Project X Zone Will Likely Not Have Any Content Cut For Western Release [Update]

By Ishaan . January 22, 2013 . 12:00pm

Update: Namco Bandai have confirmed to us that Project X Zone will use the game’s Japanese voice track with English subtitles.


Yesterday, Namco Bandai announced Project X Zone, a crossover RPG featuring Namco, Capcom and Sega characters, for a western release on the Nintendo 3DS. The game has over 50 selectable characters from across 29 different videogame series.


A crossover of this scale isn’t something you see released in the west very often, owing mostly to complex licensing issues, so we got in touch with Namco Bandai to ask if the western version of Project X Zone would have any content cut from it as a result of licensing complications.


“The game will feature the same characters from the Japanese version,” a Namco Bandai representative shared with us.


When we asked if that was a confirmation that the game would feature no cut characters or content, another representative responded: “The content of the game should [be] the same as the Japanese version.”


Unfortunately, Namco Bandai declined from sharing whether or not they would be releasing the two Nintendo eShop demos for the game in the west.


Project X Zone is slated for release in North America and Europe sometime this summer.


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  • SirRichard

    I’m still amazed and impressed that this is happening at all given all the franchises and companies involved, I wonder how the hell they managed to get around it all without losing anything.

    • Part of me thinks that Nintendo involvement was part of the localization decision, since Monolith Soft is their studio. Plus, I guess Sega and Capcom really have nothing to lose by allowing Namco to use their characters for western release. Especially Sega. :P

      • Seriously. Poor Sega,

        • I can’t say I feel very sympathetic. They’ve made terrible decisions as a company, and Sega could also have been in so much potential shit over the years that they escaped.

          They could have gotten in a lot of trouble for their inclusion of Spider-Man and Batman in one of the older Shinobi games. Yet, they were somehow spared from Marvel and DC’s wrath.

          And yet, now they turn around and sue Level 5 for infringing on some stupid Nintendo DS touch control patent. I’m actually a little ashamed of them.

          • Kalis Konig

            This! Not only can I not fully grasp seeking legal action upon Level 5 over a petty game mechanic, I am still ticked at their moody and ambiguous replies when asked about a lot of their golden IPs. Sega’s dug their own grave the moment they decided to not do anything with all of the great series they have under their belt and ruining the ones they did keep in rotation. They went downhill the moment they chose to constantly troll the Shenmue fanbase imo.

            Ugh Sega’s becoming that one girlfriend who just won’t get her s*** straight and yet you keep taking her back because you remember how good things were when you first started out. You know the good stuff is still in there somewhere so you put up with her in hopes for the return of the Golden Age…Stop playing with my emotions sega!

            ……Anyways…It is a great year to own a 3DS, that it is.

      • ronin4life

        didn’t Sega and Capcom hand over all rights in a single agreement for this game?
        I remember hearing that somewhere.

      • MediaMindControl

        My thoughts exactly. This really justifies the purchase of a 3ds for me since before I thought I would only use it to play MonHun and later on Fire Emblem.

      • MediaMindControl

        My thoughts exactly. This really justifies the purchase of a 3ds for me since before I thought I would only use it to play MonHun and later on Fire Emblem.

    • SprintsMcGee

      A friend of mine said that the only way he could think of this coming to the West is that they (Sega, NB, Capcom) were using the game as PR stunt to boost the sales of all the other games that already made it here. So if they don’t make the number of sales they want with this game, they hopefully will make it up with increased sales for all the other franchises.

    • Samurai_Heart

      My guess is the other company got a percentage of the sales etc, even though Namco Bandai was publishing. And we know Sega needs money =S

    • z_merquise

      Good thing licensing game characters is easier compared to anime/manga characters.

      • ronin4life

        Except where game characters get anime…

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Frankly, it’s not THAT much of a shock. The licenses all belong to the three companies involved and all three have overseas divisions. Compared to most other crossover titles, the licensing with this one was probably quite straightforward.

      Having said that, I am VERY impressed that Bruno Delinger will most likely make it in unaltered. I was fully expecting that keeping him the way he is now would be a problem for a North American release due to….obvious reasons.

