Capcom Looking At Newer Games For Wii U, Not Porting Older Ones

By Ishaan . December 31, 2012 . 9:30am

Capcom haven’t announced any Wii U games beyond Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but that doesn’t mean more aren’t coming.


Back in September, Capcom Senior VP, Christian Svensson stated: “There are many thousands of people who are thrilled with the announcement of what is our currently largest brand coming to Nintendo’s existing portable and new console platform. The significance of that should not be underestimated.”


Svensson added that, while he couldn’t divulge further details, Capcom have more Wii U projects in the works that will be announced at later dates.


This week, a user on the Capcom forums asked if Wii U support would possibly come in the form of older games being ported to the platform, such as Resident Evil 6 and Lost Planet 3 which are intended to be available across PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


To this, Svensson replied: “With regard to WiiU, in general we’re looking forward, not back so late ports are generally not on the table.”


As to why Resident Evil 6 doesn’t have a Wii U version, Svensson shared in a separate thread some time ago that development of the game began in 2008, well before Capcom even knew of the Wii U’s existence.

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  • shogunknight

    that is good as in new games for wiiU, at the same time might be bad because the games left out might have been worth playing

  • Go2hell66

    i wish all companies would just make new games/sequels.
    i feel like this year has just been a complete avalanche of ports and remakes

    • pressstart

      With cost cutting and ballooning everywhere and reluctance from buyers to pay full price, I don’t blame them.

    • Wake

      That’s a bit of a misconception. A lot of of original IP’s came out this year, but most from indie/small developers. Brilliant games. The avalanche of ports, remakes and even sequels you’re referring to are pretty much from the big developers and their AAA games. It’s understandable though, the life cycle of current gen consoles is about to come to a close, and most developers are most likely saving new ideas and IP’s for the next generation.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I want to see a new Onimusha game for Wii U. Or a new Viewtiful Joe. It’s like Capcom outright forgot those series exist, but either one could make an awesome comeback on the console. Viewtiful Joe probably more so, since the game pad could allow for a return of the abilities from Double Trouble.

    • Hideki Kamiya is busy with Bayonetta 2 and the Wonderful 101 at the moment. So Platinum Games isnt going to be making any more viewtiful joe titles for a bit

      • Spirit Macardi

        When did I mention Platinum Games? I know Kamiya made the series, but just because he isn’t there doesn’t mean it can’t continue.

      • Farid Belkacemi

        Viewtiful Joe is a Capcom IP, it doesn’t belong to Platinum Games. You really think Capcom will go to PG so that they can make VJ 3 ? :D

        • Clover Studios is dead. Capcom is only a publisher.

          • Capcom owns the IP is what his point was. If a Viewtiful Joe or Okami or anything is made, it will be Capcom’s decision. Also, Capcom are both a developer and a publisher.

          • Farid Belkacemi

            Ishaan already told you the truth ;)

  • Maybe Darkstalkers 4 for Wii U might not seem so ridiculous now.

  • Cephrien

    Megaman Legends 3 revived for Wii U.

    My god, could you imagine?

    • TheRealMalek

      They didn’t even announce a new megaman for 25th anniversary so … no…

      • kupomogli

        Megaman x Streetfighter is new. Although it probably took a couple days to make, if that.

    • Kaihedgie

      I really do not want to hear anymore about Legends 3. I don’t even want to play the series now. It’s now officially the one Capcom series I don’t want to play and that’s something considering I have most of the Mega Man iterations.

      And I have you ‘fans’ to thank for that

      • High five!

      • anthony apduhan

        Well then at least one new megaman game needs to exist it could be MMX9 or maybe he’ll in the fighting game for a chance, it could be a rumored MVC game but minus Marvel or MVC4 for the next gen consoles.

        Maybe you don’t like megaman at all :(

        • Kaihedgie

          Here’s the thing: I really do like Mega Man. I like the characters, the mythos, the gameplay and the music. I have most of the series except the card RPG spinoffs, and of course, Legends. Heck, I’m actually a mod at the wiki as a reward for my informational contributions to the ZX series.

          What I don’t like in particular is the overall shameless attitude fans have displayed over the past couple of years and thanks to hype aversion, I’ll never sympathize with these complainers. This fanbase has gotten just as bad as Sonic’s pre-Generations.

