Let’s Visit Demon Gaze’s Hub Castle

By Spencer . December 27, 2012 . 4:33pm

Demon Gaze, an upcoming Vita dungeon crawler from Students of the Round developer Experience, has players subdue wild half-robot demons. After crawling through a dungeon you can return to the Dragon Princess Manor to rest.


Before you can return home, there’s a new demon to introduce. Venus is a vain dancer consumed by her own looks. She looks down on those who aren’t up to her standard of beauty. When she goes into rampage mode, Venus becomes the Golden Empress. If you can defeat Venus she can help the party by using skills like Golden Shell which shields the party from an attack and Golden Protection which increases the amount of experience points and gold you receive.


demong-24 demong-25


Here’s the Dragon Princess Manor. The first floor has a bathhouse and staircases to the basement. You and your party stay on the second floor. The third floor houses the weapon shop, manager’s room, Roona’s room, and item shop.


demong-01 demong-02  demong-03 demong-04


Promesse stays in the cellar. She can revive fallen characters and extract ether from weapons. Ether can be used to strengthen weapons and armor.


demong-07 demong-09


Kastle is a skillful lad that runs the weapon and armor shop. He likes to gossip and is searching for a secret treasure.

demong-16 demong-17


Lezeluma is an elf that runs the item shop. Sometimes when he gets drunk he gets into fights with Kastle.

demong-19 demong-20


Players can decorate rooms with furniture to increase a party member’s stats. You can buy furniture from the item shop and find it in dungeons.


demong-15 demong-14 demong-10 demong-13 demong-12 demong-05 demong-06  demong-21

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  • Z3

    I just love the artwork of this game

  • Jordan Coleman

    Oh god. This looks awful. I mean it already looks like a tacky Idea Factory game, but geez did we need the giant scar on the big visable boobs? Stay classy Japan.

    • AkuLord3

      Unlike this comment which is not…seriously what’s up ur butt? Because the girl character has a chest scar?…REALLY?

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        I know right? Heaven forbid characters aren’t perfect~.

      • Jordan Coleman

        yep it’s because of the scar and not the extermley lame fanserive that looks straight out of Worlds Worth or other lame fantasy hentai.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Gameplay looks awesome. Fanservice is all around you. Don’t compare it to Idea Factory, thats just wrong.

    • icalintzyt

      Calling your comment immature would be an understatement. Grow up. The scar is there to reflect how battle hardened she is as a character.

      The game looks interesting, so I will check it out. I just wish all of the artwork was contained in one giant hub instead of scattered around the net.

      • Jordan Coleman

        She’s so battle hardened that she can’t figure to wear some actual armor?

        But hey I’m sorry I offended glorious Nippon and it’s generic looking art.

        • MrRobbyM

          I agree, to some extent. I would also prefer her in a more sensible getup, but I realize not everything has to be. It’s a certain art style that has fans. Not everything has to be serious.

    • Pyrofrost

      ZOMG, I’m the cliche anti-sex hipster that gets extremely offended anytime I see a game with the slightest amount of fan-service.
      Even though it offends me and I wouldn’t buy the game, I must come in and comment anyway; because, MY OPINION MATTERS. Yes, it’s that damn important, you must know I’m offended by the material portrayed in this artwork. Everyone must know how offended I am, and that I am better than them for abstaining from games like this.

      Seriously though, I’m looking forward to the title. I may wait a few months though, too many other games I want more are coming out at the moment.

      • Jordan Coleman

        You do know the logical path of what you’re saying would mean that no one should post ever right? I mean because why should anyone post a positive post? I mean why would their positive opinion matter over anyone elses?

        And I’m not offended? Are you? I mean you took the time to reply and well that’s what you’re accusing me of isn’t it? I just think it’s stupid.

        • Pyrofrost

          You coming to an article with fanservicey screens to bitch about the fanservice…is about as pointless as me hitting the latest Call of Duty thread to tell people what I think.
          What’s the point? What do you get out of it? Why not move on to something that actually interest you? Are you here just to annoy people that like this kinda thing?
          I ask because what your doing lends nothing to discussion about the article. Why don’t you wait for the article that’s chastising Japan for its use of fanservice? Posts like yours here would be a lot more productive in an article like that. You can then have an actual discussion with like-minded people too.

          While I really don’t care, what you’re doing here is only pissing people off. Which is why I ask….What’s the point? What do you get out of it? Why not move on to something that actually interest you? Are you here just to annoy people that like this kinda thing?

          • Jordan Coleman

            Do you read what your saying? “Go have discussions with like minded people”. That logic is stupid, as no real discussion comes out of talking with like minded people as you just come out patting yourself on the back?

            No actual conflicting opinions lead to an actual disccuion as you know people share their opinion?

            Except in your case where you dont want that, and you just want people to circle jerk and stay in thier own shelterd communities and then whine when someone else wants to voice disagreement.

            So basically what you are telling me is “never post a dissenting opinion”. Thats insane and don’t want to read a boring ass internet where everyone says what I think they should.

