Final Fantasy X HD News Coming “Soon” Say Square Enix Europe

By Ishaan . January 11, 2013 . 9:30am

We haven’t heard a squeak out of Square Enix about Final Fantasy X HD for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. That might be changing soon if Square Enix Europe are to be believed.


In reply to a fan asking about the game, Square’s European division recently posted to their Twitter account (via: Hachima Kiko): “The world will get answers soon, we promise.”


Around a year ago, Square Enix stated that Final Fantasy X HD will be an HD Remaster, not a full remake of the PlayStation 2 game. However, they added that the game’s visuals, when it is released, will be “much more beautiful than before”.


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  • It’s about time. My Vita is ready! Maybe this is the Famitsu scoop?

    • Solomon_Kano

      I kinda hope it is, because that mean’s it’s that much closer buuuut I also really hope it isn’t, because there are games announced further back I’d love to see an update on.

  • Awesome! My HDTV rejoices at this news.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    What is the difference between an HD Remake and HD Remaster, arent they the same thing?

    Hopefully HD on PS Vita screen.

    • EdgeKun

      Typically a remaster would be taking the existing art assets and making touch ups on textures or the like. A remake would entail making entirely new art assets because the existing ones are too low of fidelity to touch up and use.

    • “Remake” would usually be a term reserved for a game that saw a very significant facelift in terms of graphics, with all new art work and other aspects (maybe including gameplay and control overhauls) created specifically for it. Think Ocarina of Time 3D or the FF DS remakes.

      HD Remaster is substituting the older, lower-res artwork with its higher resolution versions and adding effects like lighting/shaders to pretty it up further. The former takes significantly more work than the later.

    • Armane

      A remake is just that. Remade from the ground up or close to it (think Resident Evil GCN or OoT3D). A remaster is basically what all these “HD” collections are; at best they up the resolution (similar to what various emulators are capable of), add some new fonts and menus, re-encode any videos, and add some anti-aliasing.

    • Yannick Ho

      An HD remake involves the game’s models and textures being reworked ground up for the aimed systems, which implies to greatly improve the different textures and the polygon counts of the 3D models.

      An HD remaster implies that the game’s resolution is upscaled most of the time to fit the HD resolution and the rework the textures to fix any stretching.

      Btw, I’m not sure but I think most of Vita games, if not all, roll in HD resolution (16:9,???p), but not in the standard console format (720p,1080p) as far as I know.

      • Vita resolution is 960×544

        • Yannick Ho

          For the few extra (4 to be exact) height pixels, the Vita resolution is “pretty close” to the HD format. I don’t think it should be a problem for them to fit it to the screen res for a few pixels.

          But you’re right.

    • Zal_Yagun

      better terms would be Remakes and ports
      a Full Remake tend to have little use of the original assets (including the game engine) Most tend to be completely new games, FFIVds, KH:RE chain of memories, Megaman Maverick Hunter X, MGS: the twin snakes, Metriod Zero Mission, Tomb Raider Anniversary, and Wild Arms Alter code F

      Partial remakes tend to have alot of new work on Art and audio, but still make use of the original game engine. Notable Example is Halo Anniversary and OddWorld Stranger’s Wrath. Its still the same game, but the Visuals have through major rework.

      Straight ports do not have notable changes and are often Multiplatform versions of games
      HD (remastered) ports to new consoles either have up-scaled graphics, or at least cleaner,crisp, versions of the textures and other techcromancy to make it look better.
      Enhanced ports while straight or HD, have new content (Levels, Characters etc) Notable is Persona4:the Golden. also Similar to Square’s Final mix or International versions, but rereleasing on the same console.

      Being of the N64 era, Ocarina of Time 3D had enough work on it to be considered a partial Remake. While i hate to admit it, still puts it with other games that have gone through a full remake…

  • Go2hell66

    ‘Bout god damn time
    *in best hillbilly voice*

  • Jake Caro

    This was the last Final Fantasy that I loved. I’ll definitely buy it.

    • Mizu D

      The last FF published outside of Japan under Square Soft. FF10-2 is the first main FF game to be released under the moniker of Squeenix..

    • ShindoW

      I agree completely.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    So these news are about news that have yet to appear?

