JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Studio Making Hyperdimension Neptunia:The Animation

By Spencer . December 27, 2012 . 12:34am

neptunia_animeHyperdimension Neptunia is leaving PS3 and coming to a TV (probably not so near) you. Idea Factory has been working on Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation which will air in Japan next summer.


David Production the studio behind the new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series and Inu X Boku Secret Service is handling the anime series.


I wonder if NIS America will localize the anime series. The Neptunia series has done well for them and it could be a follow up to Neptunia Victory which is coming in February.

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  • Flandre Scarlet

    I hope NISA doesn’t localize it: they do sub-only anime releases and that would mean the game’s good dub cast would go to waste.

    • So… you hope they don’t localize it at all because they might choose subs only and not dub it?
      Isn’t that kinda… ridiculous? If you can’t have the english cast, you don’t want the anime to be released overseas at all, I see.

      • psycho_bandaid

        I think it’s a valid complaint. You’re essentially getting what you’d get from a fan-subbing group. Well, not exactly, I suppose. I pick up NISA’s releases even on anime I’ve already watched for all the extra swag you get with them. Still though english VAs have gotten good enough that some actually prefer the dubs (I know I do at least).

        • Arrei

          All I know is, Neptunia just isn’t the same for me without Melissa Fahn’s Neptune.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            Yeah. I might not even watch the anime at all and just wait for a dub announcement. It just aint the same.

          • James Hewitson

            complete opposite to me but hey thats cool (^-^)

      • Chiupon

        it would get fansubbed anyways. The only pro to an english localization is the dub cast. If they’re just subtitling it, you basically paid for something you could watch fo’ free elsewhere.There’s no glitz or bonus to it that a. provides work for american voice actors and b. gives you incentive to buy because it’s something outside of the original experience. I watched madoka subbed online, but now I own all the DVDs because of the voice cast :S

      • I think the complaint here is that NIS America NEVER dubs anime. They can’t afford to.

        So I read it more as hoping that it’s nabbed by FUNimation or Sentai Filmworks instead.

        • xXDGFXx

          Sentai filnworks… No, fucking hell no. Their subs are abominable in both translation and typesetting… I bought kyoukai senjou no horizon from them expecting improvements and it was just terrible. It’s the only reason why I keep the fan subbed release on my ext. HDD

          • I listed Sentai because it’s the only other company doing dubs that hasn’t folded.

          • xXDGFXx

            I’d support them more if they put more effort into the subs. It is ridiculous during the openings. One episode in English, next in romaji…. Consistently…

          • Every American anime company does that, with only a few exceptions that force both translated text and romaji next to each other on the bottom of the screen every time.

          • xXDGFXx

            …. I do not understand the notion behind this…

          • Nor do I.

          • Tianyu Wei

            it’s hilarious that fan-sub groups who charge nothing actually has better quality works than real companies… :/

        • They can hardly afford to fully dub the scenes in most of their non-NIS titles as well. Just look at Neptunia Mk2’s spotty dubbing.

      • Arrei

        I don’t think it was “I hope it doesn’t get localized” as much as it was “I hope a different company picks it up”.

        Obviously an undubbed NISA release would be better than no release at all, but why preoccupy ourselves with such disheartening scenarios like the anime passing by without anyone picking it up?

    • Stranger On The Road

      sub only is fine with me, the only problem I have with NISA releases is that they are regional ‘A’ only.

      And as far as I can see, Manga UK won’t release sub only anime :-(

      • Get a region-free player. Problem solved.

      • landlock

        Blue Exorcist and Black Rock Shooter are subtitled only from Manga Ent.

      • James Hewitson

        agreed, im not a fan of dubbed anime i’d rather subs (^-^)

    • Elvick

      Hmm, conflicted.

      You have a point… but would another studio even use the game’s cast?

      And would they release it with awesome bonuses like NISA does their anime?

      • There’s precedent for maintaining a game’s cast for an anime adaptation, so probably.

      • Arrei

        If Funimation got it, they’d probably try to keep the main characters the same, since they made sure to get Troy Baker as Yuri Lowell and Sam Riegel as Flynn Scifo for the Tales of Vesperia movie. So Neptune and Purple Heart at the least, I’d imagine.

