A Look At The Races In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

By Ishaan . January 28, 2013 . 1:30pm

In a new “Letter from the Producer” column, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer-cum-director, Naoki Yoshida, shows off a few new screenshots from the game’s upcoming beta version, which will be rolled out in February. All races will be available for play in the beta version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, so here’s a look at some of them:


Hyur Midlander Female:


Hyur Highlander female:


Elezen male:




Miqo’te male:


Roegadyn female:


While all races will be available for play from Phase 1 of the beta-test, not all customization options will be available. The full set of customization options will be rolled out in Phase 3 of the beta. You can read more about beta plans here.


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  • Can’t wait till it starts =^_^=

  • Really want to try the PS3 version, the UI changes optimized for it looks really nice and sleek.

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      Just one fair warning: You’ll probably have to delete some stuff if it works similarly to DC: Universe Online or FFXI on the 360. DCUO can take up to 18 GB’s of data and it isn’t such a big game.

      Also, I remember reading that the game will run at 1280×544 due to the memory limitations of the PS3. It’s not such a big deal but many people overreact if they see 2 pixels without anti-aliasing.

      • I still say they did wrong to limit the PC version of DCUO with the way they optimize the game to work on the PS3. Heck, neither side can cross play! And as a matter of fact, neither can Europe play with the North American servers after creating the Mega server back in 2011. DCUO has so much sloppiness in it, I can sense the feeling of panic from the Devs (they all must be new people) knowing that they must make an expansion pack every 3 months or so. They even have no time management skills, since they can’t keep up with debugging every content in the game, let alone debugging each and every expansion pack before release.

        Very soon, they will pull a Sonic ’06 for rushing most content releases. Good thing they didn’t rushed Home Turf, even if it was an extra month after the intended release date. BTW, the Home Turf Expansion Pack DLC will be released tomorrow.

      • Or get a bigger HDD. 2.5 is up to 2TB now.

        • The issue isn’t mainly about how much memory space it takes in your hard drive, but how much data the devs send to you. Most of it can be uncompressed, maybe even duplicates of the same thing but for a different use! Bad data management can lead to severe bugs and glitches.

      • Bloodios

        1280×544? Seriously!? 960×720 would’ve been a better choice for the PS3, given how dodgy it handles vertical upscaling… unless of course, they decide to go with Dragon’s Dogma style and put black padding on top and bottom to avoid scaling instead.

    • Zenthos

      I would really want to try the un-subscription based version, if that’s coming out any time soon.

      • Considering that they are still charging for FFXI, and they didn’t go F2P after the disastrous launch I doubt that will ever happen.

        • Zenthos

          If it manage’s to fail again, it could be possible

          • SE would more likely kill it. Or scale it way the hell back. FFXI has made more money for them than any other game they’ve ever released; they aren’t going to give up on that revenue stream.

          • Zenthos

            Nope. It failed miserably which is why their remaking it, but it still looks like they haven’t learned their lesson with making it subscription based.

          • It almost certainly won’t fail. And the first failure had nothing to do with the subscription model. That’s a fallacious argument.

          • CasualGamer

            Um.. Square Enix themselves said that FFXI is their most profitable game up to date. So for them it’s a huge success.

            And normally, when a product fails, a company would trash it not remaking it. Profit above everything.

            With that said, FFXIV is likely to fail because it’s already got a bad public reputation.

          • Look around you. Do you not see all the people in the comments excited to play XIV? It’s not going to fail, especially if they can migrate XI players into it.

          • CasualGamer

            I was just referring to American gamers in general. The comments in IGN or other western games-oriented websites are not as nice as they are here.
            But still I’m pretty sure it will do well in Japan, and hopefully it will do well here.

          • It’s not a WoW killer, but it going to do well enough to not go F2P. There’s space for a good console MMO and DCUO just isn’t it. FFXIV is high concept enough and graphically impressive enough that people would pay to play in that world.

          • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

            You’re being overly optimistic. Especially with the FFXI thing, why would especially FFXI players ever migrate over? The games have completely different styles, different races and costs the same monthly fee PLUS they’d have to buy a new game AND the lose all their progress AND FFXI is still being developed for. Honestly, FFXI should just have an HD upgrade and a PS3 release, that would be a real money maker…

          • You’re being naive if you think that SE has nothing planned to draw people from one game to the next.

            “FFXI should just have an HD upgrade and a PS3 release, that would be a real money maker” because XI on 360 went so well…

        • Warboss Aohd

          i dunno, they may not have a choice.

