Resident Evil: Revelations Xbox 360 Achievements Leaked

By Ishaan . January 11, 2013 . 5:53pm

As previously reported, Resident Evil: Revelations is headed to HD consoles. Now, it has a leaked list of Xbox Live achievements, which you can view over at Xbox 360 Achievements.


There’s nothing too crazy or funny in there—just the usual achievements for clearing various chapters, multiplayer missions, and performing certain things—but this is the first we’ve heard of Revelations’ HD version in the U.S., since the original reveal came via a rating from the Korean rating board.


Additionally, while Resident Evil: Revelations was rated for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, there’s a chance we may see it on the PC, too.


When asked about the possibility of a PC version, Capcom Senior VP, Christian Svensson, replied: “As you know, nothing I can say on such a topic, but you know I’m a PC fan. We’ll see what the future holds.”


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  • TruSpindash

    Finished it on 3DS about a month ago. Loved it so much, depending on the price I might consider double dipping for an HD version with more comfortable controls.

  • DesmaX

    Can’t wait to play some Revelaitons

    • kupomogli

      Unless you get a first print 3DS release, this will be impossible.

  • Paradox me

    It’ll be interesting to see what fans have to say about this once it hit consoles. It’s not classic Resident Evil, but it’s much closer to Resident Evil 4 in how it balances action and horror.

    Unfortunately, being on a handheld and releasing the same year as the more controversial Resident Evil 6, it didn’t get its due despite solid reviews.

    Probably my second or third favorite Resident Evil to be honest, behind RE4 (#1) and possibly REmake.

  • Curan_Altea

    this game would be perfect for Wii U. That way you’d still get the touch screen to manage weapons and equipment, and a map even.
    Whether ir not it does come to Wii U I’ll pick it up. Loved the game on 3DS, and it’s easily one of my favorite Resident Evil games.

  • I called an “HD” port long ago. Glad I waited, loved the demo and looking forward to playing the definitive version of Revelations.

    • Enzo

      “definitive version?” What does that mean?

      • It means it will be the best version of the game. Better graphics, sound and likely more content.

        • Zal_Yagun

          Assuming better controls. Not willing for a CPP, especially for a XL.

          Hopefully they’ll add more Raid levels

          • Eh, it controlled just fine judging from the demo.

        • landlock

          If it’s anything like the HD ports of Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica I wouldn’t expecting to much.

          • Jordan Coleman

            It will still look better in HD then it did on the 3DS and will no doubt have better controls. Plus those were upscale. You’re forgetting that this game runs on MT Framework, the same engine that runs Capcoms actual HD games and is able to be scaled. It won’t simply be a “we put this PS2 game in HD”. It will probably be like Sengoku Basara on PS3 and wii, where the Ps3 version looks quite better.

  • Aoshi00

    I haven’t played much on the 3DS yet, guess I would just wait to play it on the 360 w/ achievement (always love the fun names, very creative).. guess my Circle Pad Pro (for original & XL) would just be collector’s item pretty much :(..

    And I missed RE4 HD from the Shocktober sale.. Pls make it Deal of the Week again soon :(…

    • Enzo

      There were achievements on the 3DS version.

      • Elvick

        In-game achievements and account related ones are much different.

        I’m sure many don’t pay attention to in-game ones. In before someone replies saying they do.

        • Enzo

          Achievements are achievements? What’s the big deal with them, I never got why it has anything to do with anything.
          Plus, I doubt most people didn’t realize the “achievements” in RE: Revelations, unless they just failed at the game. It notified you when you were accomplishing (or accomplished) an achievement.

          Plus, they’re not really THAT different. The only difference I see is that one can be “shown off” online, while the other one is just focusing on the game itself.

          • Elvick

            And a hat is a hat. But a top hat and a cheese hat are still different from each other.

          • Karl Josef

            I think Enzo didn’t know what achivement are we talking about :D ( Xbox Live & PS Network )

          • Enzo

            This still doesn’t answer the question. I’m more inclined to believe they’re barely any different until you provide a reasonable explanation on how they are so different.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Achievements like the 360’s or PS3’s trophies create a identity online, your online footprint. It allows people to see what you’ve been up to and I guess also see how “hardcore” you are. They allow people to compare with you and perhaps also compete with you. The fact that they are tied to your online game persona basically makes them a bit more noteworthy to in-game imitations.

            You may think they are silly(I think they are to), but you really can’t compare them to game specific ones. Pretty much the point of them is to show them off.

