This Week In Sales: DmC Devil May Cry

By Ishaan . January 23, 2013 . 2:00pm

Period: The week of January 14th – January 20th (2013)

Top-seller: DmC Devil May Cry – 110,429

Nintendo 3DS sales: 30,840 | Total sales: 7,879,708

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 51,015 | Total sales: 2,353,947

PlayStation Vita sales: 9,036 | Total sales: 1,184,258

Wii U sales: 16,654 | Total sales: 731,739

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Last week, Capcom released DmC Devil May Cry in Japan, and the game sold 110,429 copies in its first week on the PlayStation 3. That’s a fair bit lower than Devil May Cry 4, which was released in 2008 and sold 205,390 copies on PS3 at launch.


There are probably a couple of reasons for the difference in sales. For starters, Devil May Cry 4 had a PlayStation 3 hardware bundle, which DmC did not. Additionally, Devil May Cry 4 also had the luxury of being the first game in the series that was being developed for a new generation of consoles. Finally, DmC Devil May Cry is targeted at the western market, which likely played a role in the game’s Japanese sales as well.


Digimon Adventure was released last week as well. The game sold 47,807 copies in its first week, which is a far cry from Digimon World Re:Digitize’s debut last summer. That game sold 85,817 copies in its first week.


On the hardware front, Nintendo 3DS sales remained steady while Wii U and PlayStation Vita sales dropped again. Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct presentation to highlight in-progress Wii U software this morning, but since several of the titles highlighted during the presentation will not be available until at least later this year, the system’s sales will likely remain low until more software is introduced to the market.


Wii Fit U, slated for release in the first half of this year, may help, but whether or not it will catch on like its predecessor did remains to be seen.


The top-20 chart for the week was as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. DmC Devil May Cry 110,429 New PS3 Capcom
01. 02. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 97,448 2,283,756 3DS Nintendo
New 03. Digimon Adventure 47,807 New PSP Namco Bandai
02. 04. New Super Mario Bros. 2 17,803 1,873,642 3DS Nintendo
03. 05. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Best Price!) 13,728 184,139 3DS Capcom
06. 06. Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone – Neppuu/Raimei 12,019 391,389 3DS Level 5
04. 07. Run for Money Tousouchuu 11,684 399,382 3DS Namco Bandai
05. 08. Paper Mario: Sticker Star 11,055 495,922 3DS Nintendo
08. 09. New Super Mario Bros. U 9,598 441,708 WiiU Nintendo
07. 10. Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 9,365 216,811 PS3 Tecmo Koei
09. 11. Nintendo Land 8,740 270,917 WiiU Nintendo
10. 12. Taiko Drum Master: The Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orb 8,408 393,485 3DS Namco Bandai
12. 13. One Piece Romance Dawn 8,068 281,853 PSP Namco Bandai
14. 14. Mario Kart 7 7,547 1,954,951 3DS Nintendo
13. 15. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Dubbed Version) 7,379 106,853 PS3 Square Enix
11. 16. Yakuza 5 6,493 561,073 PS3 Sega
15. 17. Magician’s Quest: Town of Magic 6,045 133,846 3DS Konami
17. 18. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity 5,873 421,881 3DS Pokémon Co.
26. 19. Taiko Drum Master: Super Splendid Edition 5,844 360,313 DS Namco Bandai
19. 20. Pokémon Black/White 2 5,724 2,948,796 DS Pokémon Co.


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media Create and


  • ragingmerifes

    Is Digimon already out? Hmmmm… guess I’ll try it out.

  • LinkofCourage

    PMSS will pass SPM soon.

  • The original Black and White are on the list and not the sequel?

    • No, it’s BW2. Fixed.

  • i hope muramasa will boost Vita sales.

    Even though its a port, drool

  • Solomon_Kano

    Well, the numbers speak for themselves. DmC saw a considerable drop from DMC4. Pending an absolutely shocking turnout on part of the rest of the world or consecutive time at this level of sales, it looks like the series is done. Ninja Theory did a good job on the gameplay, but it didn’t really come together as a whole for me. So I hope whatever they move onto is successful. Time for Capcom to this one up though.

    I’m interested in why Digimon sold so much less than Re:Digitize. Guess the Japanese weren’t as nostalgic for the original as some of us were.

    • puchinri

      I think NT should stick to more original titles and also still get/bring in others to handle their scripts for them (like with Enslaved and such).

