Latest Tales Of Hearts R Video Shows Shing And Amber’s Team Attack

By Spencer . December 25, 2012 . 1:00pm

Namco Bandai’s latest video for Tales of Hearts R shows a bunch of anime cutscenes created by Production I.G. plus the game’s revised battle system. Characters like Shing and Amber can team up for combo attacks or chase enemies in the air.


Tales of Hearts R is scheduled to come out for PlayStation Vita on March 7, 2013.

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  • I really want this game. Tales of Hearts was my most wanted game in the series and to have not been able to acquire it, I’m quite disappointed. However, with this Vita release, hopefully that’ll change for the better. Or I’ll just learn Japanese and import.

    As to the combat and gameplay, it looks wonderful in 3D. To be honest, it looks better than Graces (and I really enjoyed that game).

  • Tales_of_Master

    Eien no Ashita still sounds as awesome as I remember it. Listening to it again sure brought a lot of great memories back. The game looks amazing. Smooth graphics and fast paced combat, I couldn’t ask for more :D The cross attack thing is a little bit underwhelming to look at, but it remains to be seen if they’re gonna be useful.

    The new Hi-Ougis look interesting, and the new animated scenes are as beautiful as ever. Can’t wait to get my copy of the game, and let’s hope that Namco decides to localize the game this time around. More people deserve to play this gem.

  • xavier axol

    i have two memory cards, it’s about time i make a japanese account. though something tells me that i might not have to, call it intuition. but i can definitely see demon gaze, god eater 2, muramasa: the demon blade, and tales of hearts R been localize by either of these publishers: D3, xseed, and GungHo

    • AceMNT

      Demon Gaze and Muramasa I have no ideas, but I doubt Bandai Namco would ever give up the rights of God Eater and Tales to another company.

      • Well, God Eater may be given to Xseed again after the first one was released through them, but Tales sticks with them no matter what.

      • psycho_bandaid

        D3 put out Gods Eater Burst on Bamco’s behalf. You are probably right about Tales though.

      • xavier axol

        D3 publish the first God Eater game, i don’t see why they wouldn’t this time around (if they want to). as for tales, i could see namco localizing tales of heart r. it would be a perfect excuse to reach out to more people (you know, expanding the franchise and all). the point is, that every game i mention has a good chance to come overseas.

    • Muramasa is definitely coming over, and MAQL have said that they’re interested. I don’t know who in their right mind would want to localize Demon Gaze, though. Very few people, even among the small Vita userbase, would care.

      Tales is a 50-50, depending on whether Namco want to go the trouble. If it comes over, it will be because it’s a personal favourite of Baba’s, not because they actually expect it to do well. Not announcing the PSVita version of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 says a lot about Namco’s faith in the platform, and OP is a far more profitable venture than Tales would be in the west.

      Ah, and D3 Publisher haven’t even begun thinking about God Eater 2 yet. No clue what the chances of that are, although I want to say they’ll eventually buckle down and do it.

      • xavier axol

        “i don’t know who in their right mind would want to localize Demon Gaze” small publishers that i mentioned before, the game doesn’t seem to need a big budget to localize it. and who knows, it could turn out to be just as good as etrian odyssey (which has it’s own small, but great following base). unless, you know something about the game that i don’t.

        as for tales of Heart R, it’s really hard to know what namco might do. all i’m saying is that if namco is serious about expanding their tales franchise then, it should localize it (and that’s what they are doing with tales of xillia and hopefuly xillia 2)

        on D3, i think that chances are that it will. the game got great reviews and while it didn’t sold as expected, it was because the psp was becaming more irrelevant (with all the piracy and sony don’t supporting it at all). and besides, if D3 can localize earth defence force for the vita. why not bring a game that would appeal more to the vita owners just as myself. we want dungeon crawlers rpgs and not crappy shooters cough*callofduty:declassified*cough

        p.s. hey ishaan, i happend to saw a video on youtube that had some new gameplay of warrio’s lair. is the game cancelled or not?

        • The thing with games like Demon Gaze is that they’re so under-the-radar that virtually no one would care. Xseed have taken chances on a lot of crazy PSP games before, but part of the reason for that was that the PSP userbase was actually large enough to warrant it.

          We’ll see, though. The thing with smaller companies like Xseed is that it’s become very difficult for them to license significant games, because those are usually brought over by the publishers that own them. Ultimately, they end up licensing whatever they can get access to, so maybe they’ll look at Demon Gaze that way. I honestly don’t think anyone would care, though.

          God Eater 2 is iffy because there’s an absolutely huge amount of text in those games. By comparison, EDF is far easier because the Vita game is a port of a title that’s already been localized.

          That’s ultimately what the problem comes down to, with a lot of these games. Is it worth doing when the userbase is so small? I have some amount of faith that Namco will do Hearts R because Baba will push for it, but the others I’m not sure at all.

          (And sorry, I’d never even heard of Wario’s Lair before today!)

          • xavier axol

            i’m so grateful of what small publisher bring to the table, i hope that there’re more of them. i honestly don’t know what i would do without nisa, atlus, or xseed.

            offtopic: warrio’s lair is a game similar to diablo (the mmo) that implemented cross play like sly cooper 4 thieves in time.

      • Elvick

        I think Namco’s localizations outside of the launch window – nothing – show how little faith they have in the platform. Not just one particular game. Just the lack of anything since launch.

        They didn’t really try. Half baked Katamari, ripoff Ridge Racer and Shinobido 2 which seems like the only full game they actually released. And I can’t imagine that series being too popular.

    • Even if you did. Once a PSN account is linked to the VITA. You would have to restore the VITA back to factory setting and then link your jap account.

  • Tony

    They just keep popping them out, huh.

  • Tien Ron

    i hope they make
    Richea playable

  • Masengan

    I’ll say it again, love love love Production I.G.

  • s07195

    Didn’t see the demo on the Japanese PSN, only Innocence R’s…

    EDIT: I also see that they kept the opening song this time around.

  • So they’re going to use the main theme for the DS version with this remake as well? Awesome, coz I loved it back then and I love it still :D Game looks amazing.

  • Sergio BriceƱo

    Skip to 2:30 for the good stuff. And before you say I’m a troll, I can honestly tell you THAT is some GOOD stuff!

  • Production I.G. anime cutscenes you say? Namco, for the love of God, please please PLEASE localize this title!

  • Benny Tormoes

    Meh. I havent been feeling the “wow, this beats the **** out of the original!” vibe of Destiny R and Vesperia PS3, it all seems like a pedestrian remake. Why couldn’t they just make another original vita game, not call it Tales of hearts, man it was something special on ds, and now its…eughh…generic as hell. This must be the feeling people familiar with the Raimi Spider Man trilogy felt when they announced the new one, “the original is fine (mostly), why remake it now and so soon to boot?”

    On the flipsde, i’m actually curious as to how Tempest R’s going to turn out. If there’s one tales game that actually needs a remake, its Tempest :)

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