      • XYZ_JolteonZ980

        Funimation kept the games vas for Disgaea anime.
        Sentai kept the vas (except for two I guess one of the va’s left the industry) for Persona 4 anime

        • LynxAmali

          They didn’t leave the industry.

          It just conflicted with their schedules. (Same reason they were replaced in Golden and Arena.)

  • Callonia

    Yum Can’t wait to see it.

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    This gun just keeps jamming..

    • Luna Kazemaru

      *gives you a shotgun* there you go :3

  • Go2hell66

    that is awesome. the new jojo’s anime is one of the best anime’s i’ve ever seen, don’tknow how i feel about them using all that talent on just fan service though :p

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    They should have other things to do. With that free time, they should work on an Under Night In-Birth anime

  • David Production has done very little of note aside from assisting other studios, so I don’t know how to feel about this.

    • HavocAccelerator

      You should feel quite good. This is basically the best thing that could have possibly happened to this series. Give any of David Production’s works a shot and I think you’ll be pretty satisfied.

      • I tried taking a look at their list, but as I said:

        Aside from assisting other studios, little of note. Most things I’ve seen on that list (a large portion of said list) is stuff they weren’t the main studio for.

        • Altritter

          Inu x Boku and JJBA are really good, though. I’d say this is in good hands.

          • zazza345

            They also did the severely underrated Ben-To.

          • Altritter

            Yeah, I haven’t seen that though. I need to check out that and Level E, I’ve heard they’re both pretty good.

          • xXDGFXx

            NOOOOO, is that why it’s not getting a second season!?! It was underrated by people!?! WHY!?! The soundtrack, the animations, it was all good!!!

          • I loved Ben-To. Too bad the sales were rubbish. :/

          • xXDGFXx

            Inu x Boku is glorious :D

    • z_merquise

      JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime is made by them and it is very good. It is why I’m looking forward to this because the studio really did a great job with the adaptation of the JoJo manga.

  • z_merquise

    Here’s the full pic of Neptune for the anime:

    She looked so good.

    • xXDGFXx

      Shiny +_+

    • z_merquise

      For some reason, the link isn’t working. Good thing I was able to save the pic.

  • Well, let’s see whether the removal of the gameplay factor can help the “story” or drag it down further.

    • s07195

      Well, if people could accept a manga version then there’s no reason an anime version wouldn’t work, hahaha.
      Is the anime based on the original Neptunia game, or mk2? The timeline is different, right?

      BTW, the fact that people disliked your opinion is just sad. No reason to, imo.

      • To pull no punches: The gameplay of the first game was untested, bloated and overall just a mess. Which is why I said I want to see what sort of benefits the story could gain once the gameplay element is out of the picture.

        The reason I’m skeptical about the “story” is that it’s very‚Ķ specific in its appeal. Most of it is just the gang going around in the four lands and participating in not-so-subtle, disjointed referential skits until the final dungeon opened. That’s all there is to the game’s story.

        Naturally, it also comes with an obvious weakness of referential humor: It requires an audience that recognizes those references. As a game, I kinda get that it could be picked up only by people who like that kind of stuff, but as an Anime which would be seen by more people though? I’m admittedly really curious about how the reception is going to be.

        • OverlordZetta

          Personally I’m more curious as to how familiar you can be with anime to making comments like this – so many shows these days are nothing BUT references, humor or otherwise, that even if Neptunia’s venture into anime is just a straight copy/paste of the game’s story, it’ll still be great.

          • The weakness of referential humor would still applies to all series, regardless of how many there are. Besides, that could also mean Neptunia might turn out to be just another referential Anime unless they have something substantial to add.

            That’s under the assumption that the references are inherently funny; they may give a chuckle or two, but they’re not comedy. I know about the surge of recent referential Anime lately. The World God Only Knows is a good example of a work using references as visual representation and emphasis to what it wants to present at the core. I’ve played the entire game; this isn’t even a case of pop-culture references being used in appropriate context to help the dialogue and scenes; most of it are just disjointed/separate skits.

            To put it short: References are “seasonings”, not “main ingredients”, and Neptunia fails to realize that, hence my caution.

          • Have you seen Ixion Saga? Lol

          • Tianyu Wei

            not every anime is heavy story… in fact, the majority of the anime probably isn’t heavy story… Can you tell me what is at the core of The World God Only Knows?

