What Kind Of Soul Sacrifice Sorcerer Will You Make?

By Spencer . January 9, 2013 . 3:07pm


Comcept gives players options in Soul Sacrifice. You can select your sorcerer’s gender, skin color, voice, hair style, visage, and clothes. Soul Sacrifice has different colors for each clothing design too so you can be sure that it was your wizard that died for the group during a boss fight.


The Soul Sacrifice demo available on Japan’s PlayStation Store now has two chapters to play through the Sorcerer’s Test and Nimue’s chapter. Famitsu says the PlayStation Vita game has six chapters those two plus chapters like Merlin’s chapter and Activities in Avalon.


Soul Sacrifice is slated for release on March 7 in Japan.

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  • AnimusVox

    Ohhh it’s create your character type. Want level plus 5 <3

  • This game is going to be so amazing.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    The character customization is so limited.
    You can only select 3 clothes. And since there is no equipment, i hope they increase the customization options a LOT before launch.

    • I take it you played the demo? Wait for the full game before considering that the customisation is that limited. They always say that the demo isn’t always the full representation of the final product.

      Your weapons come from sacrifices.

    • Ferrick

      “you can only select 3 clothes”

      you obviously didn’t bother to see the pic included in this article did you…

      “no equipment”

      false, you’re playing as mages, magic IS your equipment and its all you need

      and to add, you played a demo, not the full game, so its obvious that things are limited there. Common sense, its there for a reason

      • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

        I don’t know what u mean by: “didn’t bother to see the pic included in this article”.

        If you mean the numbers, its because is 3 or 4(forgot) colors for each set, that’s why the high numbers.

        Second, you need to know the HUGE difference between equipment and magic.

        AND magic ISN’T a equipment for mages.

        Equipment for mages are robes, hats, accessories and staff, or book, or orbs.

        And since the game have no equipment whatsoever, that changes the armor look of your character, i just think that they should increase the customization options.

        I don’t understand the hatred here…

        • Ferrick

          1st: THE VERY FIRST OPTION (the one with 10/13) in the screenshot translates to “clothes”, not color variations, the second one (the one with the 1/9 with the “… A” thing) is the color variation

          2nd: you need to know that this is soul sacrifice, the mages here are not one of your cookie cutter mmorpg where you raise skill points to get more spells and pay gold for equipment. Magic IS your equipment and weapon in this game, you can create shields around you with magic, encase yourself in molten armor with magic, and surprise! you can make melee weapons with magic too

  • Hyped for this. Can’t wait till it gets localized =^_^=

  • isotrex

    Do we have dates for Western release?

  • Bloodios

    It’s nice that you can change the character’s appearance, name, and gender anytime you want.

  • Pockystix

    I tend to play a good guy

    I’m probably gonna get sacrificed lol

    • Testsubject909

      Your Excalibur shall be properly utilized for victory.

    • Christopher Abraham

      those who stay in the way of virtue shall fail
      …or at least that’s what Liu Bei said in DW5

    • Elvick

      Well, you’ll get more HP and defense for being good. So, just try not to die. :D

    • Sano Tony

      i will play has a bad guy

  • Sergio Briceño

    The kind that kicks monster ass.

  • ekibyougami

    I’ve extensively played the demo with some friends and we found the awesome part about the rewards/loots which are based on your score (yes, there is individual scoring). You get scores for fast boss runs, first hit, breaking parts, being sacrificed, sacrificing allies (that’s +100 points IIRC), resurrecting allies, sacrificing or saving bosses, etc. Rare loots can only be achieved by getting a “Legendary Magician” score (some missions in the demo require a score around 400+) so choosing a good party and the grinding part would no doubt be there.
    I’ll probably go 75:25 in the full version or full demon arm (because it looks badass). And have 6 Discarded Soldier’s Fire Rock [没兵士の炎岩(小] (that flaming bowling ball spell) to spam at bosses >:D

  • Göran Isacson

    Wonder if the character editor is going to be… well, not AS involved as Dragon’s Dogma because there probably wouldn’t be any way to fit it in, but at least something approaching it. I like the ability to select skin color, and I do hope there are different face models for different ethnicities. I dunno, I just think that’s a cool feature in games.

