This Barbarian Game Was Supposed To Be Xbox 360’s God Of War Rival

By Spencer . January 2, 2013 . 3:44am


God of War is a PlayStation exclusive franchise and Pi Studios wanted to make a rival franchise for Xbox 360. Over five years ago, the Bonk: Brink of Extinction developer was working a brutal action game starring a barbarian. One of the key features in Pi Studios’ title was it was designed as a two player game from the beginning.


The barbarian had a variety of giant swords, which he could use to dismember hordes of enemies. One illustration shows three possible designs for the main character other pieces show enemy barbarians you would have to fight. The game’s world also had Amazon women that turned captured warriors into gladiators.


Pi Studios brought their barbarian game to various publishers, but the title wasn’t picked up beyond the concept stage.


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gowbar3 gowbar8 gowbar7

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  • Pockystix

    It’d be nice if someone could list all the potential games of 2012

    the games that never saw the light of day

    • landlock

      is great site if you don’t know it. For looking at unreleased games though it’s not just for 2012.

  • Neutron15

    the concept is great

  • d19xx

    “The game’s world also had Amazon women that turned captured warriors into gladiators.”

    No thanks. Death by snu snu plz…

    • Extra points for the rather smart Futurama reference :D

    • Neophoton

      You deserve a fist bump for the Futurama reference.

    • HassanJamal

      :D :C :D :C :D :C :C :D :C :D :D :C

  • “Pi Studios brought their barbarian game to various publishers, but the title wasn’t picked up beyond the concept stage.” After looking at that crappy character design, i’m not surprised at all.

  • Rayshawn Davis

    Asura’s Wrath is a much better Rival to God of War than this Barbarian game.

    • kupomogli

      Considering that no one knows how this game would have played and the fact that Asura’s Wrath sucked and isn’t similar to God of War or any other stylish action games that God of War was based off of, I’d say no.

      Oh wait. One thing Asura’s Wrath is similar to God of War. QTE. Asura’s Wrath has a whole lot of that.

      Asura’s Wrath probably would have been a good anime. But it sucked as a game because the gameplay was complete garbage.

      • Rayshawn Davis

        In terms of killing Gods, and dealing with the concept of Gods in general. I’d say that its a green light. Its been said in several interviews that Asura’s Wrath wasn’t going to be like the traditional action game, it wasn’t going to have the structure that many have commonly expected over the years.

        Asura’s Wrarth in terms of gameplay didn’t all that much suck. Yes it was very shallow, but it didn’t out right suck like it was the most horrible game on earth. Asura’s Wrath main point was telling its story, and building a interesting world around the player through its story. And its characters that help drive the game and its story.

        Asura’s Wrath didn’t suck, its shallow as a game, but it doesn’t outright suck overall and in general. The game did what it was suppose to do like any other game, provide entertainment. While it may have not provide you the entertainment you were expecting, for others, it did just that. So long as a game provides entertainment to gamers, then it succeeds in doing its job.


          “its shallow as a game” And this was his downfall.

          A lot of people expect a good, stylish action game with a major focus in story, something lacking in other games of the genre, but miss the mark way to much.

          And to add more to the disappointment not only they sell it at full price, they add DLC that continue the story. How can you sell a game that focus on the story at full price just to sell the other parts later? It’s like buying a movie that end in a apparent cliffhanger just to be told that if you want closure you need to PAY more for the last 15 minutes.

        • Elvick

          All ignoring your pointless, and incorrect, comparison between God of War and Asura’s Wrath.

          • Rayshawn Davis

            Well good for you, people else where have already made the comparisons anyway on the net. So either way, I’m sure Asura’s Wrath is still currently the only rival to God of War. If you don’t like such a statement, well, that’s your problem.

  • Neophoton

    The designs don’t look that appealing, so not terribly surprised no one want to pick it up.

  • $6618284

    I hope MS gives this game a second look they can use some more exclusives ,besides maybe if they get this game they can team them up with that other game developer of Ascend: New Gods & see what they can do together.

  • lame as xbox

  • Testsubject909

    Is it just me or is that first design of the Barbarian highly reminiscent of Cloud? Even the sword looks just about the same.

    In any case. I don’t think this would’ve been met with the same amount of interest. The scope doesn’t seem quite as grand. Now it could’ve worked if this tighter focus on a terrestrial plane also meant that there would be more emotional depth, but considering that God of War (at least the first one) was as close to the traditional form of an Epic from what I understand. That’s some hefty competition… That and again. Scale. Scope. Playing a Barbarian fighting Amazons is interesting and the game could be brutally satisfying.

    But rebelling against the God of War and ascending from mortality… Just kinda completely mercilessly makes itself all that more, as it is applied in modern day, epic.

  • DAAAMN PI STUDIOS, they did some work with id software but I think they went under

  • God of War no tienen competencia.

  • BelmontHeir

    I hate to kick a dev when they’re down, but some of those character designs look really amateur…

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