    • Ferrick

      speaking about news, lets talk about Murders *Yay!*

  • Ethan_Twain

    I’ll be terribly interested to see how this game is received by the critical community. Many of the design aspects of FF XIII that were widely disparaged are equally present in FF X. I wonder if FF X will be panned for the same reasons FF XIII was, and if not what justification will be given for differentiating between the two.

    • malek86

      It’s just a remaster though, I’m not expecting people to judge it harshly or anything. They will go “yeah it wasn’t great but then it’s a 10 years old game”.

      Also I imagine they’ll say that the story of FFX was much better so it wasn’t such a big problem.

      • Akuosa

        I made a double take here. You made me realise this game was released 10 years ago… I really didn’t think it has been that long, woah.

      • I don’t know about that second point. Given the animosity toward Square Enix’s stories these days—granted, this is largely their own doing—you’re more likely to find people who’ll point to FFX as where things began to go downhill. As far as I can tell, most folks find the stories for FFVII, VIII and IX serviceable if not good/intriguing.

        • Monsley

          I thought VIII was considered one of the “bad ones”, if not one of the “worst ones”.

          • Anime10121

            Nah, it has a very vocal community of gamers that seem to hate its “nonsensical” (their words) story, but I still loved it. Just dont care much for the broken ass draw 100 magics to own game battle system.

          • Monsley

            I love FFVIII, too. It’s actually one of my favourites.
            However, I’ve always seen a lot of people complaining about the story and characters and, to my experience, it’s often considered by people as the “beginning of the end” of the FF series in terms of quality.

          • Those are just the usual forum hipsters that like to hate on popular things, I feel. FFVIII was grand. It was a huge step up in what they achieved on the PS1, and it dared to be different and tell a different kind of story after the juggernaut that was FFVII. I liked that very much.

            I wouldn’t even say FFX is where things started to go downhill, since FFXII came after it, and that’s a fantastic game in its own right. That said, I do think X was the first one with a completely nonsensical story. At the time, it was okay, and I honestly even like X-2 a lot. Just that, comparing to FFXIII, X is the closest you can get.

          • By nonsensical, can you clarify for me? I just want to know before I say something utterly ridiculous. I thought FFX’s story was intriguing. I was deeply touched by Tidus (maybe due to the fact that I could relate to his relationship with his father). Yes, it was a typical cheesy plot, but I liked it. They did a great job making me hate the shit out of Seymour (that one boss fight on Mt. Gagazet, ugh). I like the way how they had the Tidus tell the story, and the ending when it was, I guess somewhat a “dream”, I was befuddled. Hahaha.

            I agree with the points you and the people pointed out about VIII, I loved that game too. Its true that many people singled it out was because all they focused was on Squall. Yes, I do agree that the draw system was tedious, but when I was what… 10? I loved the shit out of it hahaha. Thought it was the coolest thing ever, I would go around thinking I could draw water from vases. To be honest, all FF music to me is great, that is one of the main reasoned I still enjoy FF today.

          • Well, VIII is considered bad by people that like to look back at it now and complain about Squall (which is perfectly reasonable), but for its time, VIII was trying to tell a love story, which I think a lot of folks found very admirable.

          • landlock

            To this day I still love the way the FMV seamlessly merged in with the ingame graphics when the cutscenes started. It was beautiful to see but they never did it again and neither has anyone else.

          • I agree, I loved that about FFVIII, too. Metroid: Other M did it as well, and it looks phenomenal in that game.

            Honestly, at the time it was released, I thought FFVIII was incredible. Exploring the academy was a load of fun and I remember running into a dinosaur right at the very start of the game, in a training area. That was so neat.

            The story was interesting, too. I don’t think it had as much intrigue or mystery as FFVII’s story did (where I thought they built up the Zack/Cloud Nibelheim mystery very well), but it was still more than enough to make me play through the full game to the end.

          • Monsley

            I loved FFVIII mostly because it was a love story. I even liked Squall back then (yeah, I can see now why people find him annoying).
            But whenever I speak to somebody about it (every single FF fan I know seems to hate this game), it gets criticised exactly for that, for being a love story.
            Maybe I’ve been speaking to the wrong people, but I just assumed it was one of the most hated games in the franchise because I hear and read mainly negative stuff about it… Which is sad, because I think it was a great game!