          Even The Old Republic and Tera are FTP now.

          • This is Final Fantasy XIV. Say what you want about quality or whatever, but there are very few other RPG franchises in gaming whose names carry that kind of weight. If SE said, “Hey, we’re going to announce something about Final Fantasy XV on Friday” everyone would be paying attention. They won’t go FTP.

        • Tianyu Wei

          FFXI stopped sub fee for almost year after the disastrous launch.

          • Pretty sure you mean XIV, not XI. But even if you meant XI, they charge for it now, so the point is moot.

      • MogCakes

        Not happening.

  • I wish SE did lifetime accounts. That would be nice.

    • Zenthos

      I wish SE did lifetime purchases. That for me, would be nice.

      • Like give 10000 dollars and get all their games until you die?

        • Zenthos

          Not really, instead paying 100+ out of your butt every year, it would be nice to simply pay a decent price without subscriptions like other successful games.

          • There are no completely free successful MMO’s.

          • Zenthos

            Sure, GW2. It only sold M-M-Millions of copy’s

          • Really? You think you can play Guild Wars 2 without buying the game? I said completely.

          • Zenthos

            Your paying 60$ for the GW2 but without paying for 100+ subscriptions which is what this FF game is doing now.

            I suggest watching this video to educate you:

            Im not able to take one sided ignorance seriously.

          • W/e. I was replying via email and you’re editing posts. Buh bye

          • Zenthos

            I edited my post again and im making facts that defy your baseless claims which you havnt mentioned in your posts because you know im right, oh and bye again ;).

          • T-X

            Tell that to Anarchy Online and League of Legends. The only thing you pay extra for in LoL is purely cosmetic.

            Edit: not to mention the highly addicting Planetside 2 game. F2P and haven’t spent a dime to acquire it legally.

          • Then it’s not completely free now is it?

          • T-X

            Actually it is. Haven’t spent a dime for any of the games listed. & with LoL there are over-powered champions who haven’t spent a dime either. It’s literally a game you don’t have to pay for to be the best. 100% skill based. The games are free to play and they are successful which was the gripe at hand. Tho Square aren’t a rag-tag team of generous game vets so i believe a FF game with the same heart is unrealistic. Just saying it is very possible.

          • I’m going to make this as simple as I possibly can.

            Question 1: Is there anything in either of the two game that IRL money can be exchanged for? I’m not asking if you’ve done it, I’m asking only if it exists.

            Question 2: Are there people in said games that have exchanged money for things? Again. Not asking if you’ve done it, nor am I asking if top players have done it. Just asking if it’s been done.

            Now if the answer to both of those questions is yes (and I know that it is) then in spite of the game being “free to play” it has a revenue stream coming in! Which means that it’s not a completely free game! Furthermore I specifically said MMO’s and LoL is not a MMO. It’s a MOBA, which is another animal entirely.

          • T-X

            That wasn’t the question at hand. The previous poster Zenthos stated he would like to pay for a game without having to pay 100+ for a game a year, where Jake Ayers stated it could not be done due to server budgeting. No crap someone’s going to pay for cosmetic items, if anything it is a system of getting digital goods in exchange for donating to the company, but you do not have to pay a subscription to enjoy the FULL game. My point still stands, games like Anarchy and Planetside 2 ARE MMOs despite you nit-picking at optional micro-transactions. Do you expect programmers to put all of their work into a game and go home without any money (some without a side job like some hobbyist have)? No. But what you can do is not have to pay the ridiculous amount of subscription money to a start-up company that just so happens to be able to support their servers AND update their game, within high quality means i might add. Zenthos stated he did not wish to pay 100+ for a game to enjoy it, like SE has required in the past, while you brought up out of the blue “There are no completely free MMOs” which there are if you look hard enough in the gaming community, servers supported by hobbyists and free-lance programmers, but staying within the original context of what Zenthos proposed, he would be able to play a high quality MMO with high quality server service AND game updates WITHOUT paying. I would also like to add you can play MMOs like WoW, 100% free, without paying for the game or having to worry about the servers, but that is an entirely different conversation.

            EDIT: Also note the fact that I am using more well known games as a means to prove a point, where-as a simple search will provide you with plenty of MMOs even without the petty micro-transaction system implemented, thus ultimately showing that a player has no avenue to pay for game content but may show a sign of gratitude by donating to the developer via email/bank transaction or paypal.

          • There are no completely free successful MMO’s.