          • Enzo

            See, the thing is that I was referring to the achievements themselves. What you’re referring to is the networking. It’s also possible to do it with both, the two “achievements” are not really that different, the social aspect is mostly what’s different. Calling them two totally different things is incorrect.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        If you can’t share them with your friends and compare where you are in the game to each other, they don’t count. One of the most fun parts of achievements and trophies are the real life conversations they inspire. “Oh, I see you got so and so. What did you think of it?” or “Man, how did you get that? Any help you can give?”

        Showing off to strangers isn’t really a big deal, but to real life friends with the same systems, they very much do enhance the experience of a game.

        • Enzo

          That doesn’t explain anything, because you can easily show the exact same thing with any achievement system. Especially since the 3DS is a mobile device, all you have to do is show it to them. That or send them a message about it, really. The only difference I’m really seeing here is that random people can see it and the ease in others finding your achievements, which frankly is just the same thing as “showing off.” Doesn’t matter if it’s to strangers or not, Unlocking achievements can be shared regardless.

      • Aoshi00

        There were “challenges” for Megaman 9 on the Wii/PS3, there was achievement on the 360. There were achievement/trophies for Megaman 10 on PS360 while the Wii had none.

        Like Nemesis Dawn said, they are not for show off, at least for me. I’m interested in seeing what games my friends have been or currently playing. And if I have some trouble w/ some achievement/trophies I could ask them, it’s fun to share and talk about what each other’s playing and help each other out. For me, it’s a useful list of my game history/library and sharing w/ friends. So no, the 3DS ver don’t count. I didn’t realize there were “in-game” challenges before as I haven’t played very far. Like the Wii U ver doesn’t have “accomplishment” tied to account, matching the PS360 ver. for the mulitplatform games. Mii-verse a bit too roundabout for me..

        • Enzo

          I think it’s best if you just delete that initial part because the 3DS version was called “achievements” and they were essentially the same thing as the achievements being shown for the 360 version.

          Also, you don’t need achievements to know what games your friends have been playing (or currently). The thing is, what you’re essentially saying is that the achievement for the 360 is different because it gives you incentive to ask your friends for help for achievements and trophies to show off (or, if the game does it, unlock new material but usually not I suppose).

          Also, as far as the Wii U goes, I think the Wii U does what you were explaining WITHOUT the achievement system. Do you even have a Wii U, because what you explained is very much what Miiverse can be used for.

          • Aoshi00

            Why do I need to change my original comments? I don’t know what they are called in the 3DS ver, I have not seen them in the menu and I was not aware of them as I only started the game. Just like RE4 HD has new achievements compared to PS2/Wii. They could be called challenges (Megaman 9 on Wii/PS3 had challenges if you check the menu option, but not acct based achievement like 360) or whatever like Xenobalde had some trophies too but it’s not PS3 trophies. Just like Okami HD and Muramasa now would have new trophies compared to the Wii ver.

            Maybe others would like to show off, but it’s not for me.. especially for games based a scoring system like shmups, or Jetpack Joyride. I didn’t know that game was free on PSN, but I saw my friend has it (from his trophy list, wondering what games he’s been playing lately), so I checked PSN and d/l it. Nowadays there’s online leaderboards, just like back in the arcades, it’s fun to see what scores your friends got and how far they’ve gotten into a game and ask for their advice in certain parts, like the Mushihime-sama Futari achievement of shooting all the 25 lanterns in Stage 5, how did my friends do it.

            Yes, I got a Wii U and only have one game Mario Wii U (d/l Little Inferno and Switch Force too), I have all the systems btw. The random comments and advice from strangers are fun, but I never bother writing or drawing something on the Wii U Pad to share w/ strangers, I just keep playing and get on w/ the game. As I said, it’s roundabout way of doing the same thing as achievement/trophies. Miiverse is essentially like Twitter and I’m actually not very big on that or facebook, I rarely use them. No “accomplishment” is not a killer, but I just wished the Wii U would have them, on an equal footing w/ PS360 when it comes to account based DLC and trophy. Maybe they might implement it midway like PS3, but I kinda doubt it..

          • Enzo

            Very strange of you to call it “roundabout” as the Miiverse actually does it way better than the 360’s achievement thing, considering the Miiverse was built around going just that: sharing. You probably should know that Miiverse isn’t about talking to strangers and “tweeting” (how is it really like twitter? In a sense of community, not really at all since most of it has a central theme).

            The reason I even told you to delete that first part was because it has nothing to do with what either of us really said. What did you accomplish with it? Were you trying to say Nintendo doesn’t do achievements, therefore my argument is invalid? Really, what was the point of it?