      • pressstart

        Who’s that and why would he be a problem?

        • Tom_Phoenix

          He is the protagonist of the Dynamite Cop games, the first one of which was called Die Hard Arcade outside of Japan. Needless to say, he essentially looks like Bruce Willis (or, more specifically, the Die Hard character John McClane).

          The game itself probably isn’t an issue, but Sega lost the Die Hard license a long time ago. As such, I wasn’t sure whether or not they could actually use Bruce Willis’ likeness to potray Bruno Delinger. Beacuse if they didn’t and used it without permission from Bruce Willis himself, well…..they would have a nasty lawsuit on their hands.

          But if this news is any indication, it looks like it either wasn’t a problem or they were able to settle it somehow.

          • Uh, he was blonde back then. Now he’s hairless isnt it a non issue?

          • Tom_Phoenix

            …Somehow, I don’t think that would work as an excuse.

    • British_Otaku

      This may be a big project, but it is still only three companies communicating with each other. There were more issues in the case of Tatsunoko vs Capcom, likely as there would have to be some degree of agreement with individual localisation companies all over the world aside from music issues.

      We never doubted Smash Bros which is just a lot of Nintendo, Nintendo’s friends, Konami and Sega. If this failed to come around like Pandora’s Tower (speaking before it was confirmed for America) or Namco X Capcom, it would be a lack of confidence or a poor choice. Nothing more.

      • SirRichard

        Thing is, Smash Bros is all Nintendo with just two other characters added in its latest installment, this is three separate companies. Smash Bros is also a ridiculously popular fighting game instead of a niche RPG.

        Then again, that’s probably why it got allowed as quickly as it did, it’s just a niche little RPG.

        • British_Otaku

          Those two characters came from Konami and SEGA, making it another three company collab ignoring the amount of music rights they would have to sort out and the remixes. Smash Bros may be popular, but if rights were really an issue we would have notable missing content between regions in addition to likely massive delays.

          The fact that even a niche RPG (aside from how it has beloved characters from tons of great franchises as Smash Bros or Vs Capcom games do) could make it untouched implies there was never an issue.

  • They should change Dante to the new young Dante :)

    • Dude you are asking for people to kill you. Just saying.

    • Mega Man should be replaced with Bad Box Art Mega Man as well.

      • LynxAmali

        Despite being an X fan, I’d love to see Zero’s reaction to that. His partner suddenly being replaced by a…less than perfect version of himself.

    • Fidelis

      Yeah totally man what could possibly go wrong

  • kylehyde

    Well is good to know that no character is going to be sacrificed as it happened with tatsunoko vs capcom

  • z_merquise

    Another thing I wanted to make sure is if there would be subtitles added during the pre- and post- battle dialogue.

    That’s one thing I didn’t like in the English release of Endless Frontier. The character banter is one thing I really enjoy especially from cross-over games so I hope we should at least understand it.

  • Hollowkoopa

    Well since Namco, Sega and Capcom own all the rights to the characters inside this game. It wouldn’t be that hard to keep them all.

    • zferolie

      Those may own the properties, but other companies may also own some of the rights for their English counterparts. I remember when that Genie was cut from the English Taksunoko vs capcom because the Italian company that owned the rights for him in Italy refused to let him in. It COULD happen here too with some of the more obscure games.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        But the difference is that anime licensing is a minefield due to the various third-party distributors that are usually involved. In this case, though, the rights all belong to the three companies involved, all of which also have overseas divisions.

        Compared to Tatsunoko vs Capcom, the licensing for this game probably wasn’t much of a problem at all.

        • zferolie

          Oh TvC must have been worse, but I’m still sure this was quite hard for them to do, and expensive

          • Tom_Phoenix

            As I said, the issue with animated works is that their non-Japanese releases are often handled by third-party distributors. As such, the licenses end up being spread out all over the place.

            In this case, though, there is no such issue. The licenses solely belong to the three companies involved. So I don’t see why the licensing would be quite hard for them to do. Heck, compared to other crossover projects, the licensing in this case was probably fairly straightforward.