          • MediaMindControl

            VIII was cool. one of my first PC games and I found the villain to drive me to play the story as I wanted to kill them so badly, and I admit a young kid back then, the love being shown actually touched me. I thought the draw system was fun to abuse and you could max level just fighting the same monsters if you wanted. Personally I don’t squabble much about Squall or any J-Rpg main characters because I personally find the interaction of the group to be more interesting than trying to relate to one single character.

          • Same. I played VIII when I was 15 or so 16, if I recall correctly. It made a very big impression on me at the time because of what they tried to do with Squall and Rinoa.

        • malek86

          One of the major complaints I hear about FF13 is that people didn’t care about Lightning and company. For comparison, I never hear that about FFX – whether it was because of badass Auron, cute Yuna or just the overall story, it’s hard to see someone complain about the plot of FFX, whereas I see a lot of people complaining about the plot or characters of FFXIII (and also XII, but nevermind that).

          The general gist would probably be something like “yes, FFX was linear like FFXIII, but at least the story didn’t bore me to tears”.

          • I can complain about the plot of FFX, and the characters, who I consider to be largely a bunch of overly predictable dorks, but the game plays like butter and there’s an inkling of strategy going on with your character selection instead of just “eh just press X until it all dies” or whatever like some of the older entries have going on, so I consider it a trade.

        • BadenBadenPrinny

          Honestly, I found that it started going downhill at the point of VII but it’s largely because they’ve used nothing but the same formula for the plot that originated as far back as the SNES era. Kinda sad really.

    • Not really the same design at all.FFX gave more room for exploration than XIII and the story had alot of interaction with the world of the game and there were a number of mini games present in the game.It wasn’t all about cutscenes and dry straight lines.Remember the cloister of trials in temples ? Blitzball event at luca ? You can even back track from kilika to besaid and a couple of ther places with your ship.I love XIII btw but the two games can’t be describe as having identical designs at all.

      • Jesse Thompson

        I agree with Aly, in my view FFXIII was a “mash X constantly” “action-rpg” whereas FFX had a great character growth system and a touch more freedom. I sincerely hope we get the International Sphere Grid…

        • I mashed X for VII, VIII and IX. So please refrain from using that excuse to dislike XIII.

        • Guest

          From what I remembered, previous FF was all about “mashing X” and spamming Limit Breaks as well. Especially so because of the ATB coercing the players to attack so as not to ‘waste’ their turns sitting around doing nothing while the fiend continue to B-slap your party while they plan. This is more so with the Haste effect on.

          At the very least, FFX makes it so that no matter how much time passes, the fiend can’t attack you while you plan. This gives some level of strategy making that previous FF titles didn’t allow. Like I said in for previous FF titles, sitting around planning is wasting your turn while at the same time letting your enemy take potshot at the party. Then again, FFX is mostly rock-paper-scissor throughout the main story anyways so what do I know? :]

        • um no I don’t think XIII is a mashing based game.The battle system is amazing.Sorry if I gave you that misconception.

      • Wait what

        Eh, there were more distractions in X such as the Cloister of Trials and Blitzball, but ultimately it is a very similar design. Try to look at it objectively, the vast majority of FFX is spent on a straight narrow hallway. Even when you get your airship, you use it to travel to different hallways from a list menu. Even the towns are mostly straight lines and have nothing to really do in them. And the story in X was no less melodramatic or serious than XIII. They are very similar, likely a result of having many of the same team members.

        I don’t think X HD will be as hated as XIII, though. Most of the XIII hate was bandwagon jumping and simply wanting to hate it because it was cool to do so. The only legitimate complaints about the game come down to preferences and nit-picking, which is easy to do with ANY video game as nothing is perfect.

        • The pacing in FFX is much better in the events and story too.In XIII its mostly about the character’s inner emotions with no events for about half of the game.And if you really want to dissect it, ff games are mostly linear with the exception of X-2 and XII which have genuine open world elements.

          • saxophone15

            I can’t say I agree with you about the pacing. I found FFXIII engaging all the way through. FFX is probably the closest comparison you can make to FFXIII, though it’s not exact. It’s probably because they both had the same director.