      Wondering the same with Digimon though. Honestly, I can kind of see it, but it is a bit puzzling.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Two downvotes? Wow. People are so sensitive lol.

        But yea, they definitely need to keep bringing other folks for their scripts. After Enslaved that was the element I was most looking forward too when I heard they’d be doing DmC. Well, for all the work they put it in on gameplay, all of it was squandered with that story.

        • puchinri

          Haha, right? Although anything DMC/DmC-related has ridiculous up/downvotes I notice.

          Yeahhh. It’s really the writing I have the largest problem with. As a whole. I think either keep bringing people on, or hire a new writer+scenario person. That, or just work on things that don’t need story.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea. It’s crazy that people just won’t let it go. As if trying to move in on somebody else’s opinion changes that the game exists or loses it sales or something. Ah well.

            Yea, they definitely need a new writer on-hand. I think it would be in their best interest to recruit a screenwriter (like Alex Garland who worked with them before), comic book writer, or just somebody who writes. Anybody who writes. Clearly whoever they have within their team isn’t cutting it. Working on things without story would be effective, too. It worked out excellently for thatgamecompany, so that’s good suggestion.

          • puchinri

            A comic book writer would be interesting, but I think it’d be dangerous to choose from of them unless it’s someone who’s still varied in their jobs (like Greg Rucka vs Didio or something). Of course, I say that because most titles right now are also doing horribly on the writing front or they’re slippery slopes. A screenwriter would be very good though.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Certainly. I mean, I’d hope they go for a good one no matter where they pull a writer from. From the comics side of things, Scott Snyder and Rick Remender are good. Screenwriters gets trickier, because I’d imagine that a lot of the good ones only want to write for movies or TV.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            This party’s just startin’ to get crazy!

    • Herok♞

      It sold number 1 in the U.K. as well so even if it didn’t out sell DMC4 it sold well unless you don’t consider coming out number 1 in most of the world a good thing


      • Nemesis_Dawn

        It was number one in a week where nothing else new came out and sold 1/3rd of what a title from 2008 sold, when there were nowhere near the amount of PS3’s and 360’s in people’s homes. It’s safe to say that it is a disaster for Capcom. While it will sell numbers that I imagine, say, XSeed or NISA would sell their children for, it will probably not even make half of Capcom’s sales predictions.

        • Herok♞

          That’s true but being realistic with all the hate the game got I think the sales numbers are good especially when you consider the game it sold 1/3 of wasn’t hated by its fans. I think where Capcom might have messed up in its sales calculations is that it probably thought the old fans would be some of the ones buying the game, which clearly wasn’t going to be the case.

          • Solomon_Kano

            No doubt, I’m surprised it did 100k with all the hate, but that doesn’t make it a good number for Capcom. They wanted megabucks out of this franchise.

          • Herok♞

            Then again I don’t think Capcom expected to much but you are right in saying that sales matter more then list placement my question is will it stay at the top.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I think it’ll stay up for at least another week. I don’t know of anything big coming out next week in Japan, so it should be fine. It’ll likely be at the top wi– nevermind. Just remembered that it’s only barely ahead of Animal Crossing. It’ll be in second place next week, then.

            As for Capcom’s expectations, well, they did put in for something like 2 mil in their earnings reports. DMC4 did something like 1.5 all said and done, if I recall. So they expect it to do more than DMC4 and it opened significantly lower than DMC4. 2 mil certainly would have been realistic if the game didn’t get the backlash it did from the old fans, even moreso considering the kinds of reviews it opened to. Unfortunately, there was no way for them to predict this negative an impact. Clearly their old calculations included old fans and new ones, but it looks they hardly got either.

            Even XIII-2 opened higher — a good 5x higher — and that was the sequel to one of, if not the most divisive entries in the series.

          • Herok♞

            Well honestly I would be happy if they just continued both the new and old series anyway that way if/when DmC2 comes out the older fans will have nothing to complain about.

          • Solomon_Kano

            It would be a nice bridge to fans of both, but Capcom didn’t want to do DMC5 even with DMC4 being successful. They definitely won’t do a DmC2 with DmC being unsuccessful. Nobody’s ever gone back to the original after a reboot, so I don’t know if there’s hope for the old fans either. I think they should give it a shot though. There’s clearly a lot more people for that than DmC’s continuation.