            Naturally, I can’t talk about the expenses involved, since that require us to know what kind of arrangement they have. Regardless, since Namdai was able to convince Capcom and Sega to do this project at all, I really don’t think it required a lot of extra effort to convince them to allow an overseas release (especially since Namdai is handling all the localisation and marketing).

        • I don’t know, the bruce willis likeness of Bruno Delinger and though Sega has rights to Sakura Wars, I’m sure some american company would call foul

          • Tom_Phoenix

            I agree that Bruno Delinger’s likeness to Bruce Willis was (is?) a potential problem. Quite frankly, I’m not sure how they solved that or if there was some legal loophole that allowed them to keep him the way that he is.

            As for Sakura Wars, the license belongs to Sega. As far as the games are concerned, the only American company that has ever been involved with the series was NIS America (which localised Sakura Wars V) and I doubt their agreement with Sega involved exclusive distribution rights.

  • Chris Yuen

    This might just be the deal breaker that I need to convince myself to buy a 3DS, along with Fire Emblem Awakening, Soul Hackers and more.

    • benhofb

      Ermahgerd, there are just so many games coming out this year for the 3DS. I am going to be so poor by 2014 at this rate… Definitely worth it, though!

      • I’ve already spent my entire year’s worth of gaming money (in pre-orders and put-back-for-when-pre-orders-open) and the month isn’t even over yet. God help me if anything else gets announced this year. ;_;

  • zferolie

    I wonder how it would work cutting out characters though? I mean, removing an important story character would be quite awkward, and also screw up the coding(if tied to important story and game play parts). It’s not as simple as removing a fighting game character here.

  • You know, this game includes the major badass Sanger Zonvolt, the Sword that Cleaves Evil! He also appears in 2nd SRW OG an awesome PS3 game whose localization we’re fighting for. Please support Operation Hotblood!

  • Fidelis

    “Western Release”


    Hold on..

    Hold on a goddamn minute

    “Western Release”

    Did I just read..?

    “Western Release”


  • Go2hell66

    no cut content? wonderful!

  • Spirit Macardi

    You know, I’ve realized that my initial upset at this game’s localization actually has nothing to do with the quality of the game itself. I mean, the roster is still “meh” to me but that’s not what’s been grating at my mind.

    The thing is that it’s showing off some extreme hypocrisy on Namco’s part. This game was a commercial failure in Japan, and yet Namco is spending additional money on localizing it to the west which probably includes further licensing fees. Meanwhile, when they’ve had other games fail to meet their desired sales figures their response has been to can the series in question entirely.

    So yeah, the game itself is actually completely fine in my book. My problem is with Namco’s inequality.

    • zferolie

      What you are saying is, Why is Namco bringing this over, and not all those Tales games.

      Yeah, that is a good question actually.

      • Spirit Macardi

        I wasn’t really getting at Tales, since clearly they’re still making and localizing those games. My issue is with other games that they’ve let die such as Klonoa, Tower of Druaga, Mappy, and many others.

        They’ve let other series fall by the wayside due to pulling in low numbers, yet this one gets a free pass?

        • Brandonmkii

          Ultimately, somebody thought there was enough sales potential to justify localizing it outside of Japan, or they wouldn’t have bothered. As much as like the franchises you mentioned, I can’t think of the last time I heard anybody ask for a new entry in those series. On the other hand, there was a huge push for PxZ on pretty much every social media outlet. Like, poor Katsuhiro Harada would get like 50 tweets a day regarding PxZ, and he’s not even in charge of that kind of stuff haha.

        • GH

          Oh, Klonoa did get a DS follow-up as Keroro 3rd and 4th, but that was a Japan-only deal. No wonder they gave up after the Wii game flop (8k!) but still sad though.
          Disappointing sales is what killed SRW OG PSP English release too. ;_;

          • s07195

            An SRW OG game for PSP? When? Weren’t they all on GBA or PS2 and now PS3?

