"Final Fantasy Mario" And McDonalds Burger Time Found In Korea

By Spencer . January 4, 2013 . 3:24am

My favorite items in my video game collection are probably games people wouldn’t care for like a Donkey Kong Country game for Genesis (with original levels!) and Master Fighter, an unlicensed Famicom Street Fighter style bootleg that actually came with an instruction manual. When I was shopping in South Korea, one kiosk had a Game Boy Advance game with Final Fantasy Mario on it. Unfortunately, you can’t try before you buy, but the words Final Fantasy Mario piqued my curiosity enough to buy it.


Here’s Final Fantasy Mario!

image image


Another game featured Maria from Final Fantasy II instead of Mario.



The cartridge also had other NES hacks like Super Mario Bros. with Sonic the Hedgehog swapped in. When you grab a "Fire Flower" (items are orb-like things) he turns into Super Sonic… that shoots fireballs.

image image image image


Koopa Invaders is Space Invaders with a Koopa Trooper paddle that shoots Mario faces.



This amusing hack puts Ronald McDonald in BurgerTime.


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  • Arvin Jay

    dafuQ did it get to Korea? those Mother f#^%ing A-holes

  • Wake

    I used to see a ton of these. My favorite one was the mishmash of Mega Man and Darkwing Duck.

    • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

      Darkwing Duck was runnin’ (and made) on a Mega Man 5 engine.

  • Spencer, for the love of god… if you ever, EVER see a game called Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic… buy it. Buy it and be happy that you got a Sonic pirated game every Sonic fan dreams about!

    Also, can you do more stories like this? I LOVED the previous one too. Unfortunately, I can’t go to places like that (hell, leaving the country is out of question for me), but reading this story made me super happy!

    • psycho_bandaid

      join the Army. I’ve been to Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Italy, Spain, France (the previous three were vacations, not postings), and now I am stuck in assigned to Korea for a year (only about six months to go now).

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    You know what would be amazing? Somari on Virtual Console.

  • kangms872

    i love korea!

  • samael789


  • AuraGuyChris


  • psycho_bandaid

    Was this in Seoul? I’m up near the DMZ and kind of need permission to head that far South, but I’d definitely be interested in seeing some crazy ROM hacks.

  • Dario Portillo

    the craziest bootleg I’ve seen was KOF 98 for the N64 a friend of mine used to have that cartridge dunno where he got it tho :P

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