few preorder things I enjoy, I’m an artist so I guess I never thought about it, but I just assumed everyone liked to look at art books! For me it beats an XXL t-shirt I can only wear as a dress or a soundtrack that has 3 songs off the full soundtrack I’m already going to buy anyway.

    • It was really great with The Last Story Its so damn pretty. I got a CD too but I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed having the art book

  • AweOfShe

    Preordered. You win this round, GS!

  • z_merquise

    If only game stores here in Asia offer these bonuses, I’m really going to get this one. I just really love Yusuke Kozaki’s art style.

  • Psh, already had mine pre-ordered before this announcement!

  • raymk

    Oh well I’m sold on this, I was gonna pre-order anyway.

  • Too bad we don’t have Gamestop here :/

  • YoshEE

    Yes yes yes yes!!!!! Been hoping to get the artbook!!!

  • Goddammit GameStop stop taking my money!

  • Elvick

    Very tempting…

  • Enma_Kozato

    Unless it’s the actual Knights of Iris artbook, I’ll stick to my Amazon preorder.

  • isfuturebright

    To me, this is the reason to get a 3DS.

  • Nintendo is the only company that can make me shop at gamestop ugh… fine take it, TAKE MY MONEY.

  • Tiramii

    I wanted to pre-order the game originally but was thinking about waiting, NOW I HAVE to pre-order for that art book. 8D

  • Bob Benderton

    I don’t know, I mean I might as well if no one else offers any incentives but it’s probably a flimsy little pamphlet like the one that came with The Last Story.

    I mean the art was great, but the “book” itself was cheap. I’d rather just get some kind of special edition with something good.

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