            Honestly, as a fan of the original series and someone who liked DmC well enough, I wouldn’t want either of those. DMC4’s story sucked, the fans are the reason Capcom won’t continue from DMC2, and DmC just didn’t really give me anything to want in a sequel. It wasn’t a bad game and it was definitely fun to play, but there’s no real meat for a sequel in my eyes. Dante fighting Vergil isn’t reason enough for them to deliver a whole other game.

          • Herok♞

            about the reboot thing comics and manga both have done just that. Well if they did want to do a sequel to DmC then they could have Dante fighting a new demon who would want to fill the power void or he could clean up the mess he made of the world by letting everyone see and be attacked by demons.

          • Solomon_Kano

            See that’s the thing. They can come up with any number of reasons for a sequel, I get that, it’s just that nothing in DmC necessitated a sequel. Maybe it’s just me, but I like when games/movies/comics/etc. leave some kind of hook for a continuation or, at the least, there’s reason from the very beginning as to why it could continue on.

            Iron Man, for example, ends with Tony Stark telling people that he’s Iron Man. So, in the next movie, a guy who hated Tony Stark hires somebody to kill him/Iron Man. He gets recruited into The Avengers too, so we know where he’s headed long-term. Naruto wanted to be the Hokage. Every bad guy he beats, every new technique he learns gets him that much closer. Even when he beats a bad guy, we know the series isn’t over because he hasn’t hit that goal yet.

            So, sure, there are more demons, but what did they leave us with to look forward to? Just Vergil. There was nothing I felt really needed a sequel. To be fair, I had a comparable problem with how the last game in the original series ended. So it’s not just DmC.

          • Herok♞

            ok fair enough

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Prince of Persia went back to the Sands of Time continuity after its (third) remake failed.

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’s true. But note that they went back just in time to cross-promote it with the Prince of Persia movie out around the same time. I guarantee that if Disney’s Prince of Persia movie (which also failed, ironically enough) weren’t out as promo Ubisoft wouldn’t have considered that. As I understood from reviews, it also didn’t do much to play up its inclusion in the Sands of Time timeline.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Of course it won’t. Anyone who wanted it already has it and word of mouth has been either negative or trying too hard to push the game on people, thus turning more people off. The UK charts, it may stay up for another week. The Japanese charts…I wouldn’t be surprised to see it drop to #8 or 9 next week.

          • Herok♞

            I think it might just drop down to 2 unless something else big is coming out in Japan.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Yea idk if word of mouth is as negative as you think lol. A lot of people enjoy the game, not just critics, at least judging by other sites/communities. Some people consider it not just good but really great.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Well, it’s about how MUCH it sold, not how much better it sold than anything else. Capcom rebooted it because they weren’t satisfied with DMC4’s sales. A 100k opening is pitiful for a publisher of their size and even worse when the very reason the game exists is because they felt the last one sold too little.

        • Fr33Kingdom

          I think capcom rebooted it because they doubted it’s potential for growth and relevance to the current market. Whether we get a sequel or not is determined by how capcom feels about a sequels sale potential. It’s not as if sequel’s to games that didnt light the market on fire is unheard of ya know.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I guarantee they doubted it’s potential for growth. That would be the reason why 2.4 mil lifetime wasn’t satisfactory. That’s very right.

            I just can’t see Capcom predicting the NEXT game in a poorly received reboot to be better accepted by consumers. There have been sequels to games that weren’t blockbusters (Darkstalkers 2 is a great example), this is true. But you also have to consider what that publisher’s expectations were, how much they usually sell, and the state of the IP in question. I don’t see their attempt at expanding an IP’s failure inspiring them to take a second shot with the same magazine, if you will.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            AH! Just go check the other two replies please. But a game failing to meet their expectations does not mean they’ll throw away the ip. It feels like pretty much every publisher overestimates sales.

      • Sylveria

        It sold number 1 in a week that had no other major games released and couldn’t even muster 1/3 of what it’s predecessor did several years later when the install base of new consoles is drastically higher.

        It’s the tallest guy in a basketball team made of midgets.