          • Göran Isacson

            Maybe I just haven’t been hanging on the right forums, but most of what I’ve seen from the fans have been disappointment and anger that Megaman has received very little love from Capcom lately (like having MML3 canceled, Megaman being a no-show at MvsC3, Megaman Xover existing, etc). I mean, I get that reading peoples complaints over and over WILL wear you down (even if I think the fanbase has had plenty to complain about), but “as bad as the Sonic fanbase”? That’s some pretty heavy words, and I guess I don’t really see the support for them?

          • Kaihedgie

            Two years of constant whining, trying to get other people to pirate their games, going to every single video to whine about them or claiming Mega Man was the sole reason for Capcom’s success as care for them was the first only priority they should have. Basically everyone who I’ve come across who was whining about the lack of Mega Man was incredibly rude and unpleasant. Even when Capcom supported and released a fangame as part of their anniversary, people instead looked for an excuse to continue complaining, even got one person saying they “hijacked” it.

          • Göran Isacson

            Huh. We must have gone to VERY different forums if that is the case. Never seen anyone trying to get people to pirate (I presume you mean Capcoms games?) or claim Megaman was the sole reason (A reason yes, but not THE reason)… still, sad to hear the people you’ve come across have been so terrible, especially for a fan of the franchise like you :( It must be awful being a wiki-moderator (if you still are one) if the fandom is that bad. Hope it gets better for you the further into this new year of anniversary-support we get!

          • ForteWily

            Yeah, but he has a point. From where I am seated, and as a fan of the franchise… there has been ALOT of bickering over the years on were the franchise should go, what it should be doing, etc.

            It’s on par with the massive fracturing that is the Sonic fanbase (and honestly that took years to heal). As of 2011, what megaman is and should be are options that have become divide the fan-base… and I have seen little effort from fans nor from Capcom to heal that rift till recently.

            Anyways, I think that at the moment what me and Kaihedgie have noticed is that there are a lot of fans out there that think that if they scream loud enough, they will be heard. That might be true, but that also might not be true… and no amount of mischief and misbehaviour is going to change that it is up to Capcom to decide to do something.

    • Farid Belkacemi

      A 3DS version would (already) be perfect though :(

    • Model_M

      Ah so NOW you guys want Legends 3 on home consoles, before when people asked for it on PS3/360 instead of just 3DS, those guys were getting sh*t on and told to basically stfu. Its a funny world we live in.

  • Andrew Knights


  • LightZero

    I don’t really like Capcom that much nowadays, but they have the right idea. I hope other 3rd party developers do the same. I much rather see new games on the Wii U instead of ports. If I wanted those games I would get them for my PS3/360. I want a new game experience for the Wii U.

  • Capcom was one of the better Wii publisher/developers despite all the flack they got for not releasing some of the HD games on Wii. I’m looking forward to what they release on Wii U. Though I’m not looking forward to their ridiculous DLC. The great thing about TvC on Wii was Nintendos online was so horrible Capcom couldn’t charge us for costumes and characters. We got a complete game from the get go. Whatever they release on Wii U is definitely gonna have DLC.

    • Julien_N

      The “awful” online part of the Wii is one of the things that I like the most about that console. It meant that the boxed games were indeed complete and that you could immediatly play a newly-acquired game, without having to install anything such as updates or patches or whatever. We might miss this when Nintendo catches up on it as everyone else already “upgraded” their consoles for a decent online service.

      By the way, which games did Capcom develop/publish for the Wii? I remember TvC, Zack&Wiki and the two RE lightgun shooters. Were there more? Well, that’s already quite a lot, especially for a third-party-unfriendly-console.

      • Locklear93

        Monster Hunter Tri comes to mind.

      • Monster Hunter Tri
        Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
        Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles/Darkside Chronicles
        Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes
        Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars
        Zack & Wiki

        I completely agree with your sentiment about the online too.

        • Julien_N

          Wow, that is indeed quite a lot!

        • Don’t forget the Dead Rising title. I didn’t think it was all that good, since it was basically Dead Rising: RE4 Wii Edition, but it’s still all right to play if you don’t have a Bawks.

          • Well, RE: 4 Wii edition was actually enhanced. Dead Rising: CTYD was this weird and crappy downgraded port.

          • That’s because as I said, Dead Rising Wii was built using RE4 Wii’s engine, hence “RE4 Wii Edition.”