          • I think cutting Sunleth waterscape and The gapra whitewoods stages from FFXIII would give the game A MAJOR boost in the pacing of story and events.Nothing happens in those two chapters and I know many people who quit the game around there.Also just giving it more branching paths in the stages was necessary.If they just did those two steps XIII would have been perfect.This is coming from an XIII lover, I played the game like 4 times.

          • saxophone15

            More branching paths definitely would have helped to reach a wider audience…I agree with that. I personally play Final Fantasy games for the story aspect and generally don’t involve myself with all the side stuff. I also hate miss-able content so in that regard, FFXIII was a good fit for me. I wouldn’t mind an open world Final Fantasy game though.

          • JohnThackr

            And the exception of the World of Ruin part of VI, as us older gamers have to mention.

          • MediaMindControl

            XII gets bashed a lot for some reason but I felt intrigued more than with many other FF games, because of the exploration aspect. The bestiary was amazing in comparison to that of anything I felt in the series before. Sure Maybe the story cut-scenes aren’t as flashy or epic as in XIII, but I loved how I could explore and see monsters like a blue version of the bomb floating around that I was waaaay to under level to fight at that time and had actual fear of it sighting me since I haven’t saved in awhile.

          • kmantle

            See ‘stories in hell’
            (sorry, couldn’t resist)

          • sure lol

        • Elvick

          There are many legitimate complaints about XIII that are not preferences or nit-picking.

          Having a ‘tank’ like class, with a move to take hits for everyone else is completely nullified by the fact that your characters move around randomly and will be more than happy to stand right by the tank and take AoE damage like retards. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

          Never mind gaming over with your character being KO’d despite the fact your teammates can revive each other… so why not you? Or allowing you to switch to a party member who’s still alive at the very least, like FFXII.

          The lack of control is a huge issue. After XII’s gambit system, XIII is just ridiculously limited in options. And XII let you forgo those options and do it all manually if you wanted. XIII doesn’t, because it sucks.

          Game is not as good as it could have been. Many obvious faults that shouldn’t be there with over 20 years of development experience from the company on FF titles and other RPGs.

          • Steven Higgins

            Personally I prefer the characters in X to XIII because I feel like their backstories as well as personal development were handled better.

        • l777l

          I largely agree with you. (And I think that XIII and X have the weakest characters of modern FF; they are pretty much negligible. Sure some will care about X story of romance and sacrifice, but I find that one very shallow.)

      • l777l

        Nah, it’s fairly linear. Sure there’s back-tracking, but that’s a nuisance itself, the way it’s done there. You are right, there are a few differences (notably, there’s a decent side quest with Auron). But the two very much remind me of each other, not nearly just because of XIII’s sphere board and X’s limiting summon system.

      • K Mantle

        …eerrr…. I don’t think it counts if the blitzball mini game wasn’t fun at all

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      A lot of it originally stemmed from XIII going multiplatform. and then it was just a downwards spiral from then on. People who played only a few hours of it would just jump on the bandwagon. XIII is a good game, It just switches the format up more-so compared to other titles. but that’s what is supposed to be unique about each FF game isn’t it? switching it up enough to make it seem like a completely different and new experience. I’m pretty interested to see some screenshots (or a trailer) for the FFX HD

      • MediaMindControl

        I got pretty far in XIII. Twice over XIII hours at least. Despite my infatuation with lightning early on, I found the plot uninspiring and many of the segments of the game, forcing me to walk through a dungeon just to watch another cutscene I didn’t care about. Probably X+ hours through the game, the character growth drove me to play a bit more but the lack of weapon customization slowly dug and then buried the game into my library to be no more than space on my shelf. I believed in it, I gave it a fair shot to say the least, but just because I don’t like it, isn’t justification that it is a “Bad game” but rather simply not for me.

        • OathkeeperSoraXIII

          yeah that’s fair enough, I won’t preach at you to complete it since It’s obvious that the game just wasn’t for you, I’m not sure if you got to gran pulse or not but if you did that’s where the game really opens up and allows you to properly customize the team to how you want. I agree about weapon customization I think each character has 6-8 total weapons though which can all be upgraded into different forms. although the grind to do it is tedious. Anyway nice reply good to see someone actually give a reason as to why they didn’t like it :)

    • asch999

      Many just jumping on bandwagon hate for FF XIII, Personally I think FF XIII is a good game but because of Final Fantasy brand on it people just expect more.
      And the difference for hate between FF X n FF XIII is the amount of Internet user at that time and now is different.