        • GH

          Oh, Klonoa did get a DS follow-up as Keroro 3rd and 4th, but that was a Japan-only deal. No wonder they gave up after the Wii game flop (8k!) but still sad though.
          Disappointing sales is what killed SRW OG PSP English release too. ;_;

    • I don’t think this is a discussion we can really have without being aware of all the factors involved. There are too many variables here that we have absolutely no idea of, and likely never will, such as:

      1. Monolith Soft is a Nintendo studio. Did they have a part in the decision to localize this game? Was that part of the deal? How much did Monolith’s involvement reduce the development costs at Namco/Banpresto’s end?

      2. Licensing fees. How much did Sega and Capcom charge? It could have been peanuts for a publisher like Namco, who have been seeing immense success lately.

      3. Namco’s own expectations. The game had a low sell-through, yes, but it also sold about the same amount as Namco x Capcom did in its first week. Despite that game’s apparent low sales, Namco still opted to publish a follow-up. They wouldn’t have done that without expectations in check.

      4. Recognizable characters. The characters you mentioned—Mappy and Klonoa—are nowhere near as well-recognized as the cast from Street Fighter or Tekken or Mega Man or Resident Evil.

      • Spirit Macardi

        I can’t really see any costs being “peanuts” for Namco considering it wasn’t long ago that they filed for bankruptcy.

        I’ll grant you the point on Monolith possibly providing some assistance, though Nintendo may be a stretch since I can’t see them being so desperate for 3DS content in the west that they’d support a game that undersold in an area where strategy RPGs are far less niche.

        On recognition you may have a point, but even so I find it hard to believe that one-off games like Dynamite Cop and some of these other series would have more marquee value than Tower of Druaga, especially considering that series was at one point popular enough to spawn an anime.

        • When did Namco Bandai file for bankruptcy?

          As for Nintendo, Monolith Soft is their studio. Monolith, to my knowledge, has at least three teams, and one of those teams works with Namco on games like Endless Frontier and PxZ.

          This was probably part of some sort of arrangement between Nintendo and Namco when the former acquired Monolith. However, I can’t imagine Nintendo wouldn’t have any kind of say regarding what Namco does with their studio.

          It isn’t a question of Nintendo providing assistance, it’s a question of Namco Bandai using their studio to develop a game. I’m sure Nintendo wouldn’t go, “Oh, you want to make a PS3 title using our staff? Go ahead.” :P

      • Guys the sales werent that low.

        • 85k first week with a 57% sell-through isn’t exactly fantastic. :P

    • kroufonz

      we may have different taste and personal opininion, but saying this roster lineup is a “meh” especially in a website like siliconera is quite surprising. I can’t believe a japanese game fans would find this kind of lineup “meh”.

      the lineup is covering quite wide range of fans, from mainstream to core audience, big stuff like re,mm, tekken, sf jrpg like tales, vc, xenosaga, rof/eoe/,SRW, classic like wonder momo, valkryie, darkstalker, lik even vn/adv/slg like sakura taisen, yumeria etc and many more

      regarding bamco i would take this as a good sign from them for i may hope for the likes of GUndam [email protected] or maybe their non shounen anime game would someday get the chance for western relase too.

  • puchinri

    That’s good to hear. There really shouldn’t be any reason here for anyone to be cut (as far as I can think of), so it’s nice to know that things will be left (mostly) the same (most likely). ♥

  • Barrylocke89

    This isn’t surprising. Considering that Tatsunoko X Capcom made it to the west with all of its characters (All of you guys that knew who any of the Tatsunoko characters were except MAYBE the Gatchaman characters get a gold star…I know I didn’t), I could only hope to see the same from this game. Good to know that that’s the case.

    • pressstart

      Actually, the goofy wizard didn’t make it over here. I only learned of the Tatsunoko characters because of TvC.

      • Showmeyomoves

        Bob! Bob in the bottle! *tries to remember the rest of the lyrics* Ah, whatever. It wasn’t a good show anyway.

    • Brandonmkii

      How could you not know Tekkaman? I kid, I love 80’s sci-fi anime, but I know some people are sometimes young or unaware of some cool things ;)

  • ffboi7

    gimme! gimme! take me wallet!!