    • I wonder what’s going to happen if DmC actually does bomb. There’s no way in hell Capcom are going back to the old series at this point. I wonder what they’ll do. Give it a rest for a couple of years and reboot it again, would be my guess.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I can’t see Capcom doing another reboot. I agree that they won’t go back to the original series, but at this point this is a definite loss of an IP for them. For another reboot to be successful, they’d have to wait quite a bit longer. By that point, they might as well have rebooted any of the other IP they have laying around untouched.

        They had something moderately successful by their standards and gave it up. Their attempt at reinvigorating it was sabotaged, if you will, by the people that originally made it a moderately success. A second reboot would likely go over worse than the first did. Unlike film or comics where things like this can be done at the drop of a hat and nobody bats an eye (even then, The Amazing Spider-Man suffered from its proximity to Spider-Man 3), there’s a longer waiting period needed with games.

        Perhaps they can get away with a DMC spin-off or something else to salvage the name, but at this point their audience has made itself clear in its rejection. I see them putting this out to pasture like they did with Mega Man hahaha Breath of Fire. Dragon Quarter’s failure put that series on ice for two whole generation, I think they can stand to let DMC rest for one and try again in a while.

        • I guess we’ll find out where things stand in about a year or two. I’m gonna have to disagree on the part about them putting it out to pasture, though.

          Stylish action with a focus on deep combat is a genre that Capcom are known for, and DMC is their biggest property in that genre (with Remember Me being a new IP along similar lines). If DmC Devil May Cry does badly, I still think they could use the new generation of consoles as a springboard to try again.

          Three years or so should be sufficient time for the wounds to heal. Which means that they’ll probably need to begin working on a concept for the next game sometime this year.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I just can’t see it. 4 years post DMC4, the fans won’t let this reboot have its day. 3 years post this reboot I don’t see a different reboot getting a different reaction. Critics like it, there’s honest value in this, but fans aren’t biting. I don’t see a second go convincing them either. It just looks to me that another reboot would be throwing water on a drowning man.

            I do agree that it’s something Capcom is known for, but mind you they were known for it in a time that was pre-Platinum Games. DMC aside, this isn’t a very popular genre. Platinum has Bayonetta 2 with the much-more-likely-to-push-it-after-going-through-the-trouble Nintendo publishing and they have a game under the Metal Gear brand. By all appearances, the very same people who created the genre are about to take the spotlight back from the people who are watching over the genre.

            I can see Capcom possibly keeping that renown if they make a new IP in the genre, but between the backlash to DmC and Platinum continuing to rise, I don’t think the fact that they made stylish action games early this gen and last gen is going to be enough. They just put a bad egg in with in the mix, and I can’t see the fact that they used to sell good cakes saving that. Fans response won’t die down that quick. I could be wrong, but that’s how it seems to me.

          • Good points all around, and it is true that Platinum have earned themselves recognition in that department. I guess we’ll have to play the waiting game. Maybe Ninja Theory can reboot Strider in the meantime. :P

          • Solomon_Kano

            I would love the reaction to that lol.

          • It’ll be a “This party’s getting crazy” scenario all over again, hahaha. Oh man, even better—Breath of Fire developed by Ninja Theory. Ahh, the tears. *slurp*

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Actually, the one game that I’d love to Ninja Theory reboot, just to see the rage would be Megaman.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        If Capcom don’t go back to the original series, they will show that they don’t learn from their past mistakes. Another reboot will be received just as negatively. How many years has it been since DMC4? One might think 5 years time would be enough for people to have forgotten about the old series. But, nope. We still want old school DMC5.

        In a perfect world, Capcom would pretend DmC never happened and be on the phone tomorrow to Platinum to handle DMC5. What will probably happen, from Capcom’s past insistence on only kinda-sorta learning from their mistakes, I can see them announcing a proper DMC5, but with a Western developer behind it (not Ninja Theory).

        Or…they can just let it die. Either of the two would be smarter than rebooting it again.

        • If they thought there was any value in the older series, they would have kept working on it in the first place. DMC of old is done. That team is working on Dragon’s Dogma now and will likely stick with that franchise. My personal opinion is that DmC will get a sequel or they’ll reboot again in three years.

          • Fidelis

            I’ll quote you on that

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            I do recall you also believing this would sell in the millions. In fact, I remember you mocking people who said it wouldn’t, so I’m gonna go with my predictions.

  • ronin4life

    What do you think WiiU will settle at?

