Zelda Wii U Will Be Less Linear, May Have Multiplayer Aspect

By Ishaan . January 23, 2013 . 7:12am


Nintendo’s brand new Zelda game for Wii U seeks to do away with the series’ conventions and surprise players, says Zelda series producer, Eiji Aonuma.


What conventions? Things like completing dungeons in a set order or playing all by yourself. Effort was made into implementing some of these changes in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but Nintendo were unable to do so.


In the video above, Aonuma discusses the development philosophy behind the new Wii U Zelda, and also provides a glimpse at the Wii U remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


What does Aonuma mean when he says you won’t have to play by yourself? Are Nintendo planning to add a multiplayer element to the game? That could be interesting. Alternatively, perhaps it will be some sort of asynchronous multiplayer.

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  • Leon_Tekashi

    If it’s multiplayer, then in a way, it could be helpful to get dungeons done faster.

  • epy

    As long as that multiplayer element is not mandatory, go nuts.

    • DualCell

      Mandatory Multiplayer sucks, not only that but playing in Multiplayer allows more replay value.

  • Maumac77

    I like the idea of them abandoning these conventions. Being able to not have a linear path through dungeons and go wherever whenever is something I’d really appreciate. However at the same time I wonder how it will change the way their dungeons are done since in previous entries the key items you received in previous ones were needed to complete tasks in the next. Although I’m sure they already have the solution and the dungeons being more simplistic/easy is something I don’t need to worry about

  • Co-Op, perhaps? If they can have Zelda adventuring together with Link ala Tetra from Phantom Hourglass, the mechanics could serve as a new way to play. If it does go that way, I hope they can balance it so that playing through the story alone or playing with a friend feels just as fulfilling either way.

  • zferolie

    I am iffy on Multiplayer in Zelda… but I think Nintendo may pull it off. The 4 sword games and the Zelda on nintendo land shows that it could work. As long as they don’t make it seem forced or last minute like many companies seem to do(Biosock 2, Mass effect 3, and now Tomb Raider)

  • RadShiro

    A Legend of Zelda MMO Monster Hunter game where you are multiple Links trying to save the world from multiple Ganondorfs.

    …hey I can dream right?

  • Showmeyomoves

    Well, Wind Waker already had a sort of co-op in the form of that GBA “Tingle Tuner” device. Perhaps they’re considering something like that with the GamePad.

  • SirRichard

    A return to the original Zelda’s choice of dungeon order, where the tools needed for progress can be found in other dungeons or in the overworld, necessitating exploration with Miiverse integration so people who are lost can ask for help.

    That sounds amazing as hell and I hope that’s what they’re going for.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Open World Zelda will makes me dies from the shocks.^_^

    • d19xx

      What the hell? 1 click double post… and now the duplicate post is gone.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        This Nintendo Direct is making all internet crashing lol.^_^

  • Settsuo

    Four Swords. That’s some good multiplayer.


    I’m in love with Wind Waker HD, my favorite Zelda title looks like it’s going to get even better!

  • my favorite LoZ, and as beautiful as ever! YES!!!

  • Misty Dawson


  • keithmaxx

    I hope they don’t strike too much a change that they alienate the fans of the series, but I look forward to what those variations would be.

    That said, I wonder what will happen to the full motion control direction that Skyward Sword went with for the next, new installment.

  • Peeka Chu

    Zelder Scrolls: Peachrim

    • Tails the Foxhound

      Peachrim gave me all kinds of NSFW thoughts.

  • Armane

    Here’s hoping they take the time to actually finish Wind Waker. 2 extra dungeons, reducing the Triforce Hunt to a few memorable locations, removing Tingle, and maybe making the Pictograph Figurines a little less ridiculous (increased photo capacity; instant development times; etc.), would certainly justify this pointless remake.

    • Micah Hankins

      I was with you up until the Tingle bashing…

      • Armane

        I liked Tingle originally, but in Wind Waker and onward he was just a rupee grabbing Wario clone. I mostly meant get rid of the “pay Wario rupees to be able to use a chart you just found”; the Tingle Tuner in comparison was cool.