  • Maumac77

    I’m not that surprised they’re not cutting any content, since it might drive people away due to it not being complete. Although I will be surprised if they try to dub it, considering that some of these characters have not made it stateside (correct me if I’m wrong) and thus would have to find people to voice them. That and trying to get the VA of all the other characters sounds like a hassle that isn’t worth it

    • SprintsMcGee

      They already said that they are going to keep the Japanese voices with English text..

      • Maumac77

        ah well didn’t remember reading that anywhere :p

  • Let us celebrate then, with some awesome Project X Zone OST epicness

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    Holy cow, this news is far more amazing than the fact that the game is getting released at all…

  • Zonic505

    I don’t think there was really any characters in danger of being cut (MAYBE Yumeria since Funimation has the rights to the anime, but that’s really it, just the anime & nothing else), but this is still great to hear.

  • Zal_Yagun

    What im more worried about is censorship than cut content

  • Brandonmkii

    The only negative thing I can say about this game is the lack of classic Megaman :c

  • GuyAlpha

    Some people were wondering if Delinger from Dynamite Cop would be cut from the game because Dynamite Cop was made with the Die Hard license for Europe and North America. I hope they can just call it Dynamite Cop and be done with it. Everything else seems pretty straight forward with licenses and such.

  • Showmeyomoves

    Whoa, there’s so many to choose from. A whole plethora of characters just WAITING to be discovered!

    *picks Ryu and Ken*

    • Kibbitz

      It’s not like the game is “you have 20 units, pick 10 you want to use” anyway, the stage decides who’s available, only real freedom you have units-wise is to decide which of the support units to attach to the pairs.

      • ronin4life

        That’s kind of neat in a way… It is kind of a bummer when I play a srpg and never even touch half the characters…

        • Kibbitz

          It’s a plus or minus depending on how you look at things, really. For one, while I didn’t mind being forced to use everyone, it did annoy me a little to have zero control over where to deploy who. In the end though, it really doesn’t affect the game much, there are other things which will either make or break the game for the buyer.

  • agumike (けんじ)

    The real question, will they just leave it in Japanese with voices like Endless Frontier? or will they actually dub it all? Probably just sub, given when they say it will come out

  • Mavalex

    And then we all rejoiced at the sound of this news

  • MikelAL93

    To be quite honest, the lack of an English dub for this game doesn’t bother me at all.

    • Zurashii

      It kinda does to me… hopefully there won’t be a lack of English subs in this game unlike Endless Frontier… I couldn’t understand any of their banters and I want to know what the heck they are saying to each other!

  • Romored

    I’m glad they’re keeping the original voices! I’m fine with just subtitles! But I wonder if they’ll put subtitles also to the speeches before and after battle… They didn’t in Endless Frontier, but I think those are fairly important.

  • Haseyo

    Kind of wanted subs as I like the voices for most of the characters, but I certainly won’t be picky about it.

  • An advertised Demo on the Eshop would do alot for sales

  • kroufonz

    good to hear i am also pleased they manage to keep the japanese voice for western release despite the huge cast..

    since namco capable retaining japanese voice wih this huge crossover cast, this also make me believe that no japanese voice in past talesgame was never because of money /cost, but because of other reason..

    • ForteWily

      I would think that the case has a lot to do with that choice… I think that PXZ has about 30+ characters that are voiced. I would HATE to see the bill/contacts on US dubbing for that.

      • Firekitty

        Not to mention the difficulty of scaring up enough English VA to voice that many characters…And what if the characters who’ve already had English voices in the past are a mix of union and non-union actors? Sounds like too much of a nightmare to bother.

        We’d get more games localized if they just stopped bothering with dubs altogether for smaller releases.

        • ForteWily

          Honestly, I could live with that… smaller releases being treated as such, and localized as such.
          As much as I kill for English VA’s at times… if it keeps costs down and gets me the game, I would rather just go with that.

          • Firekitty

            Exactly! I personally will only play with original audio, but I understand the need for dubs for the sake of sales on larger releases.

