NeoGeo X Production Run Ends In Japan, SNK Says Games Are Still Coming

By Spencer . January 23, 2013 . 12:35am

imageSNK released a NeoGeo portable/console in December and the new system’s production run is already over. Gamer reports the SNK licensed device has ended its production run in Japan today. No more consoles will be manufactured or shipped in Japan. It’s unclear if this carries over to North America, we’re going to check in with SNK and Tommo to find out.


On the plus side, more game cards will be released as planned. The NeoGeo X shipped with 20 games and had Ninja Master’s as a pack in bonus. What other titles are coming? How much will game cards cost? SNK hasn’t said anything.

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  • And the nomination for ‘bungie console’ goes to…

    Seriously, what was the point if they were going to end their run of this in a month? Collectibility? For $200 and outdated games? This whole thing made no sense to begin with. Not that I don’t mind some of the titles but none of this made any sense to me.

    • Kevadu

      It was never intended to be a mainstream success. There is a niche out there that likes this sort of thing and that’s enough.

      • Niche is one thing but giving it a chance for more than 30 days would’ve been nice.

        • Maybe this was some small cash grab thing. They obviously made it for novelty more than anything. But SNK is so weird and shady I can’t really tell, lol.

  • Zexill

    I didn’t think it would do well anyway. That’s like Nintendo releasing a portable Super Nintendo. Barely anyone would spend $100-$200 buying that when there’s emulators and such.

    • wyrdwad

      Dude, if it ran actual SNES hardware rather than software emulation, I would TOTALLY buy that!

      • I’ve seen those hybrid (I think that’s the right term) consoles that play NES and Genesis games that are pretty small. I don’t believe they are officially license, but I’ve seen them around.

        • neofuji

          Well there are a couple of unlicensed handheld SNESs around (hardware clones, and pretty close to the original, not software emulation), and I believe one of them is also capable of playing NES or Mega Drive games with an adapter.

  • neofuji

    Given that its built on Linux and Final Burn Alpha and the makers seemingly have no intention of honouring the license of either, maybe they just wanted to get out of Japan before its increasingly strict copyright laws caught up with them.

  • I bought one. The only redeeming quality is the arcade stick (which is compatible with PS3 and PC apparently, but have not tried this myself) and the circle pad + buttons on the handheld itself. They feel really nice. Other than that it’s a piss poor machine that lacks some bare minimum features that should have been included. One example is that it doesn’t even save scores. I know SNK is small but I was hoping for that at the very least. I’m not sure if the card (SD card) based games will support saves though (need to recheck ninja masters).

    It is an open platform though and I mean wide open. It would be interesting if some indie made a game for it the same way there are some people still making Dreamcast games.

    Some neo-geo pocket color games would be seriously awesome though if they decided to release any of those. Somehow doubt it though.

  • I was pretty interested in getting this, and I still am in a way, but I’m planning to make a purchase just yet. At least, not until they give more details about the upcoming games.

  • ddh819

    i might buy a couple of the sticks, though it would be nice if there was a way to use them on the wii for the metal slug collection

  • I was ready to buy one of these puppies until I saw how huge they were. When they first showed it off it looked sleek and sexy like an iphone, but it was actually big and ugly like the Vita.

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII

    I’ll still buy one of those USB sticks though.

  • David Bruno

    So, for anyone who still isn’t clear or may have questions: The NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition production run is exhausted. Tommo will still be producing NEOGEO X GOLD and NEOGEO X units as well as licensing and manufacturing NEOGEO X Game Cards. :)

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