  • revenent hell

    I dont think the bundle even matters since after hardware has been arround a while it would only encourage people to buy a game rather than not. New generation of console ,I dont think matters either since I think that inhibits sales more than not since how many people worldwide can legit claim they can go out and buy a device day one? Definantly not the majority. Im not saying people dont im just saying most can not afford to do so right away,so by the device being out for a while just means more people have had acess to it thusly,in my view,would be better game sales.

    Frankly I dont think the sales figure is bad,im not realy sure what their goal was,But I am definantly curious what the western sales numbers are like…Though I cant seem to find any as of yet

    • Solomon_Kano

      Their goal was 2 mil. DMC4 managed something like 1.5 and this had a lower opening. So, they were aiming higher. Perhaps they can reach that over time, but I don’t remember when they were expecting to hit 2 mil by.

      • SirRichard


        Capcom’s own sales figures put DMC4 at 2.4 million lifetime sales, so they were aiming to try and match it after revising it down.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Wow. That’s infinitely worse than I thought. They rebooted it to make more, expected less, and made even less than they expected. I didn’t want a DMC5 one way or the other and DmC wasn’t enough for me to want a sequel, but it’s unfortunate that the series is going to die even after they rebooted it to “save” it.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            You shouldnt go as far to say that the series is dead. I’d be really surprised if capcom didnt plan on using this to launch multiple sequels. The game reviewed very well, even if it doesnt break 2 million, i definitely wouldnt count out a sequel.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Why make a sequel to a poorly selling game, though? They don’t make games to please critics, they make games to make money. Unless they’re going to make DmC 2 a 2.5D PSN/XBLA game, there’s no reason to continue that version of the franchise. I mean, look at Bionic Commando.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Opinion of the game’s quality matterswhen determining a games future sales potential. If critics consider it a good game, then it’s likely that the people who played it enjoyed it. The general perception of the original’s quality is a big factor in determining a game’s potential. That’s why some games get sequels and some do not. I mean bayo barely sold a million, but why did nintendo fund a sequel on a different platform? Because they have faith in it’s potential. Let’s mot pretend sequel’s to games that didnt sell amazingly is unheard of. I mean dead space? metro? darksiders? It’s about percieved potential.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Reviewing well doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t sell. Okami can tell you all about that. I say this having considered how we’ve seen Capcom approach other series and titles with minimal success. It’s not in Capcom’s nature to wait for a second strike before they let something go. This reboot, thus far, isn’t looking like it’ll hit their predictions, much less the previous entry’s numbers. We saw how that went for Mega Man, Breath of Fire, and the aforementioned Okami.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Werent there multiple sequels to viewtiful joe though? Capcom want to build franchises. In order to do that they need a commitment to a series. Which is why the labeled dragon’s dogma as there next big franchise before it even released. I dont know how it sold but they sem committed to grow it into something. Check my other comment.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yes, one on consoles, one for PSP, and one for DS. Note that they shifted the series to handhelds before axing it altogether. That wasn’t growing it, that was moving it to the next viable place. When they failed to produce in the next viable place, Capcom stopped making Viewtiful Joe games. Dragon’s Dogma is a new IP. You don’t make a new IP if you don’t intend to grow it, so that’s not the best example. It did sell, so that doesn’t hurt. DmC is their attempt re-grow, if you will. And it’s not showing growth yet. I won’t call it a flop off of the first week, but it’s not looking like it’s going to meet their expectations. And these are their lower, revised expectations at that.

            Also, which comment?

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Ahhhh!!! The replies are confusing. The one two comments below. Now, you don’t reboot an ip without an intent to continue. That’s the whole reason you reboot it. I have a few comments here, but generally what i’m trying to say is that i don’t think large publisher’s are in the habit of throwing away ip’s, and i also think it’s unlikely to take the team off dragon’s dogma. Capcom has to evaluate it’s sales potential, 100k in japan is half of what dmc4 did but it’s not the same as a complete failure. It’s way too early to tell, and even after most of the sales data is in we can only be sure once we get a word from Capcom. Really though check the comment below, it sort of adds to this.

          • revenent hell

            Well this game in particular had a lot of surrounding controvercy. A lot of DMC fans where alienated,for whatever reason, in the process so im sure the lack of sales could be attributed to this more than anything else.

            I just personally hope this game dosent set the tone for DMC games in future,if things are based on this ones sales,it dosent look promising.

