The Top-30 Best-Selling Games In Japan In 2012 Were…

By Ishaan . January 25, 2013 . 1:26pm

Sales tracker, Media Create, have released a list for the top-30 best-selling games in Japan for 2012, and 4Gamer have published it for public viewing. Take a look at the list below, followed total hardware sales to date.


TOP-30 software sales from January 2nd (2012) – December 30th (2012)


Rank Title 2012 sales
Tot. sales
Sys. Publisher
01. Pokémon Black/White 2 2,919,977
DS Pokémon Co.
02. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 1,969,955
3DS Nintendo
03. New Super Mario Bros. 2 1,743,791
3DS Nintendo
04. Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D 919,870
3DS Square Enix
05. Resident Evil 6 833,012
PS3 Capcom
06. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 828,150
PS3 Namco Bandai
07. Mario Kart 7 748,797
3DS Nintendo
08. Super Mario 3D Land 689,374
3DS Nintendo
09. Mario Party 9 641,348
Wii Nintendo
10. Dragon Quest X 609,783
Wii Square Enix
11. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 602,058
3DS Capcom
12. Yakuza 5 518,224
PS3 Sega
13. Dragon’s Dogma 467,375
PS3 Capcom
14. Fire Emblem: Awakening 455,268
3DS Nintendo
15. Tales of Xillia 2 428,913
PS3 Namco Bandai
16. Paper Mario: Sticker Star 402,133
3DS Nintendo
17. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 399,340
PS3 Konami
18. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates of Infinity 373,699
3DS Pokémon Co.
19. New Super Mario Bros. U 369,392
WiiU Nintendo
20. Wii Sports Resort (w/ MotionPlus pack-in) 358,627
Wii Nintendo
21. The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z 344,018
PSP Namco Bandai
22. Pokémon Conquest 341,250
DS Pokémon Co.
23. Taiko Drum Master: The Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orb 340,533
3DS Namco Bandai
24. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 338,889
PS3 Capcom
25. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance 338,812
3DS Square Enix
26. Run for Money Tousouchuu 337,472
3DS Namco Bandai
27. Taiko Drum Master: Super Splendid Edition 321,959
Wii Namco Bandai
28. Kid Icarus: Uprising 316,133
3DS Nintendo
29. Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone – Neppuu/Raimei 314,016
3DS Level 5
30. Resident Evil: Revelations 296,040
3DS Capcom


TOTAL Hardware sales to date (lifetime):

PlayStation 2 – 21,833,215

(note: total Nintendo DS sales not provided)

Wii – 12,638,836

PSP – 19,453,023

Nintendo 3DS – 7,689,512

Nintendo 3DS XL – 2,090,372

PlayStation 3 – 8,860,082

PlayStation Vita – 1,130,820

Xbox 360 – 1,613,832


Sales data from 4Gamer and Media-Create.


  • shion16

    Japan loves japan.
    USA loves USA.

    Im from none of them so i can love the best of both countries. xP

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Wow, Operation Raccoon city sold that much? Wasn’t it really bad?

    • That’s probably why its sales slowed down. It had a much higher opening than Resident Evil: Revelations did, but the end sales of both games aren’t very far from each other. There could be several reasons for this:

      1. ORC released a couple months later
      2. ORC sales slowed down while Revelations kept on selling

      Both are likely to have contributed to the end numbers.

  • riceisnice

    On a side note, PSO2 is doing very well for SEGA in Japan.

  • Herok♞

    Wow I am surprised RE beat One Piece and I am Surprised to not see Diva Project F or P4G

  • Minos

    Nintendo is doomed?

    • puchinri

      Always. No matter what. Those numbers are a lie, they’re so doomed.