          • T-X

            If your definition of SUCCESSFUL is being spammed onto every ad and force fed to you through the media then you would be 100% correct. But your definition of SUCCESSFUL is not the same as the widely accepted notion of success.

            There may not be free (edit: highly profitable) PROFITABLE MMOs, but there are indeed many, if not a lot of, SUCCESSFUL ones.

          • My definition is # of people playing and # of people talking about it.

          • I personally have to agree with 福 赐 天上, from my experience the only decent MMO’s I’ve actually felt competitive in even with the highest skill players has only been Subscription MMO’s.

            I tend to find people who defend F2P’s have never really gotten to end game of a Pay to play and never really have the slightest clue what they are on about..

            Final Fantasy 14 will do well I hope, if the support gathers to make it into something special (which is already happening) I guess it’s just all the stubborn “IT MUST BE FREE” people who really need a kick up the backside and get over themselves, people pay for xbox live, people pay for all sorts of subscriptions (netflix, rental services) Ideally this is the same, they give you new content often, and it’s always growing.

            But I’m probably wasting my time here, nobody ever listens to opinion.

          • Killer7

            Phantasy Star Online 2 is pretty successful in Japan. I play it myself, and it’s a great F2P. Sure you can go premium, but it’s nothing gamebreaking. I’m having a blast and have been playing since the beta.

          • point missed.

          • It costs money to keep servers up and to create new content YEARS down the line and all the marketing etc. I would rather pay a subscription and get to play it for a long time without getting bored than play for free and get bored/ servers shut down.

          • Also it’s worth pointing out that the most successful games charge subs. Like WoW

  • Sakurazaki

    Dat back.

  • Jonah Paley

    Hyped for A Realm Reborn

  • Time Sage

    …Male Miqo’te…. I want to play this game now..

  • Oltheros


  • KingRuff

    What’s the difference between mid and highlander?

    • The difference is basically the build. Midlander Hyur were designed to appeal to Japanese tastes. They look younger and are thinner. The Highlander were designed to appeal to western tastes. They look more mature and muscular.

      • Göran Isacson

        Huh… that’s an interesting design choice. And here I thought they just did it so everyone who picked Highlander could have an excuse to start throwing around Bolt-spells whenever they won a duel and raise their swords aloft.

        • I’m sorry but your joke just went over my head.

          • M’iau M’iaut


            Something like that.

            And btw, there is no Highlander beyond this end. :P

          • Göran Isacson

            Ha ha, sorry- M’iau caught it. It’s an 80’s fantasy-action movie, quite good actually. Just… stay away from the sequels.

      • KingRuff

        Ok I can kinda see it now. Thanks Lilith!

  • Wappuli

    Looking good there Lalafell, can’t wait for the PS3-beta so that I can make one.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      A Taru by any other name casts spells just as well.

      • Ferrick

        but this taru got a bit taller =D

  • Very pretty. And such a waste to use such lovely graphics on stale gameplay.

    • So you played the finished version of the game ahead of the whole world? Nice.

      • Please, we’ve already seen the trailers. It’s the same tired “Stand there and whack away with boring animations and unimpressive spells” that were in XI and XII, and every other MMORPG. It’s a little bit prettier, but there’s no energy or pizaz. Waste of an engine’s capability to stunt it just for the sake of ‘real time’ and ‘online multiplayer’.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          And yet there are plenty of folks who play MMOs for things beyond animations and technical pizzazz. Why put all your focus there when a lot of folks will run lean for a smoother online experience, since the purpose of an MMO is ‘online multiplayer’.

          • Why should I care? I couldn’t care less if MMO’s vanished off the face of the earth. The game is unplayable for me, as I’ve expressed in my first post. Especially since this worthless (To me) project has basically blocked everything I wanted from Square recently.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Not asking anyone to care, just sharing a reason why design decisions may have been made for this particular product. Considering they had a more than decent online product that perhaps only needed the refresh a ‘XI-2’ might have provided, I can’t completely fault your opinion either.

          • People who get into MMORPGs despite their lack of stimulating gameplay or graphics boggle my brain. Even older, dated games look more lively than this. And don’t even get me started on how anti-RPG they can get. I play RPGs to get behind epic characters and plotlines; Kittygirl25 the generic is neither epic, nor involved in epic doings. I just don’t see why anyone would care to do any of this crap.