        • DesmaX

          I don’t think they’re going to make the same mistake. They’re going to write a new storyline for this…

          I hope

        • Tianyu Wei

          Victory had a pretty simple story that actually works well in a 12-13 ep format anime series…

  • Luna Kazemaru

    The new Jojo is pretty godly that’s for sure can’t wait to see what they do here.

  • Judging frm wht you guys say I think I should really watch JoJo after my finals… we will see…

    As for the Neptunia anime, I will definitely watch it. But we will see how it goes….. Again I dn want to overhype it lol.

  • I’ll give this a watch once they start showing it…at least I dont have to play the game which I find..uh bad.

  • Sal

    Neptunia anime confirmed to be FABULOUS

    • Bentan


      • xXDGFXx



          • MT1210


  • Randy Marsh

    I’ll give it watch most likely. I just really hope this anime won’t be stuff with fan service, it really got on my nerves every time I saw Compa and Neptune’s panties.

    • Elvick

      Doesn’t bother me that much. I mean, Strike Witches is full of it but I still was able to enjoy the show. And being a gay man, it’s not like I enjoyed it for the fan service.

      Second season was weak though.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Considering the subject matter, I imagine it would actually be inappropriate for it to NOT be stuffed with fan service.

  • Let’s hope someone who actually DUBS their releases picks it up. Don’t get me wrong, I love NISA and all, but I’d rather hear it dubbed than see those nasty yellow subtitles. Yuck.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      At least for Anohana, the subtitles were white and not yellow, but with NISA youd at least get artbook, decorated discs, and other stuff :/

    • James Hewitson

      fair enough (^-^)
      although subs for me as i don’t do dubbed anime!!

  • It’s like Twilight except the wussy vampires are replaced by moeblob but still terrible.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Just like your post.

    • Testsubject909

      Care to get into details here rather then be completely vague and just directly aiming at something you personally dislike as opposed to striking somewhere where you would be understood by not only your peers but by the general populace?

      Just using an example of something that is generally disliked by many to make a vague connection isn’t quite enough. It’s the same as the people who toss the word emo to anything they dislike without making any sense as to the current day meaning held by that word.

      It’d be similar to me saying “Your mom is like The Last Airbender by M Night Shyamalan, except the bad CG is replaced by being a mother but still terrible.”

      It might sound like there’s some meaning behind there that might make sense if someone would explain it, but the reality of it is that it’s just nonsensical hate.

    • amagidyne

      Hmm, they are both related to groups of people with a reputation for
      being reactionary, racist and misogynistic. And they both have female protagonists.

      I suspect similarities end there. Twilight is too funny to be anything like Neptunia, even if it is unintentional on their part.

  • I just hope that they will do a good jojob with it :)

  • Johnny Ray

    I noticed a lot of people forgetting that the Disgea Anime was dubbed with nearly the same cast as the first game, and the few who replaced became the official VAs. So, I don’t see why we couldn’t get the same VAs for the Anime as the game givin’ NISA. I trust ’em. And can’t wait to see Hyperdimension in full action!

  • RoxasTheUnknown1

    English Release Please!!!

  • Joshua Myers


  • margherita mastropaolo

    can’t wait for it

  • Barrit

    I’m so glad the world didn’t end. I really wanted to watch this when it was released.

  • Learii

    i hope there stilll more neptunia games, i mean if they start working on the anime does that mean they stop making more neptunia games?

  • kroufonz

    dunno if i am happy with the studio stuff like ben-to and jojo unfortunately didn’t really have decent animation.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Jojo didn’t have decent animation…what in the flying fuck?

      • kroufonz

        jojo animation quality is not something i would call good it does have some nice moment but overall frame animation is just bad.

    • Altritter

      I’ll admit that it’s not the best, but JoJo’s superb direction pretty much makes up for any lackluster animation. The general art and animation has been getting better as it’s gone on, too. Battle Tendency and late Phantom Blood episodes look a lot better than the first five or so did.

  • artemisthemp

    I would be surprise if, NISA didn’t Localized the HDN Anime.
    Considering HDN is NISA next best selling game title

  • This is what people have wanted ever since the very HDN’s opening. Dreams really do come true~

  • FetusZero

    NISA better license this, I’ll pre-order it in a heartbeat.

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