  • AlyOssan

    It’s a bit sad to see the Vita hasn’t even outsold the 360 in Japan yet…poor Vita :(

    • tubers

      Poor indeed. Not even PJD f made it.. :(

      • AlyOssan

        Yep, and Persona 4 Golden didn’t either…both of those were supposed to be system sellers but it looks like they didn’t help much :(

      • almostautumn

        I really can’t believe Gravity Rush didn’t either. PDf, P4G, and GR are easily in my 2012 top 10.. and it kind of shocks me they’re not in more people’s also. Far as I see, those three games justify the purchase alone. For Japan and import gamers though, the system is just a no-brainer if you ask me.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Look at it this way

      One has been out for a little over a year, while the other one has been out since 2005 and isn’t far ahead of it in sales.
      Sure the Vita’s selling like well… shit, but at least we know it’ll speed past the 360 soon, just like every console does outside of the U.S. XD

      • AlyOssan

        Very true. Though the 3DS hasn’t been out for too much longer than the Vita and it’s already outsold the 360 by millions of units. Of course, like you said, I’m sure the Vita will surpass the 360 eventually, even if it’s a slow process…not like anyone in Japan is rushing to buy a 360 right now, lol

        • Micrll

          Well to be fair the 3DS had a year long head start. The 3DS XL though has been out for less time and has almost sold double the vita, even though it’s just a larger version.

    • Micrll

      I think the more telling point is the 3DS Animal crossing sold more units by itself than the vita has sold total. No vita games are anywhere on the top 30 list…

      • Elvick

        Every Vita game is also available digital. Unlike 3DS.

        They don’t release digital numbers.

        • Digital sales in Japan are negligible for the most part. The reason Animal Crossing and other 3DS games have high download sales is because Nintendo actively advertise the download versions. No other publisher does that.

          • Elvick

            Without numbers, you don’t know that and are simply making the assumption.

            People should just stick to facts.

          • These are the facts. Digital has never been a huge deal in Japan. Publishers have rarely pointed out digital sales in Japan as a major source of revenue, and when total sales are tallied up in financial reports, they aren’t usually much higher than the numbers the sales trackers reported.

          • Barrylocke89

            I wonder why the other publishers wouldn’t though. Is it because they’re worried about messing with their relations that they have with retailers? They don’t think it’s worth the money?

            In fact, now that I think about it, I can’t help but wonder how digital sales of games in the west are. I know in the case of AAA and Indie PC games they’re probably prevailing over physical games thanks to services like Steam (though I’d imagine that edutainment/more casual style games might be doing better physically, and those sorts of games are probably moving more towards iOS/Android now anyways).

          • Retailer relations is definitely part of it. The other part of it is that, historically, there hasn’t really been a strong case for pushing digital in Japan,

            Nintendo have done it with Animal Crossing because it—like Monster Hunter—is the kind of game you want on you at all times, without having to worry about a cartridge.

            In the west, it’s a different story. All indications have pointed to digital being a far bigger deal, what with things like Games on Demand, Steam, PSN and now Nintendo eShop pushing downloads pretty hard. The general consensus is that the PC market is primarily digital at this point.

        • Mizu D

          Oh so you implies that the sale of the digital version is enough to go into the million? Really?

          Please, the reality is, the PS Vita is not selling well at all. 3DS sale past the PS3 lifetime sale that is a fact. The Vita sale is disappointing and will eventually pass the 360 and that not a good sign. Will it even pass the Gamecube??

          Japan have a phobia for buying digital and they are very slow to adapt and jump on it. You won’t see it happened anytime soon. We saw the case for AC for 3DS, getting the digital version but that game making a killing at the retail and that it is because it is popular and if you can’t find it in store, you can hop online to get it…

  • Ethan_Twain

    Interesting! It looks like Fire Emblem had quite a market tail – it was nowhere near where it’s ended up when I last saw it on a top 20 chart. Good on Intelligent Systems for releasing both number 14 and 16 on the year’s end list.

    The biggest dissapointment? Gotta be Kid Icarus. Nintendo absolutely lavished that game with everything you could ever ask for. Great graphics, great music, online multiplayer, AR cards, promotional shorts from big name animation studios, a full year’s delay for additional work on the project… hell, it even shipped with it’s own special plastic stand. What did they get for all that? …lower sales than Run For Money. This is why we don’t see Nintendo breaking out into software outside their main IP’s often.

    • @Yesshua:disqus @google-b4b1d15afa45ba8662d665a79be0dcc8:disqus @boundries_san:disqus I suspect that the reason Kid Icarus isn’t as popular is:

      1. They pushed online multiplayer, whereas Japan is more for local.

      2. At the end of the day, the game is a shooter.

      3. …and in single-player, it’s a rail-shooter.