    • Elvick

      Um, FFXIII still scored well. Not as well as XII or X, but it was around the same average score that XI got.

      The “Final Fantasy” brand usually pushes up scores artificially.

  • I only played the demo and Auron was the best part of it as well as fighting in (Dream) Zanarkand.

    Despite the fact I learn of the story via Spoony’s review on Final Fantasy X, I’ll get this HD version for my PS3 whenever it’s released. I hope the character models are as good as the ones in XIII and I hope to be able to move around as Auron.

    • DesmaX

      Yeah, me too. Even though I don’t really like the story, FF X has my favorite battle system in the series.

      • Anime10121

        I levy that honor to X-2, the battle system in that game was imo the quintessential Final Fantasy battle system, I dont think they will ever come up with a better alternative to that system, unless it goes action based, and even then it’ll be a tough call.

        • DesmaX

          Never played it, actually. It would be nice if Square Remastered it too… I guess

        • Elvick

          I loved X-2’s battle system. <3

  • DesmaX

    My body is ready.

    Never got the chance to beat this game

    • Never got the chance to play this game.

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        Never got a chance to replay it for a 25th time

  • d19xx

    Will be on iOS instead…

    • Why? Let it come to PS3 and Vita first.

      • Ferrick

        i think that’s because of SE’s latest trend of porting all remakes to IOS

        • Not of all us gamers have or even know how to work iPads, IOS, tablets or whatever. I almost the think the stuff I mentioned are the same thing. I’m only 22 and I feel like an old man.

          Plus it would be impossible to convert big games to tablets. I doubt you’ll Final Fantasy XIII on tablet devices.

          JRPGs are also known console RPGs. Why alienate console gamers?

          • Ferrick

            i do believe the part about it going to be on IOS was a joke by d19xx, because SE’s latest trends that i just mentioned to you earlier.

            and no, if FFXHD is in the works, it will definitely be on Ps3 and Vita, because there’s no way anyone would want to download a 4gb game on their tablet devices

          • TiredOfMyOldUsername

            FFX ps2 version might be around 4GB, but in HD it might easily be double that size which make it even more unlikely that this would be a port for the IOS.

          • Juan Andrés Valencia

            To be fair… Riven was ported into iOS a while ago and it was originally a 5 disc game (Around 2+ GB of data). It’s still the biggest game I’ve seen on the iPhone with it’s 1.2 GB.

            It could be done.

          • TiredOfMyOldUsername

            1.2GB and like 8 GB is a big difference.

            At 8GB it would mean all those who have a 4GB and 8GB Ipod or Iphone( which is a big part of IOS users) wouldn’t be able to download that game.

          • Göran Isacson
          • Elvick

            I’m pretty sure most gamers could easily figure out any iOS and Android device with a half an hour at it. And that would be like 4 minutes for iOS and 26 for Android.

    • DesmaX

      And then Square releases it at US$60

      • d19xx

        and will have Lightning as the new protagonist…

        • But she still has Tidus’ voice work and horrendous laugh.

          • AnimusVox

            I didn’t even know Lightning knew how to laugh.

        • amagidyne

          I would be a lot more likely to buy it if they did that.

  • Romangelo


  • StarWarudo

    I’ve been waiting for such a long time now. X is my favorite FF. Here’s to hoping the release is right around the corner. >.>

  • Bloodios

    Sure hope they use the International version, because I would like to take my chances at those Dark Aeons again. Also, Eternal Calm better be included as a real-time cutscene.

    If the characters’ models look about as good as FFXII, then I’ll bite. By the way, I wonder how they are going to handle the CG cutscenes? They better not crop them down to widescreen…

    • I hope not. X-2 will likely be released a PS2 classic rather than get a HD upgrade. I rather XII.

  • Anime10121

    AAAAAANNNND I lead you all to this tweet from Square Enix Members last year , “Soon” to Square Enix means at least a year in a real time frame (meaning not the definition Square has made up in its head). Trust me when i say I’m not saying this to “dog” Square, as I’m one of their biggest fans, even now after a many boneheaded decisions/moves, I still attest that they make good games, they just do not understand what the word “soon” means.