          • Ferrick

            so why would you care on what others play ? its their choice, not yours, you don’t have to be a complete asshole about it

          • Because as I said, this game is stealing resources that have delayed other games quite a bit. I have every right to be resentful towards FFXIV and everyone who supports it. It’s a huge part of why FFXIII Versus, FFX HD, and other projects aren’t out yet.

          • Ferrick

            please do tell me you’re joking… its already well known that SE has many teams doing different games, if you want to rant about other games being in delay, rant on XIII Lighting returns, because the team who’re doing that game are the ones who’re supposed to make versus.

            get your facts straight before rage flaming the comment section dummkopf

          • Square has even stated that they specifically took members away from other teams to fix that abysmal failures of XIV. Ge YOUR facts straight.

          • Ferrick

            oh, so they have so little members in each development teams that taking some away would put the development to a stop, is that what you’re saying ? because your logic is very flawed, do you actually think that SE has only 2 dev teams ? and do you really think that the members of each dev teams are that low ? if it is as what you say. Tell me then, why would they bother with Lighting returns, or even bravely default, or even dragon quest games, why do they still make other games while XIV is being repaired. Get your logic and facts straight

          • http://gameshotpedia.com/fix-final-fantasy-xiv-caused-delays-in-other-square-enix-games/ Straight from the the damned CEO’s mouth. All HD games AKA PS3 games have been delayed due to the failure of FFXIV. Not DS games, nor still running PS2/CPU games, but PS3 games. Lighting Returns is a quick-sell game that’s taken a year to produce owing probably to the fact that it’s very small and reuses old assets. Anything being built from scratch (Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XIII Versus) or having to upgrade assets dramatically (FFX HD) has been delayed.

            Stop talking like you’re a so-called Final Fantasy expert. These are the facts.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @Ferrick:disqus points have been made, fellas. Let’s end the arguments now.

          • Hmmm,,, I’m pretty sure from the list of members pulled from the other branches of SE were mostly all from FFXI branch. No one has their facts straight in the first place. And @Ferrick, they do have their own team working on ffxiii versus seperately from xiv. For example Lead character designer is Akihiko Yoshida, which had no part with ffx and versus 13 but did do the art to ffxi, and tactics, lead battle designer is the lead designer for 7, 12 and now this. Core Producer is Naoki Yoshida which only did dragon quest road games. Server structure is run by main director for establishing FFXI server structures. Most of the other people were members from different branches that worked on Final Fantasy Tactics, FF7, and especially ffxi.

          • Ferrick

            i know, i only added those to debunk his logic about the part where XIV:ARR pulled too much manpower to the point where every other projects are either stopped or delayed, though i may be wrong about the part where i wrote about XIIILR

          • MogCakes

            If you don’t play MMO’s, then this has nothing to do with you. XI is the most profitable FF title in the series, it makes sense they would focus on XIV’s remake given that success. Resent all you want, there’s really nothing you can do about it.

  • Cannot wait to play as a male Miqo’te. I’ve been waiting for this for ages!

  • yellowmage

    Female Roegadyn…

    I’ll make my reaction succinct: NOOOOO!!!!

    Seriously, screw that! Galka will always be better; the only canonically gay race in FF history!

  • Solomon_Kano

    Waiting for the PS3 beta. Been wanting to play this since before the original failed, so show me whatcha got Squenix!

  • Draparde

    Can’t wait for the beta X_x. playing as your original character come phase 3 is nice…but if i cant remake them then, im gonna be making a new Lalafell anyway XD

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Well, those are some beautiful player models, and I’d love play it some day.

    BUT I just don’t have the time and dedication to piss away on a MMO, there are too many good single-player games coming out this year.

  • Judging from this, the LR:FFXIII article and the KHRE:M articles, I would have to say that Successful troll SE is very successful.

  • why cant an offline FF title have this quality :P

  • T-X

    Luvin the femRoegadyn.

  • CirnoLakes

    That adorable Lalafell.

    How can people say the Elins and Lyns are better?

  • Test.

    Edit:This might be enough to get back into MMOs again. After having played Rift and not caring much for the graphics or the gameplay, this may end up having the subsistence FF11 has had for years.

    • Text.

      • Disqus was being weird and didn’t take my original post, I had to make sure it was going to work this time xD.


        • Confess!

          • Protest!

          • Arrest :D

          • Request ;D

            Might need to move this to the open thread so we don’t get in trouble, lol.

          • Distress!

            I’ve already pissed of half the site, so yeah.

          • Conquest!

            I just met you, I don’t have a problem. Anyway to Open Thread!

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