      So, it isn’t the easiest game to convey to people. Sakurai himself once said that it’s a complex game and the kind of experience you only really understand once you’ve tried it.

      I actually felt the same way myself. I took a risk and bought Kid Icarus, but even I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, and this was after covering the game for a whole year on Siliconera. Once I played it, though, I had a blast. Especially multiplayer. It’s more or less the 3DS’ Call of Duty, hahaha. I’m glad they let Sakurai do it.

      Also, something to consider is that E.X. Troopers is sort of a similar genre. Shooter with cartoony graphics. That one bombed entirely. I think the reason KI:U even got to 300k was because Nintendo marketed the living hell out of it and Palutena is a total waifu.

      • Don’t forget Viridi! The only reason she exists was to put Kirby’s seiyuu in a role that can enact speech! Also, Sakurai has said that he puts all of his collected hearts as offerings to this Goddess! Even knowing that there is nothing to gain from it at all.

      • Ethan_Twain

        I also really liked Kid Icarus. I agree that it’s a tough game to pitch though. “So it’s a third person shooter, except half the time it’s a rail shooter, and there’s a whole lot of story but it’s not like it’s all that important, and there’s multiplayer that’s absolutely bonkers and probably ridiculously unbalanced if anyone could ever distill the chaos down at all. Also weapon crafting and collecting and achievements and great music and…” It’s a game I kinda struggle to imagine any other publisher giving the green light.

        I feel like that’s true for a lot of Nintendo games, actually. I really can’t imagine a pitch meeting for Animal Crossing, Endless Ocean, or Style Savvy off the top of my head. Clearly Nintendo has a very different project selection process from any other publisher.

  • LinkofCourage

    #27 platform and publisher is wrong.

  • Dynami

    I noticed that the total sales for black and white 2 matched the 2012 sales for b/w2 and the total sales for AC3DS. At least one of those has to be an error.

    • Fixed! The typo was in the Animal Crossing column. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Pokémon owned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Shiki


    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º it did!

  • Its somewhere around 32 something million in Japan for the DS

  • Z3

    I’m surprised the Kaizoku Musou didn’t sell over a million units since most japan breathes One piece

    • Soran Kimihiro

      don’t be surprised,knowing them, i bet they all bought it on day one and these are just the latecomers

    • LinkofCourage

      One Piece is super popular in Japan, but Musou games don’t have the best of legs, and none has sold over a million since the PS2 days. I don’t think the reception for OPM was so hot either, but don’t quote me on this.

  • “The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z – PS3” – There’s no such game…

    Did you mean “The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG” for the PS3 or “The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z” for the PSP?

  • TatsuyaKyo


    Pokemon beat the opposition by a million, as expected. I’m still surprised by how damn popular it is.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      well, many kids in japan especially those 5-11 yrs old both boys & girls…
      so it’s reasonable..
      same as animal crossing

  • Göran Isacson

    Good lord, the difference between the first three games and the ones to follow… Nintendo man. Whatever they got, it’s got to be some kind of magic.

    Neither Kid Icarus or Kingdom Hearts sold in spectacular numbers from the look of things, though I wonder how succesful both of them were seen to total sell-through and sales in other regions. Also gotta admit I find it a little bit funny to see Resident Evil 6 and One Piece: Pirate Warriors so close to each others sales despite the VAST differences in budget the two had… still, I’m sure Resident Evil 6 sold more in the worldwide market than One Piece by a MUCH bigger margin.

    • I dont even think those sales include the Downloads for Animal Crossing

      • Yup, they don’t. Or sales of the download cards at retail.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Well for Kid Icarus is kinda a new IP type of game.(Even though the character is not.) So, i believe having 300k+ and also other merchandise like card selling will be considered a good sells.
      For Kingdom Hearts, i think their main market from the first is the west countries so as long as the game does sell okay in Japan, it should be okay.

  • Riian

    Nintendowned! Seriously, most of these are for Nintendo systems. Once again, Nintendo proves that despite all the doomsayers and critics, it’s still at the top.

  • PowerSerg

    4th most selling game in japan and still no american release. I shall never understand you square.

    • Mizu D

      They also announced they shipped 300k copies of Bravely Default Fairy….