            If sales are to low in Capcoms mind they might blame it on the fact people just arent interested in the series itself but I believe it would be because of the surrounding events of the game I just hope Capcom would recognise that instead of claiming its the series fault.
            But theres still time so who knows what the figures will show in future

          • Solomon_Kano

            I’m sure Capcom will look at the backlash and see that’s why the sales were so low, but the question becomes how will they interpret that backlash. Their history says DMC gets shelved. If they have a change of heart or come up with a plan to save it or something then, yea, it’s certainly possible that Capcom will continue on with the franchise in spite of this. It just doesn’t look good to me.

        • revenent hell

          Hmm for all the controvercy surrounding the game im surprised that the number would be kind of high up there in all honesty.
          Im not bashing the game but with fan backlash as it was I would have thought they would scale down the numbers by a good margine to be more realistic,knowing a great deal of DMC fans would probably not support this game.
          But its still knew so im sure the numbers could change by a good margine by who knows when. I’ll have to remember to keep my eye out for future sale numbers.

  • SirRichard

    A noticeable trend is that DmC just isn’t living up to DMC4’s sales, I remember hearing it only sold a third of DMC4’s launch week sales here in the UK as well. I don’t think Capcom are reaching that 2 million target (was it that, or did they change it again?) any time soon.

    I think what helped Re:Digitize was that it was the first Digimon World-styled game in quite some time, bringing with it a nostalgia rush on top of being a breath of fresh air, and it gave you much more freedom in raising your own Digimon into whatever you wanted it to be, instead of using a selected set.

    • Sylveria

      Initially Tameem PROMISED that DMC would out-sell DMC4. The number he dropped early on in development was either 3 or 5 million. Game has a long way to go to make those numbers.

      • Really? Because as far as Tameem’s quotes on sales go, this is what I found (SOURCE:

        “Usually the worst creative crimes are made when you’re trying to make a game for someone else – some perceived demographic that, in all likelihood, doesn’t actually exist.”

        He also said that the only way to make a successful game is to make a game that the developers themselves want to play. He continues:

        “So from that point of view I don’t care if it sells a thousand units or two million units.”

        I’ve said this before, but if people intend to point fingers, a source is required. That’s what separates actual discussions from the ones people pull out of their bums.

        • Sylveria

          Regrettably, I can’t find the comment. It was something I read
          over a year ago on The Escapist. I went digging and it’s not mentioned in any of their “articles” so it was likely one line in a twitter, facebook or interview boast that made it’s way to forums. I’m not going to go digging through 14 months worth of forum posts on DMC to find something that may or may not be substantiated.

          Though I like yours, I’m sure Capcom loved hearing that the developer of their big, controversial reboot made the game for himself without any concern of if it would sell or not.

          When comments on game websites are published and subject to accredited peer review, I’ll start keeping better track of my sources.

          • No worries, we just like to have people back up what they say around here. There are way too many folks that make quotes up out of thin air to slam developers/games they don’t like.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            It wasn’t from Tameen. It was from Capcom who wanted 5 million copies. The 2.5 DMC4 did wasn’t enough, they said. That I do remember. I also remember reading on this site that they were forecasting 2 million in sales for DmC, which they will be very lucky if they even reach half of that.

        • LOL yeah sure, I remember he said that, but don’t forget that the number of developers for AAA games is usually around 200-400 people and the number of gamers is millions. And according to IGN, for a AAA game to start making profits, they need to sell more than 2 million copies. So I guess we should be asking capcom and not Tameem if they are happy with those numbers (lets not forget that Tameem is not the boss here, capcom is). So, DMC must “hit the jackpot” in sales right now before games like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Tomb Rider, Bioshock Infinite or Crysis 3 are released in the next couple of months.

          • And according to IGN, for a AAA game to start making profits, they need to sell more than 2 million copies.

            It depends from game to game, but depending on the time, budget and manpower spent, yes, you do need to sell a significant number of copies. Something to be noted, however, is that DmC Devil May Cry was developed with a team of around 90 people, not 200-400. :)

            The size of the development team wasn’t Tameem’s point either, when he mentioned making games for others. He meant that, in his opinion, a game built entirely from focus-testing is less likely to be successful than one built out of passion.