    • raymk

      Actually capcom could have charged for DLC for the wii they just didn’t think about it at the time. Namco should charged the fans for tales of costumes on wii for tales of graces so they could have done it. That said online in general was bad on the wii and I’ll still take bad dlc over bad online, stop giving nintendo reasons to try and make online better.

      • “stop giving nintendo reasons to try and make online better.”


  • kupomogli

    The only thing Capcom could make that would make me interested in getting the Wii U is a new Breath of Fire. They’ve ran just about every one of their other series into the ground.

  • In before someone snarks that Capcom will be the first to excessively monetize content on the first major Nintendo console that is capable of doing so (excluding the 3DS).

    Also, don’t any of you think it’s sad that being able to announce new titles is newsworthy now?

  • puchinri

    That’s nice to hear. So long as they’re sincere about that, I do want to see what they’ll do and where they’ll go. They did some really awesome stuff on the Wii (and very niche) and I hope we can see more like that on the Wii U (Zack & Wiki, TvC and MH:tri had some cool series innovations).

    • Wake

      It’s a shame Zack & Wiki only had one game. Loved that game.

      • puchinri

        I know. ;u;
        It’d be awesome to see another title in the series, but I doubt it would ever happen.

  • Colin Tosh

    This is good news. I’d rather get later releases then older ones if given the option.

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    Cool,this year has been rough for Capcom but one thing I love is they make all types of games,cant wait to see what they have coming up for the wiiU

  • Aoshi00

    Especially ports w/o achievement/trophy.. like Arkham City or Assassin’s Creed 3, or even Sonic Racing Transformed.. just feels like ports that are missing something..

    Seeing the Wii U controller on the pic just feels a bit ironic it doesn’t work w/ even Mario Wii U the only game I own :(.. it’s either the old Wii remote or tablet… I want to use the controller (w/o shaking the Wii remote) and not waste the Pad’s power (last like 3-4 hours).

    • Kevin Tan

      Sonic Racing’s 5-player availability and AC3’s map more than made up for achievements or trophies for myself personally.

      • Aoshi00

        I don’t really use motion for driving games (like Mario Kart Wii handle) and I always find it hard to look up and down btwn the pad and the TV, it’s more cumbersome to me than pulling up the map on the same screen.. Also the Wii U Pad drains battery like crazy, I charged it so many times alrdy and the playing sessions are so short, can’t imagine how fast it would drain playing AC3 for a long time..

        I still think Nintendo is so stubborn for not implementing “accomplishment” and a better account system buying online stuffs not sticking to your system. It’s like AC1 or Soul Calibur 4 or Eternal Sonata, I would rather get on 360 because the PS3 ver was missing trophies. It’s the same ver but missing something that alrdy exists on another platform. And I would rather have regular achievement/trophy than some gimmicks I don’t need. For AC3, achievement gave me incentives to replay some missions fulfilling certain requirement making it more fun.. just feels like they’re always behind the times, and they’re doing it on purpose..

        I was hoping it would be the first Mario game w/ some kind of trophy.. and as it stands now, i don’t think I would get mulitplatform games on the Wii U if there’s PS3/360, w/ a better system to purchase DLC and such..

        • Victor

          Aye Nintendo should have implemented an achievement system. However, they left it solely up to the developers to implement their own system. Hence ZombiU’s achievements. So imo it could work better or worse pending on devs.

          • J_Joestar

            I’ve never felt compelled to try for any achievements when playing on my Xbox at home, but Wii’s Brawl and 3DS’s Kid Icarus: Uprising actually motivated me to go for them.

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    I’d die laugh if there was an announcement for Capcom vs. SNK 3 or a new Justice Gakuen (Rival Schools) game.

    Wishful thinkin’, yes, but we all know it won’t happen anytime soon.

  • Pockystix

    I’d actually like Dragon’s Dogma 2 on the WiiU

  • popyea

    They’ll still probably be sequels though, knowing capcom. Though I should be thankful that they’re not looking to release ports of sequels.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Street fighter Vs Nintendo

  • Elvick

    Not really exciting news. Just means the Wii U will get ports that are released inline with the rest of the versions of the game, instead of getting it later like most of the ports it’s been getting.

  • Nice to see Capcom wanting to me new titles. :)

  • DiorLiquor

    have an ideal, want to play an older game? dig out your system and or buy it for the system… easy win

  • Thundr. Bolt

    Oh god please more Okami

  • phangtom

    I misread it as “Capcom looking at newer games, not old ones”. I want Onimusha… :(

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