      What Squeenix want is to milk the easy cash with monstrosities like FF All The Bravest….

      In any case, they lost my respect for not listening to the fans a long time ago. I really do miss Square Soft.

      Bah whatever, we got Monolith Software, Level 5 and Atlus.

  • Freud_Hater

    Tales of Xillia 2 is numer 15? Sweet!! :p

  • Shadowman

    Think of the Sales when Pokemon X and Y hit’s stores in October!

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      dont need that yet because Dragon Quest VII on 3DS comes next week or week after
      then Shin Megami Tensei IV 3DS exclusives
      then Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon
      then Monster Hunter 4
      then we have that Worldwide Release of Pokemon X and Y

  • Ferrick

    ouch, psvita is still down even though it got p4g =/, then again it doesn’t have that much in its list of games, so might have to wait and see when AAA games appear on vita

    by the way ishaan, are the console sales in japan only or is it global?

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Japan only as it said Media Create.

  • Tonton Ramos

    I still can’t believe Chrono Stone still survives and beating Revelations.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      It does have it’s anime keep going strong and considering Revelations is released so close with Racoon City we can see how some of those fans goes for ORC rather than Revelations.

  • puchinri

    Animal Crossing is a monster, my goodness. But I can totally see why. >u<
    It's also of interest to me of how many of those top titles were 3/DS titles.

    Interesting look at all the sales (software and hardware). I wish Bravely Default had placed on there, but I'm just glad that it sold so well at all. Also very nice to see Kid Icarus on there.

    • Bravely Default will hit 300k in a few weeks. Asano said they recently hit the 300k mark for shipments, and it’s continuing to sell. :)

      • puchinri

        Oh, fantastic! I’m really glad to know that.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Pokemon and Animal Crossing is trully scary lol. I mean, if you see the amount sell there, it would make other game developers feel bad here.

  • Go2hell66

    no suprises here

  • komiko12

    What? PS2 was the best selling hardware last year? I know it still sells well.. but I didn’t think it would sell THAT well with 21.8 million units…

    • No no no, these are total hardware sales to date from the time that each console was released.

  • s07195

    Run for Money made the list… I’m surprised, even though it’s always on the weekly charts.

  • zero254

    Nintendo = finished.

    • Casey McMahon

      Nintendo Prints Money. Until Pokemon , Animal Crossing , Monster Hunter (On Nintendo Consoles) , and Mario become unpopular (Never) they will continue to do so.

      • Aaronrules380

        I’m pretty sure that was sarcasm making fun of the people who keep saying NIntendo is doomed

        • zero254

          Thank you for catching that. How could someone miss the context I have no idea. And then they even got mad and hit thumbs down lol.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      How could you say that about Nintendo? I’m disappointed in you Iris. Stop the coup now. If that’s your decision… prepare yourself!

      • sd28

        what am i fighting foooorrrr

        • zero254

          I wish I had never uploaded that video sometimes.

          I get spam for it every single day.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    well, no doubt for pokemon..
    btw P4G should be on the list somehow..

  • Casey McMahon

    The Vita will catch fire in Japan once all of the developers stop producing PSP games. Only a matter of time….

  • protofox

    I love that even in its last year of life the PS2 STILL lead the Japanese sales.

    • These are total hardware sales to date. Lifetimes sales, not just 2012.

    • Guest

      The DS is actually the best selling console in Japan, they just didn’t include the sales

      In fact, the DS took over the PS2 sale way back in 2007….

      The DS sale is 33+millions sold compare to the PS2 19 millions….and the 3DS is on pace to overtake the PS2 sale in a few year.

    • Mizu D

      The DS is actually the best selling console in Japan, they just didn’t include the sales

      In fact, the DS took over the PS2 sale way back in 2007….

      The DS sale is 33+millions sold

  • Thiago Simões

    Isn’t it amusing that Pokémon Black/White 2 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf have sold in total exactly the same amount of units? Kind of frightening, indeed.

  • sd28

    so japans new name is nintendo land

  • I still feel that the numbers Pokemon put up are padded because not only are they considered one title for things like this, you got multiple people buying each version just so they can catch every type or have some extra trade fodder.

  • natchu96

    Mario shows up 6 times on this top 30 list . . .

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