  • Afrit

    I didn’t play the demo myself, but I thought I would share the summaries from other people previews:-

    – Music: Good. Fit the game theme & design.
    – Storyline: Interesting, presented in a storybook style presentation.
    – Combat: Excellent. Fast based. Variety of Moves.
    – Frame Rate: Steady with no drops.
    – Artstyle: Gruesome.
    – Graphics: Mixed. Not the best looking. Muddy floor texture.
    The game uses so much particle effects for the magical spells. To maintain a steady FPS, perhaps a trade off for the texture quality has to be done.
    – Customization: No actual gear/weapon hunting in the game but there is a deep customization system revolve around hunting and synthesizing magical spells, leveling stats with sacrifices, and body tattoos/seals system.
    – Exploration: None. Each mission is just one area with its distinct theme in terrain & enemies design but all consistent with bosses design.
    In some maps there are hidden extra items or buffs you need to look around to benefit from them.
    – Online play: supported in the demo. also there is option to solo play hard missions with AI characters.

    so yeah, there is zero exploration in the game and more focus on the hunting/combat. a letdown maybe!

    but it make sense given the game storyline. You’re trapped in prison by an evil sorcerer for unknown reasons. So you have noway out to explore but to use the magical book beside you in the cell. which allows you dive in historical event to finish specific missions -not for sightseeing obviously- and gain more scarfical magical powers.

    • Marik78

      God Eater’s maps aren’t that big neither.
      By exploration, do you mean having several maps connected to each other (MH like) or, seeing there is a world map, having differents areas in a same region?
      Who knows… Maybe there will be large areas and multi-boss battles in the full game?

      • Afrit

        Reports say there is only one zone per mission. Not several mini zones connected to each other like MH style. Nor it’s like God Eater either, in sense that you don’t need to search around much to find the boss. Think of it as an arena but not typically round one. There are some terain and pillers here and there obscuring your way, and some trash enemies before triggering the boss event.

        Who knows if the full game will change its mission style when progressing enough on the story.

        • Marik78

          I’m not saying the mission style should/may change, only that we may see bigger “arenas” (so we could fight several Bosses at the same time) or missions taking place in a same region of the world map (from the trailers/gameplay vids I’ve seen, there are 2 similars sea-oriented maps: one with a whale (Boss: Centaurus) and one with a giant (Poseidon?) statue).

  • revenent hell

    Im by no means a fan of Inafune,trust me I detest the fellow, but I realy want to try out this game.

    It appears as of now to be full of “lore”,the selection of charecter creation is nice,though I think its along the lines of common in games today either that or ive just played to many of them recently,The design is as of now in my opinion realy realy awesome and everything seems to be falling in a realy big like catagory for me for this game
    Im realy curious about what type of ending this game will have to.

    • Elvick

      I dislike his anti-Japanese b/s, but I like his games. I dislike Platinum Games’ doing the same thing, but love their games.

      So I just try to avoid when they talk about that stuff, and just enjoy their games.

    • C_Diamond

      “trust me I detest the fellow”

      • revenent hell

        Because he is a hypocrite,sorry for the late reply , everything he complains about for Japanese game creators is exactly what he is doing…He himself is hardly doing anything “outside the box” or novel and personally I think Japanese games are awesome as is and dont need to be “westernized” Takeing ideas and implementing them is fine but I dont think it needs to be a mandatory concept to implement…. I could carry on in this vein but its altimately pointless to do so and I dont feel like arguing about my views of the man and his statements. He is just a detestable hypocrite in my opinion.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    I shall make a name for myself from my victories on the battlefield! They shall sing the the praises of “Afro-Thunderclap” for generations to come…

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