            Also, what you’re saying isn’t changing anything. What the guy earlier was saying was that these “achievements” are two totally different things, and they aren’t. They are pretty much the same achievements, except one is online and the other isn’t. It’s not the achievements that’s doing what you’re arguing for, it’s Xbox’s/Playstation’s Networking. They don’t HAVE to use achievements to do what they do. They could have used many other things and be just as effective, if not more.

        • Enzo

          My bad on this part, but actually the 3DS version was called “missions.” I probably subconsciously replaced the word in my mind whenever I checked them off.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, Miiverse is social networking (sharing whatever stuffs that come to your mind, for Wii U regarding specific games). I have heard most, if not all people describe it as a form of Twitter for the Wii U community. I would like to see my friends’ comments on the same games I’ve been playing, but no one I know owns a Wii U yet.

            What comment? What point have you taken from it? I was not belittling anything, I own all systems but I have my preference.

            Yes, RE Revelations was a great game for the 3DS, now w/ dual analog (most likely better than the CPP), on a 47″ TV screen, online achievement/trophy, etc, even better. So for those who have yet to play it (I basically just watched the intro and walked around a bit), or want to re-play it like they did w/ RE4 HD, that’s great there’s this HD port.

            Yes, the 3DS does not have online achievement, it’s a fact. You are saying that it has an “in-game” log that is similar. There could be in-game missions or challenges or whatever you want to call it, a lot of games have that, Xenoblade, Last Story, etc. But Nintendo has yet to implement an universal online account based trophy system like PS3 or 360. Personally I think it is a pity. I won’t refuse to play certain games because they lack them, but do I wish that those games have trophy/achievement, yes. For me they expand on the games, like Metal Slug 3 on XBLA, some achievements gave me specific goals, like beating a stage and a boss w/o being damaged, just little things like that like “one more try!” I won’t fixate on impossible things to get Platinum and such for bragging rights, but I would give myself an extra push to achieve something that’s w/in my grasp. Also like I said before, I love these funny yet descriptive and fitting names that they come up w/, tongue in cheek, always makes me chuckle and lighten up the mood. Did the 3DS “missions” have the same names as the 360 achievement alrdy?

            Or something as simple as Pac-man Champion Edition on PSN/XBLA, would it be fun w/o the scores? So since there’s no arcades anymore, people play and get on leaderboards. If it’s not online, how do I compare w/ friends, flying over to their house w/ my console/portable? Having a universal system like that is convenient.

            Many people do enjoy things like online achievement/trophy and dual analog control. People always say “oh we lived w/o them back then”, well yes I understand that I played games since 1985. If you don’t need them that’s fine.

            Also I check on my friends during down time, when the system’s loading btwn screens. Since the Wii U takes so long to load a game like almost 20 seconds or something, it would be nice if there’s some distraction, like checking on your friends’ game list and accomplishment, same as trophy/achievement.

          • Enzo

            My point was really about Elvick saying In-game achievements and account related ones are “much different.” The “missions” in the 3DS one are pretty much asking for the same things, don’t know if they had the same titles though.

            Also, I’m not arguing against having scores, but the achievements themselves don’t accomplish what you were saying they were earlier. I am not arguing about which version is better at all, or if it’s worth to get one version or not.

            The comment I was referring to that should be deleted was the first thing about Megaman, as I don’t see how it fits.

            I am not trying to convince anyone not to get the HD version, I really was just talking about how “achievements” isn’t something new the XBox version is giving.

            When I say the “missions” are similar to the XBox achievements, I meant that the actual things you need to do are pretty much the same.
            “Clear casual difficulty or higher.” That’s on the 3DS missions list, as well as pretty much all the rest of those. The difference is that on the 3DS version, they gave you either in-game items or BP for the Raidmode.

            The Wii U also, I heard, doesn’t really take that much longer (if any longer) than the 360 does for loading games (or at least when the 360 launched.)

          • Aoshi00

            I used Megaman 9 (PS3/Wii) as an example because you mentioned the missions require performing similar tasks as the new 360 achievement. MM9 had “in-game” Challenges w/in the options menu like Missions for Revelations on the 3DS (same for the Last Story or Xenoblade, there were some sort of in-game awards or trophies, missions, challenges whatever you want to call it). They are similar criteria, like clearing a game in an hour, something like that, but on the 360 it’s an achievement w/ a different name. The Wii or 3DS certainly do not have an online acct-based trophy system (and the Wii U still doesn’t), hence they are different like Elvick said. There’s no easy way to check what you have done or yet to do for your whole game library (easy point of reference) unless you load up a specific game.