    • TiredOfMyOldUsername

      The soon from Square-Enix start to look a lot like the soon from Blizzard lol

    • I wonder what “it’ll take a while” means for them o_O

      • Solomon_Kano

        Duke Nukem Forever length waits lol.

        • Ty Arnold

          Isn’t Versus XIII already starting to approach that length?

          • Solomon_Kano

            We’re about halfway there, sadly lol.

    • Göran Isacson

      Ha ha, good to remind us all to curb our enthusiasm- Square Enix has a very strange definition of the word “soon”.

    • Elvick

      Maybe one day, they’ll have a handle on what “soon” really means to people.

  • Enzo

    This could mean good news for the PS Vita, as I can see this game being a system seller for the Vita (even though it isn’t a PS Vita exclusive).

    • malek86

      Most FF fans have already bought a PS3 because of FF13/2/3 and perhaps Versus (poor souls). I don’t think they’ll be buying the PSV for a game they can simply get on the console they already own.

      It will give a short boost, sure, but it likely won’t be a sustained effect.

    • ronin4life

      It won’t be. Bravely default, a return to form SE RPG, while successful, was no system seller for 3ds despite being a new IP and an exclusive… on a system that wasn’t doing poorly.

      It certainly couldn’t hurt… Buy I wouldn’t expect mountains or even boulders to be moved by it.

      • Enzo

        All I’m trying to say is that the PS Vita can use any boost it can considering how poorly it is doing. No one can argue against the fact that the PS Vita is failing right now.

      • Elvick

        That doesn’t even make sense. Of course a new IP wasn’t a system seller. When are they? And if the system is already doing well, how could a new IP help it more anyway?


        All you’ve got for your argument is that it’s a “return to form”. It’s still not Final Fantasy. If it were, they’d probably do even better.

        • ronin4life

          What I meant was it was a new, exclusive 3ds game no one had ever played before; thus a reason to buy the system it was on. A new game that had enough.similarities to be valued as ff but with enough new stuff to be seen as original(and without all the pitfalls of recent ff as well…)

          If a new game with a strong lineage won’t drive console sales, I find it hard to believe a remake will. Especially a Multi Platform remake.

  • Zonic505

    I actually had to check to see/remind myself when this was announced. TGS 2011, over a year ago, & now we’re FINALLY getting news. In any case, I’m hoping this means we’ll get to see some footage.

  • Oni123

    Yay news! i thought this had disappeared =) Can’t wait to play this again

  • Nameless App 1989

    Is this going to be exactly like the original release, aside from HD, or are there going to be extras like FFX International?

  • ragingmerifes

    International version, please. International version, please. International version, please.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Redub please, redub please, redub please. Tidus’ and Jecht’s English actors actually improved a lot after FFX. Tidus’ actor even voiced Jack Sparrow in Kingdom Hearts II. It’s like a chamaleon.

      • I don’t really notice any difference from the FFX performance at all but then I again I liked their performance on both counts.
        I don’t really get when people complain about James Taylor, Tidus is an upbeat youth and his voice fits the role perfectly, I think it’s just the HAR HAR HAR HAR moment.

        • Elvick

          The laughing moment is terrible in Japanese too. It’s just a poorly done scene all together, voice actors being different won’t help it.

          I never had a problem with the voice acting in X or XII.

          • Time Sage

            The Har har har scene is SUPPOSED To be badly done. Because the CHARACTERS are faking laughter. The other party members even remark after the fact that they thought Tidus and Yuna had lost their minds for a moment.

          • Elvick

            The scene isn’t supposed to be badly done. smh…

            The laughing is supposed to sound fake at first, then they are supposed to begin legitimately laughing at their silly fake laughing.

            Instead it’s awkward all around and the moment they were going for falls on it’s face because the scene is poorly constructed.

            The scene was meant to be genuine and sweet. Instead it’s awkward and weird. They did not mess up the entire scene on purpose, they just failed to pull it off.

          • “The laughing is supposed to sound fake at first, then they are supposed
            to begin legitimately laughing at their silly fake laughing. ”

            … That actually happens once Yuna follows Tidus, both feel ankward about it and legitimately laugh together.

          • Elvick


            Just no.

            They try to make the scene work, but it doesn’t. It never FEELS NATURAL.