            You know I didn’t attack the first poster for liking what I think is pretty generic Japanese the art that just kind of makes me faceplam at the nation. No I let him have his opinion and posted mine.

            Oh and I’m sorry, I’m not psychic and knew that this random jrpg thing would have stupid embarrassing fanserivce. Now that I do I wont read articles about it. See I did’nt know it was basically on the line of an Idea Factory game.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            There are places where you can go on the internet to post all the “I hate everything Japanese” comments you want. Kotaku will welcome you with open arms, for example. Go there. Just posting to give your unsolicited negative opinion of a game, without any facts, other than “Grrrr…I hate Japan” is not only counterproductive but disruptive.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I see you edited out Xenophobic. Hopefully you realized how dumb it was to use that.

            But you’re right, I hate all of Japan because I find cheap art like this to be lame and wish Japan would make more awesome stuff. Yep, I should just post unsolicited positive stuff about Japanese stuff %100 of the time and not have a brain or ever actually think about what I’m taking in. Nope, Japan is 100% awesome about everything all the time.

            lol facts? What the heck are you talking about? Facts about Japan having ridiculous lame fanserive in it’s c-level Jrpg games?

            Yeah this is why the weeboo community is so damn annoying. They stick to a childish “with us or against us mentality”. Yes saying negative stuff must mean I hate japan. Why the heck did I come and read a Japanese game blog then?(before you say it, yess it’s to troll Japanese games which I obviously dislike) Yes I’m Xenophobic because I dislike the deep historic Japanese culture of haveing a 14 year old looking girl have a gigantic scar on her extermley big boobs.

            Whatever. Im sorry if I kind of would like Japan to do better and obviously I don’t mean that as a fan, no I mean that as a hater of everything from Japan. A country that I hate.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            weeboo community? Oh lord we still use this term

          • Stop this immediately.

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          It’s mainly cause you’re putting it on the same vain as another company simply on looks. You’re not saying anything to warrant discussion other than you clearly hate art like this with some sort of personal fire hot passion. Compile Heart games are bad, not because they have fanservice but because they are very poorly made in general. This game is the opposite of that, or at least, it seems to be given what we know so far.

          Its fine to make a negative post, but when you say dumb shit, expect heavy backlash.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            There was a bit of dumbness on both sides (although not this post). it is worth noting however, that Students of the Round was sold on (and wished for here) very much on its visuals. There’s a heck of a lot of Eureka 7’s Anemone in the top girl, and one could not really be all that faulted for seeing very generic Japanese fantasy anime tropes in the two males pictured. A lot of unneeded fire was created when the poster switched from not liking the look to ‘hating’ everything Japan, but there is a bit to comment on IMO.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Well seeing as how nobody has played the game, all we have to go buy is looks. If anyone said anything positive it would be based purely on the looks. So I thought it was pretty clear I’m talking about the art quality of the game, which use looks like IF game art.

            And yeah the art on display here looks like an Argest game, which is the first thing I thought of when I looked at the screens(which is all anyone can go by). Which are marketed by their fanservice. This game decided to present it self with a naked elf dude, a moe looking bra showing girl, and big boobed scar girl. How is that not presenting a game as being fanservicy like IF does?

            And isn’t this by the people who did Class of Heroes? Well I mean that game was pretty bad so as far as I’m concerned they really aren’t above IF.

            So really how is what I said dumb?

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            Don’t ask why what you said was dumb when I’ve already explained it in the post you’re replying to. And no, what we’ve seen thus far is no all fanservice. You’re in an article that explains more about the game’s gameplay and chose to ignore all of that to rant about aesthetics – more dumb shit. We’ve seen plenty of gameplay discussing articles but of course, that doesn’t mean anything to you right?

            A post like your original one would have been more appropriate in the articles containing just the introductory character designs. The game is completely over the top in both male designs and female designs, hardly focusing on one or the other it seems, which make them come off as wacky, but all you can reply with is angrily lashing out a people, calling them weeaboos or mocking what you call “glorious nippon”.

            Maybe you should take a look at how arrogant your original post is and realize what you could have done differently to steer conversation in the right direction. And no, it was not made by the class of heroes guys. It was made by Kadokawa Games and Experience Inc who have made Students of the round, Lunar 1&2 and several others. Stay ignorant.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I think you’re probably on the wrong website, especially with your xenophobic Japan comments. There are plenty of sites covering the things you’ll appreciate more. You should go patronize them.

      • I don’t see how this is xenophobic? Plenty of Japanese games have been very fan-servicey of late, and many in an overly ridiculous fashion that isn’t always pleasing to the eyes. Don’t start sounding crazy and generalizing people now.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          “Stay classy, Japan.”
          “I think is pretty generic Japanese the art that just kind of makes me faceplam at the nation”
          “I offended glorious Nippon and it’s generic looking art.”

          I’d say that all shows a definite bias against Japan. Funny how if someone were to say the same things about a Westernized title, let’s say DmC, you’d be the first one to speak out against them.

          But since you say that you think he’s got a point, I can see why his generalization is perfectly okay to you.