            I just checked Revelations, the Missions had no names, not the same as the 360 achievement anyway. I appreciate people thinking up these funny yet fitting descriptions, requires extra effort and always makes me smile (like “Who thought of this lol”), sometimes obscure references. They could’ve given it a plain and lame name, “kill 50 enemies”

            Most people were surprised by the long load times when starting a game, for Mario U it’s like a static title screen for around 15 seconds, somehow I wasn’t expecting that (plus the long setup process out of the box, it took me several hours to finally get to play the game, so another long loading screen before I could press start was not welcome).. I would be just looking around when it’s loading since you can’t bring up a dashboard like the 360 to check on achievement, friends, etc.. Getting out of the game and going back to the main menu requires the same amount of loading, everything on the Wii U e-shop is not fast either. I hope Nintendo would be able to patch and improve on that. If they do decide to incorporate “accomplishment” down the road, all the better. like Sony did, but it would require replaying some games all over again like MGS4, after 4 yrs or so, better late than never. I just thought this is as good as any other time to start, rather than later, or never.

  • Jordan Ortiz

    Being that this game has been out for months on 3ds, it better either be half the price or have serious new content.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Not everyone does portable gaming. This release is not so much for the 3DS owners, but for those who don’t.

  • DarthSithZero

    Jill’s ass HD and Bigger screen

    • kupomogli

      Dat ass.

  • Raid Mode on a system(s) with a good infrastructure, so cool.

    And REv really set up how terrible of a partner Chris is, which 6 cemented.

    Making Jill carry Parker around, what a prick.

  • Robert Hendrie

    Company’s really need to stop sending Achievements to Microsoft for certification before they announce a game is coming. People always tend to find them when they get added to the server

  • ffboi7

    Good to see this title being available on other platforms. Not a big deal but I hope Capcom gives the PS3 version the same amount of trophies as the 360 versions Achievements.

    • Aoshi00

      I think usually the achievement and trophy lists are the same (more often PS3 has one more Platinum).. except for MGS HD Collection, PS3 had separate trophy list for MGS2 & MGS3, each game having more trophies. But for 360, MGS2 & 3 had a combined list (as MGS HD) and fewer achievements. Both ver had the same for Peacewalker..

      • ffboi7

        Hmm I think I’ve made an error on my part. I think I was talking about another game though I forgot which game it was :/

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Actually, some PSN games do have less trophies for some reason. Guilty Gear, for example, only has 12 PSN trophies or so but quite a large number on XBLA. Not sure the reasoning for this, whether it has to do with whether something counts as a full game or not, but some titles do indeed have differing numbers.

        • Aoshi00

          That’s true, I remember Jet Set Radio on PSN only has 9 trophies, I was surprised the XBLA has dozens..But the opposite for MGS HD Collection, PS3 had separate lists for 2 & 3 while 360 had a combined list w/ several fewer cheevos. One would assume they just use the same list for both ver, weird..

          Guess Revelations would be a Game on Demand like RE4 HD instead of XBLA since it adds up to 1000.. I dunno how the trophy level number is calculated harder.. seems like the higher level you are the harder to raise to the next level, like I kept getting trophies and the % was hardly moving, I thought it was not syncing or something at first… anyway, it’s nice to have this list along w/ RE 4, 5, & 6 :) like MGS4 finally getting trophy patched to go w/ 2, 3, & PW..

    • Double Dragon Neon has a lot less trophies than XBLA Achievments.

      And I think RE4 and CV were 1000 pts on 360 but no plat on PS3.

  • AndreasStalin

    Loved it on the 3DS, felt like playing RE 4 with some old school evil mixed in. Should have been some more epic boss fights though as those which were there showed just what is possible on the 3DS.

  • Lester Paredes

    Ooooh! you mean I didn’t have to buy that copy of Revelations for my 3DS? Oh, well. C’mon Capcom! Let’s get this on the Vita too! Well, a man can wish anyways. I’ll keep an eye out for it!

    • benhofb

      Yeah, I find it kinda dumb that they aren’t making A vita port. But whatevs, the 3DS port blew my mind.

  • Riseabovethesky

    Just call that port Resident Evil 6 (or even 5)

  • eilegz

    and i bet that reviewers will shit on this just like re6. Im looking foward to this me wants more modern resident evil.

  • dahuuuundge

    That’s one less exclusive for the 3DS now

  • Tails the Foxhound

    I hope it comes to Wii U, I want to play online and I let my Live expire this year. I also hope that they add more characters to Raid Mode. Add Rachel and then some characters from other games too (Rebecca, Wesker, and Leon are all I care about).

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