            But if you have a title with low sales projections outside of a small, devoted fandom (I’m looking at you, Tales!), surely you could turn a reasonable profit by slapping a quick translation on the game and offering it via PSN (and maybe overpriced ‘special edition’ hardcopies)? It’d knock months off the localization process, too.

            I would also be curious to see how something mega-popular like FF or MGS would sell if it were released without an English dub, but that’s unlikely to happen in our lifetimes XD.

  • I’m very hyped about this! Except for one thing: There was a missed opportunity for casting Bruce Willis for this game!

  • $36598391


  • Tiramii

    As much as I wanted dubbed voices for this game, I’m just happy that it’s going to be localized. :’3

  • I’m freaking HYPED. It’s about time Namco realizes that they can release the game with just english subtitles and still keep the fans happy. Namco is definitely giving it their all this year, let’s hope SE follows suit.

  • Rentekabond

    I’m so disappointed in the lack of English VOs. That dropped it from a Day 1 to a “maybe down the line” something fierce, which sucks because the potential was so great.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Darn ADHD I can’t read the subtitles if the action on screen is epic and amazing. lol

    • MaxCLE

      I totally have the same problem. lol

  • Tien Ron

    oh all japanese voices i guess thats good then subs it is!!!

  • TatsuyaKyo

    Sweeeeeeet. It’s settled, I’m gonna buy a 3DS! Sorry Vita, but maybe I’ll consider buying you in the near future once your repertoire of games has increased.

  • Freud_Hater

    Uhh… Will there be ANY english voice acting? It would be very… odd, otherwise ‘_’

  • NTaiyokun

    I hope that also means the pre/post battle dialogue. That’s like 45% of the jokes right there!

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    Do Nintendo have the same rule as Sony for game without english voiceover to be only released in digital format ?

    • LynxAmali


      At least if they do have it, they’ve been very lenient in the DS era with it.

    • GH

      SSB has (partial) Japanese voice acting. That Megaman Battle Network for the GameCube has only Jp voices. First two Wario related games on the GBA too. And many, many other games.
      Where did you get that from?

  • anthony apduhan

    Does this mean Megaman X is still intact in this game? Capcom will not remove him? promise?

    • GuyAlpha

      Why would they do that?

      • Sylveria

        It is in their nature.

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    So there isn’t any English voice acting? Considering the fact that this is being released in English speaking countries, I can’t exactly say that it’s the smartest move, especially considering this is an RPG.

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    So there isn’t any English voice acting? Considering the fact that this is being released in English speaking countries, I can’t exactly say that it’s the smartest move, especially considering this is an RPG.

    • biskmater

      well think about it, the game has over 50 characters, and that is just the playables, if we include the villains and anything else with voice acting, that is a huge number, while granted, i am certain there are several voice actors doing more than one character in the japanese version. seiyuus are still much more numerous and (usually) better at their work. quite frankly, dubbing that game would be a logistic and financial nightmare, that may not pan out all that well anyway.

    • Some (a lot on this site) will completely disagree with you. I say it’s not a bad move, since it cut cost, and this is a distinctly Japanese game. Why the obsession with English voices anyway?

      • Lord Highawesomeparty

        “Why the obsession with English voices anyway?”
        Because they’re releasing this game for English audiences. A lot of people who could have taken an interest in this game will be turned off because of this fact.

      • alixraen

        It’s not a bad move, but you can’t honestly vilify those who prefer English voices, can you? Plenty of other distinctly Japanese games have gotten English dubs, it’s just a matter of massive scale with this one.

        • The same goes for western games when they go to Japan, they get dubbed in Japanese, and here’s the cool part sometime the Japanese VAs that do voicing on JRPGs also do dubs on western games.

      • uh same thing applied to western game when they get translated in Japanese, most of the time western game do get dubbed in Japanese when they go to Japan, beside some of the Seiyus who voice character in Project X Zone could’ve done Japanese dub of western game like look at Splinter Cell Conviction Japanese cast:

        Now if your favorite western games get dubbed in Japanese and your favorite Japanese VAs lend their voice for your favorite western made game for the Japanese release, wouldn’t you want to hear the Japanese dub? Because I would (and yes I’ve heard Japanese dub of some of our western games like Bioshock, Call of Duty, Uncharted).