          • Don’t be ridiculous. If he was biased against Japan, he wouldn’t be on this site in the first place. Show some common sense for a change instead of posting the way you always do.

            Guess what? I think the majority of Compile Heart games are utter shit. In fact, I can’t think of one single member of our staff who would say they actually like Compile Heart titles. Are you going to claim we hate Japanese games, too?

            Go cool your head before you get banned. You’ve already ticked off all the moderators on this site with your crap posting over the last several weeks.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Going to take my shot at this. I really don’t even see what the guy is complaining about honestly.She’s showing her chest and she has a scar on it big deal? I’m sure this type of art isn’t only in Japanese game so comparing it to CH/IF was kinda piss poor just saying tho the this whole thing was abit uncalled for.

          • Well, it’s not just her boobs, IMO. Look at the other art, too. A lot of it is very obviously fan-servicey. I think generalizations like this happen in all cases.

            Think of your average military FPS. Most people (even enthusiastic shooter fans in many cases) compare those games to Call of Duty, just because that’s the most recognizable game in that genre.Similarly, CH have developed their reputation for putting out fan-servicey games that tend to have technical faults, and other titles that appear to focus on similar features get compared to those.

            I do think people can tell the difference, though. Look at Senran Kagura, for instance. No one’s ever compared that to a CH game, despite the very obvious and open “BOOBS” angle. That’s because SK does what it does in a very tongue-in-cheek sort of way, and the producer’s open about it basically being a boob fest mixed in with a few laughs and crazy ninja antics.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Now that you say that I guess I can somewhat see the issue tho Generalizations like that can be somewhat annoying IMO. Not knocking the guy just my two cents in the matter.

          • Pyrofrost

            Well, imo, I don’t think Jordan Coleman hates Japan or Japanese games. While I have nothing against the guy or his opinions; I do feel that just walking into an article just to basically say “OMG this sucks,” is just pointless.
            That’s my feelings about it, which is why I left my comments on it.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            well if you have nothing to back your statements up it can be pointless

          • Pyrofrost

            Indeed, of course anytime you have some screen shots or art depicting something with the least bit of fanservice, you can be sure that an anti-fanservice troop won’t be far behind.
            My whole PoV on it is, if it’s really bothers them so much, why can’t they just click “back” and go to something they actually have interest in. Rather than posting something completely unproductive.

          • Agreed. He could definitely have explained himself better, and he was obviously called out for his remark, following which he took the time to explain himself.

          • JustThisOne

            Yes, Jordon is making generalization, but no it isn’t xenophobic.

            All Ishaan’s saying is that the guy has a point of some kind. It might not be said in a great way, but it certainly isn’t xenophobic.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Let me just explain myself.

            I said “Stay Classy, Japan” as a joke about how just kind of stupid the fanservice is and well how normal it is for Japan to produce this type of stuff.

            And hey I worded stuff wrong. The art just kind of looks like generic art from Japan, I mean not that Japaense art is generic just that this specific art is a dime a dozen. Not unique or dynamic as say you saw in Asura’s Wrath which to me was one of the best looking games this year.

            And yes it does make me facepalm, because this isn’t the kind of stuff that made me get into Japan and yes I’m one of those people that wish Japan would produce more stuff like say Redline or Ghost and the Shell and games like Zone of the Enders and Digital Devil Saga then stuff that looks like the game here.

            And well yeah I got a little snooty, but I’m sorry a lot of the Japanese fan community here always seems to get uppity when you critique it’s niche stuff. Happens all the time, but yeah I reacted a little snotty, my mistake.

            Anyway, you know I read the article because I want to see more Japanese Vita games, but you know I want them to look a little more appealing to my preferences.

          • Pyrofrost

            I appreciate you taking time to explain things here, and you’ve made some valid points. I personally don’t mind differing opinions or a critique, as long as it is accompanied by an explanation of some kind. That leads to a fruitful discussion.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            See, if you had posted something like that at first, I wouldn’t have even said anything. Your wording and the use of the word “weeaboo” certainly gave a particular impression. But you did explain yourself and I appreciate that.

            I can also appreciate that this may not be your particular cup of tea. Just realize that when you respond to people with hostility, it is likely they will respond in kind.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Liking the graphics so far, the manor view reminds me of the Free Time parts in Sakura Taisen games~.

  • MrRobbyM

    Really like how the game is looking. Lezeluma tho…

  • Testsubject909

    Aside from the very naked guy. I’m down for this game.

  • $24431191

    The Vita does have games but they’re all in Japan. Let’s hope somebody decides to bring this over.

  • komiko12

    Wow, that’s something new for me.
    Finding furniture in dungeons….

    Do monsters drop them?

    • JustThisOne

      It’d be a sight to see; a rat carrying a sofa.

      • psycho_bandaid

        they’ve carried odder things in other games.

    • A slime carrying a closet.

  • I really hope Demons Gaze gets picked up by someone to be localized. I can see myself playing it for hours and enjoying every second. As always the artwork is amazing. =^_^=

  • Tianyu Wei

    they should of made this at least a 2D Sprite-based jRPG :/ I just really can’t get into first-person RPGs…

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