            It feels like they’re fake laughing “badly”, then it feels like they’re fake laughing “realistically”. Which is why the scene doesn’t work.

            None of it is natural, it’s all artificial and forced. Including the part that isn’t supposed to be.


          • I think you’re too much of a perfectionist but okay then, suit yourself. Im okay with it but if you disagree then little I can do about it.

          • ragingmerifes

            Yuna is going to die, abandoning all her love for Tidus and friends, adn both of them know that. They are going on a more than suicidal journey to stop a giant monster from killing more people who already suffered enough for maybe some more years.

            They were faking the laughter to stop themselves from crying, and even if they started to really laugh afterwars, their knowledge of that future still terrified them, which stopped them from laughing naturally like normal people.

          • You are only downvoted and that makes me sad, as I agree. It was the first voiced Final Fantasy, and I don’t think Square knew entirely what they were doing.

            I love the actual gameplay of FFX but the cut scenes and the fact I know where the story is going led to me giving up after half an hour of Tidus and Yuna dancing. I couldn’t form a connection with anybody, really, and the laughter scene is just a part of why, so I got bored out of my skull when it got to the romancity BS and just kind of… quit.

            A redub would be a great idea, but I think they’d have to redirect the scenes and such, too, because a lot of it was them learning how to do these active, non dialouge box driven cut scenes and kind of floundering around a bit.

            But hey Final Fantasy is a sacred cow so you can’t say anything bad about it ever.

          • But in that scene Tidus is supposed to fake his laugh since he’s demotivated at the idea he’s trapped on a bad future and plus he has to kill his pops, I don’t see anything wrong with the scene, it’s an annoying laugh but not wrong.

          • Zeik56

            This is why I always laugh when I see people hold up that laughing scene as evidence of bad English voice acting. It’s not just the acting, the whole scene is just awkward. Listening to it in Japanese doesn’t suddenly make it a good scene.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Coming Soon
    Please have patience
    Very soon
    Please bear with us

    • eilegz

      the same with versus…. patience its a virtue

  • CirnoLakes

    Bah, I can wait.

    I’ve already been able to play this game in HD for years thanks to emulators.

  • AnimusVox

    I kind of hate these ‘Such and such developers are going to say something soon’ types of news.

  • CudaBiro

    I would like to see a Vita exclusive FF based on the FFXII game engine w/ tweaks and more interestig characters. That game was great for pickup and play.

  • FFmax

    Square Enix has been extremely slow with news lately.

  • Kevin Lor

    Final Fantasy 10 was awesome! I don’t get why people hated Tidus so much.. I thought he was cool. The only character I didnt like too much was Seymour.. such a weak villian

    • I thought Tidus was alright too, then again there were some (including myself) who hated on Cloud until I played FF7 Crisis Core.

    • Neko Kawaii

      Probably just some stupid bandwagon “TIDUS IS SO ANNOYING, REMAMBAR THAT LAUGH!?!?” even though the laugh scene was intended to be weird like that =.=”

  • Aurizen

    its about time!! I bet the news is next week.

  • Jezzy

    Versus XIII kind of soon?

  • Pokahontas McGuigan

    theyre full of crap, that was an answer to shut people up. if SE japan dosent have information then SE europe definitely dosent know any thing. i guarantee that we wont hear anything until TGS or later

  • ShindoW

    Although I don’t replay FFX often (the random battles make the game horribly long but it’s still fun), it’s my second favorite next to VIII. I personally miss the love stories. At least the characters held my interest back in the day. Anything SE circa 2000 did was nothing short of amazing.

  • Settsuo

    I’m telling you Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System HD would be a better choice. While I hold FFX in high regards once I beat it I thought once was enough. FFXII: IZJS has lots more to do, would be an excellent title for the Achievement hunter, and an excellent story. The upgraded version of the original boasts a ton of things missing from the original as well, so that’ll be excellent.

    SquareEnix Jump on it, don’t think just doooo iiiittttt.

    • Minor upgrades don’t make up for the most boring plot in the entire series.

      • Settsuo

        Didn’t ‘t even get to meet Balthier and Fran did you? Venat and Cid? Larrrrrssssssaaaaaa?

        “most boring plot in the entire series.”

        Pretty bold statement. One I think your making yourself believe is actually true.