  • GuyAlpha

    It’s really no problem at all. It’s an RPG so there will be more reading than talking anyway. Right?

    • Kibbitz

      Yea, mostly reading, a few voiced segments for events (and I do mean few), rest is combat dialogue/voice.

      • It’s the most disappointing part of the game for me so far(still early). All the characters have cool voice actors, would have been nice if it was fully voiced :/

        • Kibbitz

          Yea, but unfortunately, that’s not going to happen, like with SRT. At least X Zone has actual segments which are voiced during the dialogue segment. SRT, well, I guess I can’t say they don’t, they place it in battle events mostly.

          • I can’t remember if Z(I know OG doesn’t have them) had voiced lines outside of battles, but I do remember the older games having them. MX had quite a few, made me happy. Especially the Rom Stol moments xD

          • Kibbitz

            Yea, it’s ended with the older ones. I don’t remember any since (and including) Z. Rom Stol was amazing though.


  • GuyAlpha

    It’s really no problem at all. It’s an RPG so there will be more reading than talking anyway. Right?

  • Adol Christin is a Handome Man

    I’m so full of wanting this that it hurts my core.

  • alixraen

    Am I a terrible person for considering not buying this game because of the lack of an English voice track? Honestly. I understand it’s a massive amount of characters and it would have been a massive expensive undertaking to get the boatload of VAs necessary to complete such a project, but I would have been content with even a fraction of the game being dubbed, or hell, even text-only.

    It’s the reason I really don’t prefer subbed games, anime, etc. (hate incoming), because I honestly have a difficult time trying to read and keep up with whatever is happening, while trying to filter out the Japanese because it’s a distraction.

    Maybe I’ll just buy it and play it with the volume off.

    • Romored

      I don’t understand: if you’re able to play with the volume off, you can play with that on too. In Europe we always do that when it comes to jrpgs, because they’re hardly ever dubbed in all the main languages.

    • Kibbitz

      Nope, you’re not terrible, you just want what you want and no one can deny you that. Not seeing how this game can be partially dubbed either since it’s pretty much just combat voice and only a few storyline segments. However, if you are willing to play this with no voice, they do have separate sliders for BGM, SE and VOICE, so you can set the VOICE volume to 0 to avoid being distracted.

    • XiaomuArisu

      Well if you can choose between jap voice track or no game….
      I life in Germany.
      If I wouldnt buy Games that havent a Ger.voice track,I would have more moneyXD

      • alixraen

        I suppose it’s different, I dated someone in Germany for awhile and they told me not very many games actually get translated into German, which sucks (I took six years of German :P), but on the flipside you get used to hearing Japanese voice tracks. As an American, I prefer Eng. voice tracks because almost everything gets dubbed over here, it’s what I’m comfortable with, so this is an anomaly for me. The only time I do the original JP voices is when I import. I understand there are a ton of non-Japanese speakers who prefer the original Japanese voices, I’m just not one of them.

  • Tonton Ramos

    There is no way they will cut Bruno Delinger. I mean c’mon look at the Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, Vampires Suck, Superhero Movie, and Disaster Movie they parodied the fictional and real-life characters. So I guessed it’s safe

  • no english, no buy. darn namco and their halfed ***ed localization

  • fayt255

    I am glad to here this game is getting localized I didn’t think it would!

  • Tianyu Wei

    Do people even know the Characters from Valkyria Chronicls 3….? Weird to have a cross-over games with characters nobody even knows.

    And for the life of me, I dont’ know how many people here said “I’m fine with just JP voice” or “JP voice is totally ok,” while in other games from KT and others, ppl go ape-s**t crazy on the company…

  • Guest

    Wow, if only we could get super robot taisen games in the west. This is great though, it looks really cool. I haven’t been following this game much, but I hope Klonoa is a character on the Namco side.

  • NTaiyokun

    I’m looking back at this article in August 2013.


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