The Many Traps And Gimmicks Of God And Fate Revolution Paradox Dungeons

By Sato . January 11, 2013 . 6:37pm


Even Renya the God can’t withstand poisonous floors or walk on lava. The dungeons in The God and Fate Revolution Paradox are full of various happenings and surprises.


Players should always be careful while exploring dungeons, as they have many different set ups. Some may provide players with riches, while others can be an enemy ambush just waiting to happen.


040 041 042

A good looking fruit dropped from the nearby tree, boosting the player’s stats, only to have it rot and become a poisonous hazard.


043 044 045

Knockback attacks can also hit players off the map, as shown above.


046 047

Some floors are covered in lava and will require specific means in order to advance.


049 048

Sometimes enemy ambushes. However, with a simple God Mode activation, they can easily be wiped out in exchange for nice loot!


We’ve seen a few of the many dangers awaiting Renya and his angels in these dungeons, but there are also some rare and helpful floors.


050 051 052 053

There are floors with vendors selling goods, which players can actually steal from if they don’t feel like paying. However, be prepared to face the consequences, as even gods are still required to go by the rules.



You may get lucky and run into a room full of golden treasure monsters. They will give you a vast amount of experience points as a reward.



Some rooms will help you revive your angel buddies.


056 057 060


… And of course it wouldn’t be a dungeon without boss floors!


058 059

This boss uses magical books to attack Renya. They must be destroyed quick, otherwise powerful spells will be cast upon our hero! There will be many bosses that come in different shapes and sizes, all unique as the dungeons they dwell in.


The God and Fate Revolution Paradox is slated to be released for PlayStation 3 on January 24, 2013.

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  • Akimitsu

    This game keeps looking better and better. Hopefully it gets announced for a localization.

  • Elvick

    God I love HD Sprites.

  • Andrew Arndt

    it will ninpon ichi games usely always do

  • Lester Paredes

    looks cool! I am very intrigued, though, with how little time I actually get to spend in front of my PS3 is limited these days to say the least. Maybe some sort of portable option… like for Vita… c’mon, NIS! You know you want to!

  • MediaMindControl

    Glad somebody is keeping Sprites alive. What would I do without NISA? seriously… I wish they did these kinds of sprites for pokemon instead of the 3d models. oh well.

    • Isn’t that what they’ve been doing for the past five generations? Not to mention, it’s hard to top the animated sprites.

      • MediaMindControl

        Yeah they kept them alive to a point. I always felt as if they simply could have been better though. Shaking side to side and all, I thought they had more $$ backing them than smaller fighting game companies and a few animations for some 200 pokemon wouldn’t be a huge deal but I guess there are a whole heck a lot of those pocket monsters now so it’s gotta be pretty daunting and 3d is just so much easier right? But could you imagine a pokemon game with the same animation as in skullgirls, disgaea or anything arc system works for example? I think I’d cry for the first time in 15 years. LOL

  • Roberto Maselli

    I hope this gets released in Europe…

  • Demeanor

    I hope they don’t make us wait too long for a localizazion, the game looks awesome ^ ^

  • Better and better with every article, so glad it has a touch of Z.H.P, such a underrated game. or overseen, since those who played it loved it.

    • sd28

      only thing that would have made it perfect is letting me put my system into sleep mode and continue playing a dungeon with out loosing all my stuff

  • Ereek

    Lord, NIS has so many great-looking games on the horizon. I’m still drooling for The Witch and the Hundred Knights.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Sadly I’m wondering if we will ever see that one. AMZN has pushed it all the way back to 2014. Nice to see ya BTW!

      • Ereek

        Yeah, I’m getting a bit worried. NIS has quite a few large-scale projects, I feel like they might be overexerting themselves.

        And thanks! I need to learn to post more consistently, don’t I?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          That or forget your long standing promise not to and say hello to the old guard on twitter :P.

          • Ereek

            I’m glad you still remember, haha! Unfortunately, my promise is still in effect, no matter how much I love you guys. A friend tried for about a month to get me to use Facebook, but I’m more stubborn than a mule in that regard, too. I’m still going through that mental “back in my day. . .” phase.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Well. if you ever do wish to try — the door is forever open.

      • sd28

        well your more likely to see it than the last guardian at least

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