        • I’m not alone in thinking this. I’m not driven by political plots, and I certainly don’t care about the fate of some backwater Mediterranean country stuck in a dull war that belongs in an A&E drama, not a Final Fantasy title. Especially when the people whose eyes I view it from (Vaan, Panello, Ashe, Basch) aren’t worth the boring grind it takes to get through the over-long dungeons. The final kick in the nuts at battle system that as far as energy and excitement goes, is a huge step backwards from X. Balthier and Fran are poor compensation for hours of drudgery in which we have to slog through mindnumbingly dull dungeons just to get the minimal screen time of the two.

          In short, the whole of Ivalice could catch fire in a nuclear holocaust and I couldn’t care less. The game does not reward me in any fashion for spending time on it.

          • Settsuo

            Then I guess the game isn’t for you then. You aren’t forced to buy it nor care about it. Establishing such a concrete opinion on something you have no love for what so ever means you need to move on.

            I am not part of this fabled “mass” majority, so I don’t share your sentiments, not one. I loved FFXII next to VI, it explored new amazing possibilities, and gave me hope for newer installments. It was a refreshing take, from the same-old scenario.

          • MLSabre

            Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t FFXII’s story half done? As in Matsuno leaving during development? I’m not sure but I distinctly remember part of the game felt ‘different’ part way through (at least in terms of storyline). I even heard there was a subplot for Vaan and Penelo that was scrapped during development. : /

    • Im still glad X is getting HD but XII HD International would be awesome as well!

  • Mathieu Lachance

    So, is the january conference true ?

  • Ben Chau

    Just give us Versus already (if it still exists)

  • Not to be the asshole skepti to rain on everyone’s parade, but Square Eu/US rarely ever have inside info. They are, afterall, largely only in charge of localization and distribution as I understand it. Why is EU making comments and not JPN?

  • Wiccan1109

    Still not 100% sure if i would buy this yet. I think i’d need to see just how impressive it will look in HD. For some reason my brain just cant actually imagine it, so im sure i’ll be pleasantly surprised. The only thing that lingers in my mind is the damage ill be doing to my heart by consuming vast amounts of red bull to dodge those freaking lightning bolts again. I have held off playing it since the announcement though, just incase.

  • Lester Paredes

    I loved FF X’s battle system! I hated just about everything else… Except for Auron. lol.

  • Unless it’s the International version, then I’m not interested in buying the same game twice with an HD filter over it.

  • l777l

    I’d much rather hear about Versus. Take your time to develop that one; but the lack of information is not very delightful.

  • harpdevil

    Update: I just had a look on the twitter account and they have clarified that by “soon” they meant “no announcement on the horizon at all, we were just trying to keep fans happy who have been waiting for years by giving them false hope. Here, have more crappy sequels no-one asked for.” No news is coming, guys.

  • Guest


    hey, where’s Versus XIII?

  • Good to hear. Very good to hear.

  • brian yep

    Aww man, I think it desperately needs re-balancing with difficulty.

  • Rogerrmark

    I don’t like this game too much. Maybe I like it a bit,but it never impressed me,probably because of the PS2 big RPG library. Spent much more time on DQVIII,Nocturne, FFXII, Shadow Hearts Covenant and others :x
    It has the least likeable cast on this series,as well,along with FFVIII,imo.But it was kinda fun overall. (really liked FFXIII,btw)

  • Daniel evans

    this is AWESOME…. need this again, best ff game ever, ff 13, 13-2, and upcoming 13-3 HUGELY dissapointing for ff game, so please hurry SE, will get this probs for my vita

  • i am really interested to see if we (Europe) get the international version as a HD remake so i can finally defeat penance

    • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

      The European release was the international version. It was the US that got shafted on it.

  • Nathan Auroro Korvis Walsh

    International…? *fingers crossed*

  • akiko_sakuraba

    What happened to soon, eh. And who thinks this will bundle FFX-2, like Ico did with Shadow of the Colossus?

  • Naruto1990

    i wanna hear new about it already plz!!

  • jobbins

    Granted there are many similarities between ffx and ffxIII however wot made ffx more playable than ffxiii was the battle system. You werent constantly mashin x or a in ffx. There was actually an element of strategy needed for ffx. An seen as you spend half the game in battles its pretty critical it feels like you are actually doin something.

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