  • Chim_era

    I love Zelda and I’ve always bought the console so that I could play them.
    But this time I’m really not sure …
    They Wii U doesn’t appeal to me at all and most of the time I’m a casual gamer because of time issues :p
    I’m really going to miss zelda though ….

  • Never

    Since he used “Take for granted” meaning “Underestimate the value of” I think the “Playing by yourself” was meant to refer to having companions going through the journey with you like The King of Red Lions, Midna, Fi and even Groose who just sort of tagged along.

    Going further to prove it, by “going back to the roots” I think he means going back to the ORIGINAL (2D) Zelda’s roots, which didn’t have specific orders in which you had to complete dungeons AND didn’t have any companions with you telling you where to go or tagging along for no reason. As was the case with most 2D Zelda’s.

    • puchinri

      Huh. Good way of looking at it.

  • AaqibRawat

    will it be like four swords?

    i am excite ;0

  • Wappuli

    I hope he meant co-op and that it’s not online-only, then this could be 4th Zelda that I could play.

  • Minos

    Well, a lot of people “Play by themselfs” thinking about Zelda.

    • /highfive

    • puchinri

      And Link. Plenty of people play be themselves while thinking about Link. And certain side characters at times. . .

      • Alexis Goitia

        Pipit is the only fap-able man in the series other than Link.
        Vaati could qualify if they gave him a realistic appearance.

  • Legend of Zelda with multiplayer? I’d like to see how that would turn out.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    Please no multiplayer…

  • puchinri

    I’m curious about what they’ll do and how the game will look. I can’t wait to see it.

  • The conventions were never a problem for me… personally, the only thing that really needs to be done to “bring Zelda back to it’s roots” is for Nintendo to go back to their roots in general.. meaning, stop holding the adventurers’ hands and making things an absolute cakewalk all the time! I’ll never understand the people who said they couldn’t stand Zelda 1 because they were confused about where to go… we all were, but that was the fun of it… actually being an adventurer and finding everything out for yourself! I dare say that I wish I could even chart my own maps….

    Wind Waker is still my favorite 3D Zelda (all my salivation for the HD remake is almost chin-high at this point). but LttP is my all time favorite. Still, Skyward Sword came close to giving me what I hopped TP would bring, it was almost perfect in every way, except that having a hub world and 3 sub worlds almost ruined the adventuring aspect for me.

    And I have a feeling that the “not playing alone” aspect will be miiverse related… as long as it’s possible to ignore it, then I’m fine with it.

  • Xyolixis

    I’d rather not have multiplayer be too big in zelda, if they do then fans would cry and complain untill that’s all it is. Tho the creator doesn’t care, he ignored the whining for Twilight Princess graphics on everything. good job dude.

  • $29082171

    My biggest issue with the last 4 Zelda games has been the linearity, I hope they do address these issues in the next Zelda, I miss the freedom of Link’s Awakening and LTTP.

  • Solomon_Kano

    So Mega Man structure dungeons* in next Zelda and multiplayer? I’d like that.

    Depends on how they do multi though. I kinda hate co-op games where you’ve a mandated partner character who has to be there in the single-player game but is useless unless you actually have another player because its AI sucks. Or when all the gameplay is designed around having two players rather than a second simply being complementary. It’d be cool to see them fit it into the story so that whoever you play as alongside Link doesn’t HAVE to be there, but can be when you play with others. That would be for the best.

    *Not like picking levels, but that you don’t need to complete them in a certain. Just that doing some before others would be more beneficial.

  • KingGunblader

    Multiplayer + Zelda doesn’t sit well in my ear, but I am dying for them to shake up the series. Skyward Sword was a slog, not in the least because of controls.

    • Istillduno

      I dunno, they did the multiplayer pretty well in Four Swords and Phantom Hourglass, and as the combat in the 3D ones keeps improving it could be pretty fun.

      Imagine it, multiple links zipping around a 3D arena with hookshots throwing boomerangs and bombs around and sword fighting using the Wiimote, that sounds pretty awesome imo.

  • I wonder what the multiplayer is going to be like…

  • Ricewarrior

    Hm… I wonder if this new Zelda is going to continue the Zelda Cycle.

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