  • Ayaka

    I wonder why Digimon Adventure sales are so pale compared to Re:Digitize’s launch week. The game is truly a jewel, as a nostalgic guy I probably look at it with different eyes but can’t be helped, so far I found it amazing. Hope it will be able to increase the number of sold units and somehow manage to reach the west.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Probably lack of promotion? Re:Digitize had a manga prequel and a TV series from the franchise aired prior to its release.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        no, they all had the same amount of promotion

    • I’m going to take a guess and say it’s because it’s based on an anime that is several years old. People already know how the anime events play out, and the game follows them closely, so there’s really not much of a surprise to be had while playing this game.

      On the flipside, Digimon World was an entirely new game, so excitement for that may have been higher.

    • MrTyrant

      A game for the nostalgic ones is that. It’s not very appealing for new
      players and also doesn’t mean that everyone who liked the show are going to buy this. I am one of those guys, like Ishaan say, I already know
      most of the events in the game because I watched the anime so the game lost excitement plotwise.

      Also Re:Digitize has this monster/raising simulator thing from the first Digimon world, a completly new and different story ready for everyone and the popular designs of Suzuhito Yasuda. The last one might be important for most new players.

      • This is a good point! Yasuda’s art is certainly better known now after Durarara and the Devil Survivor games.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          and that brings more enthusiasm for re:digitize

      • Renaldi Saputra

        I agree wholeheartedly

    • Renaldi Saputra

      1. Bcos Adventure was higher price than re:digitize
      2. Ppl are
      more nostalgia to the first DMW and re:digitize was the next version of
      DMW game with bunch of improvements so it doesn’t only on the nostalgia
      thing but even give another appeals yet Adventure only give RPG sense of
      watching anime with a little addition.. Yea they only focus on the
      nostalgia thing.. The fans in japan rather watch the DVD BOX and that’s
      enough for them it seems..
      3. Re:digitize was designed by Devil Survivor’s designer so it brings more enthusiasm..

      nevertheless, I saw Digimon adventure got better reviews than Re:Digitize.. even though it doesn’t sell well

  • Hollowkoopa

    I find it weird that Call of Duty is on the list. Japan is not know for it liking to Shooters.

    • Solomon_Kano

      From what I’ve seen, Call of Duty always does well in Japan. Iv’e been following these charts since around the time of the original Black Ops and I remember it making it on here. Same for MW3. So whatever Japan’s thoughts are on shooters, it would seem that they love some Call of Duty just like the rest of the world.

      I am surprised that it’s still in the charts though. Then again, I didn’t pay attention to when its Japanese release was, so it may have come out more recently than I’m thinking it did.

      • Actually, this is doubly impressive because it’s the second release of the game. This is the dubbed version. The subbed version was released a while ago and that did much higher numbers.

        • Solomon_Kano

          I saw that it was the dubbed, but I didn’t know how much the subbed version did. Pretty crazy. When did they come out?

          • Subbed version came out the same day as E.X. Troopers and slaughtered that game. 200k on PS3 in launch week. :P


          • Solomon_Kano

            Ouch! Well, it seems E.X. Troopers wouldn’t have done any better without COD at the table. But that just sucks double lol.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Japanese players do play shooters I don’t know where people get the information they don’t

  • puchinri

    Animal Crossing Tobidase/New Leaf is such a scary beast, but seeing the love and attention its gotten all across the web (and all the QR codes/designs that people do), I can easily see why and how. I’m glad for it. I wonder if its still high sales are impacting Iwata and Ninty even more, and I wonder how this will play into the next console title.

    (And while I love everywhere the series has went, one front I want it to go back to is the music; I really want music styled like the GC version again.)

  • Spider-Man

    Wow at PSP’s sudden burst.

    Hang tight, you two.

    • Herok♞

      After today wiiu has nothing to worry about vita on the other hand, just needs more games.

      • Spider-Man

        There were no release dates for any of the games announced at Nintendo’s Direct. It’s still a barren lineup until Spring.

        • Herok♞

          I understand that the difference is that wiiu has nothing short term but after march it seems the floodgates are permanently open, with the Vita both long and short term seem pretty unpromising which is a shame since it is a nice system.

          • Spider-Man

            Indeed, we can only wait and see. I do hope for both to succeed in the end. I’m just gonna hope for these Vita releases to somehow make it to the West. Vita needs more Western support.

            Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
            Dragon’s Crown
            Soul Sacrifice
            Tales of Hearts R
            Muramasa: The Demon Blade
            God Eater 2
            Project Versus
            Demon Gaze

          • raymk

            Yes I would like all of those, though dragon crown is gonna make most of its sales from ps3 rather than vita as will project versus.

          • Herok♞

            that would be a great list to have localized sadly they wouldn’t help Vita overall except maybe Project Versus J but thats also a ps3 game.

  • s07195

    Run for Money just won’t stop selling… even though it’s total sales are lower than most the new games. And it will continue. EVEN IN DEATH.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    They had lower predictions for it than dmc4’s total sales, but i do wonder what they plan to do with it. I think upwards of 800k- 1mill we get a sequel. I’m not surprised by the sales but the game must hurt capcom’s bottom line with it being in development so long.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I dunno. I remember Enslaved’s forecast and sales being about the same and that was enough to ensure there was never a sequel.

      I think we’ve seen the last of this version of Dante. Whether or not it’s the end of Devil May Cry all together remains to be seen, but I think Capcom would be very foolish if they didn’t get on a DMC5 right away to try to mend some fences.

      • Fr33Kingdom

        No i think your thinking is a little more wishful than mine lol. The old devil may cry team is commited to dragons dogma. And dmc has already reviewed better than enslaved, and namco hadnt even ruled out a sequel for that and that was before lifetime sales came in. No a sequel to dmc wouldnt surprise me, but we’ll have to wait and see. Though dmc5 sounds like a waaaay longer shot, i guess anything’s possible. We have to wait and see.

  • The second week in sales should be interesting. The game may sell at a steady pace depending on word of mouth. If it doesn’t, it would be interesting to see what Capcom’s reaction would be.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The sales is really slow this week. But that Animal crossing sell is sooooooo crazy.^_^

  • What lame excuse do we get from Capcom or Ninja Theory on why the game sold “well”? And do you seriously think Tameem won’t care for the sales?

  • Valtiel Ikari

    Selling less than the previous game isn’t a good sign for this unneeded reboot, if sales for DmC goes like this, it would contradict it’s very purpose.

    Feeling bad for Digimon Adventure sales, the PSP is strong in JApan, and such a franchise not selling on a popular platform is not good sign, maybe they are not so nostalgic about it like some one else said here.

    I would thought that something whit One Piece in the tittle would sell like hot cakes in japan, guess I was wrong, hope Hokuto no Ken sell better since it awesome-manlynes deserv more spotlight in a world dominated by moe (goddam you MOE!!! you shall be defeated!)

    • Renaldi Saputra

      Digimon Adventure’s price is pretty high for a PSP game, yet most the fans in japan prefer buy the DVD BOX anime, so this game wasn’t important anymore for them especially who don’t have enough money it seems.. bcos you must buy original item in there

  • Renaldi Saputra

    I can see why Digimon adventure can’t sell as well as Re:Digitize..
    1. Bcos Adventure was higher price than re:digitize
    2. Ppl are more nostalgia to the first DMW and re:digitize was the next version of DMW game with bunch of improvements so it doesn’t only on the nostalgia thing but even give another appeals yet Adventure only give RPG sense of watching anime with a little addition.. Yea they only focus on the nostalgia thing.. The fans in japan rather watch the DVD BOX and that’s enough for them it seems..
    3. Re:digitize was designed by Devil Survivor’s designer so it brings more enthusiasm..

    nevertheless, I saw Digimon adventure got better reviews than Re:Digitize.. even though it doesn’t sell well

    • Elvick

      Plus, maybe people are finally moving on from PSP.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        nope, that doesn’t really affect.. PSP still become a canon in Japan..
        However, as what I’ve seen all this time, an Anime based game (especially which has the same story as the anime like this game) usually didn’t sell well.. so I think it’s still reasonable..

  • Göran Isacson

    OKAY so I’m pretty sure the comment section has turned into a mine-field by now so I’ma just drop this question here and leave it be- is a 100K examples “decent” first week sales, even if it’s a smaller number than DMC4? Like, any idea how big the projected sellthrough was vs how it stacks up to actual sell-through?

    I would ask how well it sold elsewhere, but alas- no sales numbers from America or Europe ;_;

  • Demeanor

    I only played half of the first mission on Neph (and the demo), but imho the game is awesome, it really does NOT deserve to bomb from what I’ve seen. I think sales in the West will be a different matter altoghether, I certainly hope so.

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