NeoGeo X Gold Still In Production, Only Limited Edition Units Are Sold Out

By Spencer . January 25, 2013 . 1:18pm

imageWe contacted Tommo to follow up about the NeoGeo X’s production run. Earlier this week, Gamer reported the "NeoGeo X Gold Entertainment System" has finished its production run in Japan.


Tommo explained to Siliconera that the system is still in production, it’s just the NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition units that are out of stock, which is different from what the Japanese website reported.


New NeoGeo X Gold and NeoGeo X units will be produced and brought to retailers as well with NeoGeoX game cards. Still no word on which games are coming and how much game cards will cost.

  • I’m personally getting worried in my investment on this console… what are they doing? They haven’t even gotten to providing Ninja Masters as their first game to purchase separately, for those who didn’t buy the limited edition.

    The console isn’t perfect, but what I really don’t like most is that you can’t use the handheld as a controller when you play games on your TV, there’s no purchasable pad controllers, and most of all…. the worst thing is that they don’t come with unibios and let you enter the bios screen (when I get around to it, I’m gonna do the unibios hack for sure!)

  • I remember that thing

  • nilcam

    I’m glad I returned the console. It’s really subpar in every way but the stick is amazing.

  • There’s a side of me that wants this but theres another side that tells me to spend my money on a actual NeoGeo.

  • Setsu Oh

    ? someone plz tell me snk is only BENEFITING from this and not investing, plz? don t tell me they went and bet the kof 13 money into that project?

    they have to get get on board, catch up to namco and make a REAL(this time) kof in 3d which, knowing teir past works will be extremely dfficult and they are part of this? not even full libraries, STILL! i didn t understand this on ps2 and now another meaningless handlheld with not even the minimum…..

    plz tell me they only benefit (licenses) from this.

    • A “real” kof in 3D? Catch up with namco? I think most kof fans would beg to differ. Besides have you actually seen the art for kof 13? It’s absolutely gorgeous, the best 2D art I have seen this generation even. Don’t worry, this machine is probably costing them nothing to make because it is a piece of shit. But I would rather have this than a 3D kof. I know they have one on ps2, while I didn’t actually think it was that bad, I could tell that it is not the right direction for the series. I think SNK knows that too. Making a fighting game 3D from 2D does not mean they are “catching up” with anything or anyone… kof ’13 is as “REAL” as it gets buddy.

      Now, a METAL SLUG with the 2D fidelity in kof ’13. That’s something I want.

      • Setsu Oh

        the ps2 3d kofs were to me some evolved version of wild ambition.
        now yeah i would love a 3d kof, it isn tbecause arika made a 3d in 2d sf that it had to be like that and only like that hence sf4.

        it isn t because one work sucks (xmencota) that you can t have another game, superior this one(mvc2).

        the impact kofs were bad. i mean BAD. good for a bloody roar or another subpar fighing game, but not at the level of a kof95. not even94.
        impact sucks that doesn t mean they should stop.
        12 sucked they didn t and made a very nice kof13(which i don t like very much)
        why i don t like kof13 because like you said that isn t the direction i want to see kof take. i always loved and fell in love with it for how much closer to reality it was compared to an sf.

        now we have a kof that was hard and expensive to ake but has much more in common with fatal fury than kof itself.
        i say, end the 2d goodness with a dreammatch(kof14), embark with 3d game playing in 2d because full 3d is hard to do when u dont have a tekken 4 to 6 under ur belt. so baby steps.

        when i played tekken 5 i was salivating on the textures and how would look kyo’s denim jeans with them. now still no 3d kof and an overthe top (full screen furies, really? that was reserved to the bosses before!) 2d kof i still can t get seriously into(love yuri’s design, mai animation, but aside from that…..)

        iori without the flammes is a copout : he has the moves of a mow characters and i hope there is some yagami link between those two guys.

        i saw kof 12, was all meh about it, felt bad because it was more a fatal fury than a kof.

        2d is nice. 3d has more options.

  • Amazon still has some of the Limited Editions and my local gameshop has a few in stock, so YAY!

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